Wednesday Nov 06, 2013

ARM TechCon 2013: Oracle Summary from Henrik Stahl

Henrik Stahl posted a good blog post summary of Oracle's involvement at last week's ARM TechCon 2013 in Santa Clara, Calif.

Lots of new and interesting items to note from this year's conference.


ARM TechCon 2013 Summary

Here's a quote:

 If you have been following Java 
 news, you are already aware of 
 the fact that there has been a 
 lot of investment in Java for 
 ARM-based devices and servers 
 over the last couple of years...
Good stuff related to Java Embedded on ARM chips, but even better stuff coming soon... Stay tuned.

Wednesday Oct 16, 2013

Gigaom Article on Oracle, Freescale, and the push for Java on Internet of Things (IoT)

Here's an interesting article that came out during JavaOne which talks about the Oracle and Freescale partnership, where we are putting Java technology onto the Freescale i.MX6 based "one box" gateway.


Oracle and Prosyst team up

Here's a quote:

 When it comes to connected devices, there’s
 still plenty of debate over the right 
 operating system, the correct protocols 
 for sending data and even the basics of 
 where processing will take place — on 
 premise or in the cloud.

 This might seem esoteric, but if you’re 
 waiting for your phone to unlock your 
 front door, that round trip to the cloud 
 or a fat OS isn’t going to win accolades
 if you’re waiting in the rain. With all 
 of this in mind, Oracle and Freescale 
 have teamed up to offer an appliance 
 and a Java-based software stack for the 
 internet of things. 
The first version of the "one box" will work in the connected smart home, but soon after that, Oracle and Freescale will develop later boxes for other industries ranging from healthcare, smart grid to manufacturing.

Tuesday Oct 01, 2013

Raspberry Pi Challenge at JavaOne 2013

Here's a cool part of the JavaOne Community Keynote. Go to timestamp 3:09 and see Tori and Donald talk about the Raspberry Pi Challenge that occurred during the JavaOne 2013 conference.

Then, of course, fast forward to timestamp 7:05 and see the T-shirt giveaway complete with Benny Hill music. Fun!

And finally James Gosling wraps it up with his update from Liquid Robotics, a great use case for Java Embedded.


JavaOne 2013 Community Keynote

Java Embedded and the JavaOne Community. Too much fun for everyone!

Monday Sep 30, 2013

Java Embedded and IoT at JavaOne

Hopefully you were able to attend JavaOne this year and hear the exciting news about Java Embedded and the Internet of Things (IoT). You're going to start seeing a lot more network-connected devices coming online over the next 10 the tens of billions (yes, that's with a B). Many of these will be Java-powered and/or connected to devices running Java. For more information, I encourage you to take a look at these two keynote sessions relating to IoT and Java Embedded. One is Edward Screven, Oracle Cheif Corporate Architect's "IoT Keynote" and the other is the Freescale JavaOne Keynote.

Wednesday Jul 19, 2006

Soporte para C y C++ en NetBeans

Hola como estan:
Yo aqui decidiendo si ire o no a una fiesta el dia de hoy...... el por que no puedo decidir es por que debo trabajar manana y no sera facil despertarme...ji ji ji.... ;-).
Volviendo a temas mas importantes, como ya muchos de ustedes se habran enterado NetBeans ahora cuenta con soporte para


para hacer felices a mas usuarios y que puedan disfrutar las ventajas del IDE NetBeans desarrollando en mas lenguajes...... no les parece excelente !!!!!!! Asi que permitanme decirles mas acerca de este nuevo C/C++ Development Pack 5.5.

Descargalo AQUI

Los desarrolladores de C/C++ ahora podran usar NetBeans IDE en conjunto con todas sus herramientas y compiladores para desarrollar aplicaciones en diferentes plataformas como Microsoft Windows, Linux, y Solaris ademas ha sido disenado para ser altamente extensible para todos aquellos usuarios que prefieren desarrollar unicas o funcionalidades adicionales.
Algo que es muy importante es que NetBeans C/C++ Development Pack es un projecto open source; el Equipo de Netbeans invita a todos los usuarios a participar en el desarrollo de esta nueva herremienta...para mas informacion ver NetBeans developers.

Estas son lagunas de sus principales caracteristicas:

Language-Aware Editor

  • Code Completion
  • Code Folding
  • Syntax Highlighting

C/C++ Project Support

  • C/C++ NetBeans Projects
  • Project Templates
  • Import existing makefiles

Class Browser

  • Navigate class hierarchies
  • View functions and symbols
  • Fast source-code parser

Bye bye!!

Tuesday Jul 11, 2006

Nuevo Mobility Modulo en Issuezilla

Hola chicos:
Seguremante ya se abran dado cuenta de que hay un nuevo modulo de Mobility en Issuezilla , pero para los que no lo sabian y todavia estan tratando de llenar bugs in 3dr-Party, debo informarles!!!. :-)
Debido a la gran aceptacion de Mobility Pack en nuestra comunidad de usuarios y debido que esta herramienta ahora cuenta con nuevas caracteristicas, se ha decidido por fin darle su propio mudulo, anteriormente como recordaran los BUGS de Mobility eran llenados en 3dr-Party y asu vez debias seleccionar Mobilty para mas referencia de como era anteriormente checa esta entrada Issuezilla&QA. Ahora les explicare como llenar un BUG en este nuevo modulo solo tienes que seguir estos sencillos pasos:
  1. Dirigite a la pagina de Issuezilla en
  2. Selecciona de la lista Mobility modulo
  3. Ahora tienes el formulario para seleccionar la version el tipo de BUG,Prioridad y el Subcomponent.
  4. El Subcomponent es algo muy importante y hay que saber elegir el correcto. Por ejemplo, si el bug es referente a:
    • Screen Designer,Flow Designer o Property Sheet, entonces debes seleccionar el subcomponent Visual Mobile Designer
    • Preporcesor, Plataforma selecciona Fragmentation
    • La ayuda (IDE HELP) no esta actualizada, o encuentras errores selecciona Documentation
    • J2ME Web Service Client o Mobile Client to Web Application selecciona WebServices
    • Si definitivamente no tines idea o no sabes que modulo elegir selecciona Other ;-)
  5. En Summary trata de ser especifico y dar una idea general del problema.
  6. En la Descripcion. ES MUY IMPORTANTE, que detalles los pasos para reproducir el bug nuevamente recuerda que esto es lo que nos ayudara a poder darte un solucion mas rapida ;-)

