Wednesday Apr 01, 2015

Understanding the Event Framework in the AutoVue API

When designing and developing custom solutions using the AutoVue API, it’s crucial to understand not only the core “VueBean” component but also the event framework that the VueBean uses for notifying of and listening for different types of events. There are various types of events depending on the use-case, for example:
  • File-related events (e.g. file open/close, page load completed, etc)
  • View-related events (e.g. user clicked mouse, user modified configuration options, etc)
  • Markup-related events (e.g. markup open/close, markup entity added/removed, etc)
  • Model-related events (e.g. entity added/removed, user entered specific mode, etc)
If your custom AutoVue solution involves sequences of actions against files, file contents, markups, and so on, handling of the appropriate events is important for ensuring that your custom code is synchronized – For example that you don’t start adding markup entities to a page of a drawing before that page has finished loading.

For more details on the event framework, refer to the AutoVue API Developer’s Guide for your particular version of AutoVue (available on the OTN website). For details regarding the individual events themselves, refer to the AutoVue API Javadocs included in the AutoVue installation (within the \docs folder). If you have questions that aren't answered through the docs and Javadocs, feel free to post in the AutoVue Integrations Forum.

Thursday Jan 08, 2015

Join Oracle AutoVue at the 3rd Oracle European Value Chain Summit 2015

3rd European Value Chain Summit

Join us for the 3rd Oracle European Value Chain Summit 2015, March 10-11, at Twickenham Stadium, London– the home of England Rugby.

The Oracle European Value Chain Summit brings together thought leaders, executives, business process owners along with industry and technology experts in an intimate and interactive setting.

  • Hear keynotes from thought leaders on business themes such as 360° Innovation, Customer Centric Value Chains, and Compliant Networks.
  • Join industry tracks and gain insight from your peers via hands-on workshops, demonstrations, and partner roundtables.
  • Learn how new solutions encompassing social, mobile, analytics, and the Cloud can help you transform your supply chains through modern value chains.

Registration is open
Don't miss out on this event, act now, and reserve your seat!

Register now:

Thursday Jan 24, 2013

Next Generation Visualization under the Spotlight at the Oracle Value Chain Summit

We are very excited to announce that our next generation visualization solutions will be given high exposure during the Oracle Value Chain Summit (Feb 4-6, 2013, San Francisco). Indeed, our Visual Information Navigator will be showcased on the big stage of the Summit as part of a General Session covering the Future of Supply Chain Management presented by Rick Jewell, Senior Vice President of Oracle Applications Development. During this session, Thierry Bonfante, Sr. Director Product Development and Jeremy Ashley, Vice-President of Applications User Experience at Oracle will present new UX standards and graphical paradigms which will help tame the intrinsic complexity of supply chain transactions. Don’t miss this opportunity to find out more about these ground-breaking innovations during this General Session and during the session devoted to Oracle’s next generation visualization solutions (Seeing the Forest: Next Generation Visualization)!

Wednesday Jan 16, 2013

Visual Decision Making to Optimize PLM New Product Development & Introduction

The Oracle Value Chain Summit (Feb 4-6, 2013 in San Francisco) is just around the corner and the AutoVue team will be there for this great customer event! We will have a session devoted to Visual Decision Making during which attendees will learn from one of the world's top full-service semiconductor foundries how they have streamlined their design for manufacturing process, reduced cycle times and enabled more effective and secure collaboration thanks to their implementation of Oracle’s AutoVue for Agile.

Presenters will discuss the positive impact of document visualization within Agile PLM on innovation and product development cycles, and explain how visualization integrated with PLM enables more effective cross-department collaboration practices without jeopardizing critical intellectual property. Attendees will also see how organizations can further extend the value of their Agile PLM investment by leveraging innovative visualization solutions like Augmented Business Visualization. Don't miss us at the Oracle Value Chain Summit and see you in San Francisco!

Wednesday Jan 09, 2013

Seeing the Forest – Next Generation Visualization

The biggest challenge that we have as enterprise users is to quickly find the information we need in order to make the most optimal business decisions on a daily basis. Now, the challenge is that information is there, somewhere, but it is typically distributed across a mass of data and screens. So how do you “see” this information quickly and easily? How can we present “less” while delivering “more”? That is the objective of Oracle’s Next Generation Visualization, which will be presented at the Oracle Value Chain Summit (San Francisco, Feb 4-6, 2013) during a session entitled “Seeing the Forest – Next Generation Visualization” (Wednesday, Feb. 6 at 3:15 pm). It is not about new skins and layouts, it is about a radical re-think of how Enterprise Applications should interact with users. The session will show how Oracle Fusion Applications is embracing new paradigms for presenting, interpreting and interacting with complex business information in a simplified and compelling way so that they can see the forest through the trees! Don’t miss this opportunity to get exclusive sneak peeks at ground-breaking technology! We look forward to seeing you in San Francisco!

