Thursday Mar 14, 2013

Who wants to speak at OOW 2013? Submit your middleware partners success!


We want that you present your Fusion Middleware Partner success at Oracle Open World 2013! Make sure you submit your papers:

- Call-for-Papers Oracle OpenWorld & JavaOne & MySQL Connect

We recommend to submit best practice session of leading edge products like WebLogic 12c, Glassfish or ADF mobile. Also highly welcome are joint presentations with your customers. Let us know if you like to get a nice quote from Oracle.

See you in San Francisco

Jürgen Kress

WebLogic Partner Community

For regular information become a member in the WebLogic Partner Community please visit: ( OPN account required). If you need support with your account please contact the Oracle Partner Business Center.


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Thursday Jun 28, 2012

top tweets WebLogic Partner Community – June 2012

Send your tweets @wlscommunity #WebLogicCommunity and follow us at

OTNArchBeat‏ Free Virtual Developer Day: Oracle ADF and Oracle Fusion Middleware Development

AMIS, Oracle & Java‏ Checklist veearts nu ook op iPad. @amis_services Mobile integratie met Oracle Fusion Middleware

WhitehorsesWhiteblog: Troubleshoot JVM crashes of Weblogic: CompilerThread

Jon petter hjulstad E-vita is now Apps Grid Specialized!

ODTUG Fusion Middleware Sessions RT
@OTNArchBeat: ODTUG Kscope12 - June 24-28 - San Antonio, TX

OTNArchBeat‏ Free Event: Modern #Java Development, in/outside the Enterprise - May 30 - Redwood Shores, CA

ADF Community DE‏ Oracle Advanced ADF 11g Partner Workshop Düsseldorf /Germany (english) June 26-29, click here to see

Nicolas Lorain‏ Best Practices for #JavaFX 2 Enterprise Applications (Part Two) by Jim Weaver

shay shmeltzer‏ #Oracle Developers in #Israel - don't miss the free #ADF workshop July 2nd - get hands-on with Oracle ADF -here

OTNArchBeat‏ Java at JAXconf | Tori Wieldt

Anand Akela‏ #Oracle Customers and Partners – Get your free pass to @CloudExpo in New York, June 11 to 14, <- Stop by booth #511

OracleSupport_WLS‏ Did you know that since 3/15/12 #WebLogic Server is certified for production with JDK 7?

Sharat‏ Highly useful #JavaFX best practices blog by @JavaFXpert
More details here

ADF EMG How to set up a productive ADF Dev Env - discussion started by @baigsorcl. Click here to Read and comment.

OracleSupport_WLS Upcoming #webcast: Diagnosing #weblogic performance issues through #java thread dumps

My Oracle Support‏ New to Oracle Support? - Webcast on Support Basics webcast May 22 10:30 Central Europe. Register @

Mohamad Afshar‏ Cloud Expo – Oracle Customers and Partners – get your free pass to Cloud Expo in New York, June 11 to 14,

OTNArchBeat Oracle VM 3.1 is here | @Ronenkofman

Oracle Exalogic‏ RT @D0uglasPhillips: ExalogicTV New Video Introducing Oracle Secure Global Desktop for #Exalogic!!

OracleBlogs‏ Java EE6 and WebLogic YouTube video channels

Oracle WebLogic RT @aleftik: Excited to spend some time today playing around with the WebSockets SDK

WebLogic Community Java EE6 and WebLogic YouTube video channels

OracleSupport_WLS New tutorial! How to use the #JMS #API to create a message producer with #GlassFish and

JDeveloper & ADF‏ Tip when installing JDeveloper version

WebLogic Community Middleware Oracle Excellence Awards 2012 – HAPPY NEW YEAR! Click here to read
WebLogicCommunity #opn
#Specialization #opnaward

Steven Davelaar‏ Improve performance of your ADF app using lazy, on-demand querying of detail view objects: Click here

OracleBlogs‏ Middleware Oracle Excellence Awards 2012 & HAPPY NEW YEAR!

OracleSupport_WLS Upgrading from #weblogic 9.2.x to 10.3.x?

AMIS, Oracle & Java@JDeveloper: Logout from an ADF application

WebLogic Community UK OUG call for papers–your middleware success! Click here #UKOUG
#soacommunity #OPN

Whitehorses Whiteblog: Enterprise Manager: Manage your Fusion Middleware logfiles

WebLogic Community‏ @Jphjulstad HI Jon, should we send Pizza when you go in production with your WebLogic 12c project? Whish you success! #WebLogicCommunity

Sabine Leitner ADF Einsteigerworkshops je 2 Tage im Juni in HAM, BLN, HANN #Oracle #WLS @OracleWebLogic

Andreas Koop new post Java Heap Monitor in JDeveloper

Sabine Leitner‏ #Oracle Kundentag mit Vorträgen von Sparkasse, Schufa, LBBW, Allianz über FMW & Exa Lösungen! 21.06. FRA


NetBeans Team RT @chadlung: Installing and configuring #NetBeans 7.1.2 and the #Java JDK 1.7 on OS X:

WebLogic Community Happy New Year #WeblogicCommunity thanks for the business! Time for a drink

WebLogic Community UK OUG call for papers&ndash;your middleware success!

