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Oracle SOA Modernization - Move and Improve Oracle SOA Suite - Webcast #1 Recap

Pat Shepherd
Director of Business Development and Strategy, Oracle Cloud Platform

Oracle SOA Modernization - Webcast #1 Recap



We held the first of 2 SOA Modernization webcasts and had a great turnout. I think this slide sums up the key points fairly well:

  • Oracle is still supporting SOA Suite (including a new major release coming up) so your investment is protected
  • You can use BYOL to leverage the license investment you already have in SOA Suite
  • Moving to the Oracle Cloud (OIC) is relatively easy - we have OCS and Partners that can help you with the move
  • We have bi-directional capabilities for OIC to discover and call SOA Suite integrations and Jdeveloper can do the same with OIC
  • Once moved to the Cloud, you benefit from the advantages of OCI as well as the ability to start building new processes and innovating much faster
  • You have the ability to start using new and unmatched services such as Autonomous Database, Blockchain, Digital Assistant, etc... driving even more innovation and creativity



Here is some of the Q&A from the session:

How often hardware is refreshed on OCI for SOA  to make use of latest infrastructure (CPU upgrades, storage upgrades ) ?                 

We keep our infrastructure up to date across all our Data Centers

Will you be sending the slides after the presentation?              

Yes we will be sharing this recording

Would I be paying only for Infrastructure, if I use BYOL             


Are those application adapters like (ServiceNow) supported REST one? Or those adapters supporting SOAP only?

Both REST and SOAP adapters are available

Is there on option to use OSB only without SOA Suite?             

Not out of the box

How can we Evaluate SOA on K8S deployment? i am hearing new , any documentation? .

Please reach out to your account team who can help pull in technical resources

If we already using SOACS, what should we consider?               

You can keep using SOACS, but be aware SOA on OCI Marketplace is the strategic direction forwards.

How the SOA Con cloud connect to on prem DBs?     

-Best to use Fastconnect to connect Oracle DC and your DC

-You also can use VPN if FastConnect is not available

What is the future plan for SOACS as Oracle promoting OIC more towards integrations?                

SOA on OCI Marketplace will uptake SOA 14. However, OIC has a much faster release cadence and newer features


Visit this link for more information about SOA on OCI Marketplace.


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