Tuesday Jan 17, 2006

Creator 2 coming out REAL SOON !!!

Take a look at it, it has a lot of improvements over our previous versions.

Take a look at these Creator has recently picked up two nice awards:

  • Creator is the "Java Tool or Add-in of the Year" at Developer.com, more...
  • Labs has picked Java Studio Creator 2 as the most attractive developer tool for 2005, more...
One key feature that I and a couple of other guys worked on really hard was refactoring. Any issues that exist with it are entirely due to me btw, so don't blame the other guys.

I should be posting some How-To's in order to help get around some of the limitations in our new refactoring functionality. Next release we will really nail refactoring. This time around I made a bad design decision and we got stuck living with if for this release :( B

Thursday Feb 10, 2005

Update 6 has been out for a while now !!!

Have not been blogging for a few weeks now and was asked to update my blog to indicate the fact that we have fixed the serious problem I pointed out in my previous blog entry.
Update 6 has been out for a few weeks now and fixes a few problems, especially the one we had with being able to open projects that we're saved with errors in the source.
I am currently in Prague, working with the Netbeans team on some really cool stuff !!! Will provide a more detailed update when I get back.

Wednesday Jan 05, 2005

We're starting testing on Update 6

Well, apologies for taking so long to blog since the issues of Update 5 cropped up, but had a family emergency and had to fly to Canada (The Great White North). I'm currently sitting in a hotel room waiting to catch my flight tomorrow AM.

Update 5 ran into a number of issues with opening of old projects, that we're bigger than I had hoped. With Update 5 we are more strict about detecting errors. As discussed in Creator patch 5 problems this causes some problems. Add to this fact, that InSync was not able to function properly if a project was opened and it contained any kind of syntax errors or markup source errors.

I had been reluctant to fix this particular problem earlier, but after seeing all the trouble people we're reporting on the forums, I made it my priority 1 problem to fix. It turns out the fix was not as bad as I thought it would. And along the way it turns out that InSync was detecting more errors than it needed to. You see, InSync is the part of Creator responsible for reading your markup and Java source and creating a model of it that can be manipulated by the tool, as well as injecting source to persist any changes you make from within Creator's many different GUI editors. In order for InSync to derive any information from the source, the source must be at least syntax error free. This is in place since Update 5, this is why you see the Big Red Box(tm) in the designer surface more often now. The Big Red Box(tm) is presented by the designer whenever InSync reports that it cannot derive the information necessary to create a model of the source. Well, I unfortunately had some old code in there that would also detect unknown symbols, like bad imports, or references to non existent classes, wrong method names, etc. It turns out that InSync does not really need to care about these types of errors, so I fixed it such that it does not.

Don't forget to check out Tor's Reef fixes and memory profiling blog entry on Update 6.

Keep watching this space to hear about Update 6 being out.

Thursday Dec 23, 2004

Creator patch 5 problems

Well, it seems there are some problems with our new update :(

We've identified a couple of issues and are working on them as I write this. Two problems we've found

  • Memory setting too low
  • Probems opening projects with errors

Memory setting too low

Tor and I are doing some investigative work in this area, but in the meantime look in your Creator install directory and find bin/ide.cf. Modify the -J-Xmx128m to something like -J-Xmx256m. The issue seems to be that whenever a Designer is opened, a decent amount of memory gets used up. We do not know the cause at this moment. One good trick for the time being is try managing how many JSP pages you have open at any one time until we resolve this issue.

Problems opening projects with errors

I reported this issue in my blog entry of our new release, but a little too quietly. It does seem however on closer inspection that the problem is not as simple to work around as I first thought. I'm working on fixing this now, nothing like a little fire brewing to get make time for a fix :) Will provide an update on the forums as soon as I can.

Keep watching this space as I will provide an update as soon as I have a fix.

I really wanted to give some good news on a fix, but today's firefighting and last minute Christmas stuff had me dead tired. Tomorrow will be spent with the family, so will get back to this asap, and apologies for those who are stuck with these problems.

Wednesday Dec 22, 2004

Do you Value Bind ?

If you don't, then you should think about it !!! If you did not because we did not handle them as well as we could, then please look at them again !!!

What is a Value Binding (VB) ? Well, it turns out that in JSF, you can use Value Binding expressions (see tutorial on this topic) to specify the value of an attribute/property. This allows you to have some dynamic content attached to your components without having to write any code !!!

Prior to Reef, we did not handle VBs as well as we could. We still have a ways to go, but we are improving it as quickly as we can. As of Reef, whenever a property has a VB, the expression is now shown in the property sheet. Prior to Reef, the property sheet would show blank for any property with a VB. You can then edit the expression, or reset the property and then specify a constant if you so wish.

You will also find some new actions if you right click on a property within the property sheet. These new actions allow you to specify the VB you wish to attach to a property, as well as directly reset the property to its default value.

We will be adding more and more functionality, as well as more and more simplifications to the process of using VBs from within Creator, so be on the lookout for them.

Reef Shark release (AKA 2004 Q2 Update 5) is out !!!

See the newly released version of Java Studio Creator. This release fixes a number of bugs and adds some new features. Also, make sure to take a look at some of the new preview features, you should find them interesting.

The biggest thing I'm proud of in this release, are a number of bugs that we're found where user code would get lost at what seemed like random points. Well, it turns out that InSync had some issues properly detecting syntax errors and would mangle users code :( Finding this bug was a big deal and the fix I found for it should fix all cases now.

We still have some problems being able to open projects with certain types of errors, I just ran out of time to be able to fix this problem. There is a workaround, which although not great, will allow people to keep going. The workaround is to create a new project and to add the files from their old projects, one at a time. After you are done adding the files, make sure to find all the errors and fix them, before closing the project or exiting Creator.

Have at it and please keep reporting bugs, our highest priority is to fix bugs people report on the forums. And do not forget, we keep reading the forum and try to help as much as we can, so start discussions and we will answer.

Have a good Christmas and a Happy New Year !!!



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