Saturday Mar 13, 2010

As he emerges into the bright red light of a new star, and a new day...

Life goes on. I'm still here. Eric Reid, Principal Software Technologist, Oracle Americas, Inc.

The good news is that my role and organization remain pretty much unchanged. I'll still be working to make Oracle and ISV software work best on Sun/Oracle products and technologies.

Stay tuned.

Thursday Jan 21, 2010

Song O' The Day

"Canary In A Coalmine"
The Police
from the album "Zenyatta Mondatta", 1980

Monday Sep 28, 2009

Open Source SysAdmins: curious about Sun Storage 7000 series boxes?

A quick note that our friends at Sun BigAdmin have published a short paper of mine called "Joomla! Deployment Guide for Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems". We wanted to give a more hands-on constructive view of these very cool products from the sysadmin and open-source perspectives. These boxes work, work well, work fast, and bring intelligent network-based storage roaring into the Enterprise.

Tuesday Jun 02, 2009

Community One West 2009

Pulling into San Francisco this weekend with a beefed-up laptop (all the OpenSolaris virtualization goodness requires lots-o-memory - I'm up to 4GB now on my Tecra M2) and a mysterious case of poison ivy (I blame my cat), I set my sights on the Community One West and Java One conferences. Perhaps the last time the 'Sun Microsystems' name is attached to these conferences, and as such a mixture of excitement, trepidation and sadness.

First impression: just as many developer attendings as ever, as just as much energy as ever. Community One is a one-day developer frenzy before JavaOne itself starts tomorrow. Open Source developers. OpenSolaris mavens. Java afficienados. PHP and Perl and Python and Apache and MySQL and Postgres. Something for everyone.

Some notes from the talks I attended Monday:

  • Keynote address (Dave Douglas and John Fowler)
    • OpenSolaris 2009.06 is out!
    • Crossbow 'virtual networking' in Solaris/OpenSolaris - the entire networking stack was done from the bottom up
    • The coming Computing Cloud offering from Sun - impressive!
    • Open Storage (which includes the Open Archive effort I blogged about a couple weeks back)

  • Becoming a ZFS Ninja
    • It's amazing that after four years how many folks still don't know about ZFS
    • It's still easy as pie, performant and bulletproof (my observation, not his)

  • DTrace for Applications

    • Delivered by my ISV-E peer Angelo Rajadurai
    • Great demonstration of using basic and PHP DTrace probes to instrument Drupal (watch this space for his scripts later this week)

  • Source Juicer for Open Solaris
    • Has come a long way in just a few months, to provide packages into OpenSolaris's /pending and /contrib packages repos
    • Coolest new feature: repositories and Source Juicer mechanism itself now have 'install' one-click package install buttons

Thursday May 21, 2009

Sun @ OR09

Yep, we actually are working down here in the ATL...

Gail Truman, Minute Madness Queen

Art Pasquinelli, Patriarch, Lead Deep Diver

Sun: Studious keepers of the Silver Traffic Cones

Tuesday Nov 18, 2008

Drupal Along the Amber Road...

Last week Sun announced the Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems (codenamed Amber Road). Because I was able to play with one of these puppies before its release, I thought I might useful to share my takeaways.

Um, what are these things really?  They're NAS-type storage appliances comprised of Sun server/storage hardware and Sun Open Source software stacks.

Why should I care? Aside from the incredible cool engineering inside (see here), these boxes impress me with:

  1)  OpenSolaris-based, which, among many other cool things, means ZFS top to bottom; reliable, scalable... it just works...

  2) Some very cool on-board analytics to tell you what's going on and what/how to tune it...

  3) Some pretty intuitive administration capabilities... again, it just works...

  4) Very good performance, thanks to ZFS and Flash drives... it just works fast...

What was that about Drupal? I tried it with Drupal 6, plus the Sun Coolstack (note: apps run on a server, not on the Amber Road box itself). You configure the thing as an NFS appliance or as an iSCSI target, tell MySQL to talk to it, then set up Drupal normally. While tuning takes place on the device itself or in MySQL, performance is good out of the box.

Again, it just works... are you detecting a theme here?

So, yes, this a very good start to Sun's OpenStorage line, and you can certainly read all the promo and marketing foo around it. I normally don't blog at Sun announcements, but given my very positive experience with, and appreciation of, these products, I felt a mention was in order.

Friday Aug 15, 2008

Sun UK hosts 'Drupal for the Enterprise'

My mate Stewart Townsend, who runs Sun's Startup effort in the UK, just helped put together a very successful Drupal gathering, called Drupal For Enterprise. Great attendance, significant interest and, most importantly, solid evidence that Drupal is ready for the Enterprise (oh, and BTW, Sun can help with that :\^)

Check out the link to several good presos.

Drupal. Sun. Worldwide. Enterprise-ready. </Marketing>

Thursday Jan 17, 2008

Call it SaMp now....

Everyone has seen the Sun/MySQL news now. A strong commitment to Open Source Sofware, Open Source RDBMS, MySQL users current and future, and especially SaMp (Solaris Apache MySQL PHP). But don't take my word for it... this blog entry today caught my eye, echoes my probably biased sentiments, and tips a hat to one of the more clever Sci-Fi movies of the past 20 years, The Fifth Element.

I remember I blogged last year that I did Open Source... I suspect that, henceforth, I will be doing Open Source bigtime...

Wednesday Nov 14, 2007

Announcing the new Drupal-on-Sun Wiki

drupal-on-sun card

Do you run Drupal on Sun? Are you considering it? This is the place to post, to contribute, to ask, to whine, to blue-sky.

Check out the first contribution from the team, detailing what and why they're using Drupal-on-Sun.

Tuesday Sep 25, 2007


(For 20 points, first comment to identify the music-related homage in the title...)

It's Announcement Day here at Sun, always a festive and informative occasion in these parts... Intel Quad-core processors  have come to Sun servers, and the results are a couple of pretty nifty server boxes. Me, I still tend to prefer AMD personally, but I have to say Solaris runs quite well on either chip.

If you read this before 12:30PM PT (15:30ET, 19:30GMT), check out the video on the announcement page.



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