Tuesday May 26, 2015

Configuring Single Sign-On (SSO) for an Integrated AutoVue Environment

A common topic that our Support team receives from customers is the topic of single sign-on (SSO). Specifically, customers are interested in implementing SSO for their AutoVue environment such that users' authorization to open files from a back-end system (e.g. DMS, PLM, ERP, etc) into AutoVue is automatically handled without the user having to re-authenticate.

While the overall configuration process for SSO may be somewhat complex, the AutoVue-specific aspects are extremely straightforward, and can be summarized as follows:

  1. The user must have their web browser configured to accept cookies.
  2. The AutoVue applet must be configured to forward the correct cookies (the ones required for SSO) to the AutoVue server.

That's it. No additional SSO-specific configuration is required on the AutoVue client or server. The AutoVue server automatically includes the cookies when communicating the integration component (e.g. the VueLink, or AutoVue ISDK-based integration), and it's up to the network administrator to ensure that all components between the AutoVue server and the integration component are configured correctly to enable SSO.

For more info regarding SSO configuration and troubleshooting for AutoVue – including a particular limitation of AutoVue's SSO capabilities with regards to the 'HttpOnly' flag – please refer to KM Note 1990144.1 in the My Oracle Support portal.

Wednesday May 09, 2012

AutoVue VueLink 19.3.2 for Documentum is Now Available!

Are you currently using AutoVue within  your EMC Documentum environment? Then you'll be pleased to know that a new release of Oracle's AutoVue VueLink for Documentum is now available on Oracle's Software Delivery Cloud.

Oracle VueLink 19.3.2 for Documentum provides an interface between EMC Documentum Webtop version 6.7 and AutoVue Client/Server Deployment Version. This interface enables users to add powerful viewing and markup capabilities to Webtop.

Following is a summary of the new capabilities in this 19.3.2 VueLink for Documentum release:

  • Added support for Documentum WebTop 6.7
  • Added support for Documentum Content Server 6.7
  • Support for multi-file viewing
  • Support for BOCS (Branch Office Caching Services)
  • Support for consolidating mark-ups, provided the user has “Write” permission
  • Support for communicating the file extension to AutoVue, when a file checked into Documentum does not have an extension
  • Support for failover over Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and non-SSL channels, and support for explicit re-login if connection to one of the servers is broken
  • New VueLink for Documentum Clustering Guide

For further details check out the AutoVue VueLink for Documentum datasheet.

Friday Dec 16, 2011

AutoVue VueLink 20.1 for UCM - Now Available

Oracle’s AutoVue VueLink 20.1 for Oracle Universal Content Management (UCM) is now available for all customers through Oracle Software Delivery Cloud.

Oracle’s AutoVue VueLink 20.1 for UCM provides an interface between Oracle WebCenter Content Server 11g PS4 ( and Oracle AutoVue Client/Server Deployment.  This interface enables users to add powerful visualization and collaboration capabilities to Oracle WebCenter Content clients.

Here is a summary of the new capabilities in this 20.1 VueLink for UCM release:

  • Markup Improvements:
    • Added support for new markup types: consolidated markup and master markup. Each markup type can have its own access control.
    • New custom markup access controls have been added which IT managers can apply to each user. These allow for better participation workflow control and secure, more powerful document workflows.
  • Enterprise Readiness:
    • Simplified installation due to automatic schema object creation in WebCenter Content and improved Installation Documentation.
    • Improved security through the inclusion of a Security Configuration Guide.
    • Continues to leverage stability and scalability of architecture running on Fusion Middleware.
  • Role-based UI for AutoVue in integrated WebCenter Content environments. This increases user productivity during document reviews and approvals by tailoring the user interface to the needs of specific user groups and eliminates confusion by hiding any unneeded functionality.

For more details, be sure to review the Release Notes or check out the AutoVue VueLink for UCM datasheet.

Wednesday Jun 01, 2011

Patch for AutoVue VueLink 19.3.1 supporting Documentum 6.6 is now available!!!

Availability of a patch for AutoVue VueLink 19.3.1 for EMC Documentum version 6.6, including support for BOCS (AutoVue 20.0 and AutoVue 20.1)

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