Wednesday Jan 04, 2012

5 Reasons to Upgrade from AutoVue 19.x to 20.1.1

In the world of software, there is one thing that every application has in common: Updates.

Although perhaps debatable, it seems like we all wind up with more and more applications on our PCs, more server-side solutions that ultimately do different things for us. And let's be honest: Upgrading enterprise software can be a pain. So, why do it?

Occasionally, I come across customers who are using older versions of AutoVue, like a 19.3.x flavour. With AutoVue, there happen to be a number of very compelling reasons why upgrading to the current version (AutoVue 20.1.1) is worth your valuable time. I'm going to give you five right now, because that's probably all you need.

  1. It's Really Easy: Upgrading enterprise software can be time-consuming job. This usually translates into costs, which is often reason enough to hit the brakes on an update. Fortunately, upgrading AutoVue is probably the easiest, among enterprise software applications, that I've seen to date. The AutoVue installer will take you 90-100% of the way there with most upgrades, with only the occasional INI option or JAR file to update. It's easy. Really easy.
  2. We Got Guys with Capes: Although they're metaphorical capes, these capes do have a big "S" on them. I'm talking about Oracle Support. I've worked with the AutoVue experts in Oracle Support for years, and each one earned this cape. On the off chance that you do have a question or problem, these diligent and knowledgeable people will get you sorted out fast.
  3. Formats, Formats, Formats: This one probably goes without saying, but... well, the applications we use to author all the files we generate get updated. The file formats change, and being able to view and markup the newer stuff still needs to be possible. Keeping up to date with AutoVue is the only way to do this.
  4. Whoa, That's New: Beyond file formats, we also make a point to introduce new features in the product. Bi-directional online/offline capabilities, 3D walkthrough, and our framework for Augmented Business Visualization were all incorporated after 19.3.x. These features are there to improve efficiency and provide business value, things that I'm sure we all want.
  5. Better, Faster, Stronger: Performance, robustness, and fidelity. We make the product tangibly better in these areas, release after release. This, to me, is a no-brainer.

So there you have it. Five good reasons to upgrade. Got others? Please comment!

Tuesday Dec 13, 2011

AutoVue 20.1.1 for Agile now Available

Oracle’s AutoVue 20.1.1 for Agile PLM is now available on Oracle’s Software Delivery Cloud. This latest release allows Agile PLM customers to take advantage of new AutoVue 20.1.1 features in the following Agile PLM environments (9.3.1.x; 9.3.0.x;

AutoVue 20.1.1 has several improvements, but I'd like to highlight 3 areas that will be important for Agile customers.

New Format Support: AutoVue 20.1.1 adds support for the latest versions of popular file formats including:

  • AutoCAD 2012
  • AutoCAD Mechanical 2012
  • Inventor 2012
  • Unigraphics NX7 and NX7.5
  • Adobe Acrobat 10

PDF Improvements:

PDF is one of the most popular formats being used by Agile customers today. It is used as an archival format, as well as a publishing standard for design information, manufacturing instructions, customer requirements, and safety and regulatory information.

AutoVue 20.1.1 has improved the viewing of PDF files with better navigation and zooming behaviour by providing more intuitive zoom levels while searching, switching pages, or moving between markups in a PDF file. 

Converting CAD designs to PDF is a common practice for many Agile customers. AutoVue 20.1.1 provides greater flexibility with PDF measurements by introducing snapping measurements. If a CAD design has been converted to a vector-based PDF, AutoVue 20.1.1 can take accurate measurements from the PDF, by snapping to points and shapes in the design. This unlocks the valuable data contained in the file and provides more information to people on the shop floor.

AutoVue 20.1.1 adds the ability to select, copy, and paste text from PDF files, improving the efficiency with which feedback can be delivered. During reviews, requirements and regulations can now be copied and pasted directly into markups, providing further explanation behind the decisions being made.

Improved Troubleshooting and Stability:

AutoVue 20.1.1 includes improvements to the stability, reliability, and server uptime for users by facilitating the identification, logging, and quarantine of problematic files on a server. For example, if the server crashes, the administrator is provided with a list of all files that were open on the server at the time of the crash. Doing this greatly reduces the amount of time admins need to spend tracking down these files and once found, they can restrict file access so that no further crashes will be caused.

For further details, check out the What’s New in AutoVue 20.1.1 datasheet.

