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  • June 28, 2012

top tweets WebLogic Partner Community – June 2012

Juergen Kress
PaaS Partner Adoption

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OTNArchBeat‏ Free Virtual Developer Day: Oracle ADF and Oracle Fusion Middleware Development

AMIS, Oracle & Java‏ Checklist veearts nu ook op iPad. @amis_services Mobile integratie met Oracle Fusion Middleware

WhitehorsesWhiteblog: Troubleshoot JVM crashes of Weblogic: CompilerThread

Jon petter hjulstad E-vita is now Apps Grid Specialized!

ODTUG Fusion Middleware Sessions RT
@OTNArchBeat: ODTUG Kscope12 - June 24-28 - San Antonio, TX http://bit.ly/LlWkNV

OTNArchBeat‏ Free Event: Modern #Java Development, in/outside the Enterprise - May 30 - Redwood Shores, CA

ADF Community DE‏ Oracle Advanced ADF 11g Partner Workshop Düsseldorf /Germany (english) June 26-29, click here to see

Nicolas Lorain‏ Best Practices for #JavaFX 2 Enterprise Applications (Part Two)
http://buff.ly/Lk1DBn by Jim Weaver

shay shmeltzer‏ #Oracle Developers in #Israel - don't miss the free #ADF workshop July 2nd - get hands-on with Oracle ADF -here

OTNArchBeat‏ Java at JAXconf | Tori Wieldt

Anand Akela‏ #Oracle Customers and Partners – Get your free pass to @CloudExpo in New York, June 11 to 14, http://goo.gl/RpYFT <- Stop by booth #511

OracleSupport_WLS‏ Did you know that since 3/15/12 #WebLogic Server is certified for production with JDK 7?

Sharat‏ Highly useful #JavaFX best practices blog by @JavaFXpert
More details here

ADF EMG How to set up a productive ADF Dev Env - discussion started by @baigsorcl. Click here to Read and comment.

OracleSupport_WLS Upcoming #webcast: Diagnosing #weblogic performance issues through #java thread dumps

My Oracle Support‏ New to Oracle Support? - Webcast on Support Basics webcast May 22 10:30 Central Europe. Register @

Mohamad Afshar‏ Cloud Expo – Oracle Customers and Partners – get your free pass to Cloud Expo in New York, June 11 to 14,

OTNArchBeat Oracle VM 3.1 is here | @Ronenkofman

Oracle Exalogic‏ RT @D0uglasPhillips: ExalogicTV New Video Introducing Oracle Secure Global Desktop for #Exalogic!!

OracleBlogs‏ Java EE6 and WebLogic YouTube video channels

Oracle WebLogic RT @aleftik: Excited to spend some time today playing around with the WebSockets SDK

WebLogic Community Java EE6 and WebLogic YouTube video channels

OracleSupport_WLS New tutorial! How to use the #JMS #API to create a message producer with #GlassFish and
#NetBeans http://bit.ly/Juqjn

JDeveloper & ADF‏ Tip when installing JDeveloper version

WebLogic Community Middleware Oracle Excellence Awards 2012 – HAPPY NEW YEAR! Click here to read
WebLogicCommunity #opn
#Specialization #opnaward

Steven Davelaar‏ Improve performance of your ADF app using lazy, on-demand querying of detail view objects: Click here

OracleBlogs‏ Middleware Oracle Excellence Awards 2012 & HAPPY NEW YEAR!

OracleSupport_WLS Upgrading from #weblogic 9.2.x to 10.3.x?

AMIS, Oracle & Java@JDeveloper: Logout from an ADF application

WebLogic Community UK OUG call for papers–your middleware success! Click here #UKOUG
#soacommunity #OPN

Whitehorses Whiteblog: Enterprise Manager: Manage your Fusion Middleware logfiles

WebLogic Community‏ @Jphjulstad HI Jon, should we send Pizza when you go in production with your WebLogic 12c project? Whish you success! #WebLogicCommunity

Sabine Leitner ADF Einsteigerworkshops je 2 Tage im Juni in HAM, BLN, HANN #Oracle #WLS
http://bit.ly/LcOIzB @OracleWebLogic

Andreas Koop new post Java Heap Monitor in JDeveloper

Sabine Leitner‏ #Oracle Kundentag mit Vorträgen von Sparkasse, Schufa, LBBW, Allianz über FMW & Exa Lösungen! 21.06. FRA


NetBeans Team RT @chadlung: Installing and configuring #NetBeans 7.1.2 and the #Java JDK 1.7 on OS X:

WebLogic Community Happy New Year #WeblogicCommunity thanks for the business! Time for a drink

WebLogic Community UK OUG call for papers&ndash;your middleware success!

