Wednesday Mar 04, 2009

Greetings from DrupalCon DC!

We're on the ground at DrupalCon DC in Washington, D.C.... five of us from Sun:

  • Eric Reid, Open Source Communities Engineering
  • Scott Mattoon, Western Region Sales
  • George Drapeau, Open Source Communities Engineering
  • Angelo Rajadurai, Startup Essentional Evangelist
  • Steve Quan, Systems Marketing

Well, Scott should be here today if he's recovered from food poisoning (eep!)...

Washington D.C. is cold and clear today, and the Convention Center is packed with 1400 Drupalistas. Many old friends, many friendly people coming up to talk with us. Creamy goodness, to be sure.

This week, my goals are to:

  1. Get a sense for what Sun can do for the Community this year
  2. Learn more about Drupal 7
  3. Get out the word on Sun's Cool Things (including tomorrow's Sun presentation)
  4. Huddle with Acquia to help tighten up the partnership

Are you here in D.C. at Drupalcon? Come by and say Hi! If you come by with coffee, even better - if you come with beers, even better still!!

Tuesday Feb 10, 2009

Glassfish Goodness - Yes, Virginia, There's Still An AMP Stack!

Today Sun is announcing our Glassfish Portfolio, and while this link and other blogs explain it much better than I ever could, I did want to clarify a few things about one piece of this Portfolio. Specifically, the newly-announced Sun Glassfish Web Stack....

Who Should Care?

Anyone who develops or uses applications atop AMP stacks.

What Does It Get Me?

The best performing, best integrated AMP stack for Solaris, OpenSolaris and Linux.

What Does It Have To Do With Glassfish?

No doubt, the Glassfish App Server is quite cool, a great example of Open Sourced-ness, and a very tight Application Server. And it's what we all think of when we hear the word 'Glassfish'. As of today, however, Glassfish means much more.

All that said, just keep these points in mind:

  • Sun Glassfish Web Stack is simply a rename of what we were calling 'Web  Stack'
  • ...which, in turn, was the newer, improved version of what was before called 'CoolStack'

Remember, all the goodness, cool new name!

Monday Feb 09, 2009

Join us at DrupalCon!



Come see us at DrupalCon DC March 4-7!

Sun is a Gold Sponsor, is presenting a session,and will have its hands in 1-2 BOF sessions.



Friday Jan 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Drupal!


Eight years ago today, Drupal 1.0.0 was released. How far it's come!


Check out what we're doing with Drupal at



Tuesday Nov 18, 2008

Drupal Along the Amber Road...

Last week Sun announced the Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems (codenamed Amber Road). Because I was able to play with one of these puppies before its release, I thought I might useful to share my takeaways.

Um, what are these things really?  They're NAS-type storage appliances comprised of Sun server/storage hardware and Sun Open Source software stacks.

Why should I care? Aside from the incredible cool engineering inside (see here), these boxes impress me with:

  1)  OpenSolaris-based, which, among many other cool things, means ZFS top to bottom; reliable, scalable... it just works...

  2) Some very cool on-board analytics to tell you what's going on and what/how to tune it...

  3) Some pretty intuitive administration capabilities... again, it just works...

  4) Very good performance, thanks to ZFS and Flash drives... it just works fast...

What was that about Drupal? I tried it with Drupal 6, plus the Sun Coolstack (note: apps run on a server, not on the Amber Road box itself). You configure the thing as an NFS appliance or as an iSCSI target, tell MySQL to talk to it, then set up Drupal normally. While tuning takes place on the device itself or in MySQL, performance is good out of the box.

Again, it just works... are you detecting a theme here?

So, yes, this a very good start to Sun's OpenStorage line, and you can certainly read all the promo and marketing foo around it. I normally don't blog at Sun announcements, but given my very positive experience with, and appreciation of, these products, I felt a mention was in order.

Wednesday Nov 12, 2008

Drupal and NetBeans goodness

My esteemed colleague Sujit Nair of Sun's India Engineering Center has been continuing his good work with NetBeans support for Drupal. Check out his latest work here.

Friday Aug 15, 2008

Drupal on OpenSolaris

The folks over in the Webstack area of OpenSolaris are experimenting adding some higher-level packages to the Webstack repository. Jyri recently added Drupal 6.3 to the repository. If you are using or investigating OpenSolaris, check out the repository. It's a first cut, and intended for now for demos and to solicit input from the Drupal and OpenSolaris communities. Nonetheless, it already installs easily within the pkg framework for OSOL 2008.05 or one of the later development snapshots.

Sun UK hosts 'Drupal for the Enterprise'

My mate Stewart Townsend, who runs Sun's Startup effort in the UK, just helped put together a very successful Drupal gathering, called Drupal For Enterprise. Great attendance, significant interest and, most importantly, solid evidence that Drupal is ready for the Enterprise (oh, and BTW, Sun can help with that :\^)

Check out the link to several good presos.

Drupal. Sun. Worldwide. Enterprise-ready. </Marketing>

Monday Aug 11, 2008

DrupalCamp India

Am happy to report that Sujit Nair (also of Sun's ISV Engineering Team) attended and presented at the first-ever DrupalCamp India this past week. Lots of interest and excitement on the Subcontinent, and it seems Drupal is particularly popular with the student population.

Sujit presented on the work we've done creating NetBeans support for Drupal, and also gave a presentation on our earlier work and plans for Drupal on Solaris.

Friday Dec 21, 2007

Drupal Performance: Solaris vs Linux

I posted final numbers today as to how Drupal 5 performs on a small Sun server, comparing Solaris 10 to SLES 10 (two of the OS offerings available from Sun on this server). The intent of this test was to see how Drupal behaved under increasing load (in this case, Guest hits on the Main Page). I'm pleased to report that Solaris (with the latest CoolStack) appears to provide better throughput, better response time, and lower incidence of 'Server Busy' errors under load.

Let me, at this point, state for the record.. yes, I would have published these results even if the outcome had been the other way 'round. One of the rules we live by in Sun ISV Engineering Open Source is that of transparency. If we set out to test something, it's to determine and share the reality, not the spin. We had a hunch that CoolStack would provide a huge performance improvement, but that was only a hunch. I'm sure that, at some point in the future, we could also find that a well-tuned Drupal-on-LAMP offering meets or beats this Solaris performance - it is, after all, the same hardware.

Lots more Drupal testing to come from from us in the weeks and months to come. Wanna see something in particular? Let us know here or here or right here in the Blog Comments!



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