• January 23, 2014

How Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c enables the patching of RHEL on OVCA guest OS

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In this following short note, Simon Hayler describes how Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c enables the patching of RHEL running as a guest on OVCA.
The methodology is to utilize the Custom Channel features of Enterprise Manager 12c Linux Patching. The high level steps are as follows:

  • A
    repository server under the control of Enterprise Manager 12c (Enterprise Manager 12c agent installed and configured) must exist in the environment, have a valid Oracle CSI and have access to the Oracle ULN. For more information on the Enterprise Manager 12c Linux Patching setup refer to the online documentation: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E24628_01/em.121/e27046/pat_linux_patch.htm
  • On the repository server create a file-system to store the RHEL rpm's, this should be in the same area as the Oracle Linux repository
  • Create a portfolio of suitable RHEL rpm's and copy them to the repository server
  • Create the metadata for the RHEL repository, the repository file-system contains the required rpm's
  • Create a Custom Patching Channel within Enterprise Manager 12c
  • Install Enterprise Manager agents on all target RHEL hosts
  • Create an Enterprise Manager patching group selecting the target RHEL hosts as targets for the group
  • Enterprise Manager 12c will run a compliance job to identify rpm's that are non compliant on the target hosts compared to the ones within the Custom Channel
  • Either automatically or manually Enterprise Manager 12c runs a Deployment Procedure to update rpm's that are reported as non compliant
Important note:
A manual process is needed to create a portfolio of the required RHEL RPM’s to patch. Enterprise Manager 12c Linux Patching only connects to the Oracle ULN, therefore we are not able to either manually or automatically download RHEL rpm's.

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Comments ( 2 )
  • User from Turkey Friday, February 28, 2014

    AFAIK Enterprise Manager 12c does not support RHEL patches automatically. Is that right? If so can we use Mrepo for this? (to fetch redhat channels and integrate it to OEM 12c)

  • uwes Monday, March 3, 2014

    EM does not manage a connection to the RedHat network, only to the Oracle ULN network. The creation of the filesystem and content for RedHat and Oracle based rpms for use with EM Custom Channels is currently a manual process. If mrepo can be used to create the RedHat content and then this content directory can be presented to EM as a Custom Channel then that should be fine.

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