Monday Aug 27, 2012

Oracle OpenWorld 2012 is Around the Corner - Discover AutoVue Activities

Planning to attend Oracle OpenWorld 2012?  If so, be sure to check out the various AutoVue Enterprise Visualization activities that you can take advantage of while in San Francisco.

AutoVue Sessions:

CON8381 - Streamline PLM Design-to-Manufacturing Processes with AutoVue Visualization   Click here for full session description.

Date: Monday, October 1, 2012

Time: 10:45 a.m. – 11:45 a.m.

Location: Intercontinental Hotel - Telegraph Hill

Customer Speaker: Siew Yeow Loye, Global Foundries


CON8385 - Optimize Asset Performance and Reliability with AutoVue Visualization   Click here for full session description.

Date:Thursday, October 4, 2012

Time: 2:15 p.m. – 3:15 p.m.

Location: Palace Hotel – Gold Ballroom

AutoVue Demo Pods:



Demo ID: 3122   AutoVue: PLM & Enterprise Visualization

Moscone West;

Workstation: W-082

Demo ID: 3001  Oracle E-Business Suite Enterprise Asset Management and AutoVue Visualization Solutions

Palace Hotel

Level 2 HPU-008


Customers are also invited to attend the Oracle OpenWorld 2012 Supply Chain Management Customer Reception on Tuesday, October 2, 2012.

This year's event is being held at ROE Lounge, located just 2 blocks from Moscone Center, and offers a casual and upbeat atmosphere so you can mix and mingle with friends and colleagues. This event sold out last year and space is again limited so Register Today.

Date: Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Time: 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Location: ROE Lounge, 651 Howard Street, San Francisco


For additional information regarding AutoVue sessions, demos, and activities be sure to review the AutoVue FocusOn Document.  

Join us at Oracle OpenWorld, September 30–October 4, 2012 and discover new products, solutions, and practices to make you even more successful in your job and in your industry.

Monday Aug 20, 2012

ARC Advisory Research Note: Oracle's AutoVue 20.2 Enables Enterprise Visualization

Dick Slansky, Senior Analyst, PLM Research Director at ARC Advisory, recently published a research note which describes how customers are recognizing the importance of complete, end-to-end enterprise visualization.  The note goes on to discuss the capabilities of Oracle's AutoVue 20.2 release and how it meets the requirements of enterprise customers.

Dick concludes:

“Clearly, Oracle’s AutoVue visualization platform is continuing its long established visualization and interoperability capabilities and solutions while providing new and enhanced levels of augmented visualization solutions across multiple industries.”

Click here to read the reseach note.

Friday Jul 20, 2012

New AutoVue Movies Available at the Oracle AutoVue Channel!

There are 2 new movies available at the Oracle AutoVue Channel. They show how AutoVue can be used by Industrial Manufacturing companies to helps drive effective decision making across the "Concept to Market" phase of the product lifecycle and help speed design, streamline new product introduction, increase parts reuse, and streamline change management. AutoVue can also help during sourcing and manufacturing. Using AutoVue companies can reduce manufacturing and procurement lead time, reduce errors and rework, and improve operational efficiency, while maintaining complete control over their IP.

The 2 movies are:

  • Industrial Manufacturing: Improving Demand to Delivery with AutoVue Watch it now (6:56) 
  • Industrial Manufacturing: Improving Concept to Market with AutoVue  Watch it now (8:20) 

See all the Movies available at the Oracle AutoVue Channel!

Wednesday Jun 20, 2012

Harris Corporation Streamlines Manufacturing Assembly Operations with AutoVue

"AutoVue is a critical component to our business process; we can’t live without it.” – Charlie Davies, Principal ECAE Applications Engineer, Harris Corporation.

Read how Harris Corporation, an international communications and information technology company in the high tech space, is using AutoVue to streamline their manufacturing assembly operations, enhance design reviews and improve communication of engineering changes.

Click here to read the complete story.

Wednesday May 09, 2012

AutoVue VueLink 19.3.2 for Documentum is Now Available!

Are you currently using AutoVue within  your EMC Documentum environment? Then you'll be pleased to know that a new release of Oracle's AutoVue VueLink for Documentum is now available on Oracle's Software Delivery Cloud.

Oracle VueLink 19.3.2 for Documentum provides an interface between EMC Documentum Webtop version 6.7 and AutoVue Client/Server Deployment Version. This interface enables users to add powerful viewing and markup capabilities to Webtop.

Following is a summary of the new capabilities in this 19.3.2 VueLink for Documentum release:

  • Added support for Documentum WebTop 6.7
  • Added support for Documentum Content Server 6.7
  • Support for multi-file viewing
  • Support for BOCS (Branch Office Caching Services)
  • Support for consolidating mark-ups, provided the user has “Write” permission
  • Support for communicating the file extension to AutoVue, when a file checked into Documentum does not have an extension
  • Support for failover over Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and non-SSL channels, and support for explicit re-login if connection to one of the servers is broken
  • New VueLink for Documentum Clustering Guide

For further details check out the AutoVue VueLink for Documentum datasheet.

