Thursday Oct 25, 2012

Get Proactive With AutoVue Support!

I’m pleased to announce the AutoVue “Get Proactive” page within the My Oracle Support portal. This new dynamic document links to valuable resources for AutoVue users, administrators, and integrators – Not only to remain up-to-date on Support and technical topics, but also to enhance your knowledge in planning for upgrade and maintenance activities for your AutoVue products.

To access the AutoVue Get Proactive page, log into the MOS portal, search for note number 432.1 in the search field at the top-right, and once in the document select “Agile and AutoVue” from the dropdown (as shown in the following screenshot):

The Get Proactive page is a working document, and we plan to include new resources as they become available. Therefore make sure to bookmark the document, and if you have any suggestions please post them using the ‘Add Comment’ feature within the document, or through the AutoVue Community.

Friday Sep 21, 2012

Oracle’s AutoVue Enables Visual Decision Making

That old saying about a picture being worth a thousand words has never been truer.  Check out the latest reports from IDC Manufacturing Insights which highlight the importance of incorporating visual information in all facets of decision making and the role that Oracle’s AutoVue Enterprise Visualization solutions can play.

Take a look at the excerpts below and be sure to click on the titles to read the full reports.

Technology Spotlight: Optimizing the Product Life Cycle Through Visual Decision Making, August 2012

Manufacturers find it increasingly challenging to make effective product-related decisions as the result of expanded technical complexities, elongated supply chains, and a shortage of experienced workers. These factors challenge the traditional methodologies companies use to make critical decisions. However, companies can improve decision making by the use of visual decision making, which synthesizes information from multiple sources into highly usable visual context and integrates it with existing enterprise applications such as PLM and ERP systems. Product-related information presented in a visual form and shared across communities of practice with diverse roles, backgrounds, and job skills helps level the playing field for collaboration across business functions, technologies, and enterprises. Visual decision making can contribute to manufacturers making more effective product-related decisions throughout the complete product life cycle. This Technology Spotlight examines these trends and the role that Oracle's AutoVue and its Augmented Business Visualization (ABV) solution play in this strategic market.

Analyst Connection: Using Visual Decision Making to Optimize Manufacturing Design and Development, September 2012

In today's environments, global manufacturers are managing a broad range of information. Data is often scattered across countless files throughout the product life cycle, generated by different applications and platforms. Organizations are struggling to utilize these multidisciplinary sources in an optimal way. Visual decision making is a strategy and technology that can address this challenge by integrating and widening access to digital information assets. Integrating with PLM and ERP tools across engineering, manufacturing, sales, and marketing, visual decision making makes digital content more accessible to employees and partners in the supply chain. The use of visual decision-making information rendered in the appropriate business context and shared across functional teams contributes to more effective product-related decision making and positively impacts business performance.

Monday Sep 17, 2012

AutoVue 20.2.1 is Now Available!

Oracle’s AutoVue Enterprise Visualization 20.2.1, a minor release within the 20.2 product family, has just been made available on the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud.

AutoVue release 20.2.1 includes the following new capabilities and improvements:

  • Enhancements to the Augmented Business Visualization framework to connect documents and business data in enterprise applications and create rich, actionable visual-decision making environment.
    • AutoVue now allows hotspots in 2D drawings and images to be defined as polygons, rather than only by text strings or boxes.
    • Improved Documentation on Augmented Business Visualization and Hotspotting
  • Optimize business process efficiency by integrating AutoVue and Oracle BPM to:
    • Initiate interactive document reviews by the appropriate reviewer in a workflow
    • Automate printing and conversion operations at the appropriate stage of a workflow
  • Timely support for new MCAD and  ECAD formats
  • Fidelity and performance improvements for a wide range of formats

Click here to read about the latest features and their corresponding benefits.

Click here to access the latest AutoVue Format Support Sheet.

Monday Aug 27, 2012

Oracle OpenWorld 2012 is Around the Corner - Discover AutoVue Activities

Planning to attend Oracle OpenWorld 2012?  If so, be sure to check out the various AutoVue Enterprise Visualization activities that you can take advantage of while in San Francisco.

AutoVue Sessions:

CON8381 - Streamline PLM Design-to-Manufacturing Processes with AutoVue Visualization   Click here for full session description.

Date: Monday, October 1, 2012

Time: 10:45 a.m. – 11:45 a.m.

