Thursday Jul 26, 2012

New version of Oracle Solaris Pre-Flight Application Checker

Some very hard-working folks in my organization, Oracle Systems ISV Engineering, have just released a new version of the Solaris Pre-Flight App Checker. You can get it for free from the Solaris Download Page

As with the original release, this tool is the single easiest way to check your application for Solaris 11 compatibility issues while still running on Solaris 10. This latest release incorporates several improvements:

1. Fully globalized product, currently with support for English,  Simplified Chinese and Japanese 
2. Now detects issues due to static linking of system libraries
3. Now detects mutex alignment issues
4. Now checks usage of private kernel interfaces (binary as well source scanner) 
5. An improved script scanner to flag issues due to usage of removed, relocated commands as well as issues due to usage of new shell ksh93 (instead  of old ksh88 )

Thursday May 21, 2009

Sun @ OR09

Yep, we actually are working down here in the ATL...

Gail Truman, Minute Madness Queen

Art Pasquinelli, Patriarch, Lead Deep Diver

Sun: Studious keepers of the Silver Traffic Cones

Thursday Mar 05, 2009

Birdwatching --- errrrrrr, Laptop-watching...

Shhh.... be vewwy, vewwy quiet... we-yah hunting laptops! Hehhehhhehehehehehehhhhhh...

As I strolled up and down the Drupal Sponsor table promenade this morning here at DrupalCon DC, it occurred to me to make note of the various Personal Computing Fauna about. Kinda like the Audubon Society bird counts. But not really.

A ten-minute walk was enough to capture the following variants in their natural habitat:

  • Macintoshus Numerous - 70.5%
  • Laptopus Win and Laptopus Lin - 26.5% (Subspecies Netbookulus - 3%)
  • OpenSolaris Rex - 3%
I am struck by the ubiquity of Apple -- as well the paucity of Netbooks -- in this vibrant, grass-roots community. Take this for what it's worth (or not worth, as the case may be).

Monday Jul 28, 2008

I always wondered why I had an affinity for outer space and the Space Program

It turns out that America's fearful reaction to the Russian's launched of Sputnik led to the creation of NASA the day I was born! Happy 50th to both of us!!

Saturday Jul 12, 2008

Time to get serious for FY09

Back to enthusiasm, commitment, transparency, and making a difference at Sun. I survived 10 July 2008 @ SUNW.

The tune I've been listening to this evening: 'This is the Life', by Living Colour. This song has never failed to lift me up and help me face a new day. Living Colour just F'in rocks. And please, no comments about that other studly Living Colour tune, Cult of Personality... tempting, I know, at the moment, but let's Not Go There, Shall We?

FY09 -- it's here.

This is the Life
Lyrics reprinted without permission.

In another life
You might have been a genius
In another life
You might have been a star
In another life
Your face might have been perfect
In another life
You'd drive a better car

In another life
All your jokes are funny
In another life
Your heart is free from fear
In another life
You make a lot of money
In this other life
Everything is clear

In another life
You're always the hero
In another life
You always win the game
In another life
No one ever cheats you
In another life
You never have to change

In another life
Your friends never desert you
In another life
You never have to cry
In another life
No one ever hurts you
In this other life
Your loved-ones never die

But this is the life you have
This is the life you have
This is the life you have
This is the life

In another life
You're always the victim
In another life
You're always the thief
In another life
You are always lonely
In this other life
There is no relief

In your real life
Treat it like it's special
In your real life
Try to be more kind
In your real life
Think of those that love you
In this real life
Try to be less blind

Tuesday Mar 18, 2008

RIP Arthur C. Clarke

One of my heroes, dead at 90.

Friday Feb 01, 2008

Descendant of that first blue-eyed Homo Sapien...

Guess this makes me a quasi-albino:

I think we should organize a Blue Eyed Human Descendant reunion this summer... perhaps a pig roast... oh, and some good jazz music!


Wednesday Oct 03, 2007

Second Life goodness

Come see Sun in Second Life... I'm gonna start spending more time there... not surprisingly, I'm "EricReid SunMicrosystems" there...

And, yes, thanks to Dana, I now run Second Life exclusively on Solaris!

Tuesday Sep 25, 2007

The 'Main Sequence'???

Yes. An astronomy term denoting the lifecycle of a majority of known stars. And it's my modest attempt to describe my place at Sun... old-timer (20 years @ Sun in January!)... still shining... not necessarily the brightest star in the sky, but not Dark Matter or a Brown Dwarf by any means.


Monday Sep 24, 2007

Dusting off the Blog (wherein my Cat gets Wired)...

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Main Sequence: 1) an astronomy term denoting the lifecycle of a majority of known stars. 2) err @ Sun/Oracle: long-time (since 1988) Sun/Oracle veteran, still shining in an ever-changing high-tech universe


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