Monday Mar 14, 2016

#1 Content Storage Management Solution Acquired by Oracle - Now Available to Resellers

Oracle DIVArchive is the global leader in content storage management solutions operating on-premise and in the cloud. The company's purpose-built software employs the latest technologies to deliver truly flexible and scalable work flows for rich media (video, images, sound and graphics). Learn more about Oracle's Digital Media Solutions and apply to resell.

Tuesday Feb 09, 2016

Engineered System Attach promotion for the Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance for EMEA VADs

Oracle is pleased to announce the EMEA Engineered System Attach promotion for Oracle Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance (ZDLRA), now available until 13 May, 2016 to our EMEA partners. See full announcement here

EMEA Engineered System Attach promotion for Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance for Oracle EMEA Partners

Oracle is pleased to announce the EMEA Engineered System Attach promotion for Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance, now available until April 30, 2016 to our EMEA partners. See full announcement here

Monday Sep 14, 2015

NEW: All-Flash Oracle FS1 Storage System

The new Oracle All Flash FS1 Storage System delivers superior flash performance, capacity scaling and flash provisioning. It’s also designed to handle concurrent mixed workloads, such as OLTP and high-speed data backup, in enterprise SAN environments as well as in private or public clouds. Partner-ready material is now available in the OPN Hardware Resource Center.

Monday Jun 29, 2015

Video series: Use Storage to your competitive advantage

We have four short videos highlighting Oracle Storage, featuring Kerstin Woods, Senior Principal Product Marketing Director, Oracle Storage. Partners can view, upload to their own website, or make a request to have a semi-customized video for their use – for FREE! Partners should work with their Oracle Partner Manager if they would like to create a semi-customized video. View our resource page for video specifics and order information.

Wednesday May 06, 2015

New Videos to Share with Customers

Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance beats NetApp
If you’re managing multiple virtual servers with heavy workloads, you need a storage infrastructure that delivers guaranteed performance and efficiency in a simple solution.

5 Minutes to Insight: Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance for Media and Entertainment Workloads

  • Speed Cloud Success and Storage Savings: DBaaS Enterprise Manager 12c Snap Clone with Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance
  • Take Control of Your Database Storage - An Architectural Approach to Improve Performance & Increase Efficiency
  • Data Encryption and Key Management with Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance
  • Oracle FS1 Flash Storage System: Maximize the Power of Flash and Exploit the Economics of Disk

Search for these titles and more at

Oracle FS1 Flash Storage Delivers Data Efficiency for Keolis
Keolis, a large provider of public-transportation services in France, required a highly efficient storage system for both video and ticketing data. Oracle FS-1 delivered the needed performance, scalability and easy management now and for the future.
(Make sure to enable English caption)

Monday Apr 27, 2015

New! ZFS Storage Appliance Benchmark Assets

  • Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance: Extreme Enterprise Efficiency and Performance at an Incredibly Low Price – Read more
  • Realizing the Superior Value of Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance with particular focus on performance – Read more
  • ESG Lab Brief: Oracle ZFS Storage ZS4-4 – Read more

Monday Mar 02, 2015

Modernize your SE6000 SAN with Oracle FS1 Flash Storage System Promotion for Oracle EMEA Partners

We are pleased to announce that the "Modernize your SE6000 SAN with Oracle FS1 Flash Storage System" promotion is now available until May 22, 2015 to our EMEA partners. For details and to see the full announcement, click here.

Wednesday Feb 04, 2015

Wikibon : Storage Analysis

Wikibon Storage Strategies for Oracle Customers
Wikibon IT analysts, Dave Vellante and Stu Miniman, discuss the available storage strategies for Oracle customers today and the possible applications of Oracle's new ZFS, FS Series and Tape storage solutions.

Wikibon Key Observations and Recommendations
Wikibon analysts Dave Vellante and Stu Miniman discuss key observations and recommendations in the storage industry today, including:

  • Replicating advantages of public cloud in your own IT environment
  • Data as the "new oil"
  • Data analytics driving new business value

Oracle's Storage Video

Oracle’s Storage Innovation Video
Find out how Oracle's storage innovations can help your organization conquer today’s business challenges.

New Oracle FS1 Customer Benefits Video
Learn how Oracle FS1 is specifically architected to exploit the power of flash for extreme performance with predictable latency, and better economics through Quality of Service-driven automated tiering of flash and disk.

Monday Dec 15, 2014

Exadata Storage Retrofit Promotion for Oracle EMEA Partners

We are pleased to announce the EMEA Oracle Exadata Retrofit promotion, now available until May 18, 2015 to Oracle Partners in EMEA. This promotion provides Oracle VADs with additional discount when selling Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance to existing Exadata customers. To read the complete announcement, click here.

For all details, click here

Tuesday Dec 09, 2014

NEW! ZS4-4 Storage System

The ZFS ZS4-4 Storage System provides the industry’s only Database 12c container-level visibility and over 30GB/s of DRAM-fueled throughput for faster time to actionable intelligence. See the OPN Knowledge Zone and OPN Hardware Technical Resource Center (HWTRC) for all of the NEW technical & sales resources.

Wednesday Dec 03, 2014

New ZFS Videos

Announcing the Oracle ZFS Storage ZS4-4, OS8.3 Software

Oracle Storage is pleased to announce the 4th generation high-end ZFS Storage Appliance and OS8.3, delivering 50% more processing power and memory and 2x better performance than it's predecessor (ZS3-4).  These systems are available immediately for quoting, ordering and shipping.  Find Press Release Here

For More Information:
Oracle ZFS Storage page
Oracle ZFS Storage OTN page

Monday Nov 10, 2014

Webcast: FS1-2 Flash Storage System Channel Launch – November 18

Please join us to learn about Oracle’s NEW FS1-2 Flash Storage System; the Intelligent Flash Storage for Mission-Critical Applications. Webcast agenda items will include an FS1 product overview, OPN demo program, OPN sales & marketing resources, full Q&A and more. Below you will find details for both events, and can add the events to your calendar using the session password Oracle123.

November 18 @ 4pm GMT/5pm CET/6pm EET – join training and add to calendar



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