Wednesday Jan 27, 2016

Lots more FOSS added to Solaris 11!

Today Oracle released a set of Selected FOSS Component packages that can be used with/on Solaris 11.3. These packages provide customers with evaluation copies of new and updated versions of FOSS ahead of officially supported Oracle Solaris product releases.

These packages are available at the Oracle Solaris product release repository for customers running Oracle Solaris 11.3 GA. The source code used to build the components is available at the Solaris Userland Project on The packages are not supported through any Oracle support channels. Customers can use the software at their own risk.

For more information, check out this blog post.

Wednesday Dec 21, 2011

Oracle Solaris Binary Application Guarantee extended to Solaris 11

This is Good News.

The Oracle Solaris Binary Application Guarantee now covers both Oracle Solaris 10 and Oracle Soalris 11. Oracle has extended the program through 2013. The program covers a source code guarantee as well as a binary guarantee. Details can be found in the program description.

Monday Sep 28, 2009

Open Source SysAdmins: curious about Sun Storage 7000 series boxes?

A quick note that our friends at Sun BigAdmin have published a short paper of mine called "Joomla! Deployment Guide for Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems". We wanted to give a more hands-on constructive view of these very cool products from the sysadmin and open-source perspectives. These boxes work, work well, work fast, and bring intelligent network-based storage roaring into the Enterprise.

Monday Jun 15, 2009

Archival and Preservation: Open Source and Open Archive

One of the more exciting and interesting projects I've been involved with this year centers around Sun's Open Archive systems for Digital Repositories - the use of Open Source software and Sun off-the-shelf hardware to implement world-class data preservation/archival systems. For those of you who remember Sun's Honeycomb archival hardware, this new architecture represents a truly open alternative approach - based on Fedora Commons' offering, OpenSolaris, Sun's X64 servers, JBOD disk arrays and (soon) Unified Storage Systems.

One of the first efforts Sun ISV Engineering contributed to involved sizing and performance testing of Fedora atop OpenSolaris, ZFS and JBODs. The results are both encouraging and impressive, and provide myriad follow-on testing opportunities. I've attached the first draft of test report here.

Tuesday May 26, 2009

Digital Repositories and Archives - One Solution

Last week, at OpenRepositories09, Sun announced a new, open approach to digital archival and preservation. It leverages:

  • Commodity Sun x64-based servers
  • Sun OpenStorage, including the new 7000-series Unified Storage Systems
  • OpenSolaris, including ZFS
  • Fedora Commons, Drupal and Islandora open source offerings

The result is a totally-open hardware and software stack - scalable, robust, and made for long-term archival (\*and\* retrieval) of massive amounts of data.

In the days to come, we'll be publishing the results of initial functional and performance testing with portions of this stack, and the results are quite exciting. For now, take a look at the "glossy" and the "one-pager" Sun was circulating at OR09 last week. Good useful stuff - intuitively obvious solutions to substantial needs.

Friday Jan 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Drupal!


Eight years ago today, Drupal 1.0.0 was released. How far it's come!


Check out what we're doing with Drupal at



Thursday Jan 17, 2008

Call it SaMp now....

Everyone has seen the Sun/MySQL news now. A strong commitment to Open Source Sofware, Open Source RDBMS, MySQL users current and future, and especially SaMp (Solaris Apache MySQL PHP). But don't take my word for it... this blog entry today caught my eye, echoes my probably biased sentiments, and tips a hat to one of the more clever Sci-Fi movies of the past 20 years, The Fifth Element.

I remember I blogged last year that I did Open Source... I suspect that, henceforth, I will be doing Open Source bigtime...

Tuesday Nov 13, 2007

'Tech for Teens' - FreshBrain

No official release for a few months yet, but I am impressed with their initial efforts: and, yes, it's on Solaris and Sun hardware, and it will be expected to grow and scale, and it may well be a proving ground for some of my upcoming Drupal-on-Sun work...

 ... but I've already turned my 11-year-old techie onto it, and she can't wait for the full site rollout :)


Sunday Nov 04, 2007

The face of Open Source Software - DrupalCamp Observations Take 1

Open Source Software communities are you... they're me... they're the IT guy and the developer and the design person.. they're the businessperson, the non-profit org leader, the students...

Open Source is all of us.

Nothing drove that home to this Open Source Newbie than Bay Area Drupal Camp this weekend. All types of people from all backgrounds. And then there was Dmitri.

Dmitri Gaskin is a key member of the Drupal Community... a commiter... an expert... a 'Ninja' if you will... Dmitri gave several talks here this weekend, and people listened to him with interest. He knows what he's talking about. He's only developed on Drupal for a relatively short time, but he gets it, bigtime. Dmitri's definitely The Man.

Oh, and by the way... Dmitri is 12 years old.

Sun has not encountered Middle School students in its traditional sales focus. To our credit, we have made a spirited effort the last few years to embrace the University developer crowd. We print cool T-shirts with skateboarders, we give away cool toys at University recruiting events, we look for not-quite-cooled Java EE programmers fresh off the assembly line. So far as I know, however, we have yet to crack this all important 10-14 demographic.

But, in this Brave New World of OSS, we'll need to. Not to sell to them, not to schmooze them, not to take them out for a night of steaks and port and cigars to Close The Deal, not to get to them before The Competition does.

But, simply, to Collaborate.



Yes, I "do" Open Source..

Interestingly, I've not blogged about Open Source to date, even though it's been my Day Job for over six months. Why? Well, as with so many other things around F/OSS, you tend not to jump in and flap your gums right off the bat. You listen. You absorb. You learn. Just don't come crashing in like a Bull in a China Shop.

Yep, I do Open Source. In fact, Sun does Open Source.

Over the past few years, Sun has put a majority of its software portfolio out as Open Source Software. More recently, we've begun participating in F/OSS Communities not of our own making. MySQL. Ruby. Postgres. Not to control them -- to participate in them. To contribute to them. To work for the benefit of all involved, not just Sun.

Yep, I do Open Source. And I'm thrilled to be doing so.

In the months to come, you'll read about what I (and my peers in Sun ISV Engineering) are doing in the many Communities we're involved with.  Why we're doing it. What Sun gets from it. More importantly, what the end users of these software offerings get from it.

Yeah, I do Open Source. More and more, we all do Open Source.

I'm in the middle of my first Open Source event, Drupal's BADCamp 07. More on that soon.



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