Wednesday May 30, 2012

New ZFS Storage Appliance Objection Handling Document

View and download the new ZFS Storage Appliance objection handling document from the Oracle HW Technical Resource Center here.

If you do not already have an account to access the Oracle Hardware Technical Resource Centre YOU NEED FIRST TO REGISTER. Please click here and follow the instructions to register.  Need around 2 days to be accepted and get access to the folder.

Ths document aims to address the most common objections encountered  when positioning the ZFS Storage Appliance disk systems in production environments. It will help you to be more successful in establishing the undeniable benefits of the Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance in your customers' IT environments.

Oracle Database Appliance - How to Sell a Unique Product : Webcast Replay

Learn about:

  • ODA Benefits : Fast, Easy, Cost Efficient, Highly Reliable
  • Feedback from early Customer Wins : What can we learn?
  • Objection Handling : Overcoming the most common customer questions
  • Going beyond the Database: The ODA Eco System for applications, backup & more

If you missed the  webcasts in April, go on the EMEA VAD Resource Center - Enablement Tab, click here and follow the instruction to access the replay.

Tuesday May 29, 2012

OPS Update - Did you know?

Since January 30th, 2012 OPS supports also Linux, Oracle Virtual Machine (OVM) and MySQL orders to be placed online. No need to issue an offline Ordering Document for this kind of orders anymore.

For any question on OPS please contact

Monday May 28, 2012

Virtualization Newsletter — May 2012 Issue

Check out the Oracle Virtualization Newsletter and get access to the latest product updates, news, demos, whitepapers, server virtualization for dummies ebook, and more. To get this directly in your inbox, subscribe here.

Friday May 25, 2012

Review Oracle's Best Practices for upgrading your Oracle Database

Download the most updated White Paper on upgrading to Oracle Database 11g Release 2  here.

Thursday May 24, 2012

VAD Specialization Tracker

Missed the webcast on the enhancements to the Specialization Tracker? 

Check the EMEA VAD Resource Center and download the document here.

Wednesday May 23, 2012

Oracle Linux - Watch the video!

Watch the video on Oracle Linux and promote it to partners. 

Tuesday May 22, 2012

Oracle Pricelist and Future EOL Report available in OPS

Oracle’s current pricelist and Future EOL Report can be viewed/downloaded from OPS. The functionality is found in OPS under the ‘Order Tools’ -Tab and Product Pricelist-category.  Choose price list or Future EOL Report in the drop-down menu under ‘reports’ and click on ‘Actions’. Choose between ‘Download’ or ‘Subscription’.

The price list is available in both your local currency and US $ and includes part numbers for an easier product search. You also have the possibility to request both price list and Future EOL Report to be send to you via email - either daily, weekly or monthly. Note: Check ‘OPS Home’ for any EOL announcement too

For questions on OPS please contact

Monday May 21, 2012

On Demand Webinar: Rethink your Data Storage with the Oracle Pillar Axiom - The Intelligent Alternative to EMC

For organizations running Oracle software, the Pillar Axiom 600 is an ideal fit for consolidating storage for multiple Oracle Databases or Oracle Applications. It is also a good choice for EMC Clarion customers nearing the end of a lease agreement. Rather than upgrading to the EMC VNX product family, this is the perfect juncture to make the switch to Oracle's Pillar Axiom 600. Attend this educational webcast to learn the strengths and weaknesses of the EMC VNX family and how the Oracle Pillar Axiom 600 storage system addresses some key challenges that competing storage vendors have yet to overcome. Invite partners to register here today.

Solaris 11 Survey - Submit your replies by May 30, 2012

Oracle wants to make it easier to increase your Oracle Solaris and Oracle SPARC revenues, please help us understand how by encouraging partners to take a few minutes to complete this short survey.

New ZFS Storage Appliance Content

Invite your partners to check out the new white paper entitled: Taking Advantage of Multicore/Multiprocessor Technologies to Meet Today’s Storage Needs. Learn how Oracle's Sun ZFS Storage Appliance is optimized running our Solaris operating system coupled with Intel® Xeon® processors. Also, see the Flash Demo overview which is a great piece for use at events, promotions and presentations. Download the white paper here and view the demo here.

New Pillar Axiom 600 White Papers

Oracle's Pillar Axiom 600 Storage - A Better Choice Than EMC is a free white paper download. Get the details on Investment Protection, Cost Savings, Price Comparisons and Consistent SLA Performance in Consolidated Environments all in this detailed paper. Invite partners to download the white paper here.

Database Appliance Updates

  • Invite your partners to try the database availability assessment and read the study comparing Oracle Database Appliance with Microsoft SQL Server. Click here.
  • Share the updated Database Appliance Whitepaper and Datasheet with your partners. These now include Database Appliance storage expansion beyond 4TB.

Thursday May 17, 2012

Enroll to the Lifecycle Management in Solaris 11 eSTEP Techcast on June 7th, 2012

Join our next eSTEP TechCast on "Lifecycle Management in Solaris 11"  on

Thursday, June 7th, at 12:00 CET (noon).

To see all the details of this TechCast, click here.

Target Audience :  Technical Presales Specialists

Recording/Playback/Archive : the webcast will be recorded and made available shortly after the event in the eSTEP portal under the Events tab, where you can find also material on previously delivered eSTEP TechCasts.

Use your email address and PIN eSTEP_2011 to access the TechCast.

New Marketing Kits available

Invite your partners to check out these new and updated marketing kits to help generate sales around Oracle's solutions.



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