OOW17-registration.PNGFor those who follow me on twitter @ericbezille you should already have seen the experience of seasons experts that Oracle Open World is bringing to you. I would have love to clone myself to follow some sessions in parallel.That's why it is often a good idea to come to Open World not only prepared but not alone to get the most out of it. So before going in details of today's Larry Ellison Keynote, let me share with you some of the interesting topics I saw today.


This year again, the Cloud is everywhere, being private or public or both. For the City of Okland, it was reimplementing their EBusiness Suite on to a private cloud, leveraging Oracle Engineered Systems, Exalogic and Exadata. Having the right scalable and reliable architecture, not only helped them achieve blowing numbers in performances -moving from 11h to 30mns their Payroll processes- and achieve 99.99% uptime, it permitted them to focus on a key part of such a big project: change management, instead of the too often usual tweaking of trying to make it run ! (more details here and here). End result: project is on time and on budget ! The dream of many CIOs I know.


Today, if you have not heard about Docker, you must not be working in IT... But what Docker means for DBA and Oracle Database in general ? It is what Adeesh Fulay wanted to bring to the Oracle Open World DBA audience (room full of course). So in a very short summary, there is still some miles to go to fully address an Oracle Database requirement for production with Docker, LXC will do it better from his experience. But for standalone test/dev environment, Docker is fine. And you will even find many Docker images of Oracle products (beyond Database) available. One key additional piece that you also need to keep in mind with those technologies (containers) is the management sprawl that you will have to take care. This is where good orchestration tools, like Kubernetes, are more than necessary, they are mandatory.


Of course at the end of the day, all those technologies are not the end in themselves, the ultimate purpose is to be able to leverage Data for Business Transformation or even for a greater goal : Life Transformation. An interesting topic that was address by Rene Kuipers, in his Data Chain session, or "how to use the right tool for the job". Rene brought to us the case of DNA pattern matching to identify deceases. Where a single sample account for 2TB of Data... A use case that the current trend would think eligible to run into Big Data Hadoop systems, but that Rene put on an Oracle Database on Exadata. Because Oracle Database was the right tool in term of Data model for DNA basepairs and because Oracle Exadata is a unique technology to execute Oracle Database at its best. End result: x700 performance improvement and 85% less data, thanks to unique Exadata compression capabilities.


To close this full picture, going from Cloud, Technologies and Data, my agenda of the day would not have been complete without addressing Data security. Which I did by joining the Wells Fargo Bank's Session and their implementation of Oracle Database Vault... on Exadata. The platform on which they are consolidating now all their Oracle Databases. At least it is addressing one of the question I got about security and encryption: performances ! Maybe also one of the reason Wells Fargo Bank's KPI to chose Exadata.


Data and associated required security, scalability, flexibility and expendability were at the heart of Doug Fisher's Intel Keynote and the focus in Intel  current chip, SSD and memory development that we (Oracle) leverage in Oracle Engineered Systems and in our Cloud, to achieve massive scale, securely. "Data is the unseen force of business transformation", said Doug Fisher. Illustrating with Autonomous driving, Virtual Reality, Financial Services examples, all relying today on huge amount of Data on which they apply Machine Learning to enable all of this new capabilities, creating even new economy, like the Passenger Business (of autonomous driving), estimated at $ 7B.


Larry-Ellison-OOW17.JPGData and Machine Learning were at the heart of Larry Ellison's Oracle Open World opening Keynote. Sort of wrapping up all the themes you read in this entry so far into Oracle Autonomous Database 18c and Highly Automated Cyber Security ! running on Exadata (of course)... 


The goal is to provide the safest place to store your data. But for that to be possible, to prevent data thief, you need to avoid (remove) human intervention. So automation becomes essential. You need to automatically detect threats when they first occur and direct the database to immediately re-mediate. It might means that we have to patch the database itself... with no scheduled downtime... while running. Human process doesn't work. We have to automate our cyber defenses, without having to shut your computers off-line. Most Data thief (99,9+%) were done leveraging breaches that had a patch available for at least 3 months if not a year ! So when Larry Ellison said: "Human process doesn't work", facts speak by themselves.


But to create an autonomous Database, you need a full set of technologies to be able to keep the Database running in any circumstances, including human errors. Technologies like clustering (Oracle RAC), transaction replay (Flash Back Query),.... all integrated together (Exadata)... and automated to act when something happens.  This is where Machine Learning is at the heart. This is revolutionary. This is what makes autonomous self driving cars, Computer vision recognition possible. And now fully automate Oracle database 18c and partially automate our cyber security.


Oracle Database 18c constantly adapts and tune the system without human intervention. It tunes itself, patch itself, upgrade itself.

No more human error produces 99.995% availability or less than 30min a year.

Self tuning also provides very efficient use of computer resources: truly elastic...in the cloud or in your Data Center.


The roll-out of Oracle Autonomous Database will start by end of 2017 and during 2018. And the goal is to provide all of those capability with no equivalent on the market in terms of capabilities and price : the most secure, the most scalable and the most affordable !