WebLogic Community‏ Middleware Oracle Excellence Awards 2012 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Oracle WebLogic‏ RT @wlscommunity: WebLogic World Record Two Processor Result with SPECjEnterprise2010 Benchmark Click here to read #weblogic #sunfire #li

Marc‏ Relocate wlst script for all the logfiles in your domain @wlscommunity,

WebLogic Community WebLogic World Record Two Processor Result with SPECjEnterprise2010 Benchmark Click here
#WebLogicCommunity #weblogic #sunfire

Oracle WebLogic MIss a WebLogic Devcast webinar? Catch any of the replays in the series on-demand! #WebLogic #JavaEE #coherence

JDeveloper & ADF‏ Bean DataControl - Edit table records

Justin Kestelyn‏ Contents of "Virtual Developer Day: Java SE 7 and JavaFX 2.0" are now avail on demand; no reg

Frank Nimphius‏ Preparing 12c new features for DOAG 2012 Development - June 14th in Bonn

WebLogic Community‏ Middleware Oracle Excellence Awards 2012&ndash;HAPPY NEW YEAR!

JDeveloper & ADF Placeholder Watermarks with ADF 11.1.2

Oracle ACE Program‏ May edition #ACE newsletter now available online. http://bit.ly/LKA2de

chriscmuir New blog post: Which JDeveloper is right for me?

GlassFish‏ Transactional Interceptors in Java EE 7 - Request for feedback: Linda described how EJB's container-managed tr

OracleEnterpriseMgr Oracle Application Testing Suite 12.1 Debuts at StarEast 2012
http://ow.ly/aXcv8 #em12c

JAX London First set of speaker session announced for #JAXLondon see:

OTNArchBeat‏ Oracle Cloud Conference: dates and locations worldwide

NetBeans Team‏ Video: Create and debug a TestNG test class in #NetBeans IDE:

NetBeans Team #NetBeans tip: Code Template for #Kohana #PHP Framework: http://ow.ly/aWIvY

Robin‏ Started to use the #Oracle #WebLogic Server #Maven Plugin. Really awesome to install a complete #WLS with "mvn wls:install" !@wlscommunity

OTNArchBeat‏ Free Event: Modern #Java Development, in/outside the Enterprise - May 30 - Redwood Shores, CA http://bit.ly/JIN9tf

OracleBlogs WebLogic Partner Community Newsletter May 2012

Java Certification‏ Java SE 7 Fundamentals course now available On Demand. Watch a preview now:

Whitehorses Whiteblog: Native IO in WebLogic on Solaris 11 X64

NetBeans Team‏ Quick video of FindBugs Integration in #NetBeans IDE 7.2:

NetBeans Team #JavaFX Scene Builder Docs Updated for 2.2 and #NetBeans 7.2 dev builds:

Duncan Mills‏ New blog posting on implementing input field watermarks with ADF Faces 11.1.2 Click here #adf

WebLogic Community‏ WebLogic Partner Community Newsletter May 2012

OracleBlogs‏ UK OUG call for papersyour middleware success!

Nicolas Lorain‏ Java tip: Deploying #JavaFX apps to multiple environments - JavaWorld

Adam Bien‏ Java EE and How to Specify The Unconventional With Convention Over Configuration [Free Article]: The free

Owen Hughes and team‏#Oracle #Exalogic
#Performance: What? How? Why? Click here

GlassFish‏ SecuritEE in the Cloud: Java EE 7 and the Cloud theme continue to move full steam ahead. In a PaaS environment

JDeveloper & ADF‏ How to Align Managed Bean Scope and Bean Data Control in Oracle ADF

Andrejus Baranovskis Missing New Feature in JDev ( - ADF Methods Security

OracleSupport_WLS‏ Tutorial on managing #HTTP Sessions in a #Weblogic #Cluster

Oracle WebLogic‏ ZeroTurnaround developer report: #Spring keeps getting heavier, and #Java EE keeps getting lighter http://bit.ly/JDmKy2

JDeveloper & ADF‏ How to Search in Views - Part 4 || Oracle ADF

WebLogic Community Java Message Service with Java and Spring Framework on Oracle WebLogic; Webcast May 15th 2012

Andreas Koop‏ new post ADF Bug or Feature? Non-Breaking Space outside required icon style

Oracle WebLogic‏ Don't miss this month's WebLogic DevCast: WebLogic JMS and Spring JMS
Tuesday May 15th 10:00am PT

JDeveloper & ADF How To Disable SELECT COUNT Execution for ADF Table Rendering

OracleSupport_WLS‏ #SSL and security has its own Information Center,
http://bit.ly/LP8Vil for troubleshooting, install, config and more

NetBeans Team‏ Featured #NetBeans plugin is @Codename_One for creating native apps for major mobile platforms:

JDeveloper & ADF‏ Using JDeveloper HTTP Analyser to intercept/forward requests

Nicolas Lorain‏ Create native looks for JavaFX applications: JavaFX-CSS-Themes ·
http://buff.ly/M0jel0 by Gregg Setzer

Devoxx‏ Want to make the world a better place? Then get involved in Random Hacks of Kindness on June 2 - 3 in Belgium @

WebLogic Community top tweets WebLogic Partner Community – May 2012 Click here

Michel Schildmeijer Oracle Traffic Director 11g

Andrejus Baranovskis‏ Proactively Monitoring JDeveloper 11g IDE Heap Memory

Arun Gupta‏ 80+ attendees building a #javaee6 application using NetBeans/WebLogic at Java Day, Istanbul fun times!

