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  • March 27, 2014

top tweets WebLogic Partner Community – March 2014

Jürgen Kress
PaaS Partner Adoption

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clip_image001adfArchSquare‏ I added a video to a @YouTube playlist http://youtu.be/vUJiYev2oEA?a 48. Design - Designing for Accessibility - Browser Support, ADF

clip_image002Simon RitterThe new #Java magazine is out with lots of great content on #JDK8 and Java ME 8. http://bit.ly/1c70ewC

clip_image003Rohan‏ Af InputDate Default Message hint http://weblogiccommunity.com/2014/03/23/af-inputdate-default-message-hint-disable-by-rohan-walia/ … @JDeveloper @adf @wlscommunity

clip_image004Bruno Borges Chris Tonas answers questions on #Oracle's plan for #NetBeans 9 http://blogs.oracle.com/java/entry/the_future_of_application_development …

clip_image005Wolfgang WeigendToday #Java8 launch webcast worldwide and at DOAG iJUG Javaland Germany 6pm https://blogs.oracle.com/otn/entry/java_8_launch_webcast_on …

clip_image006Adam BienYou are invited to a Java EE/SE/FX #airhacks "Come Together" tomorrow: http://www.adam-bien.com/roller/abien/entry/free_java_event_1st_airhacks … with #airbräu draft beer.

clip_image006[1]Adam BienSamples for yesterday's #airhacks #bootstrap #javaee workshop uploaded: https://kenai.com/projects/javaee-patterns/sources/hg/show/hacks/airport-hacking?rev=491 … … Thanks for attending!

clip_image007WebLogic Community Consolidate Your Applications on Oracle WebLogic Server http://wp.me/p1LMIb-14s

clip_image007[1]WebLogic CommunitySimple Sample Custom Database Authenticator for Oracle Weblogic Server 11g by Middleware Wonders http://wp.me/p1LMIb-14w

clip_image008orclateamsoa#orclateamsoa Blog: Improve SSL Support for Your WebLogic Domains http://ow.ly/2EUCag

clip_image009C2B2 Consulting C2B2 #GlassFish Support-our engineers provide their expertise as backup to your operations teams #JEE #Java http://hub.am/1iJDHrS

clip_image006[2]Adam BienFree Java 8 / java EE 7 / Java FX 8 After Dark Session and Virtual, World Wide Java QA: March 26th, 6.30 - 7.... http://bit.ly/1qYcp4Z

clip_image006[3]Adam BienThanks for attending the #java8 party. See you next week in Munich!: http://www.adam-bien.com/roller/abien/entry/free_java_8_java_ee …

clip_image007[2]WebLogic CommunityDo I need to run WebLogic Server in a certified platform? By Luz Mestre http://wp.me/p1LMIb-14u

clip_image010Oracle WebLogicMilestone for the Java platform – The Release of Java 8 - @Lucas Jellema http://pub.vitrue.com/8y6T

clip_image011JDeveloper & ADFDesign - Designing for Application Customization & MDS - Customization - YouTube http://dlvr.it/5BkNd2

clip_image010[1]Oracle WebLogic‏ JDK 8 now available on OTN http://pub.vitrue.com/1tqC

clip_image012Oracle Tech NetworkEntering the #IoT Developer Challenge? Check out these free training resources. #RaspberryPi http://pub.vitrue.com/GjvV

clip_image009[1]C2B2 Consulting#WebLogic Diagnostic Framework is often overlooked but can be very powerful when configured properly http://hub.am/OAyAj0 #JEE #Java

clip_image007[3]WebLogic CommunityREST, SSE or WebSockets on WebLogic 10.3.6 by Edwin Biemond http://wp.me/p1LMIb-14m

clip_image013NightHacking‏ Java 8 Released! -- Lambdas Tutorial http://wp.me/pKWAB-Zu

clip_image014Java#Java8 Now Available http://ow.ly/uII6b

clip_image015DonaldOJDKNetBeans, IntelliJ & Eclipse all GA support #java8 at launch. https://netbeans.org/downloads/ http://blog.jetbrains.com/idea/2014/03/intellij-idea-13-1-released/ … http://wp.me/p1jvxA-D6

clip_image016Edwin Biemond JDK8 is now also supported by my #puppet module http://forge.puppetlabs.com/biemond/jdk7 also option to override /usr/java and RSA key size fix for WLS 12.1.1

clip_image007[4]WebLogic Community OOW call for paper OPEN http://www.oracle.com/openworld/call-for-papers/index.html … … submit your WebLogic & ADF success now! @OracleWebLogic #WebLogicCommunity @JDeveloper

clip_image007[5]WebLogic Community WebLogic & JRockit FlightRecording scheduling by Qualogy http://wp.me/p1LMIb-14i

clip_image010[2]Oracle WebLogic#Weblogic Server JDBC Connect String For Failover and Load Balancing - Mukesh Negi

clip_image010[3]Oracle WebLogic#Weblogic Server : Custom Memory Heap Setting For Each Server http://pub.vitrue.com/px5P

