Thursday Mar 22, 2012

Register to Attend the AutoVue 20.2 Webcast on April 3, 2012

Want to learn more about the latest AutoVue 20.2 release?              

Discover what this latest major release of AutoVue can do for you. Join Celine Beck, AutoVue Product Management and Strategy Manager, during this live webcast to discover how the new release can transform your business processes and extend the value of your visualization investment. Hear how customers and partners are improving their workflows and creating differentiated offerings thanks to AutoVue enterprise visualization.


Date: Tuesday, April 3, 2012                                                                                                                                                            Time: 11:00 a.m. EST


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For complete details about the new release, also check out the What’s New in AutoVue 20.2 Datasheet, available here.

Wednesday Mar 21, 2012

The Latest Major Release of AutoVue is Now Available!

Click here to read the full press release.

To learn more about AutoVue 20.2, check out the What's New in AutoVue 20.2 Datasheet

AutoVue 20.2 continues to set the standard for enterprise level visualization with Augmented Business Visualization, a new paradigm which reconciles information and business data from multiple sources into a single view, providing rich and actionable visual decision-making environments.

The release also includes; capabilities that enhance end-to-end approval workflow; solutions to visually enable the mobile workforce; and support for the latest manufacturing and high tech formats.  


New capabilities in release 20.2 include:

·         Enhancements to the Augmented Business Visualization framework

o    Creation of 2D hotspots has been extended in 2D drawings, PDF and image files and can now be defined as regional boxes, rather than just text strings

o    New 3D Hotspot links in models and drawings. Parts or components of 3D models can be selected to create hotspot links.

·         Enhanced end-to-end approval workflows with digital stamping and batch stamping improvements

·         Solutions that visually enable the mobile workforce and extend enterprise visualization to mobile devices, including iPads through OVDI (Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)

·         Enhancements to AutoVue enterprise readiness: reliability and performance improvements, as well as security enhancements which adhere to Oracle’s Software Security Assurance standards

·         Timely support for new MCAD, ECAD, and Office formats

·         New 20.2 versions of AutoVue Document Print Services and Integration SDK (iSDK)

·         New Dutch language availability


The press release also contains terrific supporting quotes from AutoVue customers and partners. 

      “AutoVue’s stamping enhancements will greatly benefit our building permit management processes,” said Ties Kremer, Information Manager, Noordenveld Municipality, Netherlands. “The ability to batch stamp documents will speed up our approval processes, enable us to save time and money, and help us meet our regulatory compliance obligations.”
       “AutoVue provides our non-technical teams in marketing and sales with access to customer order requirements and supporting CAD documents and drawings,” said James Lim, Regional Technical Systems Manager at Molex Incorporated. “AutoVue 20.2 has enabled us to refine our quotation process, and reduce order errors.”
      “We are excited about our use of AutoVue’s Augmented Business Visualization framework, which will offer Meridian users enhanced access to related technical documentation,” said Edwin van Dijk, Director of Product Management, BlueCielo.  “By including AutoVue’s new regional hotspot capabilities within BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise, the context of engineering information is carried over into the visual representation of complex assets, thereby helping us to improve productivity and operational excellence.”


Friday Feb 03, 2012

Upcoming AutoVue Webcast for Oil & Gas Customers - February 16, 2012

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Oil & Gas companies are challenged with driving higher return on their assets and aging infrastructures, reducing project risks, and improving operational efficiencies all while complying with growing and increasingly complex regulatory and reporting requirements. 

Oracle’s AutoVue visualization solutions deliver visual access and collaboration capabilities to documents, data and information within any application or business process. They can help oil & gas companies with document centric and collaborative workflows by delivering greater visibility into engineering and asset information and visually enabling processes, such as maintenance and turnaround operations, capital construction projects, and commissioning & handover.

Join the webcast on Thursday, February 16 and learn how Oracle’s AutoVue visualization solutions can:

  • Prolong asset life and optimize repair decisions with access to accurate information
  • Improve accountability and traceability for greater compliance
  • Help capture and communicate as maintained status of assets
  • Deliver projects with superior returns and improve value chain collaboration
  • Improve operational efficiency and minimize downtime

Date: Thursday, February16, 2012

Time: 11:00 am EST (8:00 am PST)

Click here to register for this FREE event

Wednesday Jan 04, 2012

5 Reasons to Upgrade from AutoVue 19.x to 20.1.1

In the world of software, there is one thing that every application has in common: Updates.