Location: Intercontinental Hotel - Telegraph Hill

Customer Speaker: Siew Yeow Loye, Global Foundries


CON8385 - Optimize Asset Performance and Reliability with AutoVue Visualization   Click here for full session description.

Date:Thursday, October 4, 2012

Time: 2:15 p.m. – 3:15 p.m.

Location: Palace Hotel – Gold Ballroom

AutoVue Demo Pods:



Demo ID: 3122   AutoVue: PLM & Enterprise Visualization

Moscone West;

Workstation: W-082

Demo ID: 3001  Oracle E-Business Suite Enterprise Asset Management and AutoVue Visualization Solutions

Palace Hotel

Level 2 HPU-008


Customers are also invited to attend the Oracle OpenWorld 2012 Supply Chain Management Customer Reception on Tuesday, October 2, 2012.

This year's event is being held at ROE Lounge, located just 2 blocks from Moscone Center, and offers a casual and upbeat atmosphere so you can mix and mingle with friends and colleagues. This event sold out last year and space is again limited so Register Today.

Date: Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Time: 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Location: ROE Lounge, 651 Howard Street, San Francisco


For additional information regarding AutoVue sessions, demos, and activities be sure to review the AutoVue FocusOn Document.  

Join us at Oracle OpenWorld, September 30–October 4, 2012 and discover new products, solutions, and practices to make you even more successful in your job and in your industry.

Monday Aug 20, 2012

ARC Advisory Research Note: Oracle's AutoVue 20.2 Enables Enterprise Visualization

Dick Slansky, Senior Analyst, PLM Research Director at ARC Advisory, recently published a research note which describes how customers are recognizing the importance of complete, end-to-end enterprise visualization.  The note goes on to discuss the capabilities of Oracle's AutoVue 20.2 release and how it meets the requirements of enterprise customers.

Dick concludes:

“Clearly, Oracle’s AutoVue visualization platform is continuing its long established visualization and interoperability capabilities and solutions while providing new and enhanced levels of augmented visualization solutions across multiple industries.”

Click here to read the reseach note.

Friday Jun 22, 2012

AutoVue 20.2 for Agile Released

Oracle’s AutoVue 20.2 for Agile PLM is now available on Oracle’s Software Delivery Cloud. This latest release allows Agile PLM customers to take advantage of new AutoVue 20.2 features in the following Agile PLM environments: 9.3.1.x; 9.3.0.x.

 AutoVue 20.2 delivers improvements in the following areas.

  • New Format Support: AutoVue 20.2 adds support for the latest versions of popular file formats including:
  • ECAD: Cadence Concept HDL 16.5, Allegro Layout 16.5, Orcad Capture 16.5, Board Station ASCII Symbol Geometry, Cadence Cell Library
  • MCAD: CATIA V5 R21, PTC Creo Parametric 1.0, Creo Element\Direct Modeling 17.10, 17.20, 17.25, 17.30, 18.00, SolidWorks 2012, SolidEdge ST3 & ST4, PLM XML
  • 2D CAD: Creo Element/Direct Drafting 17.10 to 18.00
  • Office: MS Office 2010: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook
  • Enhancements to AutoVue enterprise readiness: reliability and performance improvements, as well as security enhancements which adhere to Oracle’s Software Security Assurance standards
  • Updated version of AutoVue Document Print Service offerings, which include the ability to select CAD layers for printing

 For further details, check out the What’s New in AutoVue 20.2 datasheet

Wednesday Jun 20, 2012

Harris Corporation Streamlines Manufacturing Assembly Operations with AutoVue

"AutoVue is a critical component to our business process; we can’t live without it.” – Charlie Davies, Principal ECAE Applications Engineer, Harris Corporation.

Read how Harris Corporation, an international communications and information technology company in the high tech space, is using AutoVue to streamline their manufacturing assembly operations, enhance design reviews and improve communication of engineering changes.

Click here to read the complete story.