A. Chatziantoniou‏ Just registered for the Oracle FMW Summer Camp in Lisbon. Looking forward to learn, meet friends and try to buy ice cream on the beach

OTNArchBeat Another Myth Debunked: 200 Continuous Redeployments with WebLogic|@munz

Oracle WebLogic‏ Need to learn more on #WebLogic Server #JVM performance tuning?
http://bit.ly/MN UxHx

GlassFish‏ Dukes Choice Awards 2012 Nominations Are Open: 2012 Duke's Choice Award are open for nominations. These awards

Justin Kestelyn‏ Major cloud-related announcements from Larry Ellison and Mark Hurd on June 6

Nicolas Lorain Transparent Windows (Stage) with #JavaFX 2 : Adam Bien's Weblog

WebLogic Community Web Services with JAX and Spring on WebLogic–Webcast May 30th 2012 #WebLogicCommunity #weblogic #opn

JDeveloper & ADF Oracle ADF - How to work with Dates

OracleBlogs Web Services with JAX and Spring on WebLogicWebcast May 30th 2012

Adam Bien‏ Summer Java EE Workshops: 23.05, Amsterdam Airport Java EE Hacking, Without Airport. The dutch version of Airport

JDeveloper & ADF ADF 11g: BC4J or EJB3. http://bit.ly/JVVFZF

ADF EMG‏ Great discussion with JSF guru Andy Schwartz on the forum - 38 posts! Check it out: here

Devoxx‏ Oracle (http://www.oracle.com ) joins Devoxx 2012 as the first Premium partner, welcome aboard!

Nicolas Lorain Developing a Simple Todo Application using #JavaFX, #Java and #MongoDB- Part-1JavaBeat

Nicolas Lorain Preview of JavaFX 2.2 canvas feature > Harmonic Code: Death bitmaps could be beautiful... Part I
http://buff.ly/KyAXg5 #JavaFX

OTNArchBeat‏‏ New York Coherence Special Interest Group (NYCSIG) - May 24 - NYC

WebLogic Community iAS upgrade to WebLogic watch #C2B2 online seminar

Ruth Collett‏ Join Oracle in #Joburg on May 21 for OTN Developer Day - sessions on #Java #JavaEE 6/7 and much more!

WebLogic Community‏ Sending out invitations to our advanced Fusion Middleware Summer Camps! Want to learn more register for the community

Ruth Collett‏ Join @ArunGupta in Istanbul this Monday to hear the latest on #JavaEE 6/7

GlassFish‏ NetBeans 7.2 Beta - Built for Speed, Deploy Apps to Oracle Cloud: NetBeans 7.2 Beta is now available. The

Lucas Jellema My latest SlideShare upload : Java ain't scary - introducing Java to PL/SQ. here via @slideshare

JDeveloper & ADF‏ #Developer #free#ADF training in #Scotland - June 13. More information:

AMIS, Oracle & Java‏ AMIS behaalt als eerste in Nedeland de Oracle ADF specialisatie - Channelworld nieuwsChannelconnect:

WebLogic Community Web Services with JAX and Spring on WebLogic&ndash;Webcast May 30th 2012

Nicolas Lorain‏@ JavaFX-based SimpleDateFormat Demonstrator
#JavaFX via Dustin Marx

Oracle Exalogic‏ Are you an Oracle partner? There's news on the Oracle Partner Network about #Exalogic specializations - http://bit.ly/Mt3ANY

JDeveloper & ADF Shorter URL for your ADF application

OTNArchBeat‏ Bay Area Coherence Special Interest Group (BACSIG) Meeting June 7 http://bit.ly/JAa0Lx

OTNArchBeat‏ Java EE 6 Sample Application on WebLogic 12c: Conference Planner | @arungupta

JDeveloper & ADF‏ Excellent example of Oracle ADF - Google Maps/Earth integration

JDeveloper & ADF Setting Up JDeveloper's Embedded WLS for MySQL

JDeveloper & ADF‏ Solution for Sharing Global User Data in ADF BC

Java‏ Java Magazine May/June #javaee #javafx #javame
#openJDK #hotspot #wicket

Oracle WebLogic‏ http://bit.ly/JxQsnS if you have trouble finding the right
#patchset when doing an upgrade to your #weblogic server

OracleEnterpriseMgr 15 minutes to go before we start our Application Testing Suite 12.1 webcast.

Learn from the lead PM what's new.

Sten Vesterli Eating your own dog food - Oracle support site finally in ADF:

Adam Bien Project: "Jenever" (=poison) checked-in with GIT:here CU at
Thanks for attending!

OTNArchBeat Web Service Development with NetBeans and Testing with WebLogic Admin Console |
@munz http://bit.ly/JcWk34

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