Monday Jun 27, 2016

Top tweets WebLogic Partner Community – June 2016

imageJune 2016 top tweets by WebLogicCommunity

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Tuesday May 31, 2016

Top tweets WebLogic Partner Community – May 2016

Junimagee 2016 top tweets by soaCommunity

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WebLogic Partner Community

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Monday Apr 25, 2016

Top tweets WebLogic Partner Community – April 2016

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WebLogic Partner Community

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Thursday Mar 31, 2016

Top tweets WebLogic Partner Community – March 2016

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WebLogic Partner Community

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Thursday Feb 25, 2016

Top tweets WebLogic Partner Community – February 2016

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WebLogic Partner Community

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Friday Jan 29, 2016

Top tweets WebLogic Partner Community – January 2016

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WebLogic Partner Community

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Monday Dec 28, 2015

Top tweets WebLogic Partner Community – December 2015

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WebLogic Partner Community

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Wednesday Sep 30, 2015

Top tweets WebLogic Partner Community – September 2015

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WebLogic Partner Community

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Tuesday Jun 23, 2015

MAF and WebSockets Integration – Live Twitter Stream by Andrejus Baranovskis

clip_image002MAF and WebSockets - I will describe how it works together. WebSockets is a protocol providing full-duplex communication channel over a TCP connection. This channel is interactive (communication is both ways) and we can send messages from the server to the client (MAF application running on the device). There is no need to use push notifications, WebSockets provide JSON support and allow to send complex payload data. In a way it competes with REST, however REST is different with request is being initiated by the client. WebSockets data is received automatically - there is no need to trigger any event by the client.
I have implemented sample MAF application with WebSockets integration, you can download it here - Finance screen in the application contains MAF output text component. This component displays latest data received through WebSockets channel. Server side is listening for live Twitter Stream updates and sends each tweet location over WebSockets to the MAF application. See how it works in this screen recording: Read the complete article here.

WebLogic Partner Community

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Saturday Apr 25, 2015

top tweets WebLogic Partner Community April 2015

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clip_image001WebLogic Community #WebLogicCommunity newsletter April edition … - read it! @OracleWebLogic @OracleMiddle

clip_image002Adam Bien Upcoming #java #javaee #microservices #html5 #testing (...) events, sessions and workshops: …

clip_image003NetBeans Team New -- attend NetBeans Platform training courses in the US with @Paul_ASGTeach and @gail_asgteach: …

clip_image004luc bors Short impression of yesterdays @odtug Mobile Day in Utrecht : …

clip_image005JDeveloper & ADF Oracle Developer Cloud Service new version supports #OracleADF 12c - hosted git, maven, hudson, tasks and more

clip_image006Lucas Jellema MDS backed change persistence for run time personalization remains a unique ADF feature: read my article https://technology.amis-12c-allow-user-to-personalize-the-form-items-at-run-time-using-mds-based-change-persistence/ …

clip_image007Sharat Countdown starts 1 week left to submit YOUR @java speaking proposal for @oracle @JavaOneConf

clip_image008ADF Community DE Next #ADFSpotlight gig, 3 Oracle #ACE presenters talking in a row.Don't miss it and join @wlscommunity @soacommunity

clip_image009Oracle ACE Program #UKOUG Conference Call for Papers are open #ukoug_apps15 #ukoug_jde15 #ukoug_tech15

clip_image010Java Visit the #Java Booth at Jax Mainz this week and win a pass to #JavaOne in San Francisco


clip_image001[1]WebLogic Community free Java Cloud test accounts for partners – join our webcast April 24th 15:00 CET 2015

clip_image013Rohan ADF Logging in Different Applications Deployed on Managed Server … @oracleadf @wlscommunity @ashish__awasthi

clip_image014sbernhardt Don't miss: Oracle Java Cloud Service Webinar, Friday 24th April @OC_WIRE @soacommunity @wlscommunity

clip_image006[1]Lucas Jellema 24th April: Oracle Java Cloud Service Community WebCast: … @soacommunity @wlscommunity

clip_image015Ashish Awasthi Build selectOneChoice to show hierarchical data in #ADF … @rohanwalia17 @wlscommunity @JDeveloper @OracleADF @oadfb

clip_image016Peter van Nes Creating graphs from Dynamic Monitoring Service (DMS) metrics using #plotlygraphs @wlscommunity #WebLogicCommunity

clip_image017Denis Grukhin Coherence: Explaining the 3 different cache types free online training с помощью @wlscommunity

clip_image018Oracle ADF Blogs Java Cloud Service Webcast April 24th 15:00 CET @wlscommunity #orcladf #odtug

clip_image019Charlie Bisnar Webinar: Learn how Java Meets the Challenges of the #ConnectedVehicle #M2M @Oracle @java REGISTER NOW

clip_image020Cesar Hernandez @Java Application Server Oracle WebLogic Server on Docker and Demo: via @Oracle


clip_image001OPN Business Center Now you can resell Oracle Java Cloud Service! See the requirements and get started! #Java

clip_image002[4]Gokhan Atil #UKOUG Conferences Call for Papers is now open #Apps15 #JDE15 #Tech15 @UKOUG #oracle

clip_image003JavaOne Conference Coding for Desktop and Mobile with HTML5 and Java EE 7 with #JavaOne Rock Star John Brock

clip_image004[4]Java Magazine RT @JavaOneConf: Do You Really Get Your IDE? with #JavaOne Rock Star John Arthorne @jarthorne

clip_image005Jaap Poot Creating and scaling Dynamic Clusters using wlst: In my previous article, Creating and scaling Dynamic Cluster...

clip_image006scope alliance e.V. Schon angemeldet? Das #DevCamp15 geht am 29./30. April in die zweite Runde #modernisierung #forms

clip_image007[4]Sten Vesterli I'm writing a book on working with TIA7 and Oracle ADF. Please vote for the best cover: …

clip_image008Bruno Borges Say hello to @RatpackWeb in #Javascript with the #Nashorn #Maven Executor …

clip_image009Δhmed Δboulnaga #Oracle #Cloud: Robust service offering. At the "Oracle Fusion Middleware in the Cloud" presentation. #C15LV #OFM


clip_image012[4]NetBeans Team NetBeans Connector available for free in Chrome Web Store -- connect your IDE to your browser, quick and easy: https://chrome.gonetbeans-connector/hafdlehnaa …

clip_image013[4]Maarten Smeets New blog: Combine version control (SVN) and issue management (JIRA) to improve traceability


clip_image016Steven Davelaar Oracle A-Team Mobile Persistence Accelerator Release Now Available! #oraclemaf …

clip_image017[4]Rohan ADF BC Web Service - Return List of Complex Types http://rohanwalia.c-web-service-return-list-of.html … @wlscommunity @ashish__awasthi @JDeveloper @oadfb

clip_image018Markus Lohn "Java Cloud Highlights by Ancy Dow"

clip_image019Marcel van de Glind Blogpost: My first experiences with ThreadLogic to solve a performance issue … @soacommunity

clip_image020[4]OTNArchBeat Real-World Testing for Scalable Applications, by @MikaelFries #OTNVTS #free on-demand

clip_image020[5]OTNArchBeat Managing WebLogic and Deployed Applications in DMZ and Other Network Setups, by Martin Heinzel

clip_image003[1]JavaOne Conference Now live is Content Catalog for #JavaOneBR in Sao Paulo. Take a look at the sessions, tracks and keynotes #Java

clip_image020[6]OTNArchBeat Free Video Tutorial: #Coherence 12.1.3 New Features, from @Oracle_Edu

clip_image021AMIS, Oracle & Java Sneak preview van 3 #Oracle #Cloud Services zien? Kom naar @AMISnl op 23 april. Schrijf je in via

clip_image001[6]Bruno Borges .@NetBeans Day Brasil, dia 22 de Junho. +20 ingressos para Late Birds à disposição. Corre lá! …

clip_image002Andrejus Baranovskis Simple (Effective) Refresh Approach for ADF Regions

clip_image001[7]Bruno Borges My page at @ZEEFcom about curated material for @OracleCloudZone is now live. Go check it out!


clip_image005[6]Rohan #FusionMiddleware Updates is out! … Stories via @OTNArchBeat @JDeveloper @wlscommunity

clip_image006[6]Ashish Awasthi Show #jQuery notification message in Oracle #ADF … @wlscommunity @rohanwalia17 @JDeveloper @OracleADF @oadfb

clip_image007Jacco H. Landlust RT @wlscommunity: Avoiding Memory Leaks in Exalogic when using the SDP Support from JDK 1.7 by Ricardo Ferreira

clip_image008[4]Adam Bien Questions for the 13th Airhacks "Easter Edition" are published: … Last chance to ask! See you tomorrow! #airhacks #live

clip_image001[8]Bruno Borges Vem aí @NetBeans Day Brasil dia 22 de Junho, antes do @JavaOneBrasil. Inscreva-se e divulgue! …

clip_image009[4]Oracle #HappyEaster weekend!


clip_image012[6]Oracle Tech Network Registration Open - #OTN #VTS #JAVA20

clip_image013[6]Oracle Cloud Zone 5 reasons why #PaaS and #SaaS are perfect together:

clip_image014OTNArchBeat Quality Assurance with #JDeveloper 11g and 12c, by@wilfreddeijl and @RichardOlrichs

clip_image015OPN Business Center Join the #OPN webcast! Find more about program levels, resources and program benefits for you!


clip_image018[4]Java Visit San Francisco this fall. #JavaOne call for papers is now open #Java

clip_image002[1]Andrejus Baranovskis Indicator for Background REST Service Access with A-Team Mobile Persistence Accelerator

clip_image005[7]Rohan #FusionMiddleware Updates is out! http://paper.li7-11e4-a46b-0cc47a0d164b … Stories via @wlscommunity

clip_image024Wolfgang Weigend Critical Patch Update #Java SE 8u45 is available for download … and #Java SE 7u79 and Patch Set Update #JDK 7u80

clip_image005[1]Jaap Poot Creating and scaling Dynamic Clusters in Weblogic 12c: Introduced in Weblogic 12.1.2, dynamic clusters is a gr...

clip_image022Oracle Mobile How to implement iBeacon in MAF 2.1.1

clip_image023Bruno Borges Hey #Javascript developers! Want to try something cool in #Nashorn? Here's an idea for you: …

WebLogic Partner Community

For regular information become a member in the WebLogic Partner Community please visit: ( OPN account required). If you need support with your account please contact the Oracle Partner Business Center.

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Monday Mar 30, 2015

top tweets WebLogic Partner Community March 2015

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clip_image001[4]Bruno Borges So happy to officially announce this! Oracle #WebLogic Server Now Certified on #Docker Containers … #JavaLand

clip_image002Matt Wright Design and Provision Oracle Middleware Environments In Minutes: via @YouTube

clip_image003[4]AVIO Consulting AVIO Consulting Blog - Bootstrapping Blueprint for ADF Standalone Applications #oraclefmw

clip_image004Ashish Awasthi Apply and Change WHERE Clause of ViewObject at runtime programmatically #ADF … @rohanwalia17 @wlscommunity @JDeveloper

clip_image005[10]Lucas Jellema Just published my 2nd article on Docker - start from scratch on Windows up to Docker VM & Container with WebLogic …

clip_image004[1]Ashish Awasthi Disable browser back button using #JavaScript in #ADF App … @rohanwalia17 @wlscommunity @JDeveloper @OracleADF

clip_image006GlassFish Java EE 7 Hands-on-Lab Updated for You to Use!: … via @reza_rahman // @devnexus #javaee #javaee7

clip_image007NetBeans Team Thoroughly revised (with many screenshots) reference document for the Java Editor in NetBeans 8: … Thanks @benM4!

clip_image008[4]Rohan IFrame in ADF Application - Menu and Show Page in IFrame … @JDeveloper @ashish__awasthi @wlscommunity @OracleADF

clip_image009Waslley Souza Deploying ADF application in Oracle Cloud - @soacommunity

clip_image010Oracle Learning Libr IOT Sensor integration with Raspberry Pi: Released On: 02-Mar-15 IOT Sensor integration with Raspberry Pi

clip_image011[4]OTNArchBeat Quality Assurance with #JDeveloper 11g and 12c, by@wilfreddeijl and @RichardOlrichs

clip_image012[6]Markus Lohn After a long time the german ADF book is now available for download: … #ADF #ADFBuch #ADFFitness2015

clip_image009[1]Waslley Souza Export table as XML file in ADF - @wlscommunity @JDeveloper @OracleADF

clip_image013Internet of Things New #IoT whitepaper just released: #Java and the #Internet of Things: Automating the Industrial Economy, …

clip_image014[4]Dain Hansen Cloud is changing the way developers architect applications @mike_lehmann #PaaS


clip_image017Andrejus Baranovskis MAF 2.1 Alta Mobile UI - Running On iPad Device

clip_image018[4]Frank Munz Here is how to get a free @OracleWebLogic Server 12c Distinctive Recipes BOOK from @wlscommunity: & c me freezing.

clip_image001[5]Bruno Borges Integrating CDI and WebSockets (reviewed by @abhi_tweeter) -- … // thanks for mentioning!