Although perhaps debatable, it seems like we all wind up with more and more applications on our PCs, more server-side solutions that ultimately do different things for us. And let's be honest: Upgrading enterprise software can be a pain. So, why do it?

Occasionally, I come across customers who are using older versions of AutoVue, like a 19.3.x flavour. With AutoVue, there happen to be a number of very compelling reasons why upgrading to the current version (AutoVue 20.1.1) is worth your valuable time. I'm going to give you five right now, because that's probably all you need.

  1. It's Really Easy: Upgrading enterprise software can be time-consuming job. This usually translates into costs, which is often reason enough to hit the brakes on an update. Fortunately, upgrading AutoVue is probably the easiest, among enterprise software applications, that I've seen to date. The AutoVue installer will take you 90-100% of the way there with most upgrades, with only the occasional INI option or JAR file to update. It's easy. Really easy.
  2. We Got Guys with Capes: Although they're metaphorical capes, these capes do have a big "S" on them. I'm talking about Oracle Support. I've worked with the AutoVue experts in Oracle Support for years, and each one earned this cape. On the off chance that you do have a question or problem, these diligent and knowledgeable people will get you sorted out fast.
  3. Formats, Formats, Formats: This one probably goes without saying, but... well, the applications we use to author all the files we generate get updated. The file formats change, and being able to view and markup the newer stuff still needs to be possible. Keeping up to date with AutoVue is the only way to do this.
  4. Whoa, That's New: Beyond file formats, we also make a point to introduce new features in the product. Bi-directional online/offline capabilities, 3D walkthrough, and our framework for Augmented Business Visualization were all incorporated after 19.3.x. These features are there to improve efficiency and provide business value, things that I'm sure we all want.
  5. Better, Faster, Stronger: Performance, robustness, and fidelity. We make the product tangibly better in these areas, release after release. This, to me, is a no-brainer.

So there you have it. Five good reasons to upgrade. Got others? Please comment!

Friday Dec 16, 2011

AutoVue VueLink 20.1 for UCM - Now Available

Oracle’s AutoVue VueLink 20.1 for Oracle Universal Content Management (UCM) is now available for all customers through Oracle Software Delivery Cloud.

Oracle’s AutoVue VueLink 20.1 for UCM provides an interface between Oracle WebCenter Content Server 11g PS4 ( and Oracle AutoVue Client/Server Deployment.  This interface enables users to add powerful visualization and collaboration capabilities to Oracle WebCenter Content clients.

Here is a summary of the new capabilities in this 20.1 VueLink for UCM release:

  • Markup Improvements:
    • Added support for new markup types: consolidated markup and master markup. Each markup type can have its own access control.
    • New custom markup access controls have been added which IT managers can apply to each user. These allow for better participation workflow control and secure, more powerful document workflows.
  • Enterprise Readiness:
    • Simplified installation due to automatic schema object creation in WebCenter Content and improved Installation Documentation.
    • Improved security through the inclusion of a Security Configuration Guide.
    • Continues to leverage stability and scalability of architecture running on Fusion Middleware.
  • Role-based UI for AutoVue in integrated WebCenter Content environments. This increases user productivity during document reviews and approvals by tailoring the user interface to the needs of specific user groups and eliminates confusion by hiding any unneeded functionality.

For more details, be sure to review the Release Notes or check out the AutoVue VueLink for UCM datasheet.

Tuesday Dec 13, 2011

AutoVue 20.1.1 for Agile now Available

Oracle’s AutoVue 20.1.1 for Agile PLM is now available on Oracle’s Software Delivery Cloud. This latest release allows Agile PLM customers to take advantage of new AutoVue 20.1.1 features in the following Agile PLM environments (9.3.1.x; 9.3.0.x;

AutoVue 20.1.1 has several improvements, but I'd like to highlight 3 areas that will be important for Agile customers.