Tuesday Jun 12, 2012

Extending AutoVue Through the API

The AutoVue API (previously called the “VueBean” API) is a great way to extend AutoVue Client/Server Deployment – specifically the client component – beyond the out-of-the-box capabilities and into new use-cases. In addition to having a solid grasp of J2SE programming, make sure to leverage the following resources if you’re developing or interested in developing customizations/extensions to AutoVue Client/Server Deployment:

  1. Programmer’s Guide: Before all else, read through the AutoVue API Programmer’s Guide to get an understanding of the architecture of the API. The Programmer’s Guide is included with the installation of AutoVue, and is posted on the Oracle Technology Network (OTN) website for the recent versions of AutoVue:
  2. Javadocs: The AutoVue API Javadocs document the many packages, classes, and methods available to you. The Javadocs are included in the product installation under the \docs\JavaDocs\VueBean folder (easiest starting point is through the file index.html).
  3. Integrations Forum: If you have development questions that aren’t answered through the documentation, feel free to register and post in the public AutoVue Integrations Forum. For more information refer to the following blog post from October 2010:
  4. Code Samples: Although the Oracle Support team’s scope of Support for API/customization topics is to answer questions regarding information already provided in the documentation (i.e. not to design or develop custom solutions), there are cases where Support comes across interesting samples or code snippets that may benefit various customers. In those cases, our Support team posts the samples into the Oracle knowledge base, and tracks them through a single reference note. The link to the KM Note depends on how you currently access the My Oracle Support portal:

Happy coding!

Wednesday May 09, 2012

AutoVue VueLink 19.3.2 for Documentum is Now Available!

Are you currently using AutoVue within  your EMC Documentum environment? Then you'll be pleased to know that a new release of Oracle's AutoVue VueLink for Documentum is now available on Oracle's Software Delivery Cloud.

Oracle VueLink 19.3.2 for Documentum provides an interface between EMC Documentum Webtop version 6.7 and AutoVue Client/Server Deployment Version. This interface enables users to add powerful viewing and markup capabilities to Webtop.

Following is a summary of the new capabilities in this 19.3.2 VueLink for Documentum release:

  • Added support for Documentum WebTop 6.7
  • Added support for Documentum Content Server 6.7
  • Support for multi-file viewing
  • Support for BOCS (Branch Office Caching Services)
  • Support for consolidating mark-ups, provided the user has “Write” permission
  • Support for communicating the file extension to AutoVue, when a file checked into Documentum does not have an extension
  • Support for failover over Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and non-SSL channels, and support for explicit re-login if connection to one of the servers is broken
  • New VueLink for Documentum Clustering Guide

For further details check out the AutoVue VueLink for Documentum datasheet.

Thursday May 03, 2012

New toys! Lots of new versions of Document Formats Supported in 20.2.0

The only constant in the software industry is change --- and one form that change takes is new releases of software that includes updates to document formats.   Whether you are using an office suite, or a high end 3D cad package (or something in between) there will be regular software updates - and some of them will change the underlying document formats.

The AutoVue team always works very hard to ensure that we incorporate support for all of the latest and greatest new versions of software packages out there, and our recent 20.2.0 release of AutoVue is no exception.   Some of the new things added in 20.2.0 are:

For the Engineering and Construction and Industrial Manufacturing spaces (among others), we've added:
  • Catia 5R21
  • SolidWorks 2012
  • SolidEdge ST3 and ST4
  • Creo Parametric 1.0
  • Creo Element/Direct Modeling 17.10 to 18.00
  • Creo Element/Direct Drafting 17.10 to 18.00

For Electronics and High Tech industries, we've added:
  • Cadence Concept HDL 16.6
  • Allegro Layout 16.5
  • Orcad Capture 16.5

And for almost everyone, we've added:
  • MS Word 2010
  • MS Excel 2010
  • MS PowerPoint 2010
  • MS Outlook 2010

Of course on top of the new format support we've included lots of fidelity improvements and other bug fixes for a wide range of formats, and many other improvements as well.

If you haven't already, I'd highly recommend that you download the new 20.2.0 version of AutoVue off of the Oracle software delivery cloud ( and check out all the improvements!

Wednesday Apr 18, 2012

Watch the AutoVue 20.2 Webcast!

Missed the AutoVue 20.2 webcast? Not to worry, you can now catch the replay!

Discover what the latest major release of AutoVue can do for you. Watch and learn how AutoVue 20.2 can transform your business processes and extend the value of your visualization investment. Also, hear Oracle partner, Ventureforth, describe how they are leveraging AutoVue to create visually enabled mobile solutions for their EBS and PeopleSoft customers.   

Click here to watch the replay

Thursday Apr 12, 2012

Context is Everything

Context is Everything

How many times have you have you asked a question only to hear an answer like “Well, it depends. What exactly are you trying to do?”.  There are times that raw information can’t tell us what we need to know without putting it in a larger context.