clip_image004[2]Ashish Awasthi Working with af:iterator and af:forEach (Populate using POJO) … @rohanwalia17 @JDeveloper @OracleADF @wlscommunity

clip_image017[1]Andrejus Baranovskis Red Samurai ADF Performance Audit Tool v 3.4 - ADF Task Flow Statistics with Oracle DMS Servlet Integration

clip_image010[1]Oracle Learning Libr Enterprise Data Quality - Introduction to Business Rules Self-Paced Training: Released On: 23-Feb-15 Learn ab...

clip_image019vinay kumar Dynamic Taskflow with conditional activation via @wlscommunity @JDeveloper @adfcodecorner

clip_image005[11]Lucas Jellema All demos from my ADF Masterclass (Oracle University Expert Summit 2015, Dubai) are available in GitHub …

clip_image005[12]Lucas Jellema Yesterday, @wilfreddeijl showed me his work on automating testing of ADF apps with Selenium. Very impressive! See …

clip_image013[1]Internet of Things Make Oracle’s IoT vision part of your digital strategy - catch demos of Oracle IoT Cloud Service @ #MWC15 -

clip_image020[4]Antonis Antoniou Using #OracleADF BC Declarative Built-in Rules (Part 9 of 10): Script Expr. Validator … | @JDeveloper @wlscommunity

clip_image021Peter van Nes Learn how to secure @OracleCoherence keystore passwords in Coherence override files. @wlscommunity #WebLogicCommunity …

clip_image011[5]OTNArchBeat #OTNVTS middleware track. 6 experts. 6 sessions. All FREE. Feb 25

clip_image022luc bors @lucb_ ·  Mar 18

MAF Blog Part One about Live Mobile & Mobile Backend Demo at the #ofmforum in Budapest with @lucasjellema and @lucb_ …

clip_image023[4]Jon petter hjulstad @Jphjulstad ·  Mar 3

Love #ofmForum!


clip_image011[6]OTNArchBeat @OTNArchBeat ·  Mar 12

Great recap of #OFMForum by #oracleace @jvzoggel

clip_image026[4]Rene Antunez @rene_ace ·  Mar 13

Budapest Tales - Recapping an Unforgettable Fortnight at #ofmForum

clip_image005[13]Lucas Jellema @lucasjellema ·  Mar 12

Blog Part two on how @lucb_ and @lucasjellema did a Live Mobile & Mobile Backend Demo at the #ofmforum in Budapest …

clip_image027[20]Grant Ronald @gwronald ·  Mar 11

Last week at #ofmForum I presented Oracle Alta UI - this week @chriscmuir posts a Q&A with one of the Alta leads. …

clip_image011[7]OTNArchBeat @OTNArchBeat ·  Mar 11

Step-by-step through the #mobile backend created by @lucasjellema at #OFMForum. #REST #JSON #SOASuite12c

clip_image028SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 11

Wow... what a #ofmForum 2015 thanks to the community. Rest of the months I enjoy my holiday - what's next ? #jkwc


clip_image017[2]Andrejus Baranovskis @andrejusb ·  Mar 10

Back to work with ADF after great week in #ofmForum

clip_image031[4]Robert van Mölken @robertvanmolken ·  Mar 10

Missed the #ofmForum this year. Read my recap of the conference - - I will remember it for a long time! @soacommunity

clip_image032[6]OPITZ CONSULTING @OC_WIRE ·  Mar 9

Oracle ACM Implementation Best Practices - #ofmForum Slides by @dschmied & @andrejusb:

clip_image028[1]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 9

Thanks for an excellent #ofmForum 2015 Thanks to all partners investing a week to continue to grow our joint business


clip_image035Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 9

RT @VLADBABU: @Budapest for #ofmForum.Interesting and innovative discussions on UX for Cloud Apps at demo station!


clip_image038[4]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 8

Amazing article by @gugalnikov "From top of my mind: 1st recap of a fantastic week at #ofmForum Budapest …

clip_image039Andreas Koop @andreaskoop ·  Mar 8

#ofmForum 2015 in Budapest has rocked!

clip_image040[4]Olve Slind @olveslind ·  Mar 8

OEP Stream Explorer hands-on #ofmForum showed a great tool to quickly develop advanced #bigdata #fastdata solutions


clip_image040[5]Olve Slind @olveslind ·  Mar 8

Tested coming Oracle Integration Cloud Service at #ofmForum - really cool and efficient tool! #cloud #oracle #SOA


clip_image028[2]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 9

Governance made easy – Oracle API Catalog 12c by André Evensen

clip_image040[6]Olve Slind @olveslind ·  Mar 8

@Luisw19 @debralilley @soacommunity Thanks for great days in Budapest, see you Thursday #OUGN15

clip_image031[5]Robert van Mölken @robertvanmolken ·  Mar 8

After a week #ofmForum at last at home on the couch with my dog. Thanks to all my friends at @soacommunity.



clip_image049[18]Danilo Schmiedel @dschmied ·  Mar 8

@robertvanmolken @soacommunity Hope to meet you all again soon!

clip_image017[3]Andrejus Baranovskis @andrejusb ·  Mar 8

Leaving Budapest - last visit of chain bridge. Thanks to @soacommunity for amazing and very successful #ofmForum


clip_image052[14]Jacco Cijsouw @JCijsouw ·  Mar 8

Now on the airport with @robertvanmolken leaving Budapest Had a great conference #ofmForum and enjoyed the city sightseeing.#soaCommunity

clip_image053Arturo Viveros @gugalnikov ·  Mar 8

Before leaving Budapest: thermal baths, then hot dinner with goulash soup and mulled wine!! #ofmForum @soacommunity



clip_image053[1]Arturo Viveros @gugalnikov ·  Mar 8

From the top of my mind: a first recap of a fantastic week at #ofmForum Budapest #ofmForum @soacommunity @Luisw19 …

clip_image058[4]Vikas Anand @VikasAatOracle ·  Mar 8

Thank you #soaCommunity for the amazing #ofmForum !


clip_image031[6]Robert van Mölken @robertvanmolken ·  Mar 8

Last morning after #ofmForum in Budapest at #houseofterror and #herossquare. Waiting for taxi. It's a shame to leave.

clip_image031[7]Robert van Mölken @robertvanmolken ·  Mar 8

Goodbye @Boscolohotels Budapest with had a blast this past week. #ofmForum @soacommunity


clip_image017[4]Andrejus Baranovskis @andrejusb ·  Mar 7

Enjoying sightseeing day in Budapest after #ofmForum. Heading home tomorrow evening !

clip_image063[24]leonsmiers @leonsmiers ·  Mar 8

By the one and only SOA governance expert> “@soacommunity: API Catalog 12c Full Overview by Luis Weir

clip_image053[2]Arturo Viveros @gugalnikov ·  Mar 8

Just landed in Mexico City after a very long journey from Budapest, totally worth it, had a great week at #ofmForum @soacommunity

clip_image064[30]Cato Aune @catoaune ·  Mar 7

Home again after a great #ofmForum. Met old and new friends, lots of usefull info from speakers and PMs. Thanks to @soacommunity

clip_image028[3]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 7

Join us on the journey to the "Cloud Platform for Digital Business" amazing new service opportunities for partner #ofmForum #soaCommunity

clip_image031[8]Robert van Mölken @robertvanmolken ·  Mar 7

Still in Budapest after #ofmForum together with @JCijsouw. Did at lot of sightseeing. Tonight a night Tour with the bus.

clip_image023[5]Jon petter hjulstad @Jphjulstad ·  Mar 7

The Sysco team learnt a lot at #ofmForum - so many good discussions- Thanks to all!

clip_image065Patrick Sinke @npu1974 ·  Mar 7

Whiteblog: enabling hardware acceleration for Android SDK emulator on Linux ( ) #ofmforum #soacommunity @soacommunity

clip_image023[6]Jon petter hjulstad @Jphjulstad ·  Mar 7

Back in Oslo after a tremendous #ofmForum - @soacommunity is the best community!

clip_image005[14]Lucas Jellema @lucasjellema ·  Mar 7

AMIS participating in complex bid for dynamic case management system. The in depth conversations at #ofmForum with @ralf_mueller help a lot.

clip_image066Rolando Carrasco @borland_c ·  Mar 7

Writing chapter 10 of #SOA and #API Governance #12c @gugalnikov & @Luisw19. We're sure that our readers will enjoy it @soacommunity

clip_image005[15]Lucas Jellema @lucasjellema ·  Mar 7

@raggadaz @soacommunity @rudolphag Safe trips everybody. It was very good meeting you all.

clip_image067AC @akhil_chandak ·  Mar 7

@soacommunity Thank you for the week with lots of education everlasting memories and new connections

clip_image068[6]jeqo @jeqo89 ·  Mar 7

Going back to Oslo after a really great #ofmForum I really enjoy Budapest! Next week #OUGN @soacommunity


clip_image071[8]Lonneke Dikmans @lonnekedikmans ·  Mar 7

@simon_haslam: Thanks to @soacommunity for another top notch week of learning & networking at a very nice venue! #ofnForum" +1

clip_image020[5]Antonis Antoniou @AntoniouAntonis ·  Mar 7

Heading home after an excellent week at #ofmForum full of valuable information and great networking! Thanks @soacommunity

clip_image072raggadaz @raggadaz ·  Mar 7

Finished last breakfast at Bosolo hotel in Budapest - great week of #ofmForum ends now @rudolphag is flying back home to switzerland

clip_image039[1]Andreas Koop @andreaskoop ·  Mar 7

@robertvanmolken @JCijsouw @Melvinvdk great to catch up with you! Enjoy Budapest! An a-class conference comes to the end. #ofmForum

clip_image031[9]Robert van Mölken @robertvanmolken ·  Mar 7

Ending the night with @JCijsouw @Melvinvdk @andreaskoop in my room at #ofmForum. Last party of the week in room 505. It will end soon :(

clip_image035[1]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 7

Last breakfast in hotel so amazing New York cafe Budapest #ofmforum

clip_image073[4]Simon Haslam @simon_haslam ·  Mar 7

Digital disruption happening at airport. A bit 1.0 but trend is clear; dynamic, demand-based pricing next. #ofmForum


clip_image073[5]Simon Haslam @simon_haslam ·  Mar 6

Thanks to @soacommunity for another top notch week of learning & networking at a very nice venue! #ofnForum

clip_image076[4]Øyvind Isene @OyvindIsene ·  Mar 6

@Jphjulstad: Love #ofmForum! @debralilley is obviously very welcome to #ougn15 :-)

clip_image058[5]Vikas Anand @VikasAatOracle ·  Mar 6

Golden Gate Bridge: bright sunny day #ofmforum #soacommunity #lufthansa #380

clip_image077Marcel Mertin @m_mertin ·  Mar 6

Finally arrived at FRA and Waiting for ICE. Thanks to @soacommunity for a wonderful #ofmForum

clip_image035[2]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 6

@olveslind @soacommunity haha I'm off to Oslo straight after getting home from #ofmForum - just in time for #OUGN

clip_image040[7]Olve Slind @olveslind ·  Mar 6

On my way to back to Oslo via Brussels after 4 great #ofmForum conference days.Thanks to Jürgen,PMs,ACEs and @soacommunity!

clip_image068[7]jeqo @jeqo89 ·  Mar 6

Thanks to @ralf_mueller and @dschmied for a great #pcs and #acm workshop! And @soacommunity for such a great event!! #ofmForum

clip_image078[4]Sebastian Steiner @sebisteiner ·  Mar 6

Final passenger on it’s way to the airplane… Is this how you do it @soacommunity ;-) Thanks for a great #ofmForum

clip_image079Ronald Rood @Ik_zelf ·  Mar 6

@soacommunity sorry, I can’t make it. Cheers!

clip_image080[6]Ralf Mueller @ralf_mueller ·  Mar 6

Thanks @dschmied for delivering the ACM workshop at #ofmForum, really enjoyed the day with good discussions anda smooth workshop experience.

clip_image027[21]Grant Ronald @gwronald ·  Mar 6

On the back of great #ofmForum and @OracleMobile training, if you want to know MAF, get it all for free here

clip_image052[15]Jacco Cijsouw @JCijsouw ·  Mar 4

Currently running the API catalog demo by @Yogesh_Sontakke and @robertvanmolken at Budapest #ofmForum #soaCommunity


clip_image028[4]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 6

#ofmForum pictures are available at our facebook page - please share your pictures! #soacommunity

clip_image083Yogesh Sontakke @Yogesh_Sontakke ·  Mar 6

A t-shirt you'd see only at the #ofmForum. Geek @simon_haslam @soacommunity


clip_image083[1]Yogesh Sontakke @Yogesh_Sontakke ·  Mar 6

Thank you @soacommunity & Budapest for an enjoyable and productive #ofmForum . The best partner community by far!

