Sunday May 27, 2012

Oracle's Primavera EPPM Solutions Provides Accurate Decisions for Business Operations

The modern enterprises face complex operational and management challenges as well as fierce competitions. Therefore, they must, on one hand, obtain real data about project operation, and on the other, gain insight into their own competitive advantages. Only by doing so can they provide accurate decisions for business operations, and maintain core competencies and industry leadership. Luckily, Oracle’s Primavera Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM) offers solutions to the two problems and helps to increase efficiency and profitability for modern enterprise management!

Transparent Data Make Informed Business Decisions with Real and Reliable Information

As is known to all, to ensure project success, enterprises must have a deep understanding of and control over the latest project information, including project schedules, budgets, resources, changes, risks, etc. But to obtain real data is really tough and is usually done across multiple projects, departments, business units and geographic regions. Actually, a lot of disconnected business processes and information systems lead to multiple project information silos, so that enterprises cannot efficiently respond to changing project needs, posing great challenges to business operation and success.

When enterprises are exposed to a highly competitive and dynamic market environment externally, and overwhelmed with management and decision difficulties internally, Oracle Primavera EPPM provides managers with true, real-time and reliable data and portfolio information. It increases data and information transparency while improving managers’ insight, thus enabling them to make timely, accurate and informed business decisions, and finally drive project success

Capabilities such as project management, project portfolio management, project resource management, risk control, etc. are provided to drive project coordination, ensure orderly and efficient work, and dramatically improve enterprises’ ability to integrate and manage business.

Fully Understand, Strengthen and Maintain Corporate Competitive Advantages

To achieve success, enterprises also must fully understand and utilize their competitive advantages. And they must have a clear picture of both their competitors and particularly themselves to stay ahead of their peers.

To truly recognize competitive edge, corporate managers usually spend a lot of time gathering information from multiple systems and team members. Now, with Oracle Primavera, they can conduct accurate analysis of vast amounts of real data and portfolio projects for full visibility into corporate competitive advantages, enabling the enterprise to maintain and strengthen these competitive advantages for improved profitability.

Success Stories Oracle Primavera’s Capabilities and Strengths Have Been Proven by Many Famous Enterprises at Home and Abroad

It is important to note that Oracle Primavera has always been adopted by many domestic and overseas large companies, such as one of Fortune Global 500-Iberdrola (a large Spanish electric company), Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, London Underground, Avancis GmbH Co KG. (specialising in solar panel production), etc. In China, top national engineering unit China Offshore Oil Engineering Co., Ltd. (COOEC) and top national construction high-tech enterprise China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation have achieved great success with the solution. All of this shows that it is able to better serve more enterprises.

To sum up, with Oracle Primavera, modern enterprises can not only get real data about their operations to provide ample basis for managers to make informed decisions, but also better understand, strengthen and utilize their competitive edge to set themselves apart in the industry. More importantly, many large companies across China and the world have made huge success with the solution, which further increases our confidence in it.

Thursday May 17, 2012

Project Driven Supply Chain - New Oracle solution for manufacturers features Primavera

Written by Guest Blogger Brian Saldutti, Director, Solution Strategy, Oracle

Manufacturers in industries such as high tech, energy, and communications face challenges with their increasingly sophisticated products. The owners and operators they serve are coming to heavily rely upon these manufacturers to install and support technologically complex products. This shift in responsibility represents an opportunity for producers to build lasting relationship with customers while increasing their own revenues. The internal disconnect among many manufacturers’ installation services, operations and finance units often limit their ability to proactively tame such complexity.

Oracle has teamed with Infosys on a comprehensive and integrated product offering that unites the installation projects of services, the revenue planning of finance, and the supply chain of operations. Known as Project Driven Supply Chain (PDSC), this solution consists of the best that Oracle offers including: Demantra for demand forecasting, Rapid Planning for supply scenario planning, and Primavera for project delivery. This combined solution will enable enterprises to reduce inventory, improve forecasting accuracy, automate complex billing processes, and deliver projects reliably.