Let's take a real world example.  If I'm a maintenance planner trying to figure out which assets should be replaced during my next maintenance window, I'm going to go to my Asset Management System.  I can get it to spit out a list of assets that have failed several times over the last year.  But what are these assets connected to?  Is there any safety consequences to shutting off this pipeline to do the work?  Is some other work that's planned going to conflict with replacing this asset?  Several of these questions can't be answered by simply spitting out a list of asset IDs.  The maintenance planner will have to reference a diagram of the plant to answer several of these questions.

This is precisely the idea behind Augmented Business Visualization. An Augmented Business Visualization (ABV) solution is one where your structured data (enterprise application data) and your unstructured data (documents, contracts, floor plans, designs, etc.) come together to allow you to make better decisions.  Essentially we're showing your business data into its context.

AutoVue allows you to create ABV solutions by integrating your enterprise application with AutoVue’s hotspot framework. Hotspots can be defined for your document. Users can click these hotspots to trigger actions in your enterprise app. Similarly, the enterprise app can highlight the hotspots in your document based on its business data, creating a visual dashboard of your business data in the context of your document.

ABV is not new. We introduced the hotspot framework in AutoVue 20.1 with text hotspots. Any text in a PDF or 2D CAD drawing could be turned into a hotspot. In 20.2 we have enhanced this to include 2 new types of hotspots: 3D and regional hotspots.

3D hotspots allow you to turn 3D parts into hotspots. Hotspots can be defined based on the attributes of the part, so you can create hotspots based on part numbers, material, date of delivery, etc. 

3D Hotspots

Regional hotspots allow an administrator to define rectangular regions on any PDF, image, or 2D CAD drawing. This is perfect for cases where the document you’re using either doesn’t have text in it (a JPG or TIFF for example) or if you want to define hotspots that don’t correspond to the text in the document.

There are lots of possible uses for AutoVue hotspots.  A great demonstration of how our hotspot capabilities can help add context to enterprise data in the Energy sector can be found in the following AutoVue movies:

  • Maintenance Planning in the Energy Sector - Watch it Now
  • Capital Construction Project Management in the Energy Sector  -  Watch it Now
  • Commissioning and Handover Process for the Energy Sector  -  Watch it Now

Wednesday Mar 28, 2012

New AutoVue Movies Available at the Oracle AutoVue Channel!

There are 4 new movies available at the Oracle AutoVue Channel. Three of these latest AutoVue movies demonstrate how AutoVue can be used in various processes, in the Electronic and High tech  sector. The fourth shows how AutoVue can be used on an iPad using Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (OVDI)

They are:

  • Improving the Design Process with AutoVue in the Electronics & High Tech Industry  Watch it now (7:17) 
  • Improving Manufacturing and Assembly with AutoVue in the Electronics & High Tech Industry Watch it now (7:55) 
  • Improving Supply Chain Management with AutoVue in the Electronics & High Tech Industry Watch it now (4:42) 
  • Mobile Asset Management on the iPad With AutoVue and Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (OVDI) Watch it now (3:52) 

See all the Movies available at the Oracle AutoVue Channel!

AutoVue 20.0.x End of Oracle Premier Support

As per Oracle’s Lifetime Support policy, AutoVue version 20.0.x reached the end of Premier Support on March 1st 2012, and entered Sustaining Support. Customers are recommended to upgrade to the latest & greatest (AutoVue 20.2.0) at the earliest opportunity, to take advantage not only of a new 5-year Premier Support term, but also all of the fixes, new features, and new format support as compared to version 20.0.x.

For more information on Oracle’s Lifetime Support policy, visit and click on the link titled “Lifetime Support Policy: Oracle Applications (PDF)”.

Thursday Mar 22, 2012

Register to Attend the AutoVue 20.2 Webcast on April 3, 2012

Want to learn more about the latest AutoVue 20.2 release?              

Discover what this latest major release of AutoVue can do for you. Join Celine Beck, AutoVue Product Management and Strategy Manager, during this live webcast to discover how the new release can transform your business processes and extend the value of your visualization investment. Hear how customers and partners are improving their workflows and creating differentiated offerings thanks to AutoVue enterprise visualization.


Date: Tuesday, April 3, 2012                                                                                                                                                            Time: 11:00 a.m. EST


Click here to register for this event.  

For complete details about the new release, also check out the What’s New in AutoVue 20.2 Datasheet, available here.


The authors of this blog are members of the AutoVue Enterprise Visualization team at Oracle. The views expressed on this blog reflect those of the members and do not necessarily reflect the views of Oracle.


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