clip_image049[19]Danilo Schmiedel @dschmied ·  Mar 6

Had a lot of fun while giving the #acm training today at #ofmForum together with @ralf_mueller. Thanks to all the attendees! @soacommunity

clip_image086André Evensen @anevensen ·  Mar 6

Thanks for a great #ofmForum @soacommunity

clip_image073[6]Simon Haslam @simon_haslam ·  Mar 6

Guilty as charged! RT: @Yogesh_Sontakke: A t-shirt you'd see only at the #ofmForum. Geek @soacommunity

clip_image028[5]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 6

Special thanks to #ACEd team for presenting & workshops at #ofmForum @dschmied @andrejusb @robertvanmolken @lucasjellema @lucb_ @mark_gw

clip_image038[5]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 6

Best #ofmForum ever. Awesome week thanks @soacommunity and all OFM PMs and all @oracleace that presented for such a good work!! Now to rest

clip_image087[4]Steven Davelaar @stevendavelaar ·  Mar 6

Thanks, enjoy! RT @andreaskoop: Doing also some AMPA stuff Works like charm at #ofmForum . kudos to @stevendavelaar


clip_image065[1]Patrick Sinke @npu1974 ·  Mar 6

Room with a view. Budapest. #ofmForum @ Boscolo Budapest, Autograph Collection

clip_image072[1]raggadaz @raggadaz ·  Mar 6

Finished multichannel workshop - finally it worked and was a great experience #ofmForum

clip_image031[10]Robert van Mölken @robertvanmolken ·  Mar 6

Had a blast the last few days at #ofmForum. Thanks at lot @soacommunity for the awesome conference and for letting me present #APIManagement

clip_image067[1]AC @akhil_chandak ·  Mar 6

@soacommunity thank you for fantastic event. It was an excellent learning experience combined with privileged access to products & strategy

clip_image028[6]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 6

Thanks for attending the #ofmForum 2015 - Please send us your feedback @soacommunity ! Good trip home :-) Jürgen Kress

clip_image090[6]A. Chatziantoniou @MagicChatzi ·  Mar 6

Preparing to leave #ofmForum - great content, great people, great business opportunities! Thanks PM team and BIG KUDOS for Jürgen Kress

clip_image039[2]Andreas Koop @andreaskoop ·  Mar 6

Doing also some AMPA stuff and looking into its sources. Works like charm at #ofmForum . kudos to @stevendavelaar

clip_image091Jan Van Hoef @janvanhoef ·  Mar 6

After checking Stream Explorer @ #ofmForum I checked Twitter's stream offerings. One is called "FIREHOSE". Take note Oracle marketing team.

clip_image092[4]Dirk Janssen @janssendj ·  Mar 6

Had a great #oracleMAF workshop at the #ofmForum, learned a lot!

clip_image093[4]Magnus Kihlbaum @MagnusKihlbaum ·  Mar 6

finished the ACM lab @ #ofmForum. Big thanx to Jürgen Kress for organizing such a great event. c u all @ the summercamp

clip_image094Andrew Coyle @arcivate ·  Mar 6

@arcivate are looking forward to the release of @oracle Integration Cloud Service. Impressive demonstration at #ofmForum

clip_image039[3]Andreas Koop @andreaskoop ·  Mar 6

Create a mobile frontend to your RESTified Backend in minutes with #OracleMAF at #ofmForum workshop by @jernejkase


clip_image039[4]Andreas Koop @andreaskoop ·  Mar 6

#OracleMAF takes care of encryption for you. Detailed explanation by @fnimphiu at #ofmForum


clip_image017[5]Andrejus Baranovskis @andrejusb ·  Mar 6

Invoking REST Service from Oracle ACM Java Activity

clip_image099Marcel van de Glind @MarcelvdGlind ·  Mar 6

ACM track started. We are very lucky to have three very good trainers.@dschmied @ralf_mueller @HajoNormann #ofmForum


clip_image038[6]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 6

Final day of #ofmForum and 2nd day of bootcamp!! a bit tired but it has been amazing!!

clip_image072[2]raggadaz @raggadaz ·  Mar 6

Now on the run with multichannel enablement #ofmForum @rudolphag


clip_image039[5]Andreas Koop @andreaskoop ·  Mar 6

Deep servicebus 12c dive at #ofmForum


clip_image035[3]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 6

Day is getting better, private class in PCS & BPM4JCS - lots of questions answered, and new ones raised, thank you #ofmForum

clip_image039[6]Andreas Koop @andreaskoop ·  Mar 6

@debralilley a lot of new *CS acronyms to learn: #JCS, #PCS , #ICS , #MCS , #DCS - who knows more? #ofmForum

clip_image028[7]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 6

Excellent Digital transformation project using by HCL - thanks for all the great business and partnership @Luisw19 please submit OOW paper!

clip_image038[7]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 6

If you have OER license, API Catalog license is included!! #ofmForum @soacommunity

clip_image072[3]raggadaz @raggadaz ·  Mar 6

Nice dinner and great conversation #ofmForum

clip_image058[6]Vikas Anand @VikasAatOracle ·  Mar 6

Good bye Budapest: amazing #ofmForum ! #soaCommunity : you are the best!

clip_image049[20]Danilo Schmiedel @dschmied ·  Mar 6

You @soacommunity and @VikasAatOracle should get an award for outstanding community support! Thanks! #ofmForum

clip_image049[21]Danilo Schmiedel @dschmied ·  Mar 6

Enjoyed dinner tonight with @ralf_mueller (Architect BPM Suite) and @HajoNormann. Great to see that the product is in good hands! #ofmForum

clip_image028[8]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 6

He rocks - tanks for an über SOA team great presentations great spirit all the time smiling #ofmForum @VikasAatOracle

clip_image077[1]Marcel Mertin @m_mertin ·  Mar 5

Once again - Ruin Bar. Budapest is a great location for #ofmForum

clip_image067[2]AC @akhil_chandak ·  Mar 5

@soacommunity last night at #ofmForum thank you


clip_image065[2]Patrick Sinke @npu1974 ·  Mar 5

#ofmForum. Dinner with @simon_haslam and others with no twitter account :-)


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clip_image110[4]Morten Hoffmann @xxhoffmann ·  Mar 5

IBM delegation enjoying last night out #ofmForum

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clip_image073[7]Simon Haslam @simon_haslam ·  Mar 5

Uh oh - out for dinner with the Dutchies... #ofmForum

clip_image111✈ Usable Apps @usableapps ·  Mar 5

#ofmForum Congrats to @eProseed and @CertusCloud on #PaaS4SaaS Why wait until next year for YOUR award? …

clip_image072[4]raggadaz @raggadaz ·  Mar 5

got the first sample app running with MAF on android emulator - proud of that - thanx to great workshop @ #ofmForum

clip_image038[8]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 5

#ICS bootcamp at #ofmForum


clip_image099[1]Marcel van de Glind @MarcelvdGlind ·  Mar 5

Really having a great time playing around with the proces cloud. #ofmForum


clip_image053[3]Arturo Viveros @gugalnikov ·  Mar 5

Oracle ICS preview session, hands-on training & feedback #ofmForum #iPaaS @soacommunity



clip_image077[2]Marcel Mertin @m_mertin ·  Mar 5

First great practical experience with Oracle Integration Cloud Service (#ICS) at #ofmForum


clip_image031[11]Robert van Mölken @robertvanmolken ·  Mar 5

Had a great morning at #ofmForum #IPAAS #ICS bootcamp. In only a few moments you can build (advance) p2p integrations





clip_image086[1]André Evensen @anevensen ·  Mar 5

Finally hands-on with ICS! #ofmForum


clip_image053[4]Arturo Viveros @gugalnikov ·  Mar 5

Oracle Stream Explorer, hands on!!! #ofmForum @soacommunity


clip_image031[12]Robert van Mölken @robertvanmolken ·  Mar 5

This afternoon it was time to play with #StreamExplorer #BigData at #ofmForum. No more programming in JDeveloper!





clip_image091[1]Jan Van Hoef @janvanhoef ·  Mar 5

We've delved into OEP stream explorer! Took <5 minutes to get insight on a stream of data. FAST #ofmForum

clip_image073[8]Simon Haslam @simon_haslam ·  Mar 5

Useful day with Ivan building integrations on #ics #paasforsaas. The future is rapidly approaching! #ofmForum


clip_image028[9]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 5

The Cloud Platform for Digital Business – presentation available at Community Workspace … #ofmForum #soaCommunity

clip_image039[7]Andreas Koop @andreaskoop ·  Mar 5

The SOAP Part is running - very verbose protocol - next step: RESTifying ;) #ofmForum


clip_image028[10]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 5

The Cloud Platform for Digital Business – presentation available at Community Workspace

clip_image146Oracle Service Cloud @OracleServCloud ·  Mar 5

RT @andreaskoop: Oracle mobile cloud service in action at #ofmForum by @gwronald


clip_image149Red Expert Alliance @rexpertalliance ·  Mar 5

Meeting last night with the partners in the Red Expert Alliance at #ofmForum - @AMISnl @OC_WIRE @LinkConsulting

clip_image011[8]OTNArchBeat @OTNArchBeat ·  Mar 5

Podcast: API Management Roundtable w/ @Luisw19 @anevensen @Yogesh_Sontakke @OracleSOA #SOA #governance

clip_image058[7]Vikas Anand @VikasAatOracle ·  Mar 5

Getting into #FastData #bigdata #streams #SOA12c StreamExplorer! Packed room! #ofmForum #soaCommunity


clip_image152[4]Florin Marcus @FlorinMarcus ·  Mar 5

High profile #oraclemobile training by @fnimphiu , @gwronald and Mireille Duroussaud, at #ofmForum

clip_image039[8]Andreas Koop @andreaskoop ·  Mar 5

"Embrace the digital enterprise or you are out of picture" @jernejkase at #ofmForum workshops


clip_image028[11]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 5

Posted the conference pictures at send us your pictures from Budapest! #ofmForum #soaCommunity

clip_image094[1]Andrew Coyle @arcivate ·  Mar 5

Great event with @soacommunity in #budapest. Really excited about @oracle Process Cloud Service. Looking forward to taking this to market

clip_image038[9]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 5

Podcast: API Management Roundtable w/ @Luisw19 @anevensen @Yogesh_Sontakke @OracleSOA #SOA #governance #ofmForum

clip_image038[10]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 5

The ICS #iPaaS training was awesome. The tool is looking very good! can't wait for it to come out #ofmForum @soacommunity

clip_image058[8]Vikas Anand @VikasAatOracle ·  Mar 5

Full house for Oracle #iPaaS workshop at #ofmForum : Integration Cloud Service!


clip_image028[12]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 5

No seat left at mobile bootcamp at #ofmForum - thanks to the trainer team @fnimphiu ;-)


clip_image090[7]A. Chatziantoniou @MagicChatzi ·  Mar 5

Sessions, @oracleace dinner and talking to @VikasAatOracle were a wakeup call. Reinventing myself with cloud at #ofmForum

clip_image159[6]Sten Vesterli @stenvesterli ·  Mar 5

At avg profit of 0.1$/download, you only need about half a million downloads to pay for an Oracle MAF license #MAF #ofmForum

clip_image072[5]raggadaz @raggadaz ·  Mar 5

and i am also there :-) RT @andreaskoop The multichannel mobile workshop has started with @jernejkase #ofmForum

clip_image160Richard Voorintholt @RiVoAtFuselogic ·  Mar 5

Back home from #ofmForum I still some clouds in the blue sky.

clip_image161[4]Peter van der Meer @petervdmeer ·  Mar 5

On my way back to @AMISnl in The Netherlands. Thnx #ofmforum & Jurgen Kress for the organization! Hope to see you all soon!

clip_image049[22]Danilo Schmiedel @dschmied ·  Mar 5

Starting with my first process in Oracle Process Cloud Service - exciting days #ofmForum @soacommunity


clip_image027[22]Grant Ronald @gwronald ·  Mar 5

#ofmForum @OracleMobile MAF training underway. We have 25 partners and a full room


clip_image039[9]Andreas Koop @andreaskoop ·  Mar 5

Try changing the Path to the JDev 1.8 compact profile for MAF Development here: see image #ofmForum


clip_image168olivier tordo @oliviertordo ·  Mar 5

2 intense and inspiring days at #ofmForum . Long life to this great community!

clip_image072[6]raggadaz @raggadaz ·  Mar 5

Best of #ofmForum so far: networking, new facts on OFM, demo of @lucasjellema and Social Event on tuesday - keep it growing :-)

clip_image005[16]Lucas Jellema @lucasjellema ·  Mar 5

Very good meeting last night with the REAL partners in the Red Expert Alliance at #ofmForum - together we had a valuable candid discussion.

clip_image077[3]Marcel Mertin @m_mertin ·  Mar 5

Good Morning #ofmForum, @ec4u_news, #Budapest. Two great days, time for sport and looking forward to the hands on

clip_image073[9]Simon Haslam @simon_haslam ·  Mar 5

RT @JavaFXpert: Happy Birthday @lonnekedikmans #ofmForum


clip_image161[5]Peter van der Meer @petervdmeer ·  Mar 5

I experienced #ofmForum as an excellent event to get updated with Oracles FMW plans and ofcourse great to meet a lot of new people!

