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  • January 13, 2012

top tweets WebLogic Partner Community – January 2012

Juergen Kress
PaaS Partner Adoption

clip_image001WebLogic Community More than 100 registrations @ WebLogic Community Forum – fist bootcamps almost booked out! http://tinyurl.com/ofmforum2012 # WebLogicCommunity

clip_image002OTNArchBeat Oracle University: Oracle WebLogic Server – Learning Path http://bit.ly/zPkbCI

clip_image004Oracle Introducing a new, monthly webinar series focused on Oracle WebLogic Server 12c and Java EE 6. Register @ http://bit.ly/zg1I5L

clip_image005Marc Preparing my trip to Malaga, Oracle Partner Event. http://tinyurl.com/7ptsx65, who is joining that event as well? @ wlscommunity # weblogic

clip_image006GlassFish New article by @ AdamBien "Interfaces on demand with CDI and EJB 3.1" http://bit.ly/yKSbKy # javaee6

clip_image007Michel Schildmeijer @ wlscommunity @ Oracle @ OTNArchBeat Starting a new book:"Oracle WebLogic 12c:a first impression" more will follow later # weblogic # oracle

clip_image008OracleAppGrid # JBoss to # WebLogic: Let us show you the path. http://ow.ly/8nxum

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clip_image006[1]GlassFish Update your feed URLs! http://bit.ly/AfgqDy

clip_image010Devoxx The # JavaPosse LIVE podcast from # Devoxx 2011 is now freely available on # Parleys @ http://parleys.com/d/2943

clip_image011Jan van Zoggel Great news today. First from @ gschmutz that the Oracle Service Bus cookbook is in it’s final stage. http://bit.ly/nSs8kB

clip_image006[2]GlassFish Top Aquarium posts for 2011 – http://bit.ly/wTJ0Cm

clip_image013Duncan Mills New Blog Article on ADF DVT Gauges and Graph: http://blogs.oracle.com/groundside/entry/an_enhanced_gauge_control_using

clip_image001[1]WebLogic Community OFM roadmap and strategy by Regis Louis @ WebLogic Community Forum http://www.tinyurl.com/ofmforum2012 # WebLogicCommunity # weblogic # opn

clip_image015Andrejus Baranovskis Andrejus Baranovskis’s Blog: Master-Detail with One Iterator http://fb.me/MAGX2UNb

clip_image016Adam Bien Synchronization of domain objects is the challenge: http://www.adam-bien.com/roller/abien/entry/why_stateful_and_local_anti

clip_image016[1]Adam Bien Can Stateful # javaee applications scale?: http://www.adam-bien.com/roller/abien/entry/can_stateful_java_ee_6

clip_image017Markus Eisele New try in 2012: @ joshbloch I would love to interview for: The Heroes of Java http://blog.eisele.net/2011/09/heroes-of-java.html ! Please!

clip_image019Oracle WebLogic Callista leverages # WebLogic Server to deploy their entire application suite including Forms & Reports. http://ow.ly/8l1Mo

clip_image006[3]GlassFish · Schließen Öffnen Details

Tab Sweep – JSON, OSGi, GlassFish+NetBeans experience, JAXB and JodaTime, file uploads & more http://bit.ly/yxUMYo

clip_image015[1]Andrejus Baranovskis Andrejus Baranovskis’s Blog: Wrong Deployment Profile to Extend WebCenter Spaces http://fb.me/DwqCjQbM

clip_image004[1]Oracle Introducing a new, monthly webinar series focused on Oracle WebLogic Server 12c and Java EE 6. Register @ http://bit.ly/AlAeHZ

clip_image002[1]OTNArchBeat Virtual Developer Day: Oracle WebLogic Server 12c http://bit.ly/yKde77

clip_image001[2]WebLogic Community WebLogic Forum travel advice: Malaga airport offers low-cost flights http://www.malagaairport.eu/flights http://tinyurl.com/ofmforum2012

clip_image001[3]WebLogic Community Share your # WebLogic news with us! @ wlscommunity and see you in Malaga www.http://tinyurl.com/ofmforum2012 # WebLogicCommunity # OPN

clip_image001[4]WebLogic Community @ wlscommunity 6 Jan Thanks to more than 100 followers of our https://twitter.com/wlscommunity :-) # WebLogicCommunity # WebLogic

clip_image020Lucas Jellema I just published a short article on the new NetBeans 7.1 (JavaFX, Maven, refactoring): http://technology.amis.nl/blog/14890 # netbeans

clip_image015[2]Andrejus Baranovskis Andrejus Baranovskis’s Blog: ADF Data Control Fix for BPM 11g Human Tasks http://fb.me/1lSzmo7ho

clip_image021Justin Kestelyn NetBeans IDE 7.1: go get it! http://bit.ly/xcJG4t # java

clip_image001[5]WebLogic Community WebLogic Sales Strategy, Opportunities and Go-to-Market by Leopoldo Boado http://www.tinyurl.com/ofmforum2012 # weblogiccommunity

clip_image020[1]Lucas Jellema On the AMIS blog: First experiences and getting started with GlassFish 3.1 and NetBeans 7.x – it’s a breeze ( http://technology.amis.nl/blog/14661/first-experiences-and-getting-started-with-glassfish-3-1-and-netbeans-7-x-its-a-breeze)

clip_image006[5]GlassFish NetBeans 7.1 is here! – http://bit.ly/z2Lvqr

clip_image006[6]GlassFish Make GlassFish Scream – http://bit.ly/w35kgx

clip_image025Gertjan van het Hof Just joined the Virtual Developer Day Oracle WebLogic 12c at 7th februari. # Oracle # OTNVDD