Wednesday Oct 19, 2011

Oracle Support Brings you the AutoVue Product Information Center

The AutoVue support team is pleased to announce the release of the AutoVue Product Information Center (abbreviated as “PIC”):

This new KM Note in the My Oracle Support portal is a one-stop-shop providing valuable information and announcements regarding the different AutoVue and VueLink products and applies to AutoVue administrators, integrators and users. The PIC links to various important technical articles in order to help you deploy, troubleshoot, and proactively manage your AutoVue environment.

Make sure to bookmark the PIC as it will be updated on a regular basis.

Tuesday Aug 02, 2011

Tell Your AutoVue Server Admin – AutoVue 20.1.0 Patch List Now Available

Similar to my post in late-January regarding the AutoVue 20.0.0 patch list that our Support team manages in a KM Note in the My Oracle Support portal, we’ve started a similar patch list for AutoVue 20.1.0, in KM Note 1309560.1:

There are only a couple of patches listed there so far (one that provides Unigraphics 7.0/7.5 support, and one that re-introduces PDF snapping capabilities), and the Support team will make sure to keep updating the note if any newer patches become available.

Friday Jul 29, 2011

AutoVue 19.3.x end of Premier Support

As noted in Oracle’s Lifetime Support Policy (click on the link for “Software Brochures”, then the link for Applications), AutoVue version 19.3.x reached the end of Oracle Premier Support on July 31st 2011, and entered Oracle Sustaining Support.

This means is that there won’t be any new patches/hotfixes for the 19.3.x versions of AutoVue (19.3.0 / 19.3.1 / 19.3.2 / 19.3.3 / 19.3.4). In addition, since the Oracle Support team is no longer guaranteed to maintain all of the 19.3.x environments in-house, your primary sources of technical support assistance for the 19.3.x versions are the documentation, Oracle’s knowledge base in the My Oracle Support portal, and the various collaboration platforms such as the My Oracle Support AutoVue Community.

Customers and partners are strongly encouraged to upgrade deployments & integrations to the latest version of AutoVue (currently 20.1.0), not only to take advantage of continued Premier Support (AutoVue 20.1.0 is under Premier Support from March 2011 to March 2016), but also to take advantage of the huge number of new features, supported formats, and fixes.

If you’re planning an upgrade from AutoVue 19.3.x to AutoVue 20.1.0 and have any questions not already answered through the docs / knowledge base / forums / etc, feel free to ask through the MOS Community or in response to this post.

Similarly, if you’re planning to update 19.3.x-compatible integration to make it compatible with AutoVue 20.1.0, and have any integration-related questions, feel free to post them into the AutoVue integrations forum.

Monday Jun 27, 2011

Three Easy Ways of Providing Feedback to the Oracle AutoVue Team

Customer feedback is essential in helping us deliver best-in-class Enterprise Visualization solutions which are centered around real-world usage. As the Oracle AutoVue Product Management team is busy prioritizing the next round of improvements, enhancements and new innovation to the AutoVue platform, I thought it would be a good idea to provide our blog-readers with a recap of how best to provide product feedback to the AutoVue Product Management team. This gives you the opportunity to help shape our future agenda and make our solutions better for you.

