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  • April 24, 2013

WebLogic Logging Configuration by René van Wijk

Juergen Kress
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In general, it is a good idea to use log rotation to prevent having to stop a WebLogic server to remove a large log file that is filling up the file system. It is also a good idea to create a separate partition such that the root file system does not fill up. A partition is a contiguous set of blocks on a drive that are treated as if they were independent disks. The default installation of today’s Enterprise Linux distributions uses flexible partitioning layouts by creating one or more logical volumes. Some of the partitions that we might want to consider separating out from root to provide more flexibility and better performance in the environment

  • /home – A file server environment would benefit from separating out /home to its own partition. This is the home directory for all users on the system, if there are no disk quotas implemented, so separating this directory should isolate a user’s runaway consumption of disk space.
  • /tmp – If we are running a high-performance computing environment, large amounts of temporary space are needed during compute time, then released upon completion.
  • /usr – This is where the kernel source tree and Linux documentation (as well as most executable binaries) are located. The /usr/local directory stores the executables that must be accessed by all users on the system and is a good location to store custom scripts developed for our environment. If it is separated to its own partition, then files will not have to be reinstalled during an upgrade or reinstall by simply choosing not to have the partition reformatted
  • /var – The /var partition is important in mail, Web, and print server environments because it contains the log files for these environments and the overall system log. Chronic messages can flood and fill this partition. If this occurs and the partition is not separate from the /, service interruptions are possible. Depending on the environment, further separation of this partition is possible by separating out /var/spool/mail for a mail server or /var/log for system logs.
  • /opt – The installation of some third-party software products, such as WebLogic Server, default to this partition. If not separate, the installation will continue under / and, if there is not enough space allocated, could fail.

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