clip_image049[23]Danilo Schmiedel @dschmied ·  Mar 5

What a great ACE/Speakers dinner tonight. Thanks @soacommunity for all your effort in making us succesful! #ofmForum


clip_image173[4]Marcel Amende @a_men_de ·  Mar 4

Another Oracle Menu at #ofmForum like it ;-)


clip_image176Oriente IT @OrienteIT ·  Mar 4

Closing down #ofmForum for me. With some live tunes Old Mans music pub together with@MarcelvdGlind @EelseP @janssendj

clip_image173[5]Marcel Amende @a_men_de ·  Mar 4

My #ofmForum finding of the day: Only the best are from Glauchau ;-) @dschmied

clip_image177Δhmed Δboulnaga @Ahmed_Aboulnaga ·  Mar 4

Surprised, but also not. "@Luisw19: Integration is critical for #SaaS adoption. #ofmForum " @VikasAatOracle


clip_image058[9]Vikas Anand @VikasAatOracle ·  Mar 4

Speakers Dinner! #ofmforum #soacommunity (@ Búsuló Juhász étterem in Budapest, Hungary)

clip_image180[4]Andres Hevia @a_hevia ·  Mar 4

;-) RT #SOAP a contract between two lawyers. #REST a contract between two drunks. Brilliant. @fnimphiu #ofmForum (via @gwronald)

clip_image072[7]raggadaz @raggadaz ·  Mar 4

Lets prepare for another two days of workshops #ofmForum


clip_image159[7]Sten Vesterli @stenvesterli ·  Mar 4

Awesome SOA/OSB/SOAP/REST/JSON/MAF live demo by @lucasjellema and @lucb_ #buzzwordbingo #ofmForum


clip_image038[11]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 4

Great MAF+SOA demo by @lucasjellema & @lucb_ at #ofmForum




clip_image035[4]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 4

congratulations @lucb_ and @lucasjellema for excellent demo - you spelt my name wrong but that just proves it wasn't rehearsed #ofmForum

clip_image191Neselovskyi, Borys @bneselov ·  Mar 4

#ofmForum @soacommunity @IngoReisky @MoDJorg thank you for the Great Event!!!


clip_image022[1]luc bors @lucb_ ·  Mar 4

Another great session delivered with @lucasjellema - Spot on time, no demo gremlins, great feedback. Lets do that again sometime #ofmForum

clip_image035[5]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 4

@soacommunity thankyou for a great event looking forward to the bootcamps tomorrow this is the best A&C community #ofmForum

clip_image073[10]Simon Haslam @simon_haslam ·  Mar 4

Cloud services at #ofmForum even extend to the coffee machine


clip_image035[6]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 4

Hey @ukoug we should try this - If you don't fill in feedback form at #ofmForum you get charged a no show fee - 100% return guaranteed

clip_image035[7]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 4

So much content at #ofmForum relevant to Oracle Cloud Apps - those not here have missed a trick, Integration is key to #SaaS @CertusCloud

clip_image035[8]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 4

despite not being here @SOASimone is policing the #ofmForum NDAs

clip_image196JavaFXpert @JavaFXpert ·  Mar 4

Happy Birthday 12.2.1 @lonnekedikmans #ofmForum


clip_image198[4]VLAD BABU @VLADBABU ·  Mar 4

#ofmForum Heading to the airport! Fantastic event! Great to see ex EPC colleagues Monica Bratu & Cosmin Tudor


clip_image159[8]Sten Vesterli @stenvesterli ·  Mar 4

Great #ofmForum event wrapping up. Nice venue, too. Looking forward to two workshop days


clip_image022[2]luc bors @lucb_ ·  Mar 4

@OTNArchBeat @simon_haslam the idea is for flight attendants to use the app, however if we robotize it #oracleMaf #iot #brainstorm #ofmForum

clip_image028[13]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 4

thanks for an excellent #ofmForum thanks investing time to become trained in the Cloud Platform for your Digital Business - good trip home!

clip_image203Mark Simpson @mark_gw ·  Mar 4

Thanks @soacommunity for a great event. Great sessions, great discussions, great venue and most of all, great host. See you next time.

clip_image038[12]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 4

@lonnekedikmans happy birthday from @soacommunity ! Jurgen tried twice to catch you!! #ofmForum


clip_image196[1]JavaFXpert @JavaFXpert ·  Mar 4

Entertaining live hacking presentation by @lucasjellema and @lucb_ at #ofmForum


clip_image203[1]Mark Simpson @mark_gw ·  Mar 4

"@debralilley: despite not being here @SOASimone is policing the #ofmForum NDAs" < omnipresent now it's all in the cloud.

clip_image208[4]Marinus Snyman @marinussnyman ·  Mar 4

@soacommunity Did not get a chance to THANK U for a great event in person; in a age of digital disruption Twitter is just as good #ofmforum

clip_image073[11]Simon Haslam @simon_haslam ·  Mar 4

@lucasjellema & @lucb_ kicking of a demo of building a flight attendant mobile app #ofmForum


clip_image035[9]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 4

@lucb_ and @lucasjellema building me personally an airline complaints mobile app, live, on stage with Oracle MAF at #ofmForum :) :)

clip_image052[16]Jacco Cijsouw @JCijsouw ·  Mar 4

Lucas Jellema @lucasjellema and Luc Bors @lucb_ present live mobile hacking at #ofmForum @amisnl


clip_image090[8]A. Chatziantoniou @MagicChatzi ·  Mar 4

#ofmForum @lucasjellema borrowed my tagline: i'm the guy in the basement making things work #architectsgobacktobasics

clip_image035[10]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 4

thank you @VikasAatOracle for a great session even I understood, gives me lots of questions, all leading to a great future #ofmForum

clip_image213José Rodrigues @JoseRodBPM ·  Mar 4

@lucb_ and @lucasjellema going to the clouds. Luc mentioned missing his skirt, whatever that means :) #ofmForum


clip_image035[11]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 4

Depite first impressions :) #ACED @lucasjellema is actually a very funny guy #ofmForum

clip_image091[2]Jan Van Hoef @janvanhoef ·  Mar 4

So glad @lucasjellema snuck in some pl/SQL in his demo. My first and true love. #ofmForum


clip_image035[12]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 4

@lucb_ using a private cloud we can all see :) for his great demo with @lucasjellema #ofmForum


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clip_image072[8]raggadaz @raggadaz ·  Mar 4

Backend ready noe lets go to the MAF App #ofmForum amazing :-)


clip_image065[3]Patrick Sinke @npu1974 ·  Mar 4

Impressive live hacking demo creating a mobile app with JSON adapters on SOA 12c by Luc Bors, Lucas Jellema #ofmForum


clip_image223Jan van Zoggel @jvzoggel ·  Mar 4

Very valuable technical in-depth discussion with @dschmied, @janssendj & @OrienteIT about Oracle ACM best practices #ofmForum

clip_image058[10]Vikas Anand @VikasAatOracle ·  Mar 4

#SOA12c to #mobile in minutes: @lucasjellema @lucb_ awesome team: live @soacommunity #ofmForum

clip_image073[12]Simon Haslam @simon_haslam ·  Mar 4

JDev can show APIs from API Catalog - sounds useful. Interesting session with @Yogesh_Sontakke & @robertvanmolken at #ofmForum

clip_image058[11]Vikas Anand @VikasAatOracle ·  Mar 4

@Yogesh_Sontakke : excellent demo of #oracle #APIManager #ofmForum #soaCommunity !


clip_image039[10]Andreas Koop @andreaskoop ·  Mar 4

ADF Developers Skills need to ewolve to mobile & cloud skills #ofmForum


clip_image161[6]Peter van der Meer @petervdmeer ·  Mar 4

Cool demos on API manager and API catalog at #ofmForum @VikasAatOracle @soacommunity @robertvanmolken

clip_image072[9]raggadaz @raggadaz ·  Mar 4

#ofmForum lets look at another awesome demo with @lucasjellema


clip_image039[11]Andreas Koop @andreaskoop ·  Mar 4

ADF Best Practices presented by @andrejusb for ACM Implementation #ofmForum //cc @dschmied


clip_image028[14]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 4

Get the ACM poster from @dschmied at #ofmForum

clip_image038[13]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 4

2 Integration options on the cloud: SOA Suite Cloud Service (APIM, complex ints) & ICS for "one click" integrations #ofmForum

clip_image005[17]Lucas Jellema @lucasjellema ·  Mar 4

Introducing SOA Cloud Service and Integration Cloud Service at #ofmForum @VikasAatOracle


clip_image039[12]Andreas Koop @andreaskoop ·  Mar 4

Situation driven work with Oracle ACM perfectly explained by @dschmied #ofmForum

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SOA Community retweeted

clip_image035[13]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 4

Great to see a new product demo being shown against competitors offering - best practice #ofmForum

clip_image005[18]Lucas Jellema @lucasjellema ·  Mar 4

Absolute last minute preparation for the Red Stack Live Development demo at #ofmForum by @lucb_ and @lucasjellema


clip_image159[9]Sten Vesterli @stenvesterli ·  Mar 4

RT @lucasjellema: Last minute preparation for the Red Stack Live Development demo #ofmForum <- looking forward to it

clip_image035[14]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 4

want it even more NOW RT @debralilley: up next - Oracle Cloud Integration Service - want this and I want it now!! #PaaS4SaaS #ofmForum

clip_image092[5]Dirk Janssen @janssendj ·  Mar 4

cmmn as notation for acm looks promissing #ofmForum

clip_image053[5]Arturo Viveros @gugalnikov ·  Mar 4

wow, process mining & adaptive case management, great stuff @dschmied #ofmForum @soacommunity

clip_image028[15]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 4

ACM best practice session from @dschmied and @andrejusb at #ofmForum


clip_image159[10]Sten Vesterli @stenvesterli ·  Mar 4

Save time on your mobile development. Oracle MAF has declarative components like web ADF #ofmForum

clip_image035[15]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 4

can I blow the straw? RT @a_men_de: Truck demo working now Live! at #ofmForum , Come 2 IoT booth during lunch break


clip_image240scope alliance @scope_alliance ·  Mar 4

Mobile demo is working smoothly! @andrejusb implements live! #ofmForum


clip_image177[1]Δhmed Δboulnaga @Ahmed_Aboulnaga ·  Mar 4

Seeing all these tweets about #ofmForum makes me wish I were there!

clip_image240[1]scope alliance @scope_alliance ·  Mar 4

.@_kolja and @MarkusNeubauer are preparing customer workshop during the break at #ofmForum //cc @silbury_it

clip_image020[6]Antonis Antoniou @AntoniouAntonis ·  Mar 4

Oracle ACM Implementation Best Practices with @dschmied and @andrejusb #ofmForum

clip_image035[16]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 4

certainly missing lots of great insight RT @Ahmed_Aboulnaga: Seeing all these tweets about #ofmForum makes me wish I were there!

clip_image035[17]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 4

up next - Oracle Cloud Integration Service - want this and I want it now!! #PaaS4SaaS #ofmForum

clip_image023[7]Jon petter hjulstad @Jphjulstad ·  Mar 4

Dream team on stage- ACM best practices #ofmForum


clip_image038[14]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 4

Integration is critical for #SaaS adoption. #ofmForum


clip_image176[1]Oriente IT @OrienteIT ·  Mar 4

ACM implementation best practices. From @andrejusb @dschmied #ofmForum

clip_image083[2]Yogesh Sontakke @Yogesh_Sontakke ·  Mar 4

"Brittle Integration is one of the biggest risks in the Cloud" @VikasAatOracle #ofmForum


clip_image065[4]Patrick Sinke @npu1974 ·  Mar 4

Good explanation on characteristics of unstructured processes in #ACM presentation. #ofmForum

clip_image248Michael Krebs @krebsle78 ·  Mar 4

ACM with @dschmied #ofmforum


clip_image173[6]Marcel Amende @a_men_de ·  Mar 4

Truck demo working now Live! at #ofmForum , Come 2 IoT booth 2 see during lunch break

clip_image251BYOD News @byod_news ·  Mar 4

ritam: RT VikasAatOracle: #IoT demo at #ofmForum : technology as the enabler Oracle StreamExplorer #soaCommunity


clip_image035[18]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 4

@andrejusb showing how knowing something inside out means you can live demo with confidence and hold audience attention - #ofmForum

clip_image035[19]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 4

Even at an event ad technical as #ofmForum I am spoilt for choice #want to go to all streams

clip_image152[5]Florin Marcus @FlorinMarcus ·  Mar 4

Live demo on Mobile - OSB integration by @andrejusb at #ofmForum


clip_image256Ingo Reisky @IngoReisky ·  Mar 4

Opitz Consulting Infrastructure Team excited to be at #ofmForum in Budapest, great event! @OC_WIRE @MoDJorg


clip_image028[16]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 4

wow #SOASuite12c 12.2.1 very cool - partner get exclusive beta update at #ofmForum by @WunderlichRd

clip_image028[17]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 4

BPM is a great extension for Oracle Applications like Primavera and JDE. Build solutions deliver business value #ofmForum

clip_image251[1]BYOD News @byod_news ·  Mar 4

soacommunity: RT EverythingIoT: RT VikasAatOracle: #IoT demo at #ofmForum : technology as the enabler Oracle Strea…

clip_image251[2]BYOD News @byod_news ·  Mar 4

soacommunity: RT VikasAatOracle: #IoT #java #OEP #embedded #ofmForum #soaCommunity

clip_image035[20]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 4

u speak fast RT @lucasjellema: International coffee break at #ofmForum : i spoke with (new) friends from Mexico, Rumania, USA, UK, NL and DE

clip_image065[5]Patrick Sinke @npu1974 ·  Mar 4

Marcel Amende demonstrates #bigdata analysis from live iPhone sensor data AND has a truck with sensors and a Raspberry Pi. Cool! #ofmForum

clip_image065[6]Patrick Sinke @npu1974 ·  Mar 4

@krebsle78: The Truck is back @a_men_de #ofmforum


clip_image058[12]Vikas Anand @VikasAatOracle ·  Mar 4

#IoT #java #OEP #embedded #ofmForum #soaCommunity


clip_image263IoT @EverythingIoT ·  Mar 4

RT @VikasAatOracle: #IoT demo at #ofmForum : technology as the enabler Oracle StreamExplorer #soaCommunity

clip_image264IoT Attack @iotattack ·  Mar 4

#IoT #java #OEP #embedded #ofmForum #soaCommunity via VikasAatOracle


clip_image191[1]Neselovskyi, Borys @bneselov ·  Mar 4

#ofmForum SOA, BigData


clip_image072[10]raggadaz @raggadaz ·  Mar 4

Great demo with OEP and raspberry PI - soooo cooool #ofmForum


clip_image198[5]VLAD BABU @VLADBABU ·  Mar 4

Lovely day 2 in Budapest at #ofmForum. Coming from Cloud Apps really impressed on the things delivered here! Awesome!