Espero que les pueda servir esta pequena explicacion........ que tengan un buen dia!!

Wednesday May 24, 2006

JavaONE Mobility General Sessions

If you missed JavaONE this year (or even if you didn't, but missed some of the general sessions), you can listen to the general sessions which focused on Java ME at the JavaONE website. The two mobility general sessions are the Mobility General Session hosted by Alan Brenner from day 1, and the Motorola General Session: Java and Mobile: The Next Big Thing from day 3. The Mobility General Session discusses the evolution of Java ME and how developers can take advantage of new capabilities in Java ME to build new mobile and embedded applications. And in the Motorola General Session: Java and Mobile: The Next Big Thing session, Motorola discusses some of the "next big things" in mobile and how the Java development community can help drive the and accelerate next-generation mobile applications. Check them out when you get a chance.


Mobility Pack for CDC 5.5 Preview Updated

All users that want to develop CDC/PP/AGUI applications for the SavaJe Jasper S20 please download the update 1 of the NetBeans Mobility Pack 5.5 Preview for CDC. The new build contains a few fixes that were discovered during the JavaOne conference. You can now develop applications using the free design layout and deploy them to the phone without problems. The bug with wrong packaging has been fixed.


Monday May 22, 2006

SavaJe Java Phone

In case you didn't hear, SavaJe announced an all Java phone at JavaOne, the Jasper S20. In fact, the Jasper was the JavaOne conference device this year. The phone is based on the Java API's, including the 'close to being finalized' JSR-209 Advanced Graphical User Interface, or AGUI for short. AGUI provides a subset of JavaSE's Swing components for building rich UI's on mobile devices. This phone is a GSM device which isn't just for showing how well a phone works with the Java CDC stack. If you don't need another phone, but are interested in Java, then this phone makes a great development/proof of concept/testing platform. You can even get the SavaJe development environment, which integrates with the NetBeans IDE for easy development and deployment of your Java applications. A must have for any JavaME developer.

Friday May 19, 2006

NetBeans Mobility Pack 5.5 Preview For CDC

This week, at JavaOne, Sun released the NetBeans Mobility Pack 5.5 Preview for CDC. This is a NetBeans module which provides support for the JavaME CDC platform. It also provides support for the new Advanced Graphical User Interface (AGUI, JSR-209) specification, which provides a subset of JavaSE's Swing components for the CDC platform. This lets you build rich UI applications for CDC. If you're developing for JavaME, you'll want to take a look at the capabilities of CDC. The NetBeans Mobility Pack 5.5 Preview for CDC is a great way to do that.

Friday Feb 24, 2006

Janey's shooting spitballs!

Use Java ME technology to monitor school buses.


Spitballs and pigtail pulling, all monitored by Java ME


 Defywire Mobile Guardian, which 
 enables administrators to securely 
 monitor school transportation 
 operations, including pick-up 
 and drop off management, route 
 status and attendance reporting, 
 and field trip management...

 Defywire Mobile Guardian can be 
 deployed [on] J2ME mobile Java 
 platform... available on the widest 
 range of mobile devices, using any 
 wireless carrier network or 

Friday Feb 17, 2006

Disappearing BlackBerries

Since BlackBerries are on the endangered species list now with the pending injunction against RIM, Russell de Pina has a way to combat his addition to CrackBerry.


Break the BlackBerry habit


 Even so, I personally have been working 
 on my own Java (J2ME) based email 
 client that will use the networking 
 capabilities of my Blackberry phone 
 to access my email servers in the same 
 manner as any other computer to get 
 around the now toothless NTP patents.

Wednesday Feb 08, 2006

Free SunStudio and NetBeans Developer Support

For a limited time, you can get free Sun Studio 11 and NetBeans 5.0 developer support by trying out the Beta version of the Sun Developer Network's "Expert Assistance for Developers" website. This service provides expert technical assistance straight from an engineer to you. You'll get your question answered within 24 hours. This service is free for the duration of the beta period, so sign up and try it now.

NetBeans 5.0 and the Mobility Pack

If you don't know already, NetBeans 5.0 was recently released. 5.0 is a major release of the NetBeans IDE and adds some great new features. However, if you're a JavaME programmer, you \*have\* to check out the Mobility Pack. The Mobility Pack gives you a great tool for creating JavaME applications. For example, for programmers who build applications for multiple Java devices (e.g. different mobile phones) it can be difficult to manage the various capabilities on the phone. You'd like to be able to write code which is common to all phones, but also be able to easily include and manage code specific to certain phones. The Mobility Pack gives you the ability to specify that certain code only pertains to one or more specific phones. This lets you write your application for all phones using one Java file and let the build process take care of including and not including sections of code for your target device. A life saver.


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