New Format Support: AutoVue 20.1.1 adds support for the latest versions of popular file formats including:

  • AutoCAD 2012
  • AutoCAD Mechanical 2012
  • Inventor 2012
  • Unigraphics NX7 and NX7.5
  • Adobe Acrobat 10

PDF Improvements:

PDF is one of the most popular formats being used by Agile customers today. It is used as an archival format, as well as a publishing standard for design information, manufacturing instructions, customer requirements, and safety and regulatory information.

AutoVue 20.1.1 has improved the viewing of PDF files with better navigation and zooming behaviour by providing more intuitive zoom levels while searching, switching pages, or moving between markups in a PDF file. 

Converting CAD designs to PDF is a common practice for many Agile customers. AutoVue 20.1.1 provides greater flexibility with PDF measurements by introducing snapping measurements. If a CAD design has been converted to a vector-based PDF, AutoVue 20.1.1 can take accurate measurements from the PDF, by snapping to points and shapes in the design. This unlocks the valuable data contained in the file and provides more information to people on the shop floor.

AutoVue 20.1.1 adds the ability to select, copy, and paste text from PDF files, improving the efficiency with which feedback can be delivered. During reviews, requirements and regulations can now be copied and pasted directly into markups, providing further explanation behind the decisions being made.

Improved Troubleshooting and Stability:

AutoVue 20.1.1 includes improvements to the stability, reliability, and server uptime for users by facilitating the identification, logging, and quarantine of problematic files on a server. For example, if the server crashes, the administrator is provided with a list of all files that were open on the server at the time of the crash. Doing this greatly reduces the amount of time admins need to spend tracking down these files and once found, they can restrict file access so that no further crashes will be caused.

For further details, check out the What’s New in AutoVue 20.1.1 datasheet.

Wednesday Nov 09, 2011

Learn More about AutoVue for Utilities and Oil & Gas

AutoVue delivers tremendous value to customers in asset intensive industries with document centric processes and collaborative workflows.

Check out these two new Industry Solution Briefs which highlight the value that AutoVue can deliver for Power Generation Utilties and Oil & Gas customers.

Click here for the Utilities Solution Brief

Click here for the Oil & Gas Solution Brief


Wednesday Oct 05, 2011

AutoVue for the Electronic and High Tech Industry Movie now Available!

This latest in the series of AutoVue movies demonstrates how AutoVue can enable an "end-to-end" Design to Manufacturing process, using some on the features added in AutoVue 20.1 for file formats used primarily in the Electronic and High Tech, or EHT, industry.

AutoVue for the Electronic and High Tech Industry: Watch it now (6:51)  


Other Movies available at the Oracle AutoVue Channel are: 

Oracle's AutoVue Visualization Solutions and Primavera Contract Management: Watch it now (7:58)

Basic Navigation Features in AutoVue 2D: Watch it now (6:51)
Advanced Navigation Features in AutoVue 2D: Watch it now (3:00)

Harris Corp: an Oracle AutoVue and Agile PLM Customer Video, OpenWorld 2010 watch it now (11:40)
AutoVue 3D Visualization and collaboration: Watch it now (13:44)
AutoVue 2D Visualization and collaboration: Watch it now (9:33)
AutoVue for Engineering and Construction: Watch it now (13:45)
Oracle's AutoVue Visualization Solutions and Primavera P6 integration Movie: Watch it now (9:24).
AutoVue Work Online and Offline movie: Watch it now( 5:01).
AutoVue 3D Walkthrough movie: Watch it now (6:01).
AutoVue 2D Compare Movie: Watch it now (4:14).

Wednesday Sep 14, 2011

AutoVue Release 20.1.1 is Now Available!

Good news, AutoVue 20.1.1, the latest release of AutoVue Enteprise Visualization solutions is now available. 

AutoVue 20.1.1 includes several enhancements, as well as innovative visual solutions which deliver business transformation and efficiency improvements in asset management and building ePermitting use cases. The release reinforces AutoVue’s enterprise readiness with stability improvements and the availability of a role-based UI which can be tailored to suit the varying needs of enterprise users. It also includes timely support for important new formats, such as AutoCAD 2012.