clip_image270Contribute @ContributeInfo ·  Mar 4

Meeting colleagues and friends is always a pleasure at #ofmForum.



clip_image091[3]Jan Van Hoef @janvanhoef ·  Mar 4

The social events that happen past the official agenda, THOSE should have a safe harbor statement. #ofmForum


clip_image251[3]BYOD News @byod_news ·  Mar 4

Luisw19: RT iotattack: #IoT #java #OEP #embedded #ofmForum #soaCommunity via VikasAatOracle


clip_image031[13]Robert van Mölken @robertvanmolken ·  Mar 4

SOA 12.2.1 session started at #ofmForum but is all under #NDA #NoPictures, looking forward to this release.

clip_image198[6]VLAD BABU @VLADBABU ·  Mar 4

#ofmForum Trends Driving Digital Disruption:Mobile, Social, BigData & Internet of Things. Cloud-business agility


clip_image005[19]Lucas Jellema @lucasjellema ·  Mar 4

International coffee break at #ofmForum : i spoke with (new) friends from Mexico, Rumania, USA, UK, NL and Germany in 20 minutes

clip_image039[13]Andreas Koop @andreaskoop ·  Mar 4

SOAP to REST live demo with zero coding but Oracle Service bus 12c by @andrejusb #ofmForum


clip_image065[7]Patrick Sinke @npu1974 ·  Mar 4

Robert Wunderlich is presenting new SOA Suite features which are all under NDA. Sorry, people :) #ofmForum

clip_image028[18]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 4

Demo demo demo #SOASuite12c 12.2.1 by @WunderlichRd


clip_image083[3]Yogesh Sontakke @Yogesh_Sontakke ·  Mar 4

Watching the über cool IoT demo with the Oracle truck by @a_men_de #ofmForum


clip_image001ZivvoDoolF @ZivvonD ·  Mar 4

ZivvonD :@Yogesh_Sontakke-Watching the über cool IoT demo with the Oracle truck by @a_men_de #ofmForum


clip_image004Sten Vesterli @stenvesterli ·  Mar 4

Database service mandatory for Java service. That's what happens when you buy Java cloud from a DB company #ofmForum

clip_image005Magnus Kihlbaum @MagnusKihlbaum ·  Mar 4

Big Data SQL is demoed. Makes Big Data and Fast Data much more convenient #ofmForum

clip_image006Vikas Anand @VikasAatOracle ·  Mar 4

Marcel Amend showing the new kid on the block #FastData #bigdata #ofmForum #soaCommunity!


clip_image009Andreas Koop @andreaskoop ·  Mar 4

Patching java cloud service with a push of a button #ofmForum


clip_image006[1]Vikas Anand @VikasAatOracle ·  Mar 4

#IoT demo at #ofmForum : technology as the enabler Oracle StreamExplorer #soaCommunity

clip_image012Marcel Mertin @m_mertin ·  Mar 4

JCS Product Comparison and use cases at #ofmForum


clip_image015VLAD BABU @VLADBABU ·  Mar 4

Internet of Things - enabler for intelligent logistics #ofmForum

clip_image016Arturo Viveros @gugalnikov ·  Mar 4

Oracle BAM 12c, geo maps, multi-browser support, mobile enablement & fine grained security, at last!! #ofmForum @soacommunity

clip_image009[1]Andreas Koop @andreaskoop ·  Mar 4

Java cloud service explained! #ofmForum



clip_image021SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 4

Huge interest in Java Cloud Service at #ofmForum get details at Cosmin Demo point and free WLS12c books


clip_image024C2B2 Consulting @c2b2consulting ·  Mar 4

Day 2 at the #ofmForum -C.Tudor about to start his #Java Cloud Service & Developer Cloud Service talk #soa #soasuite


clip_image006[2]Vikas Anand @VikasAatOracle ·  Mar 4

#ofmForum #soaCommunity Marcel Amend 3 cool demos on StreamExplorer OEP #FastData #bigdata : Truck in the house!

clip_image027Robert van Mölken @robertvanmolken ·  Mar 4

Had a fun session about #API #Management at #ofmForum with @Yogesh_Sontakke



clip_image032Mohammad Esad-Djou @MoDJorg ·  Mar 4

#ofmForum @soacommunity Oracle Toolbox for Data Stream / Big Data: Oracle Event Processing approach. .. very interesting topic clip_image033

clip_image034Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 4

Ok so lets keep it simple: as of today =API Manager: wls domain & osb specific, API catalog=domain agnostic, tech agnostic catalog #ofmForum

clip_image016[1]Arturo Viveros @gugalnikov ·  Mar 4

At #ofmForum BAM session, here's a great follow up reading on the subject: … #soamythbusters @soacommunity @borland_c

clip_image034[1]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 4

#API management is about managing personas & process / tools to discover, govern, monitor, and support APIs #ofmForum




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clip_image021[1]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 4

Process Cloud Service demo by @ralf_mueller building an executable process in minutes - love it! #ofmForum


clip_image006[3]Vikas Anand @VikasAatOracle ·  Mar 4

@Yogesh_Sontakke #ofmForum Oracle #API #APIManager strategy presentation! API management simplified!


clip_image045Patrick Sinke @npu1974 ·  Mar 4

@VikasAatOracle: @robertvanmolken presenting Oracle API Catalog #SOA12c #ofmForum #soaCommunity : almost demo time! ”


clip_image048Grant Ronald @gwronald ·  Mar 4

#SOAP a contract between two lawyers. #REST a contract between two drunks. Brilliant. @fnimphiu #ofmForum

clip_image016[2]Arturo Viveros @gugalnikov ·  Mar 4

Very cool API Catalog live demo, nice job @robertvanmolken #ofmForum

clip_image049A. Chatziantoniou @MagicChatzi ·  Mar 4

#ofmForum @robertvanmolken demos oracle api catalog, now we need to build this by default for every soa project inorder to be useful

clip_image021[2]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 4

#APIManager12 & #APICatalog12c demo time by @robertvanmolken and @Yogesh_Sontakke at #ofmForum #SOASuite12c

clip_image050✈ Usable Apps @usableapps ·  Mar 4

Inspired by Andrew Sutherland at #ofmForum ? More @OBUG_ORG with Oracle UX VP @jrwashley - Apps Cloud Innovation …

clip_image051Michael Krebs @krebsle78 ·  Mar 4

The Truck is back @a_men_de #ofmforum

clip_image052Richard Voorintholt @RiVoAtFuselogic ·  Mar 4

API management at #ofmForum related to SOA governance.


clip_image034[2]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 4

@Yogesh_Sontakke what about MCS and its catalog? Not in the slide #ofmForum


clip_image021[3]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 4

Mobile track at #ofmForum by @fnimphiu middleware for mobile - in the cloud


clip_image050[1]✈ Usable Apps @usableapps ·  Mar 4

@JoseRodBPM @soacommunity @ralf_mueller @LinkConsulting awesome truck! Does it beep when you do a back up? #seewhatIdidthere

clip_image059Morten Hoffmann @xxhoffmann ·  Mar 4

Good morning Budapest. Looking forward to another great day at #ofmForum @soacommunity @OracleWebLogic

clip_image016[3]Arturo Viveros @gugalnikov ·  Mar 4

Ready for day 2 at #ofmForum #goodasnew @soacommunity

clip_image051[1]Michael Krebs @krebsle78 ·  Mar 4

@scope_alliance is ready for day two After a Short Night.. #ofmforum

clip_image060Markus Neubauer @MarkusNeubauer ·  Mar 4

Day two of the Oracle Fusion Middleware Forum. #ofmForum


clip_image016[4]Arturo Viveros @gugalnikov ·  Mar 4

Let's take a good look at Oracle's API Strategy #ofmForum

clip_image063Danilo Schmiedel @dschmied ·  Mar 3

@leonsmiers @andrejusb Thanks Leon. Hopefully next time you can attend again.

clip_image064Lucas Jellema @lucasjellema ·  Mar 4

@lucb_ & I are happy: our end2end demo is working, from MAF to REST/json on SB to SOAP on SOA Suite to BPM Suite to task & mail #ofmForum

clip_image052[1]Richard Voorintholt @RiVoAtFuselogic ·  Mar 4

Sun over Boscolo for day 2 of #ofmforum

clip_image065José Rodrigues @JoseRodBPM ·  Mar 4

SOA Track Truck (IoT)... @ralf_mueller next time, steal the truck for BPM! #ofmForum @soacommunity @LinkConsulting

clip_image064[1]Lucas Jellema @lucasjellema ·  Mar 4

#ofmForum @fnimphiu starting his session on Digital Enterprise - mobilizing ADF applications.

clip_image034[3]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 4

#API economy in figures by @Yogesh_Sontakke 90% of Expedia revenue comes from API #ofmForum

clip_image006[4]Vikas Anand @VikasAatOracle ·  Mar 4

#ofmForum day 2 continues!


clip_image021[4]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 4

SOA Suite 12c Product Strategy Video

clip_image021[5]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 4

Good morning Budapest ;-) we continue the #ofmForum at 8.30! Send us a picture from your networking #soaCommunity

clip_image045[1]Patrick Sinke @npu1974 ·  Mar 4

That's #ofmforum too! Having fun at the bar!

clip_image027[1]Robert van Mölken @robertvanmolken ·  Mar 4

What a night :S My VMs SOA Server for use in tomorrows #ofmForum session failed. Needed to start with a fresh domain and configured it again

clip_image068Peter van der Meer @petervdmeer ·  Mar 4

Netwerken tot diep in de nacht! Over 6 Uur beginnen de sessies weer van #ofmForum

clip_image009[2]Andreas Koop @andreaskoop ·  Mar 4

Ooooh what a night. #ofmForum 2015! Thx for networking


clip_image016[5]Arturo Viveros @gugalnikov ·  Mar 4

#ofmForum networking event & follow up at Szimpla Kert, what a fun night with great colleagues @soacommunity @Luisw19

clip_image021[6]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 4

Enjoy Budapest great city - send us your picture #ofmForum! See you on Wednesday 8.30 for breakout sessions - thanks for coming to Budapest

clip_image071Oriente IT @OrienteIT ·  Mar 3

Ready to start with the social community event. @jvzoggel @MarcelvdGlind #ofmForum


clip_image074Vikram Setia @vikramsetia ·  Mar 3

@vikramsetia: Jürgen had to stand on the chair. Wonder how many glasses he's had! Great event. #ofmForum


clip_image059[1]Morten Hoffmann @xxhoffmann ·  Mar 3

Socialising and identifying new opportunities... Good stuff. #ofmForum


clip_image079Marcel van de Glind @MarcelvdGlind ·  Mar 3

Dinner starting. Perfect meal. Perfect organisation. #ofmForum

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clip_image080Tiago Vidigal @TiagoFVD ·  Mar 3

Networking dinner with a great view #ofmForum


clip_image083raggadaz @raggadaz ·  Mar 3

Main dish @ #ofmForum dinner

clip_image084Jan van Zoggel @jvzoggel ·  Mar 3

On our way to Szimpla Kert for 1 last drink. Just as Jurgen ordered us. ;) #ofmForum

clip_image085leonsmiers @leonsmiers ·  Mar 3

Congratz>“@andreaskoop: Well Deserved! @dschmied and @andrejusb awarded for outstanding BPM &ACM 12c impl. #ofmForum


clip_image071[1]Oriente IT @OrienteIT ·  Mar 3

Team Holland roaming the streets. Final beer at szimpla kert. @janssendj @MarcelvdGlind @jvzoggel #ofmForum

clip_image088Marinus Snyman @marinussnyman ·  Mar 3

Great dinner tonight at #ofmforum

clip_image089Matthias Fuchs @Hias222 ·  Mar 4

End of #ofmForum day one at szimpla Kert - Great!

clip_image090Melvin van der Kuijl @Melvinvdk ·  Mar 4

Special thanks to Jürgen from Budapest! #ofmForum pitstop at #teliertem


clip_image093Maciej Gruszka @MaciejGruszka ·  Mar 4

@simon_haslam @soacommunity Sorry I missed this

clip_image094Simon Haslam @simon_haslam ·  Mar 4

Thanks to Oracle & @soacommunity for a very nice dinner. Great talking to some people in person who I only knew from Twitter! #ofmForum

clip_image063[1]Danilo Schmiedel @dschmied ·  Mar 3

Thanks a lot @soacommunity for an excellent 1st day at the #ofmForum It couldn't be better!

