Wednesday Jan 12, 2005

Warchalking in the Hinterlands?

So, I'm in the process of 'wireless-izing' our Parish, and I drove over to the Church tonight to see if I could get Signal everywhere I needed. Nope. Oh, well, Father probably unplugged the wireless router. We can fix that tomorrow.

So, I leave the Win2K laptop on as I drive the 10 minutes home, with the 'Site Survey' display up. Yep. You guessed it. I got curious. Kept hitting the Refresh button.

Survey Says:
  • 11 802.11b networks encountered in 2 miles of country driving
  • 6 of those totally unprotected
  • 5 WEP protected (including mine)
I'll leave it to minds greater than mine to decide What This Means in 2005, but I was startled a bit. And, no, you can't have my address.

Wednesday Nov 24, 2004

Pre-turkey ruminations

  • To those readers in the US, Happy Thanksgiving; to those outside the US, happy regular Thursday :)
  • For those who must at some time deal with the September 11-inspired US Governmental agency known as the TSA: when the fellow on the other side of the metal detector says "I suggest you take off your shoes" and you don't, knowing they'll not set off the metal detector... be prepared for the full pat-down search :(
  • Even in the remote reaches of (rapidly becoming very white) SW Michigan, I was amazed this morning at the ease of install and the as-promised bandwidth of over 3Mbps of cable modem service. Wow. Now ask me about my bandwith at 9PM on a Friday night :)

Wednesday Nov 17, 2004

Wednesday musings...

  • First-class Indian lunch buffet: Janta, 369 Lytton Ave, Palo Alto
  • Mr. Fink, you are out of order and over-ruled... sit DOWN please!
  • Hypersonic craft the size of model airplanes whizzing about our atmosphere... hmmmmmmm

Monday Nov 15, 2004

I just noticed...

...that we have a new Solaris logo: solaris

I kinda like it... I mean, I don't mind it... yeah, it'll do...

Yes, yes, I'm alive...

My thanks to Jan Van Bruaene for continuing to prod me to WRITE SOMETHING!

Much of my not-being-here-ness stems from almost continual ISV engagments since my last entry.... no excuse, I know...

Solaris 10 Big Announcement today! Yeah, our execs are jazzed about this, and frankly I am too... even more than before... and I've been working with the thing and Early Access using it as my main desktop, and seeing all the pre-release warts and everything... and it's still gonna rock some worlds...

Tip o' the day: taking a dock out of a 62-degree lake does save money, but also makes one verrrrrrry cold!

Monday Aug 16, 2004

I Jumped Out Of A Perfectly Good Airplane

, and I have the t-shirt with those very words to prove it! I went this past Saturday morning.

Why? Just because! Life's short, and all that. While I've not uploaded the video, I hope to get some stills on here... here's the link to the place I went. 4.5 hours of training before they let you crawl out of the plane attached to a static line (so that when you go, your 'chute is pulled automagically)... three seconds before the 'chute fills, then 4-5 minutes of gliding before landing.

Joe Bob says 'check it out'! Fear, joy, stress, exhilaration, adrenaline, accomplishment... it's all there.

Wednesday Aug 11, 2004

And so it begins...

...but not before I finally figure out which Blog Roller editor works with Firefox! Get Firefox

Ahem... yes... here we are, then... in BlogLand... not just any BlogLand, but SunSponsoredBlogLand! Blogs aren't exactly new to me; when my daughter and I went to Japan this past June, I set up a little BlogThingie by hand, and had a rather good time with it!

So, then, on to me:
\* 16 years at Sun
\* Working remotely for half that time in SW Michigan
\* Have supported Sun's ISV community for the past 4 years
\* Geek, trombone player, pilot, father, husband, born-and-bred Michiganian (not Michigander!)

Check this space, as they like to say, for thoughts, musings, information, tips, tricks, hints, rants, spewfests, and whatever else my brain manufactures as the space-time continuum lurches us all forward.

I believe I had a tad too much apple smushie after dinner... the sugar is clearly gumming up my neurons.

Main Sequence: 1) an astronomy term denoting the lifecycle of a majority of known stars. 2) err @ Sun/Oracle: long-time (since 1988) Sun/Oracle veteran, still shining in an ever-changing high-tech universe


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