Wednesday Oct 26, 2011

WebLogic Webcast by Zirous October 27th 2011

Accelerate Your Apps | Oracle Webcast Series

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Webcast: WebLogic Supercharge Your RAC
Thursday, October 27  |  10:00am PT

Oracle WebLogic is the world’s most complete platform for developing, deploying and integrating your enterprise applications.

Do you want to optimize your middleware performance and manageability? Are you looking to modernize your IT infrastructure and lower your total cost of ownership? Do you need to gear up your mission-critical applications to deliver top performance when you need it the most? Oracle WebLogic Suite 11g delivers the brawn and brains to accelerate all of your applications and this Oracle Webcast Series will give you the details that you need!

Oracle’s industry-proven WebLogic Suite 11g is running in thousands of data centers worldwide, providing rock solid reliability, guaranteed availability, linear scalability, and the highest performance, all while delivering high developer and operational efficiencies. Moreover, Oracle WebLogic enables rapid application development with integrated tools, plug-ins and IDE and robust app delivery in a standards based environment.

Join us to learn how Oracle WebLogic Suite delivers these key competitive advantages:
  • High SLA: Proven to Outperform
  • Lowest TCO
  • Rapid Speed to Market

This webcast series will share best practices and show you how to leverage the unmatched performance, optimal development environment, rich capabilities, and extensive options in Oracle WebLogic Suite 11g to accelerate your apps, reduce your costs, and outperform your competitors.

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