IT Innovation | January 27, 2015

Enabling the Next Generation

By: Stephanie Spada


Over the years, we have seen an increase in the ways
technology has interwoven itself into our everyday lives. Everyone is hyper-connected through mobile
and various other devices, and our devices must communicate to one another. With technology changing so quickly and in
the hands of every millennial and future worker, we are committed to helping
enable this next generation. To
highlight some of the interesting projects that Oracle is involved in, I will
be inviting folks from around the company to contribute an occasional post to
give you a glimpse of what we’re doing to further technology for our next
generation of enterprise workers and technology innovators.

I've asked Tom Scheirsen, who's been working with an organization
called Devoxx4Kids an offshoot of Devoxx, which is the largest Java
conference in Europe, to share their story.

Devoxx4Kids Empowering the New
Technology Producers

By Tom Scheirsen, User Group Relationship, EMEA

Over the past few years, Oracle has invested funding and effort (in the form of support through
Oracle Academy) to further the efforts of an organization that is of great
importance to us called Devoxx4Kids
(an offshoot of the Devoxx, which is the largest java conf in Europe). Their focus is to get Gen Y and Z involved in
user groups and Technology, targeting kids between 8-14 years of age, before
they make their career choices and teach them, in a fun way, to play with
technology and influence them at a young age. The goal is to teach, engage and inspire kids about computer programming
while they are having fun. Devoxx4Kids has been very successful in working with
children through workshops around the world, introducing them to:

  • Simple Software Programming concepts
  • Object Oriented Programming concepts using the
    Java Programming Language
  • Robotics
  • Electronics

Devoxx4Kids was started in 2012 in Belgium. Since then, Devoxx4Kids has shared its
curriculum with Java user groups and other organizations around the world. Today,
over 3000 children (36% girls, 64% boys) have attended 108 workshops in more
than 80 countries around the world averaging 50-100 kids per session. Ensuring
technology learning opportunities are available to children is very important
to Devoxx4Kids; in addition, this program also focuses on gender equality,
encouraging girls to attend their sessions. Thus far the entire program has
seen great success.

At Oracle OpenWorld this past October, special Devoxx4Kids sessions were held as part of JavaOne 2014.  150 kids, aged 10-18 had an opportunity to get hands-on to learn programming, robotics and engineering.  Specifics are covered in this Java Magazine article and blog entry.  Interesting and informative video testimonials from the children are also available there. If you're interested in finding a workshop for the your future programming wizard in your life in a city near you, be sure to check the events page.  Check out their website for more information, follow them on Twitter @Devoxx4Kids, and like them on Facebook.