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#OOW17 - Cloud is driving IT transformation and Oracle innovation

Eric Bezille
Chief Technologist

Today was again a very fully packed day at Oracle Open World. Starting with Mark Hurd, providing the vision of Oracle CEO on the global market and how Enterprises are forced to re-invent themselves or to face disintermediation, due to new comers leveraging the technologies to their benefits: doing the same thing but differently. Enterprise have to simplify and stop spending 80% of their IT budget to keep the light on. That's where the Cloud model kicks in.

As Oracle we could not keep up if we were running Oracle Cloud like a traditional IT does, with multiple heterogeneous layers and vendors to integrate, patch and upgrade. The fact that we own all the stack from disk, to servers, to operating systems and even higher up with the Database and application stacks make a huge difference. We have one thing to manage, like Exadata to run the Oracle Database. That's why Cloud is driving IT transformation and our innovation. (full video replay here).

This was clearly illustrated during Oracle Systems General Session, re-emphasis on the tight integration benefit of hardware and software, leading to unique optimizations, including one key aspect that was already touch on by Larry Ellision opening Keynote: Security (check here and here)... A new topics that is now also on CEO agenda.

And this tight integration is leading us to unique innovation capabilities helping us to scale, and you as well, as our technology is available in 3 deployments models. Again this was also demonstrated today with the launch of Exadata X7, applying in-memory technology in storage not to accelerate analytic but OLTP workloads: something pretty counter intuitive for pure hardware vendors of storage, but possible as soon as you combine hardware and software up to the Database layer. That makes a huge difference.

A huge difference which is leveraged by our customers like GRDF. GRDF is leveraging Oracle Engineered Systems (SuperCluster) to deploy Gazpar Smart Metering project of 11 Million meters in France. Helen Lagoutte with Mikaël Petit from GRDF explained today the full project scope, where I learn that Smart Meters are not that smart ! In fact, you have to put less intelligence into the meter for the meter to last 20 years. So, now you understand where the brain of the 11 Million meters is running and why you new a reliable infrastructure.

I also had the opportunity today to follow 2 sessions in the JavaOne / Oracle Code conference which are running inside Open World for developers. And where I got very interesting hints on Machine Learning and choosing the right tool for the job , and Blockchain : a special thanks to Lonneke Dikmans from eProseed.

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