Primavera plays a role not only for executing projects on-time, but because all projects across the entire portfolio are centrally tracked a manufacturer has unprecedented view into impacts on both projects and resources. When bidding for business, organizations can use Primavera to anticipate the resource demands prior to contract award. In the event a finance executive needs to pull-in revenue to meet quarterly targets, planners use Primavera to model scenarios and allow changes to happen. If a late supplier shipment disrupts installation activities, Primavera can be used to help avoid late penalty charges.

This solution is a great example of how Oracle is fulfilling the promise of truly integrated applications that solve problems in way that is unique in the marketplace. Oracle Primavera’s enterprise project portfolio management (EPPM) continues to be woven into the landscape of mission critical applications not only for manufacturing, but also construction, maintenance and development.

To learn more, watch here.

Saturday May 05, 2012

Sustainable? about "responsible"

Written by Guest Blogger Garrett Harley, Product & Industry Market Manager - Engineering & Construction, Oracle

Western, the premier research and education institution in Ontario Canada isn't just a progressive place to expand the minds of tomorrows workforce and innovations, it's mission is far more reaching than that. The physical environment that faculty and students utilize will be some of the greenest infrastructure of any university system on the planet. With LEED Silver targets for all their campus assets,  renovation and new construction work will transform Western into a shining symbol of innovative and sustainable infrastructure.

Green building isn't just about driving down operating costs, although economic factors have allowed it to become more popular, it's full measure is a more emotional story. No human-economic endeavor is "sustainable", or more accurately we must place qualifiers against it to define our intentions; "more sustainable", or  "less sustainable". A better word applied is "responsibility", and at Western they understand the difference. With faculty and students, a physical environment that looks and operates "responsibly" is an emotional draw to attract those who strive to combine their professional goals, with their sense of moral obligation. Where research and education can become both a refuge in adversity and an ornament in prosperity.

Western has looked for partners in this mission who align and reinforce there passion for responsibility and Oracle is helping them answer that call. Through a complete Engineering and Construction lifecycle solution, Western is using Oracle technology to plan, build and operate their campus infrastructure. Centralizing their project management information, integrating it to their financial system, and creating an environment of shared responsibility where contractors, vendors and suppliers can all contribute toward common goals. Oracle technology is enabling Western to deliver Greener, more responsible infrastructure from the hardware through the software with engineered systems that are built to work together.

Responsibility is the Western way, and at Oracle we hope to see more physical infrastructure adopt Western's thinking, because Green building is just the right thing to do.

To find out more about this topic, please join Western University Canada and Oracle in an exclusive Engineering News Record's webcast at

Thursday May 03, 2012

Hill International Streamlines Forecasting, Improves Visibility into Project Productivity and Profitability

Hill International, with 3,200 employees in 110 offices worldwide, provides program, project, and construction management, as well as construction claims and consulting services. Engineering News-Record magazine recently ranked Hill as the eighth-largest construction management firm in the United States. In addition, Hill was a winner of Oracle’s 2011 Eco- Enterprise Awards.

Hill’s mission is to be the very best professional services firms in the world, helping its clients minimize the risks inherent in the construction process. Hill’s experience and expertise helps its clients deliver their projects on time, within budget, and with the highest quality possible.

As Hill manages numerous large construction projects, totaling US$2 to US$3 billion each year, the company needed to streamline business processes by implementing an integrated project management platform. It also needed to replace its Excel-based financial reporting system with a comprehensive tool that provides project-level detail and consolidates forecasts for multiple projects worldwide. The company implemented Oracle’s Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management, Primavera Contract Management, and Primavera Risk Analysis for a centralized, Web-based system that improved visibility into project status worldwide and streamlined project planning and scheduling, ultimately reducing planning cycle time by 66%. Hill also implemented Oracle Hyperion Financial Management to standardize financial reporting and forecasting processes and support decision-making. With Oracle, Hill gained visibility into the true productivity of each project and cut the financial reporting cycle time from two weeks to one. The company also used the data generated to support new construction project proposals and determine the profitability of potential projects.

A word from Hill International

  • “Oracle Hyperion and Primavera applications provide us with project delivery transparency, which allows us to replicate successful processes, market our success metrics to our clients, and win over contractors and subcontractors to a new way of collaborating and delivering projects.” – Shawn Pressley, Vice President of Project Management Systems, Hill International
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