Tuesday Apr 24, 2012

Digital stamps - Easy approval and rejection

It's hard to beat the satisfying 'thump' a stamp makes on paper when you approve or reject a document, but when you move to a digital process you still need to visually indicate the approval or rejection of a document, even if you no longer have a physical piece of paper to stamp.

Our recent 20.2.0 release of AutoVue includes a number of capabilities that make it easy to incorporate digital stamps into your digital document management processes, whether it's to add an approval or rejection of the document at the end of the process, or to track the status throughout the document's lifecycle.

Our new stamp designer makes it easy to create stamps that closely match traditional ink stamps, and that incorporate data from external document management systems - project/case #s, status, approval dates, etc.  The stamps can be designed to have a specific physical size, and can include any required images or graphics, making it easy to ensure compliance with the appropriate legislation and regulations.

If the designer chooses, the stamp can be set up to allow modification of some of all fields, so users can change attribute values in their enterprise systems - allowing someone to approve or reject a document directly while reviewing the document and it's associated changes.

Stamps can also be created programmatically, so when AutoVue is integrated into a document or case management system it is easy to automate the stamping process - allowing people to automatically stamp all of the documents associated with a particular case, project, or submittal in a single operation.

About the only thing our stamping solution doesn't give you is that satisfying 'thump'.   Maybe in our next release!

Wednesday Apr 18, 2012

Watch the AutoVue 20.2 Webcast!

Missed the AutoVue 20.2 webcast? Not to worry, you can now catch the replay!

Discover what the latest major release of AutoVue can do for you. Watch and learn how AutoVue 20.2 can transform your business processes and extend the value of your visualization investment. Also, hear Oracle partner, Ventureforth, describe how they are leveraging AutoVue to create visually enabled mobile solutions for their EBS and PeopleSoft customers.   

Click here to watch the replay

Wednesday Mar 28, 2012

New AutoVue Movies Available at the Oracle AutoVue Channel!

There are 4 new movies available at the Oracle AutoVue Channel. Three of these latest AutoVue movies demonstrate how AutoVue can be used in various processes, in the Electronic and High tech  sector. The fourth shows how AutoVue can be used on an iPad using Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (OVDI)

They are:

  • Improving the Design Process with AutoVue in the Electronics & High Tech Industry  Watch it now (7:17) 
  • Improving Manufacturing and Assembly with AutoVue in the Electronics & High Tech Industry Watch it now (7:55) 
  • Improving Supply Chain Management with AutoVue in the Electronics & High Tech Industry Watch it now (4:42) 
  • Mobile Asset Management on the iPad With AutoVue and Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (OVDI) Watch it now (3:52) 

See all the Movies available at the Oracle AutoVue Channel!

AutoVue 20.0.x End of Oracle Premier Support

As per Oracle’s Lifetime Support policy, AutoVue version 20.0.x reached the end of Premier Support on March 1st 2012, and entered Sustaining Support. Customers are recommended to upgrade to the latest & greatest (AutoVue 20.2.0) at the earliest opportunity, to take advantage not only of a new 5-year Premier Support term, but also all of the fixes, new features, and new format support as compared to version 20.0.x.

For more information on Oracle’s Lifetime Support policy, visit and click on the link titled “Lifetime Support Policy: Oracle Applications (PDF)”.

Thursday Mar 22, 2012

Register to Attend the AutoVue 20.2 Webcast on April 3, 2012

Want to learn more about the latest AutoVue 20.2 release?              

Discover what this latest major release of AutoVue can do for you. Join Celine Beck, AutoVue Product Management and Strategy Manager, during this live webcast to discover how the new release can transform your business processes and extend the value of your visualization investment. Hear how customers and partners are improving their workflows and creating differentiated offerings thanks to AutoVue enterprise visualization.


Date: Tuesday, April 3, 2012                                                                                                                                                            Time: 11:00 a.m. EST


Click here to register for this event.  

For complete details about the new release, also check out the What’s New in AutoVue 20.2 Datasheet, available here.

Wednesday Mar 21, 2012

The Latest Major Release of AutoVue is Now Available!

Click here to read the full press release.

To learn more about AutoVue 20.2, check out the What's New in AutoVue 20.2 Datasheet

AutoVue 20.2 continues to set the standard for enterprise level visualization with Augmented Business Visualization, a new paradigm which reconciles information and business data from multiple sources into a single view, providing rich and actionable visual decision-making environments.

The release also includes; capabilities that enhance end-to-end approval workflow; solutions to visually enable the mobile workforce; and support for the latest manufacturing and high tech formats.  


New capabilities in release 20.2 include:

·         Enhancements to the Augmented Business Visualization framework

o    Creation of 2D hotspots has been extended in 2D drawings, PDF and image files and can now be defined as regional boxes, rather than just text strings

o    New 3D Hotspot links in models and drawings. Parts or components of 3D models can be selected to create hotspot links.

