Friday Jun 24, 2016

Announcing Oracle Database Appliance X6-2

We are pleased to announce the launch and availability of the Oracle Database Appliance X6-2S and X6-2M products. Bringing Engineered Systems to a Broader Market.

» New Single-Instance Appliance for smaller workloads
» Support for Oracle Database Standard Edition 2 and Enterprise Edition
» High performance flash storage
» Deploy in as little as 30 minutes
» Simple, Optimized, Affordable
Market Opportunity
Over 50,000 Oracle Database SE/EE customers under Oracle Support
» SE/SE1 upgrade opportunity to SE2 with ODA
» Partner Opportunities
  • DB migration, Consolidation & managed services 
  • ODA hardware refresh 
  • Oracle DB backup cloud service
Sales Plays
» Hardware Refresh: Oracle DB SE/SE1/SE2 under Oracle support on non-Oracle H/W migrate to new ODAs
 Expand Engineered Systems Footprint: Expand with ODA targeting Test/Dev, remote sites/branch offices/Mid-market
 production App/DB environments
» Solution-in-a-Box: Re-platform APP & DB tiers on an ODA platform and desire simplicity & optimization 
Use Cases
» Test/Dev
» Branch Office/Remote Office/SMB
» SE 2 Test/Dev

» Oracle Database Appliance X6-2S $18,000 USD List
»Oracle Database Appliance X6-2M $24,000 USD List
 Standard discounting applies + incremental pre-approved discounts for FY’17 designed to provide 
predicable margins for Oracle’s channel. Contact your VAD for details.  
ODA Channel Only Promotions 
»  ODA + SE2 on same order, 10% incremental discount
  • Buy ODA and SE2 on the same order, 10% incremental discount on SE2
  • Remarketers Qualify
  • Start Date: Mid-July
» ODA + 1 TB Cloud Promotion 
  • 12 months of 1TB free Database Backup Cloud Service 
  • Start date: Mid-July
» Dynamic Hybrid Bundles
  • VAR discount on ODA + metered cloud services (PaaS & IaaS)
  • Incremental 35% discount on cloud services
  • Available now
Important Links
» For key ODA resources, join the EMEA Partner Community for Servers and Storage: 
Register here and select "Hardware" when you get to the pull-own list of communities
Then, go to the Community Workspace and to the ODA folder 
>> EMEA ODA X6-2 Webcast for EMEA Partners: Replay Link

Friday May 27, 2016

Dedicated to EMEA Partners: Next Generation Oracle Database Appliance: June 2nd at 11am CET

Join us for this specific OPN EMEA webcast to learn about the next generation of the Oracle Database Appliance.

In this session we will introduce new products with an emphasis on sales positioning and market opportunities.

This webcast will provide useful information about how to monetize Oracle Database Appliance as well as sales, marketing and training resources to ensure you are successful in your selling efforts.


Logistics Logistics

Calendar Thursday,
June 02, 2016

10am UKT
(11am CET)

Duration: 1 hour

Webcast Webcast Details

Register Now

Icon Get in Touch

Samantha Pavia


» Executive Welcome

» Market Opportunity/Product Positioning

» Product Overview

» Use Cases/Sales Plays

» OPN Programs/Resources

» Q & A

Who Should Attend:

» Oracle VAR Sales/Pre-Sales & Marketing Personnel


Best regards,

Alistair Hopkins
VP Sales & Strategy Technology Solutions, EMEA A&C, Oracle

Speakers Spakers

Presenter name

Alistair Hopkins
VP Sales & Strategy Technology Solutions, EMEA A&C, Oracle

Mascha Barantschik
Principal Product Manager EMEA, Oracle Database Appliance

Presenter name

Giuseppe Facchetti
Director, Engineered Systems Partner Programs, EMEA A&C 

Tuesday Jun 11, 2013

Oracle Database Appliance X3-2 Demo Equipment Purchase Initiative Extended until November 30, 2013

Oracle is pleased to announce that the Oracle Database Appliance DEP Initiative has been extended until November 30, 2013. As part of the Demo Equipment Purchase Program, Oracle VADs may purchase the Oracle Database Appliance X3-2 for demonstration purposes at a significantly reduced price. For more information click here

Monday May 27, 2013

Oracle Database Appliance- Revised Last Order Date

Read here the announcement.