Release 20.1.1 also includes the following enhancements and capabilities:

-  Enhancements to support Asset Management use cases

·         AutoVue Document Print Service improvements for printing and collating work order packets

·         Partner-built Augmented Business Visualization service offering for EBS eAM which enhances asset management workflows by enabling two-way communication between documents and enterprise data in eAM

·         Partner-built mobile enterprise visualization solution for field maintenance in EBS eAM

- PDF file support improvements to enhance building ePermitting use cases

- Role-based UI for AutoVue in integrated environments to improve user productivity

- Stability improvements for identification of problematic files on servers

- Timely support for new MCAD, 2D, and Office formats  

To learn more about AutoVue 20.1.1, check out the What’s New in 20.1.1 datasheet, available here.  

Curious to See What’s New in AutoVue Enterprise Visualization 20.1.1?  Attend our webcast.

Discover what is great and innovative about the latest release and how to get the most out of your AutoVue investment.  Attend our LIVE webcast on Thursday, October 13 at 11:00 am EST and learn what’s new in Oracle’s AutoVue 20.1.1!  Click here to register for the webcast.

Wednesday Aug 24, 2011

Palm Beach County Accelerates Development Permit Process and Improves Efficiency by 25%

Are you looking for ways to optimize your digital building permit application and review process? If so, be sure to check out the most recent AutoVue customer snapshot featuring Palm Beach County.

Palm Beach County’s Land Development Division is responsible for issuing permits for road construction of the county’s more than 3,000 roads, utility work, landscaping, irrigation and onsite drainage reviews of commercial, industrial, and some residential facilities.  To manage the vast amounts of paperwork required for these processes, the county implemented an electronic permitting (ePermitting) system, which incorporates Oracle’s AutoVue visualization solution as an essential component.

Oracle’s AutoVue has allowed the various agencies within the county to simultaneously review documents, digitally comment on and markup plans, as well as compare resubmitted plans, all of which has helped to standardize and streamline workflows for permit reviewers.  

Read how Palm Beach County has:

  • provided structure to the permit review and approval process
  • decreased review time and improved efficiency of permitting processes by 25%
  • given customers around-the-clock ability to submit and track applications and plans
  • improved accountability

Click here to read the complete Palm Beach County story.  

A recent OAUG sponsored webcast featuring Palm Beach County is also available. Click here to watch the webcast.

Thursday Aug 18, 2011

Join Oracle’s AutoVue at OpenWorld 2011!

Oracle OpenWorld 2011 is the most important conference for Oracle technologists, business users, and partners and the best place to find out what’s happening in IT, who’s making it happen, and how it can work for you.

When you attend OpenWorld you'll hear from the world’s foremost Visualization experts, have a chance to explore innovative enterprise visualization strategies, and discover Augmented Business Visualization (ABV) which enables two-way communication between information in documents and enterprise structured data stored in ERP or other systems. 

You'll also learn how you can leverage AutoVue visualization in other Oracle technologies and applications, including Agile Product Lifecycle Management, Primavera, Universal Content Management, EBS Configurator, Secure Enterprise Search & Asset Lifecycle Management solutions, to drive business process innovation.

Not to be missed AutoVue activities:

  • AutoVue Enterprise Visualization sessions
  • AutoVue Special Interest Group meeting
  • AutoVue Customer Advisory Board
  •  AutoVue Hospitality Reception
  • AutoVue Demo Pods

Visit our demo pods in Moscone West and the Palace Hotel and see the latest Oracle and partner driven AutoVue solutions:

  • Visual Maintenance Planning with Estuate’s ABV solution for EBS eAM
  • Work Order Print Service for EBS eAM and JDE CAM
  • Mobile enterprise visualization for EBS eAM and PeopleSoft Maintenance Manager
  • Smart building ePermit reviews
  • End to end design to manufacture solution for Agile PLM

For additional information regarding AutoVue sessions, demos, SIG and CAB meeting dates, locations, and times check out the AutoVue FocusOn document.

To register for OOW, click here            To see the full agenda, click here

Wednesday Aug 10, 2011

How to be omniscient ...

OK, so now that I have your attention … let’s not get carried away … we’re not taking about a supreme being here … we all know, it’s not possible to know everything … but what if you could have access to the right information whenever you wanted it ….