·         Enhanced end-to-end approval workflows with digital stamping and batch stamping improvements

·         Solutions that visually enable the mobile workforce and extend enterprise visualization to mobile devices, including iPads through OVDI (Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)

·         Enhancements to AutoVue enterprise readiness: reliability and performance improvements, as well as security enhancements which adhere to Oracle’s Software Security Assurance standards

·         Timely support for new MCAD, ECAD, and Office formats

·         New 20.2 versions of AutoVue Document Print Services and Integration SDK (iSDK)

·         New Dutch language availability


The press release also contains terrific supporting quotes from AutoVue customers and partners. 

      “AutoVue’s stamping enhancements will greatly benefit our building permit management processes,” said Ties Kremer, Information Manager, Noordenveld Municipality, Netherlands. “The ability to batch stamp documents will speed up our approval processes, enable us to save time and money, and help us meet our regulatory compliance obligations.”
       “AutoVue provides our non-technical teams in marketing and sales with access to customer order requirements and supporting CAD documents and drawings,” said James Lim, Regional Technical Systems Manager at Molex Incorporated. “AutoVue 20.2 has enabled us to refine our quotation process, and reduce order errors.”
      “We are excited about our use of AutoVue’s Augmented Business Visualization framework, which will offer Meridian users enhanced access to related technical documentation,” said Edwin van Dijk, Director of Product Management, BlueCielo.  “By including AutoVue’s new regional hotspot capabilities within BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise, the context of engineering information is carried over into the visual representation of complex assets, thereby helping us to improve productivity and operational excellence.”


Monday Mar 19, 2012

Oracle OpenWorld Call for Papers is Now Open through April 9th!


The OpenWorld 2012 Call for Papers is Now Open!!

The most important educational conference of 2012 is fast approaching and you have an opportunity to share your AutoVue success story. Customers or partners interested in presenting during Oracle OpenWorld 2012 should submit a presentation abstract. If your session is selected, Oracle will waive the conference registration fee – saving you anywhere from $1,795 to $2,595. For details about the conference, visit the Oracle OpenWorld website.

Don't delay -- submit your presentation abstract today - the Call for Papers closes on Monday, April 9, 2012.  

Click here to submit your OpenWorld Presentation Abstract

Oracle OpenWorld 2012 takes place in San Francisco, CA from September 30 - October 4, 2012.

Friday Feb 03, 2012

Upcoming AutoVue Webcast for Oil & Gas Customers - February 16, 2012

Click here to register for the webcast.

Oil & Gas companies are challenged with driving higher return on their assets and aging infrastructures, reducing project risks, and improving operational efficiencies all while complying with growing and increasingly complex regulatory and reporting requirements. 

Oracle’s AutoVue visualization solutions deliver visual access and collaboration capabilities to documents, data and information within any application or business process. They can help oil & gas companies with document centric and collaborative workflows by delivering greater visibility into engineering and asset information and visually enabling processes, such as maintenance and turnaround operations, capital construction projects, and commissioning & handover.

Join the webcast on Thursday, February 16 and learn how Oracle’s AutoVue visualization solutions can:

  • Prolong asset life and optimize repair decisions with access to accurate information
  • Improve accountability and traceability for greater compliance
  • Help capture and communicate as maintained status of assets
  • Deliver projects with superior returns and improve value chain collaboration
  • Improve operational efficiency and minimize downtime

Date: Thursday, February16, 2012

Time: 11:00 am EST (8:00 am PST)

Click here to register for this FREE event

Friday Jan 06, 2012

Understanding Oracle’s Bug Status Codes for AutoVue

I’ve seen a few questions in recent months regarding the various status codes that Oracle uses to indicate the current status of bugs logged in the My Oracle Support (MOS) system. The status code of a given bug can be seen by opening the bug report in MOS and looking for the ‘Status’ field (which is at the top-left of the report):

Yes, there are a LOT of bug status codes used at Oracle (more than 50 of them), and different product groups at Oracle may use the codes in slightly different ways.

The good news is that the AutoVue group uses a relatively small subset of these status codes, and for the most part uses them in the same way as other Oracle groups. Our Support team outlines this – including details of our one “special-use” status code (status 16) – in the following KM Note:

Note 790873.1 - Oracle Bug Status Codes for AutoVue Product Family

For those of you tracking the status of any bugs for your AutoVue/VueLink/DPS products, make sure to read through the KM Note so that you’re familiar with the status code flow and can easily tell where a particular bug is in its fix lifecycle.

Wednesday Dec 21, 2011

More AutoVue Movies available at the Oracle AutoVue Channel!

There are 5 new movies available at the Oracle AutoVue Channel. These latest AutoVue movies demonstrate how AutoVue can be used in various processes, in the Energy and Public sectors.

They are:

  • AutoVue Enterprise Visualization for Digital Building Permit Processing Watch it now (13:54) 
  • Capital Project Performance for Plant Turnaround Watch it now (12:32) 
  • Maintenance Planning in the Energy Sector Watch it now (9:33) 
  • Commissioning and Handover Process for the Energy Sector Watch it now (4:47) 
  • Capital Construction Project Management for the Energy Sector Watch it now (11:59)

See all the Movies available at the Oracle AutoVue Channel!


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