WebLogic Community‏ Middleware Oracle Excellence Awards 2012 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Oracle WebLogic‏ RT @wlscommunity: WebLogic World Record Two Processor Result with SPECjEnterprise2010 Benchmark Click here to read #weblogic #sunfire #li

Marc‏ Relocate wlst script for all the logfiles in your domain @wlscommunity,

WebLogic Community WebLogic World Record Two Processor Result with SPECjEnterprise2010 Benchmark Click here
#WebLogicCommunity #weblogic #sunfire

Oracle WebLogic MIss a WebLogic Devcast webinar? Catch any of the replays in the series on-demand! #WebLogic #JavaEE #coherence

JDeveloper & ADF‏ Bean DataControl - Edit table records

Justin Kestelyn‏ Contents of "Virtual Developer Day: Java SE 7 and JavaFX 2.0" are now avail on demand; no reg

Frank Nimphius‏ Preparing 12c new features for DOAG 2012 Development - June 14th in Bonn

WebLogic Community‏ Middleware Oracle Excellence Awards 2012&ndash;HAPPY NEW YEAR!

JDeveloper & ADF Placeholder Watermarks with ADF 11.1.2

Oracle ACE Program‏ May edition #ACE newsletter now available online.

chriscmuir New blog post: Which JDeveloper is right for me?

GlassFish‏ Transactional Interceptors in Java EE 7 - Request for feedback: Linda described how EJB's container-managed tr

OracleEnterpriseMgr Oracle Application Testing Suite 12.1 Debuts at StarEast 2012 #em12c

JAX London First set of speaker session announced for #JAXLondon see:

OTNArchBeat‏ Oracle Cloud Conference: dates and locations worldwide

NetBeans Team‏ Video: Create and debug a TestNG test class in #NetBeans IDE:

NetBeans Team #NetBeans tip: Code Template for #Kohana #PHP Framework:

Robin‏ Started to use the #Oracle #WebLogic Server #Maven Plugin. Really awesome to install a complete #WLS with "mvn wls:install" !@wlscommunity

OTNArchBeat‏ Free Event: Modern #Java Development, in/outside the Enterprise - May 30 - Redwood Shores, CA

OracleBlogs WebLogic Partner Community Newsletter May 2012

Java Certification‏ Java SE 7 Fundamentals course now available On Demand. Watch a preview now:

Whitehorses Whiteblog: Native IO in WebLogic on Solaris 11 X64

NetBeans Team‏ Quick video of FindBugs Integration in #NetBeans IDE 7.2:

NetBeans Team #JavaFX Scene Builder Docs Updated for 2.2 and #NetBeans 7.2 dev builds:

Duncan Mills‏ New blog posting on implementing input field watermarks with ADF Faces 11.1.2 Click here #adf

WebLogic Community‏ WebLogic Partner Community Newsletter May 2012

OracleBlogs‏ UK OUG call for papersyour middleware success!

Nicolas Lorain‏ Java tip: Deploying #JavaFX apps to multiple environments - JavaWorld

Adam Bien‏ Java EE and How to Specify The Unconventional With Convention Over Configuration [Free Article]: The free

Owen Hughes and team‏#Oracle #Exalogic
#Performance: What? How? Why? Click here

GlassFish‏ SecuritEE in the Cloud: Java EE 7 and the Cloud theme continue to move full steam ahead. In a PaaS environment

JDeveloper & ADF‏ How to Align Managed Bean Scope and Bean Data Control in Oracle ADF

Andrejus Baranovskis Missing New Feature in JDev ( - ADF Methods Security

OracleSupport_WLS‏ Tutorial on managing #HTTP Sessions in a #Weblogic #Cluster

Oracle WebLogic‏ ZeroTurnaround developer report: #Spring keeps getting heavier, and #Java EE keeps getting lighter

JDeveloper & ADF‏ How to Search in Views - Part 4 || Oracle ADF

WebLogic Community Java Message Service with Java and Spring Framework on Oracle WebLogic; Webcast May 15th 2012

Andreas Koop‏ new post ADF Bug or Feature? Non-Breaking Space outside required icon style

Oracle WebLogic‏ Don't miss this month's WebLogic DevCast: WebLogic JMS and Spring JMS
Tuesday May 15th 10:00am PT

JDeveloper & ADF How To Disable SELECT COUNT Execution for ADF Table Rendering

OracleSupport_WLS‏ #SSL and security has its own Information Center, for troubleshooting, install, config and more

NetBeans Team‏ Featured #NetBeans plugin is @Codename_One for creating native apps for major mobile platforms:

JDeveloper & ADF‏ Using JDeveloper HTTP Analyser to intercept/forward requests

Nicolas Lorain‏ Create native looks for JavaFX applications: JavaFX-CSS-Themes · by Gregg Setzer

Devoxx‏ Want to make the world a better place? Then get involved in Random Hacks of Kindness on June 2 - 3 in Belgium @

WebLogic Community top tweets WebLogic Partner Community – May 2012 Click here

Michel Schildmeijer Oracle Traffic Director 11g

Andrejus Baranovskis‏ Proactively Monitoring JDeveloper 11g IDE Heap Memory

Arun Gupta‏ 80+ attendees building a #javaee6 application using NetBeans/WebLogic at Java Day, Istanbul fun times!