Well, a couple of decades ago, that would have been possible only if you could have superhuman speed and lived in a library, but nowadays we can do that by just using internet search engines.

Remember how we went through a phase of having too much information on our finger tips and people typically referred to it as an ‘information overload’ era. Well, the information is still there, but Internet search engines changed the landscape by making that information accessible and meaningful. Today, we are so spoiled to get the right info on the first page of our search results that we rarely go to the 2nd page. We even don’t bother to remember things anymore since we can just ‘google’ it.

That’s all fine with the information that is publicly available. What about your intellectual property which needs to be secure and reside within the walls of your organization? Don’t you want to have the same type of access internally? I am sure the answer is yes, but then you might wonder... how?

Well, all you need is a crawler to go look for documents, extract text from them, index them and then allow the users to easily search and locate them. You may say … this can easily be done today with my operating system. True, but that’s from a personal productivity stand point because OS’s can search as long as your files are accessible to them. However, in a large organization, your documents are probably scattered across multiple data stores, which have different interfaces and a wide range of security restrictions. What if you are dealing with a lot of CAD data which cannot be searched by a typical OS?

What you need is then an application that can retrieve information from many different data sources and support many types of file formats. As far as I know, there is no vendor that can provide a solution out of the box that can reach out and get information from multiple data sources, support all types of engineering and office documents, index them and then allow the end user to search them securely.

One such solution that we have built is the combination of Oracle Universal Content Management (UCM), Oracle Secure Enterprise Search (SES) and AutoVue, which is available today. This solution is very unique because of the following reasons:

  • As long as you have Oracle UCM and AutoVue, there is no additional cost to using this solution since Secure Enterprise Search is shipped with UCM with a restricted use license.
  • AutoVue supports many many file types, including Office, PDF, 2d and 3D, so the chances are your file type is already covered
  • The solution is very easy to use, as it has a google-like interface, which is familiar to most, so you don’t need to be a DBA or administrator to use it. If you also have the VueLink for UCM, you can view the documents directly from the search results
  • SES supports a multitude of other content repositories as well, so the solution can easily be extended (with a full licence of SES and relevant Connectors ) to allow other data sources to be searched; and if your data source is not supported by SES, it allows building custom add-ons by exposing standards based APIs
  • Finally, since you have AutoVue as part of this solution, you an also take advantage of many other great features of AutoVue such as viewing, annotation, comparison, measurement, digital mockup, real-time collaboration etc. etc.

So perhaps this solution will not make you omniscient … but at least you can make the right decisions, save time and have access to the most up to date information in your enterprise, and do all this quickly, easily and securely.

Thursday Jul 28, 2011

Goldilocks and DPS Server Sizing

For me, one of the best parts of being a Dad is the night-time ritual of putting my son to bed. After giving him a bath, and putting on his PJs, we sit down together and read stories before going to bed. The other night we were reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears. In the story, Goldilocks was testing chairs and tasting porridge, always looking for the right balance between too hard and too soft, too hot and too cold. I couldn’t help but notice the similarities to figuring out how much hardware is required when deploying AutoVue Document Print Services. You don’t want too much hardware or too little. Unfortunately, unlike the story, testing different server setups during an implementation to find this balance just isn’t feasible. If only there was a tool that could help find this magic number of servers (hint: there is… keep reading).

What is Document Print Services

As you may be aware of, AutoVue Document Print Service (DPS) is a solution used to print documents programmatically. DPS is Web Service driven, so users can trigger the printing through their normal work process, instead of having to open up every document to print them. DPS consists of two components: the AutoVue server and AutoVue WebServices, which are each deployed on their own machine.

Scaling DPS – 1 to 1 ratio

Just like AutoVue, DPS can be scaled across multiple servers in order to server more requests. It’s important to scale the AutoVue server and the AutoVue Web Services machines at the same rate. You can think of each DPS instance as a pair of servers consisting of 1 AutoVue server and 1 AutoVue Web Services server. When scaling DPS, it’s important to add complete DPS server pairs. You don’t want to have more AutoVue servers than Web Services servers or vice versa. You want to maintain that 1 to 1 ratio between them.  For example:  if 1 DPS server pair is not enough, you may need 2 DPS server pairs, consisting of 2 AutoVue servers and 2 AutoVue Web Services servers.

