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  • October 17, 2012

WebLogic Server 11gR1 Interactive Quick Reference

Juergen Kress
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The WebLogic Server 11gR1 Administration interactive quick reference is a multimedia tool for various terms and concepts used in WebLogic Server architecture. This tool is available for administrators for online or offline use. This is built as a multimedia web page which provides descriptions of WebLogic Server Architectural components, and references to relevant documentation. This tool offers valuable reference information for any complex concept or product in an intuitive and useful manner.

Each interactive type presents data that may be available in the documentation (in the case of Oracle products), but presents it in a way that is more intuitive and useful to a user of Oracle products because it displays data the way it is used in a real world, best practice scenario. For example, the architectural diagram interactive type provides an image of an architectural diagram that is typically larger than a single slide or paper. The image is scrollable and provides zoom capabilities to easily and clearly view any part of the image. The image itself contains a hotspot map that you can click to get more information about a feature, including reference links to the documentation in question. Linking the visual image of the component and where it fits in the overall architecture of the product, or technology in use, to the technical explanation and how-to materials related to that component is something not offered by the documentation. In a future release, the poster will also enable you to drill down even further into the individual subsystems in nested diagrams to look at the details of that subsystem.

In short, the interactive posters are good at showing you the big picture, then quickly and easily getting you to the detailed information you need. In an instant, you can see where a technical component fits into an overall architecture, and zero in on the nitty-gritty details that show you how to do it yourself.
Note: This is a first initial release with more features in development.

Currently known information:

  • Only Firefox 8.0 and higher is known to work with this product. This product may work with Chrome and Safari browsers, but is known to have issues in Internet Explorer at this time.
  • Smartphones, such as iPads and iPhones, are partially supported

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