Thursday Mar 21, 2013

Upcoming webcast: Discover Instantis EnterpriseTrack - March 27th

We are very excited to introduce you to the latest addition to the Primavera product family, Instantis EnterpriseTrack.

Attend our webcast, Wednesday, March 27, 2013 - 11:00 a.m. PT and find out why this leading cloud PPM solution helps IT and business process leaders improve strategy execution and financial performance through more effective work and resource management.

Save your seat: Register today for this online event and discover the top-down approach to managing, tracking, and reporting on enterprise strategies, projects, portfolios, processes, resources, and results.

Thursday Jan 03, 2013

Primavera Unifier Webcast Series- Launching 16th January 2013

Register today for the 5-part Primavera Unifier Webcast Series:

  • Part 1 Automated Capital Planning with Primavera Unifier – 16th January 2013

Discover how you can manage all of your capital portfolios with full top-down and bottom-up visibility    

  • Part 2 Comprehensive Cost Control with Primavera Unifier – 6th February 2013

Discover how you can manage all costs throughout the project lifecycle in one tool        

  • Part 3 Project Delivery Management with Primavera Unifier – 27th February 2013

Gain unparalleled workflow and task management capabilities for the entire team, in one single, easy-to-deploy SaaS or on-premise solution.     

  • Part 4 Centralized Facilities Management with Primavera Unifier – 20th March 2013

Discover the centralized lifecycle system for projects and facilities management 

  •   Part 5 Real Estate Management with Primavera Unifier  - 10th April 2013

Learn how you can achieve fully automated business processes for lease requests, transaction management and planning approvals

Wednesday Dec 12, 2012

Live Webcast: Make Better, Faster Decisions using Visualization - December 18th

Register today for Oracle’s Primavera upcoming Live Webcast: Make Better, Faster Decisions using Visualization, December 18th at 12pm ET.

Join this webcast and discover how Oracle’s AutoVue enhances Primavera solutions with visualization of project documents, enabling users to view and digitally collaborate, improving decision making and project execution.

Don’t miss this live webcast: register today and learn how you can increase visibility, improve productivity and leverage existing infrastructures with Primavera and AutoVue.

Wednesday Nov 28, 2012

Live Webcast: Discover Primavera Unifier - December 5th

Join our live webcast to see what Primavera Unifier can do for you and your organization.

We are very excited to introduce you to the newest addition to the Primavera product family, Primavera Unifier (formerly known as Skire Unifier).

Attend this webcast and learn why this new cloud-based solution is the most comprehensive Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM) offering to manage the complete project lifecycle, from capital planning and construction to operations and maintenance.

Save your seat: Register today for this online event and learn how the addition of Primavera Unifier can help your organization manage their projects and facilities with more predictability and financial control, improving profitability and operational efficiency

Monday Nov 26, 2012

Live Webcast: Crystal Ball: Simulation of production uncertainty in unconventional reservoirs - November 29

In our webcast on 29 November, Oracle solution specialist Steve Hoye explains how you can effectively forecast EURs for unconventional reservoirs – supporting better investment decisions and reducing financial exposure and risk.

Attend the webcast to find out how your Oil & Gas industry can:

  • Use historical production data and data from other unconventional reservoirs to generate accurate production forecasts
  • Conduct Monte Carlo simulations in minutes to model likely declines in production rates over time
  • Accurately predict probable EURs to inform investment decisions
  • Assess the site against key criteria, such as Value at Risk and Likelihood of Economic Success.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn new techniques for mitigating financial risk across your unconventional reservoir projects. Register online today.

"Oracle Crystal Ball is involved in every major investment decision that we make for wells." Hugh Williamson, Risk and Cost Advisor, Drilling and Completions, BP

Wednesday Oct 31, 2012

Live Webcast for Skire Customers - 8 November

Join our Important Customer Briefing live webcast with Oracle Executive Yasser Mahmud to learn more about the product strategy for the combined Oracle Primavera and Skire offering.

Yasser Mahmud, VP Product Strategy, Primavera Global Business Unit, invites you to join him for an exclusive update on Oracle’s acquisition of substantially all of Skire’s assets.

Don’t miss this special, live webcast on November 8th,

Attend this online event and listen to Yasser share with you:

  • The strategic reasons behind Oracle’s acquisition of substantially all of Skire’s assets and what it means to you and your organization
  • Oracle’s vision to deliver the most comprehensive Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM) offering to manage the complete project lifecycle, from capital planning and construction to operations and maintenance
  • Exciting new product releases to help organizations manage their projects and facilities with more predictability and financial control, improving profitability and operational efficiency.
  • Oracle’s consistent commitment to customer success and product support

Save your seat: register now to attend this exclusive online event and learn how the combination of Oracle Primavera and Skire can help your organization succeed.

