Friday Jan 09, 2015

Oracle Value-based Project Registration (VPR) Initiative in EMEA

The Value-based Project Registration initiative is a complement to Oracle's existing Open Market Model (OMM) Resale Registration Initiative and provides partners a new option for registration at the project level.

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Here the link to the training replay

Thursday Oct 10, 2013

OMM Policy Update: Reminder

Effective September 1st, 2013 all OMM deal registrations approved for a public sector entity end user will be ineligible for either the OMM Resale Compensatory Fee payment or OMM Referral Fee payment. This change is being effected for legal and regulatory compliance reasons and to bring global consistency to the OMM policy.Eligible OPN Incentive Program rebates and OMM Resale and Referral Fee payments for commercial entities will remain unaffected. In addition, the process for submitting a net new registration for a public sector entity will remain unaffected.

Any OPN Member holding a valid OMM registration with a public sector entity which was submitted and approved prior to this policy change will be eligible, pending successful completion of criteria, for an OMM Referral Fee or OMM Resale Compensatory Fee for a period of six months after the policy change. No extensions will be approved for these registrations. Details of this change are contained within the OMM policy and may be viewed here

Monday Sep 16, 2013

OMM Policy Update: EMEA, Asia Pacific & Japan

Effective September 1st, 2013 all OMM deal registrations approved for a public sector entity end user will be ineligible for either the OMM Resale Compensatory Fee payment or OMM Referral Fee payment. Read more here.

Monday Mar 18, 2013

NEW OMM Hardware Business Initiative

To better leverage our partner network, a new OMM Hardware Business Initiative has been launched with the objective of driving growth in incremental Hardware revenue in the broad market during Q4FY13. Read the full announcement here.

Friday May 11, 2012

Upcoming Changes to Oracle's Deal Registration Process

Beginning on June 1, 2012, Oracle deal registration approvals will migrate to Fusion. Users will continue to use the existing deal registration tool which will interface to Fusion – this means that current log-in screens, passwords, etc. will all remain the same. The tool itself will retain most of its current functions. However, users may experience delays in obtaining approvals/opportunity IDs, especially at go-live (beginning June 1).

How should deal registration system users prepare?

As a VAD, we recommend that you encourage your resellers to take these steps prior to June 1, 2012, to prepare for the changes:

· R  Review/action any un-submitted deal registrations prior to May 28, 2012: Users should take time between now and May 28 to review and/or action any un-submitted deal registrations so they can be reviewed by Oracle in advance of the June 1 system changeover date.

· P  Prepare for possible delays in registration approvals at go-live (June 1, 2012): Oracle anticipates some delay in approvals of partner deal registrations at go-live, so please remind your resellers to take this into consideration and ensure they have submitted all deal registrations prior to May 28, 2012.

If VADs or resellers have questions about this or need assistance, please contact either an Oracle channel manager or the Oracle Partner Business Center.

Friday Mar 09, 2012

NEW OMM (Open Market Model) Knowledge Building Webcast Series

It is important that you understand the fundamentals of Oracle's Open Market Model (OMM) and the benefits it can deliver to your business. 

The EMEA OMM Team will be running a new series of webcasts to build your knowledge on OMM and to allow a forum for any questions to be answered.  The webcasts have been designed so they can be attended as standalone sessions to gain knowledge on specific topics, or as a complete, in-depth learning path on the OMM program.

Webcasts will be held each Thursday for 30 minutes or less and will take place at 1pm CET.

For a complete calendar, visit the Blog here




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