Thursday May 01, 2008

Compiz integrated in OpenSolaris 2008.05

Compiz is now available out of the box in OpenSolaris 2008.05 (and also since nevada build 85).

To enable it you just need to start the GNOME appearance preference dialog. You do not need to install additional packages everything is integrated :)
It is located on Opensolaris 2008.05 under System->Preferences->Appearance-> Visual effect tab.

appearance location in OpenSolaris 2008.05

In nevada it's located under Start Menu->Preferences->Appearance-> Visual effect tab

appearance location in nevada

If your system is capable of running compiz you'll see the following dialog :

visual effect tab screenshot

To enable compiz select either the normal or extra settings and that's it :)

If you want to customize your compiz fusion plugins settings you can access the compiz settings manager either via the preferences button or via system->preferences->CompizConfig Settings Manager.

If you are presented with these choices and you know your hardware doesn't support compiz you might be hitting bug 1408.

If you find bugs in either the desktop integration of compiz or compiz itself let me know by logging a bug at

Friday Jan 25, 2008

ATI Radeon support for compiz easy install

Do not use these packages anymore, instead install the latest version of OpenSolaris or nevada everything in integrated now.

Thanks to the ATI radeon DRI 3D driver Minskey is porting to Solaris. Compiz is running on ATI radeon based machines.

The latest binaries release of this driver can be found here.

To check if compiz is likely to run on your machine you can either download my updated hardware check script or
run the following command line in a terminal :

# /usr/sfw/bin/wget -O - | /usr/bin/perl

If the result is positive then :
- download the updated installer.
- and run it with the --with-experimental-ati-support argument.

# ./ --with-experimental-ati-support

Note : this driver is not fully stable so you might experience Xserver crashes while using compiz. Use at you own risk !

Feedback is more than welcome as I don't physically have access to an ATI radeon based machine.

Many thanks to Darren Kenny for the ATI Xorg configuration.

Friday Nov 09, 2007

fusion-icon problems on solaris fixed

Do not use these packages anymore, instead install the latest version of OpenSolaris or nevada everything in integrated now.

I've ported fusion-icon (it's a tray icon that let you manage compiz fusion) to solaris and the new binary package for solaris x86 is included in my latest bundle.

It fixes problems related to :
- failure to startup from the menu.
- failure to start compiz.
- failure to detect which window manager was installed on the system.
- failure to switch window decorator.

If you are still experiencing problems let me know. 

If you want to start automatically compiz automatically at login :
- open the sessions preferences dialog [menu] -> [preferences] -> [sessions]
- in the "startup programs" tab add a "new startup program" with the following :
  name := Compiz fusion icon
  command := /usr/bin/fusion-icon
- next time you'll login your previous compiz and window decorator settings will be restored.

Sunday Nov 04, 2007

Easy install bundle for compiz fusion 0.6 + emerald 0.5.2


Thanks to Albert's port, updated version of compiz and compiz-fusion are available in the spec-file-extra repository :)

You'll find below a new easy install bundle of compiz 0.6.2, compiz-fusion 0.6.2 and emerald 0.5.2 for Solaris build 75a (and later) based distro.

You can check if this release will work on your machine by running my little check up script. You can either downloading it or
run this from a terminal :

/usr/sfw/bin/wget -O - | /usr/bin/perl 

You can then download and run my install script.

This new release doesn't include many new visible changes in term of plugins or configuration tools. See release notes for compiz & compiz fusion for details.

But new packages have been added to the bundle :
- fusion-icon : It's a little app that sites in the gnome panel tray that allow you to easily change window manager and window decorator. Also allows to access the various configurations tools.
- emerald : It's a custom window decorator. More details can be found here.

Once the install and configuration is finished you can start compiz via Applications>System Tools>Compiz Fusion Icon. This will start start compiz and add a compiz fusion icon in the tray area of the panel

fusion icon tray menu 

You can then select which window manager and which window decorator you want to use easily.

NOTE : I found this app a buggy. So you can still use the start-compiz and stop-compiz command line tool. also note that you need /usr/sbin in your path to run fusion-icon.
(update 9/11/07 I've ported fusion-icon to solaris all features are working as expected now)
you can also change window decorator from the command line when compiz is running by using either gtk-window-decorator --replace or emerald --replace.

Enjoy :)


Next step proper gnome integration on Solaris... 




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