For more information about the combination of Oracle and Skire, please visit

Friday Oct 26, 2012

Crystal Ball Live Webcast: Expert insight from EpiX Analytics

Register today for the November 2nd live Crystal Ball webcast- Expert insight from EpiX Analytics: Techniques for Improved Risk Management and Decision-Making

Join our speaker Dr Huybert Groenendaal, PhD, MSc, MBA, EpiX Analytics LLC and learn how to realize the full value of decision-making techniques, and:

Gain insight into risks and uncertainties

Account for risk in quantitative analysis and decision making

Generate a range of possible outcomes and the probabilities they will occur for any choice of action

Learn best practice for the use of Crystal Ball to support decision making in your own environment

Learn how to avoid common mistakes when using Monte Carlo simulations

Maximize your existing investment in spreadsheet technology

Register now for this November 2nd live webcast and don't miss this opportunity to learn how you can model, predict and forecast with better results.

For more information view the evite.

Wednesday Oct 24, 2012

Webcast Series Part I: The Shifting of Healthcare’s Infrastructure Strategy – A lesson in how we got here

Register today for the first part of a three-part webcast series and discover the changing strategy of healthcare capital planning and construction. Learn how Project Portfolio Management solutions are the key to financial discipline, increased operation efficiency and risk mitigation in this changing environment.

Register here for the first webcast on

NEW DATE: Wednesday, November 7, 2012
10:00 a.m. PT/ 1:00 p.m. ET

In this engaging and informative Webcast, Garrett Harley, Sr. Industry Strategist, Oracle Primavera and Thomas Koulouris, Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers will explore:

  • Evolution of the healthcare delivery system
  • Drivers & challenges facing the current healthcare infrastructure
  • Importance of communication and integration between Providers and Contractors to their bottom lines

View the evite for more details.

Thursday Oct 18, 2012

Survey Probes the Project Management Concerns of Financial Services Executives

Do you wonder what are the top reasons why large projects in the financial industry fail to meet budgets, schedules, and other key performance criteria? Being able to answer this question can provide important insight and value of good project management practices for your organization.

According to 400 senior executives who participated in a new survey conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit and sponsored by Oracle, unrealistic project goals is the main reason for roadblocks to success

Other common stumbling blocks are poor alignment between project and organizational goals, inadequate human resources, lack of strong leadership, and unwillingness among team members to point out problems.

This survey sample also had a lot to say about the impact of regulatory compliance on the overall portfolio management process. Thirty-nine percent acknowledged that regulations enabled efficient functioning of their businesses. But a similar number said that regulations often require more financial resources than were originally allocated to bring projects in on time. Regulations were seen by 35 percent of the executives as roadblocks to their ability to invest in the organization’s growth and success.

These revelations among others are discussed in depth in a new on-demand Webcast titled “Too Good to Fail: Developing Project Management Expertise in Financial Services” now available from Oracle.

The Webcast features Brian Gardner, editor of the Economist Intelligence Unit, who presents these findings from this survey along with Guy Barlow, director of industry strategy for Oracle Primavera. Together, they analyze what the numbers mean for project and program managers and the financial services industry.

Register today to watch the on-demand Webcast and get a full rundown and analysis of the survey results.

Take the Economist Intelligence Unit benchmarking survey and see how your views compare with those of other financial services industry executives in ensuring project success.

 Read more in the October Edition of the quarterly Information InDepth EPPM Newsletter

Thursday Apr 19, 2012

Take the Uncertainty Out of Your Project Management

Written by Guest Blogger Saj Yaqub, Sales Consultant, Oracle Primavera and Subject Matter Expert for Primavera Risk Management

 These days, almost every element of business is project-driven. But what happens when the inevitable strikes: key projects threaten to become delayed or derailed?

If your company is not using a formal process for managing risk throughout your project portfolio, then the impact on your business is potentially high.

All projects carry risk, either inherently within the project or from external factors that can have a significant impact. For example, impacts can be on reputation, safety, and from a more quantitative perspective, cost and time. They key benefit is to understand the potential impact as early as possible, so that any appropriate response strategies can be implemented. Additionally, the right balance of contingency should reflect the risk exposure that is present. All too typical you see a more ‘gut feeling’ approach, with a 20% contingency added in.

If a robust process is in place, and simple and robust tools are there underpinning that process, then the people in the organization can spend more time on their primary responsibilities rather than managing tools. Too often though, there is a common practice of having disparate tools like spreadsheets that provide a disconnected environment-important data is collected, but not made easily available to the right people. Having a central repository where all relevant risks are housed along with all the project information is a good start. Now executives can see a rolled up view of project information and project level folks can see a more tactical view of project performance all at the same time.

Oracle Primavera provides a platform where project risks are captured in one place for all projects in the portfolio and tools for evaluating risk scenarios and developing response plans.

If you are interested in learning more on this subject, please join me on April 25 at 1:00 p.m. ET for a more in-depth presentation and discussion, a live Webcast, Take the Uncertainty Out of Your Project Management.

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