Monday May 13, 2013

Oracle Midsize Indepth Newletter

Find out when midsize organizations should consider upgrading their ERP, how to simplify IT with Oracle Database Appliance X3-2, the top five benefits of Oracle Optimized Solution for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, customer and partner successes, and more. Read the Oracle Midsize InDepth Newsletter.

Thursday Mar 14, 2013

ODA X3-2 Marketing Material Available

Material on the new  ODA X3-2 is available to partners in the Oracle Database Appliance Knowledge Zone on the OPN portal.

ODA X3-2 Launch Partner Guide (new!)  - you can find the links to Pre-launch webcast replay, Demo units purchase program in this document.

ODA X3-2 Quick Reference Guide (new!) - you can find elevator pitch, qualifying questions, positioning here.

Oracle Database Appliance Customer Presentation (Technical Part 1) (new!)

Oracle Database Appliance Customer Presentation (Technical Part 2) (new!)

For customer facing documents like whitepaper, datasheet, FAQ, please visit

Monday Mar 11, 2013

Oracle Announces Oracle Database Appliance X3-2

On Tuesday, March 5, 2013, Oracle launched its Oracle Database Appliance X3-2 (ODA). This latest release not only boosts hardware configuration, but also extends the use of Oracle Database Appliance to application workloads using the virtualized platform. Check out the Partner Guide for more information.

Monday Feb 25, 2013

Webcast: Oracle Database Appliance Pre-Launch Briefing for VARs and SIs- March 4 AT 4 PM CET

Oracle will soon be launching its next-generation Oracle Database Appliance. Join us for this webcast on March 4th at 4 pm CET to learn about the new Oracle Database Appliance and its hardware refresh update, positioning, and the Oracle Database Appliance DEP Initiative. 

Monday Feb 11, 2013

The Virtualized Oracle Database Appliance Overview

Please take a look at this January 25, 2013 "Virtualized Oracle Database Appliance Overview" presentation and webcast replay to learn about Oracle Virtual Machine (VM) support on the Oracle Database Appliance, as well as the unique benefits of Oracle VM on Oracle’s Database Appliance.

Wednesday Jan 30, 2013

Oracle Database Appliance Now Supports Oracle Virtual Machine

The Oracle Database Appliance was introduced last year and has seen a tremendous amount of success with customers. The Oracle Database Appliance now supports OVM, enabling applications to co-exist and run with their database, all on the same physical appliance. Learn more from the January 24th RAC SIG webinar playback here.

Share The Oracle Database Appliance Simplicity And Savings Story

A recent study comparing Oracle Database Appliance and Microsoft SQL Server found that the Oracle Database Appliance can save companies more than 2,000 hours in deployment, maintenance, and support. Share this important story with your customers today! Direct customers to the study and an infographic for more details on why the Oracle Database Appliance is the ideal solution for midsize businesses. Go to the study and infographic.

Tuesday Nov 20, 2012

Oracle Database Appliance Product Development Webinar Series – Fridays

Join Sohan DeMel, VP Product Strategy and Business Development, every Friday to hear about the latest tools and best practices designed to help you close more business with the Oracle Database Appliance. Bookmark this OPN page to add upcoming calls to your calendar, as well as playback the replays from all of our past sessions including Best Practices, Customer Wins, and Use Cases.

Monday Nov 12, 2012

Oracle Database Appliance Product Development Webinar Series – Fridays

Encourage your partners to learn about the latest tools and best practices to close more business with the Oracle Database Appliance. Click here to see the upcoming events and to listen to the Replays of the Webinars.

Monday Oct 29, 2012

Oracle Database Appliance Product Development Webinar Series – Fridays

On November 2nd, Sohan DeMel, VP Product Strategy and Business Development, will be kicking off the next round of topics in this valuable webinar series. Encourage your partners to attend to learn about the latest tools and best practices to close more business with the Oracle Database Appliance. Click here for more information.

Thursday Jul 19, 2012

Oracle Database Appliance Video Contest

Congratulations to TechData Azlan who won for EMEA the global ODA Video Contest as most creative video. Take a look here.



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