Tuesday Jun 07, 2016

Modern Demand Generation: Marketing Automation for Partners

In a world where everyone is swamped by e-mails, effective communication has to be relevant and timely. It is therefore essential to engage customers through dialogue and interaction rather than via impersonal mass e-mail campaigns, which only result in alienating recipients. The use of digital, modern, mobile-responsive and innovative delivery platforms is therefore critical.

To address this new reality, Oracle launched a pilot project in FY15, initially for UK partners, to take advantage of its new Marketing Automation Platform. The pilot program has now become an Oracle Marketing global service reaching over 100 Partners.

The Marketing Automation Solution

ic-LeadGeneration-redThis is a cross-channel marketing system to manage and automate the targeting, timing and content of outbound marketing messages in line with prospect actions and behaviors. Its main aim is to move marketing from a cost centre to a source of revenue, from reactive to predictable. It enables Partners to create modern marketing campaigns and deepen customers’ preferences for Oracle solutions via a single integrated platform that drives Partner self-service, generating leads and ultimately demand.

The offering covers:

  • eMail Marketing
  • Social media content syndication (pushing a blog, webpage or video out into third-party sites, either as a full article, fragment, link, or thumbnail within related digital content to drive more engagement or awareness)
  • Web content syndication (making website material available to other sites)
  • Integrated analytics
  • Partner CRM system integration capabilities

In practical terms, this means empowering the marketing organization to communicate with qualified leads when it makes most sense on a topic the lead is interested in. For example, it can follow up leads that have begun registering for an event or webinar and encourage them to complete the process. It can also follow up leads after an event and determine when the time is ripe for them to talk to a sales person as well as personalizing all communications and integrating with any number of MarTech tools to complete the Demand Generation process.

Benefits for Partners

Partners can customize and extend the campaigns proposed by Oracle and build their ownsin order to personalize specific customer expectations . The platform also accelerates partners adoption of modern marketing techniques and guide those who may not always have a dedicated marketing organisation.

Currently, 100 Partners have live accounts with 50 running campaigns reaching 400,000 net new contacts for Oracle. Ultimately, the new platform has the potential to automate marketing outreach to millions of new contacts and drive Demand Generation to unprecedented heights.

Stay tuned as we share more modern Demand Generation initiatives for Partners!

Sell More, Faster with New Oracle Marketing Kits

Looking for ways to make your partners more successful? We’ve got you covered! As part of their OPN membership, partners have access to new and improved marketing tools for their campaigns. These essential tools are bundled into Marketing Kits for both Oracle Cloud and On-Premise solutions. Each kit provides resources such as Partner Guidance Documents, eBlasts, Copy Blocks, Datasheets, and Whitepapers – all designed to help Oracle partners sell more, faster. View this short video to see how the new marketing tools help drive more Oracle sales.

Monday Sep 14, 2015

New Enhancements to the OPN Syndicated Oracle Showcase

Zift Solutions and SharedVue – a division of The Channel Company – have joined forces to deliver the next wave of channel marketing automation capabilities. We encourage you and your partners to learn more about the new comprehensive and compelling Channel Marketing Automation solutions!

Tuesday Jul 14, 2015

Now open: Call for partner/customer reference nominations

We are looking for partner and/or customer reference nominations in the following product categories: HCM Cloud, Sales Cloud, ERP Cloud, EPM Cloud, other cloud areas (excluding Managed Cloud and Private Cloud), engineered systems and big data. Learn more about the partner/customer reference program and view published success stories here. We look forward to your nominations!

Monday Apr 13, 2015

New Video: How to Find Partner Marketing & Sales Resources

This new OPN video provides a step-by-step guide on how to find partner resources such as marketing kits, sales quick reference guides, training tools and more.

Fast, Easy & Effective Way to Enhance Website Content

Encourage your partners to take advantage of the OPN Syndicated Oracle Showcase at no additional cost to automatically update their Oracle content by driving relevant marketing, product and promotional content through their existing website, directly to customers. Visit the new Info Center to learn more and check out the informational video!

Monday Mar 23, 2015

Check out the Oracle Sales Cloud Marketing & Sales Kit for partners!

Engage your customer earlier and close deals more often with Oracle Sales Cloud. Equip your team with the proper processes, tools, resources, and intelligence to increase revenues. Check out Oracle’s Marketing & Sales Kit today!

Monday Mar 02, 2015

The OPN homepage goes mobile!

Inform your partners that Oracle recently launched the OPN homepage mobile responsive interface. This design refresh supports an “anywhere, any device” user experience for tablets and smartphones. View the full announcement for more information.

Thursday Feb 26, 2015

New Marketing Kit : Oracle Database Appliance X5-2: Complete Simple Reliable Affordable

The ODA X5-2 provides a simple, reliable and affordable database consolidation platform offering rapid deployment and maximum uptime. With the addition of Oracle VM, the ODA X5-2 is the perfect clustered platform for Oracle Databases, Middleware and Oracle and Non-Oracle Applications.

Click here to access the kit: use it for your demand generation activities.

Monday Feb 02, 2015

Now available! Oracle HCM Cloud Marketing Kit

Generate new opportunities and increase sales with the ready to use Oracle HCM Cloud Marketing Kit. The video Using the Oracle HCM Cloud Marketing Kit provides an overview of the market and strategy, as well as how to use the resources in the marketing kit.

Monday Jan 19, 2015

New Marketing Kit for Oracle FS1

The new marketing kit Oracle FS1 : Maximize Flash performance and Economics is now available on the OPN portal

Tuesday Jan 13, 2015

New Marketing Kit for MySQL

With more than 15 million active installs, MySQL Enterprise is the leading open source database solution behind many of today’s Web applications. Five of the five top websites are powered by MySQL – even Twitter, Facebook and eBay rely on the scalability and cost-effective nature of MySQL. Download this new marketing kit and learn why MySQL is the best choice for web and cloud applications.

New Videos - Share with your customers

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Tuesday Dec 09, 2014

Encourage your Partners to Bookmark the OPN News Blog

The OPN News Blog is a valuable, external-facing resource that houses information for partners on Oracle product announcements, upcoming events, webinars, boot camps and more. Ensure your partners are aware of this resource and bookmark it for easy reference.

Monday Nov 24, 2014

Have your Partners Bookmarked the OPN News Blog?

The OPN News Blog is a valuable, external-facing resource that houses information for partners on Oracle product announcements, upcoming events, webinars, boot camps and more. Ensure your partners are aware of this resource and bookmark it for easy reference.



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