A. Chatziantoniou‏ Just registered for the Oracle FMW Summer Camp in Lisbon. Looking forward to learn, meet friends and try to buy ice cream on the beach

OTNArchBeat Another Myth Debunked: 200 Continuous Redeployments with WebLogic|@munz

Oracle WebLogic‏ Need to learn more on #WebLogic Server #JVM performance tuning? UxHx

GlassFish‏ Dukes Choice Awards 2012 Nominations Are Open: 2012 Duke's Choice Award are open for nominations. These awards

Justin Kestelyn‏ Major cloud-related announcements from Larry Ellison and Mark Hurd on June 6

Nicolas Lorain Transparent Windows (Stage) with #JavaFX 2 : Adam Bien's Weblog

WebLogic Community Web Services with JAX and Spring on WebLogic–Webcast May 30th 2012 #WebLogicCommunity #weblogic #opn

JDeveloper & ADF Oracle ADF - How to work with Dates

OracleBlogs Web Services with JAX and Spring on WebLogicWebcast May 30th 2012

Adam Bien‏ Summer Java EE Workshops: 23.05, Amsterdam Airport Java EE Hacking, Without Airport. The dutch version of Airport

JDeveloper & ADF ADF 11g: BC4J or EJB3.

ADF EMG‏ Great discussion with JSF guru Andy Schwartz on the forum - 38 posts! Check it out: here

Devoxx‏ Oracle ( ) joins Devoxx 2012 as the first Premium partner, welcome aboard!

Nicolas Lorain Developing a Simple Todo Application using #JavaFX, #Java and #MongoDB- Part-1JavaBeat

Nicolas Lorain Preview of JavaFX 2.2 canvas feature > Harmonic Code: Death bitmaps could be beautiful... Part I #JavaFX

OTNArchBeat‏‏ New York Coherence Special Interest Group (NYCSIG) - May 24 - NYC

WebLogic Community iAS upgrade to WebLogic watch #C2B2 online seminar

Ruth Collett‏ Join Oracle in #Joburg on May 21 for OTN Developer Day - sessions on #Java #JavaEE 6/7 and much more!

WebLogic Community‏ Sending out invitations to our advanced Fusion Middleware Summer Camps! Want to learn more register for the community

Ruth Collett‏ Join @ArunGupta in Istanbul this Monday to hear the latest on #JavaEE 6/7

GlassFish‏ NetBeans 7.2 Beta - Built for Speed, Deploy Apps to Oracle Cloud: NetBeans 7.2 Beta is now available. The

Lucas Jellema My latest SlideShare upload : Java ain't scary - introducing Java to PL/SQ. here via @slideshare

JDeveloper & ADF‏ #Developer #free#ADF training in #Scotland - June 13. More information:

AMIS, Oracle & Java‏ AMIS behaalt als eerste in Nedeland de Oracle ADF specialisatie - Channelworld nieuwsChannelconnect:

WebLogic Community Web Services with JAX and Spring on WebLogic&ndash;Webcast May 30th 2012

Nicolas Lorain‏@ JavaFX-based SimpleDateFormat Demonstrator
#JavaFX via Dustin Marx

Oracle Exalogic‏ Are you an Oracle partner? There's news on the Oracle Partner Network about #Exalogic specializations -

JDeveloper & ADF Shorter URL for your ADF application

OTNArchBeat‏ Bay Area Coherence Special Interest Group (BACSIG) Meeting June 7

OTNArchBeat‏ Java EE 6 Sample Application on WebLogic 12c: Conference Planner | @arungupta

JDeveloper & ADF‏ Excellent example of Oracle ADF - Google Maps/Earth integration

JDeveloper & ADF Setting Up JDeveloper's Embedded WLS for MySQL

JDeveloper & ADF‏ Solution for Sharing Global User Data in ADF BC

Java‏ Java Magazine May/June #javaee #javafx #javame
#openJDK #hotspot #wicket

Oracle WebLogic‏ if you have trouble finding the right
#patchset when doing an upgrade to your #weblogic server

OracleEnterpriseMgr 15 minutes to go before we start our Application Testing Suite 12.1 webcast.

Learn from the lead PM what's new.

Sten Vesterli Eating your own dog food - Oracle support site finally in ADF:

Adam Bien Project: "Jenever" (=poison) checked-in with GIT:here CU at
Thanks for attending!

OTNArchBeat Web Service Development with NetBeans and Testing with WebLogic Admin Console |

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