clip_image008[1]OracleAppGrid How to develop and deploy a Java EE 6 application on # WebLogic 12c using NetBeans. http://ow.ly/8ijzO

clip_image026Bob Rhubart OTN Member Discounts – Save on books from Oracle Press, Packt, Pearson, Manning, Murach, more. http://bit.ly/ArL8Uf

clip_image002[2]OTNArchBeat Tuxedo is now optimized for Exalogic http://bit.ly/AeIsZM

clip_image001[7]WebLogic Community Start 2012 with a WebLogic Certification and receive your Specialization Plaque – free of charge! http://wp.me/p1LMIb-cn

clip_image023[1]JDeveloper & ADF Video: Table Total and Formating Oracle ADF Jdeveloper 11g R2 http://dlvr.it/13LCvK

clip_image023[2]JDeveloper & ADF Image upload and display from database blob coloumn in ADF Jdeveloper 11g R2 http://dlvr.it/13MbvG

clip_image027OracleBlogs Great Demo of Public ADF Applications http://ow.ly/1gvGPT

clip_image027[1]OracleBlogs From zero to load-balanced GlassFish cluster http://ow.ly/1gvsK8

clip_image001[8]WebLogic Community Quick Start WebLogic User Guide by Midvision http://www.midvision.co.uk/wordpress/support/documentation/rapiddeploy-3-0/quick-start-weblogic-user-guide/ # WebLogicCommunity # weblogic # oracle

clip_image002[3]OTNArchBeat Oracle ADF – Storing temporary values in PageFlowScope created at Run time | @ baigsorcl http://ow.ly/8fGTR

clip_image001[9]WebLogic Community Happy New Year! Are you registered for the WebLogic Community Forum? http://blogs.oracle.com/emeapartnerweblogic/entry/weblogic_partner_community_forum_february # WebLogicCommunity # weblogic # oracle

clip_image006[7]GlassFish @ glassfish 2 Jan 2012 @ full speed : http://bit.ly/t05rvD

clip_image028Torsten Winterberg @ chriscmuir Congrats! Your move is a big opportunity for the ADF technology stack. I hope you will still join all our team events! Enjoy2012

clip_image030Edwin Biemond JSF 2.0 Managed Bean Annotations and CDI on WebLogic 12c: WebLogic 12c now supports Java 6 so we can now try out… http://bit.ly/sw0F6D

clip_image030[1]Edwin Biemond Got the managed bean annotations working on # weblogic 12c , I used metadata-complete="true" in faces-config.xml -> disables search for ann.

clip_image001[10]WebLogic Community Are you a member of the WebLogic Community? http://wp.me/p1LMIb-cj

clip_image031Maciej Gruszka WebLogic Partner community meets in Malaga Feb next year ( http://www.oracle.com/partners/secure/news/oracle-events/1400537)

clip_image033Eric Elzinga WebLogic JMS Partitioned Distributed Topics and Shared Subscriptions, http://bit.ly/tXiEIf # weblogic # jms

clip_image006[8]GlassFish 2011, a year of delivering on the roadmap – http://bit.ly/uSA91T

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clip_image023[3]JDeveloper & ADF RESTful Management Services in Oracle WebLogic Server 12c http://dlvr.it/12gQ58

clip_image034ADF Code Corner This is it for 2011. This has been a great year for JDeveloper and ADF. Thank you all for contributing. I wish you a happy New Year 2012!

clip_image015[3]Andrejus Baranovskis Andrejus Baranovskis’s Blog: Groovy with View Link Accessor http://andrejusb.blogspot.com/2011/12/groovy-with-view-link-accessor.html?spref=tw

clip_image023[4]JDeveloper & ADF Business Rules Editor for View Objects in JDeveloper 11.1

clip_image016[2]Adam Bien After x-mas, but still a good gift: NetBeans 7.1 is out! http://netbeans.org/downloads/index.html

.2.0.0 http://dlvr.it/12hdJV

clip_image026[1]Bob Rhubart Arch2Arch Podcast: Unwrapping Oracle WebLogic Server 12c – Part 3 http://goo.gl/fb/EdRBw

clip_image019[3]Oracle WebLogic New blog on # Java Message Service # JMS performance tuning! Part 1 / Part 2 http://bit.ly/vgwlEB / http://bit.ly/vzV1Zr

clip_image019[2]Oracle WebLogic Overview of # WebLogic with TopLink Grid. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYgVYLey5Fg&list=UUrEIV9YO17leE9aJWamKEPw&feature=plcp

clip_image001[6]WebLogic Community Almost 100 registration for the WebLogic Partner Community Forum – are you registered? http://tinyurl.com/ofmforum2012 # WebLogicCommunity # weblogic

clip_image024Christine Kungl New WLS & CAF webinars! Replay them here: http://tinyurl.com/7ak3hq5


JDeveloper & ADF ADF: MDS power user layer and "How to control MDS customizations at runtime" http://dlvr.it/13lRKB

clip_image019[1]Oracle WebLogic If you are in New York, catch the next # OracleCoherence Special Interest Group meeting on January 19. http://ow.ly/8jNZk

clip_image006[4] GlassFish More JavaOne 2011 content on http://Parleys.comhttp://bit.ly/zsEthS

The become a member in the WebLogic Partner Community please first login at http://partner.oracle.com and then visit: http://www.oracle.com/partners/goto/wls-emea

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