clip_image017OTNArchBeatGet Ready for #IoT: Challenges and opportunities in the Internet of Things http://pub.vitrue.com/sDXV

clip_image010[4]Oracle WebLogic WebLogic 12.1.3 Preview-We were recently pleased to present a webcast on the upcoming release of WebLogic 12.1.3. http://pub.vitrue.com/IuTS

clip_image009[2]C2B2 ConsultingWhat's C2B2's Commercial #GlassFish support?What will a customer get for the money?' @AdamBien interviews S.Millidge http://hub.am/1iVkVAx

clip_image010[5]Oracle WebLogicDeploying Jenkins to a #WebLogic Server - Peter Lorenzen http://pub.vitrue.com/KiZg

clip_image018OracleBlogs‏ Common WebLogic Problems by Steve Millidge http://ow.ly/2ELSfD

clip_image019Simon Haslam@yashoo @wlscommunity I don't think there is anything. You could try DOM/servers/<server>/data/nodemanager/<server>.state but WLST better

clip_image020Antonis Antoniou@wlscommunity Using ADF BC Declarative Built-in Rules: Collection Validator http://antonis-antoniou.blogspot.com/2014/03/using-adf-bc-declarative-built-in-rules.html …

clip_image021Markus EiseleRunning #GlassFish 4 on #Java8 : Experiment with Java 8 Functionality in #JavaEE7 Applications by @javajuneau http://jj-blogger.blogspot.de/2014/03/running-glassfish-4-on-java-8.html …

clip_image014[1]Java#Java8, Eclipse, and the Future http://ow.ly/uLZoT #EclipseCon

clip_image007[6]WebLogic Community Part I – WebLogic Suite: Foundation Infrastructure for Oracle iAS (Internet App Server) Customers http://wp.me/p1LMIb-14o

clip_image007[7]WebLogic Community Common WebLogic Problems by Steve Millidge http://wp.me/p1LMIb-14g

clip_image007[8]WebLogic CommunityAdditional new material WebLogic Community http://wp.me/p1LMIb-153

clip_image009[3]C2B2 ConsultingMissed the last #GlassFish User Group Event? No worries, watch the video presentation by @AdamBien here http://hub.am/1hU7mxB #JEE #Java

clip_image022d8P.itNetBeans support for JavaFX for iOS is out! | http://tech.d8p.it/40687/netbeans/NetBeans-support-for-JavaFX-for-iOS-is-out- … (Spotted by @wlscommunity on #netbeans)

clip_image023Peter van Ne Exporting a LDAP or DB based #OPSS store. http://www.reddipped.com/2014/03/exporting-a-ldap-or-db-based-opss-store/ … @wlscommunity #WebLogicCommunity

clip_image009[4]C2B2 Consulting WebLogic 12c Does WebSockets -Getting Started' read more on C2B2 Blog #WebLogic #JEE #Java

clip_image007[9]WebLogic Community ADF Classic mistakes and Worst practices (abstract from UKOUG 2013) by Amis http://wp.me/p1LMIb-146

clip_image024Frank NimphiusAnd the Oscar goes to … Timo Hahn from Virtual 7 … for best main acting and performance ... pic.twitter.com/jhLr1I8v0d


clip_image004[1]Bruno Borges Migrating a @Java_EE app from @GlassFish to @OracleWebLogic, first steps and road ahead for customers and users: http://blog.brunoborges.com.br/2014/03/migrating-java-ee-app-from-glassfish-to.html …

clip_image009[5]C2B2 Consulting 'C2B2,winners of the #WebLogic Partner Community Award,play a key role for Oracle Fusion Middleware in the UK market http://hub.am/OShEF5

clip_image017[1]OTNArchBeat‏ The OTNArchBeat Daily is out! http://paper.li/OTNArchBeat/1329828521 … Stories via @wlscommunity @arungupta

clip_image021[1]Markus Eisele"Diagnosing Intermittent Authentication Failures and User Lock Outs in Oracle #WebLogic"

clip_image027Oracle.IMCNew Blog Post: Partner Webcast – Foundation for Innovation: Oracle Fusion Middleware http://ift.tt/1pIq0Nk oraclepartners

clip_image027[1]Oracle.IMCPartner Webcast – Oracle WebLogic Server Management using Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Slidedeck oraclepartners pic.twitter.com/LtF5j44rsq

clip_image024[1]Frank NimphiusOracle Magazine article about JDeveloper 12c "REST for Everyone"

clip_image028ADF Code Corner New on ADF Code Corner; Oracle Magazine article about JDeveloper 12c "REST for Everyone" http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/developer-tools/adf/learnmore/index-101235.html …

clip_image029Steven DavelaarTaking ADF Mobile development to the next level: generate a sophisticated mobile app in a few minutes: http://www.ateam-oracle.com/?p=22331

clip_image017[2]OTNArchBeatMaturing #REST Specifications and the Internet of Things | Phil Hunt http://pub.vitrue.com/aGmS

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