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#OOW17 - From Development to Analytic (Secured) Augmented Business into the Cloud

Eric Bezille
Chief Technologist

It is always hard to find the right title to summarize the tag line of a day at Oracle Open World. Such a large portfolio of innovations supported by $ 5B of R&D investment. So let's move on to debunk what I summarized by "From development to analytic (secured) augmented Business into the Cloud".

Today started with Dave Donatelli's Keynote describing the 6 journeys that Oracle provides to lead you to the Cloud. As Mark Hurd said yesterday, it is "not a question of if, but when". And everybody is not starting from the same stage. So we are building a portfolio of solutions to support your journey to the Cloud from wherever you start: being a well established company with large and complex existing assets (first journey) or a brain new startup (sixth journey). All backed up by 3 deployment models: on your premises, Cloud Services that we bring to you, inside your own Data Center or full Public. Which is unique on the market, and give you the most flexibility that you can find with NO LOCK-IN.

And to support you and your Business at best into our Cloud, major announcements were made today by Thomas Kurian, on all layers of the stack from IaaS to PaaS to SaaS. First, we are delivering to you our Cloud Data Center as Code. Accessible through APIs, you can now get the latest and most powerful Intel Skylake CPUs, Nvidia GPU, blowing speed Oracle Storage, 25Gb Ethernet Network and the most scalable DNS to link you to the Cloud.

On the PaaS side, build on top of this very powerful IaaS, Oracle's goal is to provide to you fully autonomous services, in the line of Oracle Autonomous Database, announced by Larry Ellison on Sunday. And this is a very strong and important point. Because as soon as those services are autonomous, they can be easily leverage and instantiated automatically without any human intervention. Making new services (very) simple to compose. And really the demos speak by themselves (replay of Thomas Kurian's Keynote is available here). To enable this service composition and support full DevOps, Microservices and even now Serverless (functions) development, Oracle Cloud supports 5 development models, adding today fully automated Docker with managed Kubernetes cluster, which can benefit of a fully managed Apache Kafka stream infrastructure through Oracle Event Hub to enable Data ingestion at scale.

Bringing analytic into the game. Now that we do provide a PaaS that allows easy and fast development, and Data ingestion, Oracle announced today a new Analytic as a Service PaaS on any type of Data -including video- based on Machine Learning (at that point, for the technical savvy reader, you understand the interest of latest Nvidia GPU IaaS addition inside Oracle Cloud). The end goal being to provide better services and next best actions from a Business or Customer experience stand point. Which is why -based on those PaaS services- Thomas Kurian also announced today embedded Analytics directly available inside Oracle SaaS applications. Which I call : "Augmented" Applications.

Last but not least, Larry Ellison in his Keynote explained how we are applying Machine Learning and Analytic to provide highly automated Cyber Defense, through Oracle Management and Security Cloud Services. Encompassing both on-premises and Cloud environments. Because, without Data you do nothing, and that's why security is a key topic up to CEO level now, as Mark Hurd said yesterday. You need to protect your digital assets.

With that, I hope you will be available to leverage all of those innovations to create what you need for your business and customers.

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