clip_image071[2]Oriente IT @OrienteIT ·  Mar 3

Nice view from our table at the #ofmForum. Thanks @soacommunity for this event.@jvzoggel @MarcelvdGlind @janssendj

clip_image034[4]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 3

Thanks @soacommunity #ofmForum

clip_image095Torsten Winterberg @t_winterberg ·  Mar 3

Congrats to @dschmied for winning the ACM&BPM award at #ofmForum 2015 in Budapest !! Thx to @soacommunity !!

clip_image096Andrejus Baranovskis @andrejusb ·  Mar 3

@gugalnikov @dschmied @soacommunity thanks !

clip_image024[1]C2B2 Consulting @c2b2consulting ·  Mar 3

Congrats to this year's Partner Community Awards winners &thanks @soacommunity for amazing partner support #ofmForum

clip_image063[2]Danilo Schmiedel @dschmied ·  Mar 3

@gugalnikov @andrejusb @soacommunity Thank you!

clip_image016[6]Arturo Viveros @gugalnikov ·  Mar 3

Congratulations @dschmied & @andrejusb #ofmForum community awards @soacommunity

clip_image016[7]Arturo Viveros @gugalnikov ·  Mar 3

Oracle Alta, guidelines for creating better UIs, responsive and modern apps!! #ofmForum @soacommunity

clip_image097Lonneke Dikmans @lonnekedikmans ·  Mar 3

We all love Juergen for his transparent processes :) @soacommunity #ofmForum

clip_image098Antonis Antoniou @AntoniouAntonis ·  Mar 3

Congrats @lonnekedikmans and @debralilley for #ofmForum Cloud Award!

clip_image016[8]Arturo Viveros @gugalnikov ·  Mar 3

Congrats @AMIS_Services @lucasjellema ,great work & fantastic contributions to the community #ofmForum @soacommunity

clip_image099luc bors @lucb_ ·  Mar 3

Well Deserved ! "@robertvanmolken: @Amisnl just won the community award for ADF. #ofmForum "


clip_image009[3]Andreas Koop @andreaskoop ·  Mar 3

And the ADF award goes to @AMIS_Services //cc @lucasjellema ! #ofmForum


clip_image099[1]luc bors @lucb_ ·  Mar 3

Well deserved : "@AntoniouAntonis: Congrats @lonnekedikmans and @debralilley for #ofmForum Cloud Award! "

clip_image063[3]Danilo Schmiedel @dschmied ·  Mar 3

Congratulations @debralilley and @lonnekedikmans on your award #ofmForum

clip_image009[4]Andreas Koop @andreaskoop ·  Mar 3

Cloud FMW award to @debralilley & @lonnekedikmans #ofmForum congrats!


clip_image034[5]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 3

Congrats @lonnekedikmans, @debralilley, @mark_gw and all the rest :) #ofmForum

clip_image106Oracle ACE Program @oracleace ·  Mar 3

RT @AntoniouAntonis: Congrats @lonnekedikmans and @debralilley for #ofmForum Cloud Award! #ACEDs #FTW!

clip_image107Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 3

congrats to everyone winning awards at #ofmforum this is a rocking community

clip_image063[4]Danilo Schmiedel @dschmied ·  Mar 3

Glad to hear that @mark_gw received an award for his outstanding work #ofmForum @soacommunity

clip_image034[6]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 3

Now the drinks and tour :) #ofmForum

clip_image106[1]Oracle ACE Program @oracleace ·  Mar 3

RT @debralilley: congrats to everyone winning awards at #ofmforum this is a rocking community > +1

clip_image050[2]✈ Usable Apps @usableapps ·  Mar 3

. @debralilley @certuscloud @eproseed Fantastic #ofmforum award! Congrats. Confidence in the Cloud validated! …

clip_image108☁ ultan @ultan ·  Mar 3

#ofmforum awesome award. deserved @debralilley @certuscloud @eproseed #noironingtonight

clip_image004[1]Sten Vesterli @stenvesterli ·  Mar 3

Grant Ronald presenting Mobile Cloud: The center of the universe for the mobile developer #ofmForum


clip_image111Ralf Mueller @ralf_mueller ·  Mar 3

First session on @OracleBPM finished at #ofmForum. Tomorrow will be in depth demo of Process Cloud Service.

clip_image045[2]Patrick Sinke @npu1974 ·  Mar 3

Oracle mobile cloud service demo. #ofmForum #oraclecloud #oraclesoa

clip_image045[3]Patrick Sinke @npu1974 ·  Mar 3

Mobile backend is a collection of API's for the purpose of building mobile applications. #ofmForum #oraclecloud

clip_image112André Evensen @anevensen ·  Mar 3

Great demo of exciting product, Stream Explorer, by @lucasjellema #ofmForum #AcandoNorge


clip_image099[2]luc bors @lucb_ ·  Mar 3

Oracle MCS --> Notification support is really a big thing to have in the Cloud. Many challenges if you need to do this without MCS #ofmForum

clip_image034[7]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 3

MCS can generate RAML ( ) #ofmForum

clip_image005[1]Magnus Kihlbaum @MagnusKihlbaum ·  Mar 3

Beeing shown several new cloud gui's today at #ofmForum Thinking there are still work to do unifying the UX experience across the products

clip_image099[3]luc bors @lucb_ ·  Mar 3

Oracle MCS --> API call track and trace gives instant insight in calls and performance #ofmForum

clip_image009[5]Andreas Koop @andreaskoop ·  Mar 3

Oracle mobile cloud service in action at #ofmForum by @gwronald


clip_image099[4]luc bors @lucb_ ·  Mar 3

Next : MAX #ofmForum

clip_image098[1]Antonis Antoniou @AntoniouAntonis ·  Mar 3

Really cool event reporting features in Mobile Cloud Service #ofmForum

clip_image004[2]Sten Vesterli @stenvesterli ·  Mar 3

Lot of Oracle Cloud services for the Citizen Developer #ofmForum

clip_image034[8]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 3

Quote by Grant Ronald "Mobile back ends are a collection / container of APIs needed to build specific mobile app" #ofmForum @soacommunity

clip_image016[9]Arturo Viveros @gugalnikov ·  Mar 3

Understanding #MCS and #MAF #ofmForum day 1, great stuff!! @soacommunity


clip_image083[1]raggadaz @raggadaz ·  Mar 3

Great demo RT @Yogesh_Sontakke: Thanks @lucasjellema ! #ofmForum


clip_image099[5]luc bors @lucb_ ·  Mar 3

@gwronald talking about next generation application development; The Mobile and Cloud Effect #ofmForum

clip_image009[6]Andreas Koop @andreaskoop ·  Mar 3

The mobile and cloud effect has arrived at #ofmForum by @gwronald

clip_image107[1]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 3

Grant talking about #UX and Oracle’s own development, and thie investment in it #ofmforum @usableapps

clip_image004[3]Sten Vesterli @stenvesterli ·  Mar 3

Oracle Mobile Application Framework is "write once, run anywhere". Where did I hear that before? #ofmForum

clip_image098[2]Antonis Antoniou @AntoniouAntonis ·  Mar 3

MAF is Oracle's strategic framework for building native mobile applications @gwronald #ofmForum

clip_image052[2]Richard Voorintholt @RiVoAtFuselogic ·  Mar 3

mobile app development nightmare at #ofmForum


clip_image063[5]Danilo Schmiedel @dschmied ·  Mar 3

"PCS can become a new connection in ICS to kick-off a process" @ralf_mueller #ofmForum @soacommunity

clip_image123Yogesh Sontakke @Yogesh_Sontakke ·  Mar 3

Possibly one of the best demos of Stream Explorer I have seen so far. Thanks @lucasjellema ! #ofmForum


clip_image064[2]Lucas Jellema @lucasjellema ·  Mar 3

Half of the room just prior to the start of my demo of StreamExplorer at #ofmForum - it went well I believe.


clip_image096[1]Andrejus Baranovskis @andrejusb ·  Mar 3

Great demo from @lucasjellema on Stream Explorer at #ofmForum

clip_image080[1]Tiago Vidigal @TiagoFVD ·  Mar 3

SOA 12c roadmap, towards the cloud, looking good #ofmForum


clip_image096[2]Andrejus Baranovskis @andrejusb ·  Mar 3

Attending #ofmForum. Great day with Oracle keynotes focused on Cloud and Mobile.

clip_image079[1]Marcel van de Glind @MarcelvdGlind ·  Mar 3

BPM 12c and the cloud . Session by Joost Volker and Ralf Muller #ofmForum

clip_image063[6]Danilo Schmiedel @dschmied ·  Mar 3

As always a great presentation by @lucasjellema This time it was about Stream Explorer. Thank you! @soacommunity #ofmForum

clip_image009[7]Andreas Koop @andreaskoop ·  Mar 3

StreamExplorer Demo by @lucasjellema starts in a moment #ofmForum

clip_image129Jacco Cijsouw @JCijsouw ·  Mar 3

Lucas Jellema started his presentation on stream explorer at #ofmForum

clip_image021[7]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 3

#Streamexplorer12c live demo by @lucasjellema at #ofmForum

clip_image045[4]Patrick Sinke @npu1974 ·  Mar 3

Stream Explorer as a sugar coating on #OEP by Lucas Jellema #ofmForum

clip_image064[3]Lucas Jellema @lucasjellema ·  Mar 3

Blog explaining how to have 2 laptops talk to another for a live demo with mobile, REST and SOA Suite for #ofmForum …

clip_image048[1]Grant Ronald @gwronald ·  Mar 3

#ofmForum fingers crossed, I've a bunch of awesome mobile and cloud demos in the next hour...if only the network and demo gremlins behave!

clip_image130Bruno Borges @brunoborges ·  Mar 3

Sneak peek into Oracle Integration Cloud Service #ICS at #ofmForum via @Luisw19



clip_image021[8]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 3

#APIManager12c demo by @WunderlichRd at #ofmForum cool iPad demo with Alta UI

clip_image135jeqo @jeqo89 ·  Mar 3

Very exciting demo and new features on Oracle #ics! #ofmForum @soacommunity @VikasAatOracle

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clip_image027[2]Robert van Mölken @robertvanmolken ·  Mar 3

Ready for the next #ofmForum session.

clip_image032[1]Mohammad Esad-Djou @MoDJorg ·  Mar 3

Now: Service Integration 12c & Cloud #ofmForum

clip_image107[2]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 3

Look how far we've come - my 42 Real Life Examples of FMW with Apps so out of date … today we're bus driven #ofmforum

clip_image024[2]C2B2 Consulting @c2b2consulting ·  Mar 3

SOA Suite 12c & Cloud talk by @VikasAatOracle opening afternoon session at #ofmForum in Budapest #soa #soacommunity

clip_image027[3]Robert van Mölken @robertvanmolken ·  Mar 3

Next up @Yogesh_Sontakke about apps with #MCS at #ofmForum


clip_image005[2]Magnus Kihlbaum @MagnusKihlbaum ·  Mar 3

Oracle is showing some great user interfaces in the mobile-, integration- and process cloud services #ofmForum

clip_image034[9]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 3

MCS = #MBaaS = Connectors, App Acc, Storage, User Mng, Nots & cloud API Cltg. Great demo @Yogesh_Sontakke #ofmForum


clip_image034[10]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 3

Process Cloud Service has mobile client that works offline. Great feature. Hope we can customise it too. Demo tomorrow #ofmForum

clip_image027[4]Robert van Mölken @robertvanmolken ·  Mar 3

Time for #PCS with Niall at #ofmForum


clip_image004[4]Sten Vesterli @stenvesterli ·  Mar 3

@debralilley @lonnekedikmans Since these products are almost magical, they work "out of the lamp" #ofmForum

clip_image094[1]Simon Haslam @simon_haslam ·  Mar 3

Turns out that Oracle SOA's jcooper is one of the blokes that pops up in photos on the OTN website #ofmForum #whoknew

clip_image034[11]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 3

Lol JCooper also at #ofmForum thanks to Niall Commiskey

clip_image027[5]Robert van Mölken @robertvanmolken ·  Mar 3

Great demo of #ICS by @VikasAatOracle at #ofmForum




clip_image034[12]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 3

#ICS mapper looks good. Critical for SaaS integration as mapping is time consuming and can be very complex #ofmForum



clip_image097[1]Lonneke Dikmans @lonnekedikmans ·  Mar 3

I am happy with the UI for the integration cloud service. Finally us poor techies get something nice to look at and click on :D #ofmForum

clip_image107[3]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 3

loving #ofmForum but if we don't start lunch soon, we will not be able to hear speakers over tummy rumbles :(

clip_image098[3]Antonis Antoniou @AntoniouAntonis ·  Mar 3

@VikasAatOracle demoing ICS and Oracle Recommendation Service, looks great! #ofmForum

clip_image150Amit Zavery @azavery ·  Mar 3

At the #ofmforum with 150+ partners discussing #cloud #mobile #digital business implementations using @OracleMiddle



clip_image004[5]Sten Vesterli @stenvesterli ·  Mar 3

Enterprises on average deploying 23 different SaaS solutions. Integration opportunity. #ofmForum

clip_image155Bruno Neves Alves @b_alves ·  Mar 3

@VikasAatOracle demoing the ICS at #ofmForum - good to see thing working. Looking forward for the hands on.

