Friday Dec 16, 2011

AutoVue VueLink 20.1 for UCM - Now Available

Oracle’s AutoVue VueLink 20.1 for Oracle Universal Content Management (UCM) is now available for all customers through Oracle Software Delivery Cloud.

Oracle’s AutoVue VueLink 20.1 for UCM provides an interface between Oracle WebCenter Content Server 11g PS4 ( and Oracle AutoVue Client/Server Deployment.  This interface enables users to add powerful visualization and collaboration capabilities to Oracle WebCenter Content clients.

Here is a summary of the new capabilities in this 20.1 VueLink for UCM release:

  • Markup Improvements:
    • Added support for new markup types: consolidated markup and master markup. Each markup type can have its own access control.
    • New custom markup access controls have been added which IT managers can apply to each user. These allow for better participation workflow control and secure, more powerful document workflows.
  • Enterprise Readiness:
    • Simplified installation due to automatic schema object creation in WebCenter Content and improved Installation Documentation.
    • Improved security through the inclusion of a Security Configuration Guide.
    • Continues to leverage stability and scalability of architecture running on Fusion Middleware.
  • Role-based UI for AutoVue in integrated WebCenter Content environments. This increases user productivity during document reviews and approvals by tailoring the user interface to the needs of specific user groups and eliminates confusion by hiding any unneeded functionality.

For more details, be sure to review the Release Notes or check out the AutoVue VueLink for UCM datasheet.

Wednesday Aug 10, 2011

How to be omniscient ...

OK, so now that I have your attention … let’s not get carried away … we’re not taking about a supreme being here … we all know, it’s not possible to know everything … but what if you could have access to the right information whenever you wanted it ….

Well, a couple of decades ago, that would have been possible only if you could have superhuman speed and lived in a library, but nowadays we can do that by just using internet search engines.

Remember how we went through a phase of having too much information on our finger tips and people typically referred to it as an ‘information overload’ era. Well, the information is still there, but Internet search engines changed the landscape by making that information accessible and meaningful. Today, we are so spoiled to get the right info on the first page of our search results that we rarely go to the 2nd page. We even don’t bother to remember things anymore since we can just ‘google’ it.

That’s all fine with the information that is publicly available. What about your intellectual property which needs to be secure and reside within the walls of your organization? Don’t you want to have the same type of access internally? I am sure the answer is yes, but then you might wonder... how?

Well, all you need is a crawler to go look for documents, extract text from them, index them and then allow the users to easily search and locate them. You may say … this can easily be done today with my operating system. True, but that’s from a personal productivity stand point because OS’s can search as long as your files are accessible to them. However, in a large organization, your documents are probably scattered across multiple data stores, which have different interfaces and a wide range of security restrictions. What if you are dealing with a lot of CAD data which cannot be searched by a typical OS?

What you need is then an application that can retrieve information from many different data sources and support many types of file formats. As far as I know, there is no vendor that can provide a solution out of the box that can reach out and get information from multiple data sources, support all types of engineering and office documents, index them and then allow the end user to search them securely.

One such solution that we have built is the combination of Oracle Universal Content Management (UCM), Oracle Secure Enterprise Search (SES) and AutoVue, which is available today. This solution is very unique because of the following reasons:

  • As long as you have Oracle UCM and AutoVue, there is no additional cost to using this solution since Secure Enterprise Search is shipped with UCM with a restricted use license.
  • AutoVue supports many many file types, including Office, PDF, 2d and 3D, so the chances are your file type is already covered
  • The solution is very easy to use, as it has a google-like interface, which is familiar to most, so you don’t need to be a DBA or administrator to use it. If you also have the VueLink for UCM, you can view the documents directly from the search results
  • SES supports a multitude of other content repositories as well, so the solution can easily be extended (with a full licence of SES and relevant Connectors ) to allow other data sources to be searched; and if your data source is not supported by SES, it allows building custom add-ons by exposing standards based APIs
  • Finally, since you have AutoVue as part of this solution, you an also take advantage of many other great features of AutoVue such as viewing, annotation, comparison, measurement, digital mockup, real-time collaboration etc. etc.

So perhaps this solution will not make you omniscient … but at least you can make the right decisions, save time and have access to the most up to date information in your enterprise, and do all this quickly, easily and securely.


The authors of this blog are members of the AutoVue Enterprise Visualization team at Oracle. The views expressed on this blog reflect those of the members and do not necessarily reflect the views of Oracle.


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