How Many Servers

The next big question is how many of these DPS server pairs are required? Deploy too many servers and you’ll have wasted hardware which is expensive to buy and maintain. Deploy too few and you’ll have users wait forever to get their printouts. As in the story of Goldilocks, we want to find the number of servers that is “just right”.

We have just released the AutoVue DPS Sizing Tool to solve this problem (see the screenshot above). The DPS Sizing Tool lets you enter how many files need to be printed every hour, what types of files are being printed, and how big they are. The tool then tells you how many DPS server pairs you need to handle the printing throughput.  Using this tool, you can be sure you will deploy the right number of DPS server pairs the first time, and avoid the pain of a trial and error approach to sizing.

The AutoVue DPS Sizing Tool is available to Oracle partners on the AutoVue Enterprise Visualization Knowledge Zone under the Tools and Resources section of the Sell tab.

Thursday Jun 16, 2011

Join AutoVue at Oracle OpenWorld San Francisco - Oct 2-6, 2011

Stay ahead of the curve and register now for the most important technology conference of 2011. Oracle OpenWorld will feature more innovative sessions, demos, and exhibitions than ever--all created by and for Oracle business and technology users.  Learn how to optimize your existing systems, get a sneak peek at technology breakthroughs, and meet with strategists and developers responsible for the products and solutions that help drive your business.  

Meet with AutoVue Enterprise Visualization product experts and attend sessions where you’ll hear how customers are leveraging visualization to drive business process innovation throughout their organizations. (Session details to follow)

Register now for Early Bird Pricing and we'll see you in San Francisco!

Click here to see the Agenda

Thursday Jun 09, 2011

Augment the Value of your Data (or time to replace the "attach" button)

If you are a company operating in Engineering and Construction, Energy, Manufacturing, Facility Management or any other asset or product intensive industry, you are probably spending a huge amount of time reconciling or combining your structured and unstructured data. On one side, you have the numerous documents, drawings, floor plans and schematics while on the other side, your company has invested a significant amount of money to implement complex platforms to run its operations (ERP, BPM...).

Between these 2 data sets is the realm of “attachments and images”. To connect files to processes and operations, such as part ordering or work orders, applications enable you to attach files as additional context to a specific task or display basic image renditions of whatever items you are trying to take action on. However, a lot of work combined with a little bit of luck will be necessary to get to the desired result as data will usually be out of date or simply not granular enough to be meaningful.

As we worked with customers on some of our visual application solutions, where AutoVue is leveraged within the context of specific business processes, we started to realize that we could take the concept further.  How? By delivering a conceptually trivial but extremely powerful mechanism based on AutoVue’s hot spotting technology that lets people augment the value of their data by literally combining visual and non visual, structured and unstructured data.

With AutoVue 20.1, we introduced the first Augmented Business Visualization framework. This 2 way communication between zones in drawings and the world of enterprise structured data opens an unlimited number of highly differentiated solutions.

In one way, users can now trigger actions in context directly by clicking on a specific area of a drawing, such as an office space on a floorplan or a specific item on a P&ID schematic.  In the other, ERP data can be dashboarded directly onto a drawing for an intuitive grasp.

Imagine for a second that your company runs a large campus or office space and you have to evaluate the state of the windows, the carpet, or the heating system throughout the facility to plan maintenance. AutoVue enables you to walk around the buildings with a simple tablet PC with the floor plans all loaded onto the machine and directly right click on each office or room to enter whatever rating used in your organization. The data is then automatically transferred to your asset management system in ERP.

Imagine that you are the overall project manager and you now have all the information properly captured. Instead of running a report that will generate a long spreadsheet of office numbers with the different values or some kind of statistical pie chart, you can now navigate the floorplans directly inside AutoVue and get a visual rendition of the different ratings.

This is just one example of what can be achieved with Augmented Business Visualization. Stay tuned as more and more solutions are being implemented either internally at Oracle or in our vibrant partner ecosystem. ..


The authors of this blog are members of the AutoVue Enterprise Visualization team at Oracle. The views expressed on this blog reflect those of the members and do not necessarily reflect the views of Oracle.


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