  1. Enterprise Visualization Special Interest Group (EV SIG): the AutoVue EV SIG is a customer-driven initiative that has recently been created to share knowledge and information between members and discuss common and best practices around Enterprise Visualization. The EV SIG also serves as a mechanism for establishing and communicating to AutoVue Product Management users’ collective priorities for the future development, direction and enhancement of the AutoVue product family with the objective of ensuring their continuous improvement. Essentially, EV SIG members meet in order to share and prioritize feedback and use this input to begin dialog with the AutoVue Product Management team on what they deem to be the most important improvements to Enterprise Visualization solutions. The AutoVue EV SIG is by far the best platform for sharing and relaying feedback to our Product Strategy / Management team regarding general product enhancements, industry-specific scenarios, new use cases, usability, support, deployability, etc, and helping us shape the future direction of Enterprise Visualization solutions. We strongly encourage ALL our customers to sign up for the SIG;  here is how you can do so:
  2. Customer / Partner Advisory Boards: The AutoVue Product Strategy / Management team also periodically runs Customer and Partner Advisory Boards. These invitation-only events bring together individuals chosen from Oracle AutoVue’s top customers that are using AutoVue at the enterprise level, as well as strategic partners.  The idea here is to establish open lines of communication between top customers and partners and the Oracle AutoVue Product Strategy team, help us communicate AutoVue’s product direction, share perspectives on today and tomorrow’s challenges and needs for Enterprise Visualization, and validate that proposed additions to the product are valid industry solutions. Our next Customer / Partner Advisory Board will be held in San Francisco during Oracle Open World, please contact your account manager to find out more about the CAB Members’ nomination process.
  3. Enhancement Requests:  Enhancement requests are request logged by customers or partners with Product Development for a feature that is not currently available in Oracle AutoVue. Enhancement requests (ER) can be logged easily via the My Oracle Support portal. This is the best way to share feedback with us at the functionality level; for instance if you would like to see a new format supported in AutoVue or make suggestions as per how certain functionality can be improved or should behave. Once the ER is logged, it is then evaluated by Product Management based on feasibility, product adequation and business justification. Product Management then decides whether to consider this ER for future release or not. What helps accelerate the process is hearing from a large number of customers who urgently need a particular feature or configuration. Hence the importance of logging My Oracle Support Service Requests, and describing in details your business expectations. You can include key milestones dates and justifications as to why this request is important and the benefits your organization stands to gain should this request be accepted.

Again, feedback from customers and partners is critical to ensure we offer solutions that have the biggest impact on customers’ business processes and day-to-day operations. All feedback is welcome,. So please don’t be shy! 

Thursday Jun 16, 2011

Join AutoVue at Oracle OpenWorld San Francisco - Oct 2-6, 2011

Stay ahead of the curve and register now for the most important technology conference of 2011. Oracle OpenWorld will feature more innovative sessions, demos, and exhibitions than ever--all created by and for Oracle business and technology users.  Learn how to optimize your existing systems, get a sneak peek at technology breakthroughs, and meet with strategists and developers responsible for the products and solutions that help drive your business.  

Meet with AutoVue Enterprise Visualization product experts and attend sessions where you’ll hear how customers are leveraging visualization to drive business process innovation throughout their organizations. (Session details to follow)

Register now for Early Bird Pricing and we'll see you in San Francisco!

Click here to see the Agenda

Monday May 16, 2011

AutoVue Partner Global Summit - Just 5 Weeks Left to Register!

When: Thursday, June 23 – Friday, June 24, 2011
Where: The Hyatt Regency Hotel Montreal                         

June is around the corner, and there are just five weeks left for you to register and plan your trip to Montreal.  The AutoVue Partner Global Summit 2011 offers a unique opportunity for AutoVue partners to hear from Oracle executives, the experts in AutoVue product management and development, as well as have opportunities to hear from and network with other Oracle AutoVue partners and customers.

During the two day event, we are offering a compelling line up of technical and business sessions which are designed to provide you with the information and skills to grow and enhance your AutoVue practices.  Special tracks for Sales, Technical Integration & OEM partners, and Pre-Sales are available. 

Updated Agenda & Session Descriptions:   Click here to see the latest agenda, as well as comprehensive descriptions of the various sessions that will be presented throughout the Summit.

Book Now - Special Hotel Room Rate Expires June 6: The event will take place at the Hyatt Regency Hotel Montreal, where we have secured a special room rate of $179.00 CAD.  This negotiated room rate is only available until June 6, 2011.  So, reserve today to ensure your stay at the Hyatt Regency Hotel.   Click here to book online or call 1-514-982-1234 (ask for Reservations), Monday – Friday between 8:00 – 17:30 EST or Saturday between 9:00 – 17:00 EST, and refer to the Oracle AutoVue Partner Global Summit when booking your room.

Jazz Lover’s Dream Come True:  The Partner Global Summit takes place on the eve of the 32nd edition of the International Montreal Jazz Festival  Festival  (June 25 – July 4, 2011). Extend your stay, take in a few outdoor jazz concerts and discover what Montreal has to offer during the summertime.

We look forward to seeing you in Montreal.

Click here to register


Monday Apr 18, 2011

AutoVue 19.3.x Reaching End of Premier Support in July 2011

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Monday Jan 24, 2011

AutoVue 20 Patch List in One Easy View

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Thursday Jan 20, 2011

Making Markups Easy: Layers and Filters

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