clip_image107[4]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 3

Being teased at #ofmForum by being shown what I want........ just I want it today #PaaS4SaaS

clip_image156Alecia Ridout @alecia_ridout ·  Mar 3

Building a digital platform is key to enabling a digital business. Great keynote Andrew Sutherland. #ofmForum #digitaldisruption

clip_image034[13]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 3

Drag and drop connectors in #ics . Looking very good. Great demo by @VikasAatOracle #ofmForum

clip_image016[10]Arturo Viveros @gugalnikov ·  Mar 3

Vikas doing the ICS Demo at #ofmForum , looks great!! #soaCommunity


clip_image159AC @akhil_chandak ·  Mar 3

@soacommunity Integration cloud service seems very cool and easy and use with security and infrastructure. Soln. for rapid implementation

clip_image097[2]Lonneke Dikmans @lonnekedikmans ·  Mar 3

@Luisw19 @soacommunity me too :D

clip_image034[14]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 3

@lonnekedikmans @soacommunity and forget about batch !!! I just love the phrase!!

clip_image097[3]Lonneke Dikmans @lonnekedikmans ·  Mar 3

modern business is all about real time responses #nomorebatches #ofmForum

clip_image094[2]Simon Haslam @simon_haslam ·  Mar 3

"Application infrastructure & middleware projects are becoming the cornerstone of digital business" #ofmForum

clip_image074[1]Vikram Setia @vikramsetia ·  Mar 3

Board rooms are scared of Digital Disruption. I say disrupt yourselves before anyone does. #ofmForum


clip_image045[5]Patrick Sinke @npu1974 ·  Mar 3

@simon_haslam: "Application infrastructure & middleware projects are becoming the cornerstone of digital business" #ofmForum

clip_image063[7]Danilo Schmiedel @dschmied ·  Mar 3

Very inspiring keynote by Dr. Andrew Sutherland at #ofmForum.


clip_image164infoMENTUM @infomentum ·  Mar 3

“Digital business: challenging old business models”. Very engaging presentation from Andrew Sutherland at #ofmForum #digitaldisruption

clip_image051[2]Michael Krebs @krebsle78 ·  Mar 3

ics Demo use case #ofmforum

clip_image027[6]Robert van Mölken @robertvanmolken ·  Mar 3

Demo time with @VikasAatOracle about the Oracle Integration Cloud. #ofmForum @soacommunity

clip_image083[2]raggadaz @raggadaz ·  Mar 3

demotime at #ofmForum


clip_image024[3]C2B2 Consulting @c2b2consulting ·  Mar 3

'Application infrastructure & middleware projects are becoming the cornerstone of the digital business' F.Biscotti, Gartner #ofmForum #SOA

clip_image063[8]Danilo Schmiedel @dschmied ·  Mar 3

Seeing @VikasAatOracle as demo dude - just great! But hey, that's my job as stated by Juergen in the introduction :) @soacommunity #ofmForum

clip_image021[9]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 3

Live demo time at #ofmForum @VikasAatOracle presenting Integration Cloud Service

clip_image009[8]Andreas Koop @andreaskoop ·  Mar 3

Speed to build, speed to deploy, speed to respond to marketchanges! With #oraclecloud #ofmForum

clip_image004[6]Sten Vesterli @stenvesterli ·  Mar 3

Digital Business needs both speed and agility. So far, cloud has been fast and on-premise has been flexible #ofmForum

clip_image074[2]Vikram Setia @vikramsetia ·  Mar 3

Digital experience goes deep into integration as well; not just at interface level. Well said Andrew Sutherland! #ofmForum @infomentum

clip_image167Mark Simpson @mark_gw ·  Mar 3

I remember the first bpel pizza delivery analogy, now edible sensor IoT pizza use case from Dr. Sutherland ! #ofmForum #oraclesoa

clip_image045[6]Patrick Sinke @npu1974 ·  Mar 3

IT will be everywhere. #Gartner #ofmForum


clip_image049[1]A. Chatziantoniou @MagicChatzi ·  Mar 3

#ofmForum "forget batch in a digital world" - wake-up call for a lot of companies

clip_image034[15]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 3

Quote of the day at #ofmForum "Forget Batch in the Digital Business!!!"by Andrew Sutherland @soacommunity


clip_image004[7]Sten Vesterli @stenvesterli ·  Mar 3

When are you a digital business? One criteria: You're not running batch jobs #ofmForum

clip_image123[1]Yogesh Sontakke @Yogesh_Sontakke ·  Mar 3

Inspiring as always, Andrew Sutherland - "Digital Disruption key topic in every boardroom, rightly so!" #ofmForum


clip_image024[4]C2B2 Consulting @c2b2consulting ·  Mar 3

Dr.Andrew Sutherland talking about Oracle Fusion Middleware at the #ofmForum @soacommunity #soa #soasuite #javaEE

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clip_image021[10]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 3

Digital platform presentation is available at the #soaCommunity workspace #ofmForum


clip_image034[16]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 3

Interesting quote #ofmForum

clip_image063[9]Danilo Schmiedel @dschmied ·  Mar 3

Great examples by Andrew Sutherland how digital business is changing your business extremely #ofmForum

clip_image021[11]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 3

Digital Disruption is a huge opportunity for middleware partners - Andrew Sutherland #ofmForum

clip_image049[2]A. Chatziantoniou @MagicChatzi ·  Mar 3

#oraclefmw has come a long way since Andrew Sutherland was told where to put his Enterprise Java Beans #ofmForum

clip_image045[7]Patrick Sinke @npu1974 ·  Mar 3

Inspiring talk on Oracle's Middleware proposition by Andrew Sutherland. Nice. #ofmForum

clip_image049[3]A. Chatziantoniou @MagicChatzi ·  Mar 3

#ofmForum the Netherlands has the highest $ amount of oracle fmw per capita in the world due to the partner ecosystem there

clip_image094[3]Simon Haslam @simon_haslam ·  Mar 3

Andrew Sutherland: "I'm seeing the renaissance of the developer: someone who can add value, build processes, improve business" #ofmForum

clip_image045[8]Patrick Sinke @npu1974 ·  Mar 3

A little proud to hear the Netherlands have the highest use of Oracle Middleware products per head of the population in the world #ofmForum

clip_image159[1]AC @akhil_chandak ·  Mar 3

@soacommunity interesting data points on importance and future of Middleware

clip_image167[1]Mark Simpson @mark_gw ·  Mar 3

It's BYOC bring your own cloud - “@lonnekedikmans: @soacommunity but it is a *cloud* service. Did you put it in your suitecase?!? #ofmForum

clip_image097[4]Lonneke Dikmans @lonnekedikmans ·  Mar 3

@soacommunity but it is a *cloud* service. Did you put it in your suitecase?!? #confused #ofmForum

clip_image021[12]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 3

Thanks to our partners we sell the most middleware per inhabit in the Netherlands - Andrew Sutherland #ofmForum

clip_image176IoT Attack @iotattack ·  Mar 3

#OFM key investment themes; mobile, cloud, #IoT, big&fast data, engineered systems, digital business. #ofmForum #li

clip_image016[11]Arturo Viveros @gugalnikov ·  Mar 3

#spsolutions logo comes up at #ofmForum keynote!!, of course we were at ICS Beta program, @borland_c #soamythbusters

clip_image107[5]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 3

that is the intent - great progress to date @CertusCloud RT @soacommunity: Partners use Java Cloud Service to extend SaaS #ofmForum @azavery

clip_image097[5]Lonneke Dikmans @lonnekedikmans ·  Mar 3

not sure I understand why a beta on a cloud service has a designated location (HQ) #ofmForum

clip_image049[4]A. Chatziantoniou @MagicChatzi ·  Mar 3

One hour into #ofmForum and it becomes clear what we will do the next years. Partners really need to be here or are out of business soon!

clip_image107[6]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 3

@ACED line up at #ofmForum is fantastic, although only two ladies me and @lonnekedikmans - but it doesn't stand in our way

clip_image099[6]luc bors @lucb_ ·  Mar 3

Jurgen Kress says #ofmForum is the First international European #ACED Conference


clip_image034[17]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 3

Am the "#API" guy!! #ofmForum and much better looking in that pic than in person lol


clip_image107[7]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 3

@CertusCloud have actually tried #PaaS4SaaS - going to share that story at #ofmForum - come ask me at UX stand cc @usableapps

clip_image045[9]Patrick Sinke @npu1974 ·  Mar 3

#OFM key investment themes; mobile, cloud, #IoT, big&fast data, engineered systems, digital business. #ofmForum #li


clip_image016[12]Arturo Viveros @gugalnikov ·  Mar 3

Great to be at #ofmForum !!, i come from Mexico!, #soaCommunity #oracleace #spsolutions #budapest


clip_image049[5]A. Chatziantoniou @MagicChatzi ·  Mar 3

Amit Zavery shows a slide at #ofmForum with continued investments in on-premises offerings - I need an extra week each week to learn it all

clip_image021[13]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 3

Java Cloud Service in all data centers - huge demand - big service opportunity for partner e.g test and development systems @azavery

clip_image185Stephan Vos @stephanrvos ·  Mar 3

My phone is buzzing like crazy here in NL because of all the #ofmForum tweets. Have fun you all! @soacommunity

clip_image064[4]Lucas Jellema @lucasjellema ·  Mar 3

ICS & PCS are pretty close (Spring timeframe). SOA Cloud Service will follow not long afterwards as will MCS. #ofmForum #atlast

clip_image064[5]Lucas Jellema @lucasjellema ·  Mar 3

Amit Zavery starts the keynote at #ofmForum - news on Oracle Fusion Middleware. Some cloud, then some more cloud.


clip_image107[8]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 3

FMW portfolio growing all the time, and taking that to the cloud makes it flexible and attractive to an even wider audience #ofmForum

clip_image188Olve Slind @olveslind ·  Mar 3

The XX #ofmForum just started. Looking forward to the next four days! #budapest #oracle #fusion #middleware #sysco

clip_image006[5]Vikas Anand @VikasAatOracle ·  Mar 3

@azavery #ofmForum discussing Oracle Middleware and Cloud strategy with #soaCommunity


clip_image034[18]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 3

#OFM = #cloud or #hybrid platform for #digital business. #ofmForum @soacommunity

Amit Zavery


clip_image107[9]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 3

Amit Zavery giving keynote at #ofmForum - great him giving the credit for this event to @soacommunity

clip_image034[19]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 3

The @soacommunity is rocking!! And #SOACommunity is the largest #ofmForum


clip_image107[10]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 3

Quote from @soacommunity "we love Bob" - cc @OTNArchBeat

clip_image034[20]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 3

Bob we all love you!! @OTNArchBeat #ofmForum @soacommunity



clip_image064[6]Lucas Jellema @lucasjellema ·  Mar 3

And now for the welcome event at #ofmForum - Jurgen Kress on stage @soacommunity

clip_image123[2]Yogesh Sontakke @Yogesh_Sontakke ·  Mar 3

Juergen Kress kicking off the #ofmForum 2015 in Budapest - exciting week ahead!

clip_image099[7]luc bors @lucb_ ·  Mar 3

@lucasjellema describing how we work together on the MAF & SOA Suite live hacking demo for #ofmforum in Budapest: …

clip_image012[1]Marcel Mertin @m_mertin ·  Mar 3

@ec4u_news @soacommunity @mschneew on our way from #FRA to #BUD. See you at #ofmForum

clip_image064[7]Lucas Jellema @lucasjellema ·  Mar 3

I'm prepared for my StreamExplorer demonstration as guest appearance in @VikasAatOracle 's session this afternoon at #ofmForum incl EDN link

clip_image064[8]Lucas Jellema @lucasjellema ·  Mar 3

Part One of a series on the MAF & SOA Suite live hacking demo with @lucb_ for #ofmforum in Budapest: … on AMIS Blog

clip_image084[1]Jan van Zoggel @jvzoggel ·  Mar 3

Part of 'Team Holland' toasting the start of #ofmForum 2015 in Budapest. Excited about tomorrows kickoff


clip_image016[13]Arturo Viveros @gugalnikov ·  Mar 3

Arriving in Budapest!!, ready for #ofmForum, 17 hour trip from Mexico City #soaCommunity

clip_image021[14]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 2

#ofmForum registration starts at 10.00 see you all for a great conference! Thanks for coming to Budapest ;-)


clip_image052[3]Richard Voorintholt @RiVoAtFuselogic ·  Mar 2

Great venue for #ofmforum

clip_image021[15]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 2

Great start of the #ofmForum see you all tomorrow morning! Thanks for coming to Budapest ;-) tip 2 Digital Platform


clip_image202Marcel Amende @a_men_de ·  Mar 2

Just prepared the StreamExplorer demo for wed. #ofmForum , SX is RTM, by the way...


clip_image064[9]Lucas Jellema @lucasjellema ·  Mar 2

Down there the #ofmForum welcome reception is kicking off. Time to have some fun with friends


clip_image064[10]Lucas Jellema @lucasjellema ·  Mar 2

Juergen kicking off #ofmForum in Budapest with many friends


clip_image064[11]Lucas Jellema @lucasjellema ·  Mar 2

Juergen doing the welcoming speech at #ofmForum in magical setting


clip_image052[4]Richard Voorintholt @RiVoAtFuselogic ·  Mar 2

Informal start of #ofmForum


clip_image005[3]Magnus Kihlbaum @MagnusKihlbaum ·  Mar 2

Starting up the #ofmForum with a drink and networking


clip_image083[3]raggadaz @raggadaz ·  Mar 2

Welcomedrink @ #ofmForum


clip_image060[1]Markus Neubauer @MarkusNeubauer ·  Mar 2

Arrived at the conference hotel for the @Oracle #ofmForum


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clip_image219Ingo Reisky @IngoReisky ·  Mar 2

With @MoDJorg at the reception for #ofmForum in Budapest, great location!