Friday Feb 10, 2012

Join Oracle’s AutoVue at OAUG COLLABORATE 12

collaborate 12 

Collaborate 12 is taking place on April 22-26, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

COLLABORATE is an immersive experience where you’ll connect with 5,000+ Oracle applications and technology users under one roof for one exciting week.

The COLLABORATE 12OAUG Forum is designed for and by users to deliver dynamic sessions featuring tips, techniques and best practices.  Oracle’s AutoVue enterprise visualization solutions will be featured throughout the week. Not to be missed AutoVue activities at the OAUG Forum include:

·         AutoVue session entitled Enhance Mobile Asset Management Solutions with AutoVue Visualization.  

-          Date: Wednesday, April 25     Time: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm  Location: South Seas A

-          Hear Oracle mobility partner, Ventureforth, discuss how they have enhanced  their Mobile Asset Management solutions with AutoVue visualization integration. Discover how these enhanced solutions provide field workers with digital access to all pertinent information and documents related to work orders – including drawings and existing annotations, directly on tablet PCs. Learn how to drive operational excellence and improve asset reliability by providing field technicians with access to key asset and work related information on their mobile devices.   

·         AutoVue Enterprise Visualization Special Interest Group (SIG) meeting

-          Date: Sunday, April 22     Time: 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm  Location: Banyan F

-          The AutoVue SIG is designed to facilitate peer-to-peer collaboration and information-exchange amongst AutoVue users.  Attend this meeting for an opportunity to hear and learn from AutoVue customers about their visualization deployments. Members from the AutoVue Product Management team will be on hand to discuss any product related topics as well.

·         AutoVue Demo Pod:  See demos of AutoVue and mission critical integrations to enterprise applications and discuss 1:1 with our solution experts.

Registration for Collaborate 12 is now open

We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas.

Wednesday Oct 05, 2011

AutoVue for the Electronic and High Tech Industry Movie now Available!

This latest in the series of AutoVue movies demonstrates how AutoVue can enable an "end-to-end" Design to Manufacturing process, using some on the features added in AutoVue 20.1 for file formats used primarily in the Electronic and High Tech, or EHT, industry.

AutoVue for the Electronic and High Tech Industry: Watch it now (6:51)  


Other Movies available at the Oracle AutoVue Channel are: 

Oracle's AutoVue Visualization Solutions and Primavera Contract Management: Watch it now (7:58)

Basic Navigation Features in AutoVue 2D: Watch it now (6:51)
Advanced Navigation Features in AutoVue 2D: Watch it now (3:00)

Harris Corp: an Oracle AutoVue and Agile PLM Customer Video, OpenWorld 2010 watch it now (11:40)
AutoVue 3D Visualization and collaboration: Watch it now (13:44)
AutoVue 2D Visualization and collaboration: Watch it now (9:33)
AutoVue for Engineering and Construction: Watch it now (13:45)
Oracle's AutoVue Visualization Solutions and Primavera P6 integration Movie: Watch it now (9:24).
AutoVue Work Online and Offline movie: Watch it now( 5:01).
AutoVue 3D Walkthrough movie: Watch it now (6:01).
AutoVue 2D Compare Movie: Watch it now (4:14).

Thursday May 19, 2011

New Podcast - Work Order Print Service for EBS eAM

Oracle AppCasts are online audio interviews (podcasts) that bring you the latest updates about Oracle Applications. Listen to Oracle executives talk with customers, partners, and Oracle product experts, exploring topics that can help AutoVue customers and prospects better understand the value of these products.    

Tune in and hear Marc Hebert, COO of  Estutate, a gold level Oracle partner, and Celine Beck, AutoVue Senior Product Strategy Manager, discuss the integration between Oracle’s AutoVue Document Print Service and EBS Enterprise Asset Management which delivers robust printing within eAM.  Listen in as Celine and Marc describe how this highly-anticipated print and batch print capability can transform an organization's maintenance operations and improve productivity.

Click here to listen to the podcast.

 To listen to other AutoVue podcasts, click here.

Friday Sep 17, 2010

Real Time Collaboration 301

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