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clip_image051[3]Michael Krebs @krebsle78 ·  Mar 2

Junior Suite AT Bosch Hotel is not that Bad.. #ofmforum

clip_image107[11]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 2 #ofmforum and a few people I recognise #fb #pretendingimtechnical

clip_image222Simone Geib @SOASimone ·  Mar 2

Hve fun everybody RT @soacommunity: What will be the focus of the #ofmForum 2015? Sneak preview part 1 #soaCommunity


clip_image225Jan Van Hoef @janvanhoef ·  Mar 2

Help! @soacommunity is trying to get me drunk at #ofmForum and he just emptied a bottle of white wine in my glass. Plz send help!

clip_image021[16]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 2

Join us for a #ofmForum welcome drink now at the Boscolo hotel lobby. Thanks for coming to Budapest ;-)

clip_image021[17]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 2

What will be the focus of the #ofmForum 2015? Sneak preview part 1 #soaCommunity

clip_image083[4]raggadaz @raggadaz ·  Mar 2

Nice place to stay here in Budapest at #ofmForum

clip_image006[6]Vikas Anand @VikasAatOracle ·  Mar 1

Budapest! #soacommunity (@ New York Café in Budapest)

clip_image006[7]Vikas Anand @VikasAatOracle ·  Mar 2

#soacommunity : OFMW Forum Budapest!


clip_image068[1]Peter van der Meer @petervdmeer ·  Mar 2

Arrived this morning in Budapest and now waiting for a welcome drink as start of the #ofmforum,ready to meet our Oracle friends and partners

clip_image027[7]Robert van Mölken @robertvanmolken ·  Mar 2

Really like the view from my room at #ofmForum. Even my room is scary huge!


clip_image021[18]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 2

Join us for a #ofmForum welcome drink tonight 7.00pm at the Boscolo hotel #soaCommunity

clip_image111[1]Ralf Mueller @ralf_mueller ·  Mar 2

Looking forward to meeting many friends and partners at #ofmForum in the next four days, thanks @soacommunity for organizing.

clip_image064[12]Lucas Jellema @lucasjellema ·  Mar 2

Budapest seems ready for #ofmForum - Goulash was nice, weather is a little under the weather and hotel is very nice venue.Last preparations

clip_image063[10]Danilo Schmiedel @dschmied ·  Mar 2

Just downloaded the #ofmForum mobile app to be prepared for tomorrow :) Looking forward to meet a lot of friends in Budapest @soacommunity

clip_image021[19]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 2

Welcome to the Fusion Middleware Partner Community Forum XX

clip_image009[9]Andreas Koop @andreaskoop ·  Mar 2

Arrived at Budapest for #ofmForum . Looking forward to a great conference!

clip_image050[3]✈ Usable Apps @usableapps ·  Mar 2

. Go @vladbabu at #ofmForum Make that Oracle Applications Cloud UX soar even higher! A must visit. More: .

clip_image099[8]luc bors @lucb_ ·  Mar 2

At Schiphol with @lonnekedikmans on our way to #ofmForum Looking forward to my #OracleMAF presentation with @lucasjellema on Wednesday.

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clip_image052[5]Richard Voorintholt @RiVoAtFuselogic ·  Mar 2

Luxurious room in the Boscolo #ofmForum


clip_image096[3]Andrejus Baranovskis @andrejusb ·  Mar 2

Arrived to Budapest for #ofmForum. Going to to the airport soon to meet @FlorinMarcus

clip_image232Contribute @ContributeInfo ·  Mar 2

We're going to Oracle's #ofmForum @ Budapest. @PascalVM1977 & @janvanhoef are ready for take-off.

clip_image060[2]Markus Neubauer @MarkusNeubauer ·  Mar 2

On the way to the @Oracle #ofmForum in Budapest.

clip_image021[20]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 2

Join us for a #ofmForum welcome drink tonight 7.00 pm at the Boscolo hotel #soaCommunity


clip_image235Schiphol @Schiphol ·  Mar 2

@MarcelvdGlind Hi Marcel! Have a great trip to Budapest. Any expectations or interests that you are looking for @ #ofmForum? ^RSO

clip_image015[1]VLAD BABU @VLADBABU ·  Mar 2

@Budapest for 2 days at #ofmForum.Interesting and innovative discussions on UX for Cloud Apps at UX demo station!

✈ Usable Apps ☁


clip_image090[1]Melvin van der Kuijl @Melvinvdk ·  Mar 2

In my way to the airport for the #ofmForum Looking forward to it!

clip_image098[4]Antonis Antoniou @AntoniouAntonis ·  Mar 2

Just arrived at Budapest for #ofmForum Morning flights get ready for some rock & roll during descent #windgusts

clip_image238Red Mavericks @RedMavericks ·  Mar 2

On our way to Budapest for the #ofmForum @soacommunity, piggybacked with @LinkConsulting

clip_image048[2]Grant Ronald @gwronald ·  Mar 2

Today heading off to #ofmForum in Budapest to present @OracleMobile and Cloud. Exciting new products to show in my Tuesday keynote!

clip_image135[1]jeqo @jeqo89 ·  Mar 2

Looking forward to my first #ofmForum! On the way to Budapest

clip_image079[2]Marcel van de Glind @MarcelvdGlind ·  Mar 2

Preparing to leave to Schiphol AirPort. Budapest here I come. Up for a great week #ofmForum

clip_image065[1]José Rodrigues @JoseRodBPM ·  Mar 2

On our way to #Oracle #fusion #middleware #soa #bpm #ofmForum #soaCommunity in Budapest. Stop at Munich for breakfast

clip_image004[8]Sten Vesterli @stenvesterli ·  Mar 2

My cat wants to join me on the trip to Budapest for #ofmForum


clip_image098[5]Antonis Antoniou @AntoniouAntonis ·  Mar 2

Just about to board my flight to Budapest for #ofmForum

clip_image096[4]Andrejus Baranovskis @andrejusb ·  Mar 2

Red Samurai team is flying to #ofmForum from Lithuania, Romania and UK.

clip_image241Jon petter hjulstad @Jphjulstad ·  Mar 2

On my way to Budapest #ofmForum

clip_image064[13]Lucas Jellema @lucasjellema ·  Mar 2

Busy weekend with preparations for the #ofmForum in Budapest (I'm presenting on MAF & SOA

clip_image006[8]Vikas Anand @VikasAatOracle ·  Mar 1

Beat this Juergen #soaCommunity


clip_image021[21]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 1

Arrived at the Grand Budapest Hotel looking forward to a great conference #ofmForum send us a picture from your trip!

clip_image096[5]Andrejus Baranovskis @andrejusb ·  Mar 1

Oracle Mobile Suite and Alta UI demo is ready for OFM'15 conference in Budapest. Ready to rock. :)

clip_image021[22]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 1

Thanks for 185+ attendees from Europe & around the world participate in the #ofmForum send us a picture from your trip to Budapest!

clip_image021[23]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 1

Ready for the #ofmForum 2015 - let us know what you expect & you are most interested? Good trip to Budapest! #soaCommunity @OracleSOA

clip_image049[6]A. Chatziantoniou @MagicChatzi ·  Feb 28

On my way to@#ofmForum in Budapest. Looking forward to meet all of the participants and see the city.

clip_image049[7]A. Chatziantoniou @MagicChatzi ·  Feb 28

Almost correct s/Madrid/Budapest

clip_image244Frank Nimphius @fnimphiu ·  Feb 27

Looking forward to #ofmForum next week. Eager to present my session about ADF, Cloud and Mobile. Hopefully kicks off some discussions.

clip_image245Florin Marcus @FlorinMarcus ·  Feb 27

@soacommunity @andrejusb #ofmForum A great conference needs a good song: …

clip_image034[21]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Feb 27

Finished first chapter of #SOA and #API Governance #12c ! Great project with @borland_c & @gugalnikov see you all in #ofmForum @soacommunity

clip_image034[22]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Feb 25

Looking forward for #ofmForum and meeting up with other @oracleace !!! Will arrive Monday at 9pm @soacommunity

clip_image096[6]Andrejus Baranovskis @andrejusb ·  Feb 25

Ready for OFM'15 conference in Budapest, next week. Large Red Samurai team crowd is attending !

clip_image107[12]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Feb 25

anyone arriving monday about 2100 for #ofmforum?want to share taxi, travel together?

clip_image164[1]infoMENTUM @infomentum ·  Feb 25

We'll be attending Oracle's #ofmForum in Budapest next week; come and say hello to us if you're there!

clip_image107[13]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Feb 24

#ofmForum agenda looks excellent, and looking forward to sharing the @CertusCloud and @eProseed #PaaS4SaaS UX wksp - see you all next week

clip_image021[24]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Feb 24

Let us know if you attend the #ofmForum Community Forum 2015 in Budapest want to know who participates … #soaCommunity

clip_image244[1]Frank Nimphius @fnimphiu ·  Feb 23

I’ve done my Slides for #ofmForum talk: "Going Digitally Native in the Enterprise - Extending Oracle ADF Applications to Mobile and Cloud"

clip_image027[8]Robert van Mölken @robertvanmolken ·  Feb 23

@soacommunity Thanks!


clip_image094[4]Simon Haslam @simon_haslam ·  Feb 24

Also on Google Play :) RT @soacommunity: #ofmForum mobile iOS app with conference program available at Oracle Events 15

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Sunday Feb 22, 2015

top tweets WebLogic Partner Community February 2015

Send us your tweets @wlscommunity #WebLogicCommunity and follow us on twitter Please feel free to send us your news!

clip_image001Jens Eckels Want to see more tech content that combines #Oracle #SOA Suite with #WebLogic? Vote up this session for our #OTNVTS

clip_image002Bruno Borges #JavaOne Latin America 2015 Call for Papers. Última semana! Palestrantes ganham entrada livre!


clip_image005Lucas Jellema Yesterday, @wilfreddeijl showed me his work on automating testing of ADF apps with Selenium. Very impressive! See …

clip_image006Antonis Antoniou Using #OracleADF BC Declarative Built-in Rules (Part 9 of 10): Script Expr. Validator … | @JDeveloper @wlscommunity

clip_image007Rohan #FusionMiddleware Updates is out! … Stories via @JDeveloper @wlscommunity

clip_image008Ayalla Goldschmidt Over 5000 tech fans came out for the Americas VTS, Europe, it's your turn! Join us Feb 25th.


clip_image011Alex Nemirovskis Java Cloud & Developer Cloud Service via @wlscommunity

clip_image012Ilan Salviano WebLogic is out! … Stories via @wlscommunity

clip_image013Waslley Souza Enabling FrameworkFolders in WebCenter - @wlscommunity @oraclewebcenter

clip_image014Δhmed Δboulnaga Should the @OracleWebLogic AdminServer reside on its own host? Excellent post by @simon_haslam. Read the comments too …

clip_image015Peter van Nes Learn how to secure @OracleCoherence keystore passwords in Coherence override files. @wlscommunity #WebLogicCommunity http://www.reddipped./ …

clip_image016Simon Haslam Just spotted: on JCS there's no charge for the @OracleWebLogic Admin Server... why then charge for on-premise AS?


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clip_image016[1]Simon Haslam Only 2 weeks to #ofmForum in Hungary (still time to register?)... looking forward to it!

clip_image018Rik Williams Meet the experts at the next #cluboracle event on 26th February. Its free! Please retweet


clip_image021Trisha Gee Don't forget: Building a Java 8 & JavaFX app, tonight at 7pm @SVQJUG …

clip_image022JavaOne Conference #JavaOne is headed to Sao Paulo, June 25-28. Get notified when registration opens. #JavaOneBrasil

clip_image023Wolfgang Weigend Wednesday this week in Berlin, join the session "#JavaFX – New UI Technology in #JDK 8" at @Hypoport location @jugbb …

clip_image024OTNArchBeat #OTNVTS middleware track. 6 experts. 6 sessions. All FREE. Feb 25

clip_image002[1]Bruno Borges #WebLogicFacts #Part1: developers don't need to register JDBC drivers because we already bundle them, and provide support :P

clip_image002[2]Bruno Borges #WebLogicFacts #Part2: developers can use #FastSwap for on-the-fly Java class changes during development

clip_image002[3]Bruno Borges #WebLogicFacts #Part3: developers have #Spring support for things such as #JTA integration, #Clustering, #Security, #DI, #ConsoleExtension

clip_image002[4]Bruno Borges #WebLogicFacts #Part4: developers have #JavaEE support along with #ADF #JSF components. See demos of components here: …

clip_image002[5]Bruno Borges #WebLogicFacts #Part5: developers can use (and have support for) the Classloader Analysis Tool (CAT) …

clip_image002[6]Bruno Borges #WebLogicFacts #Part6: developers can do side-by-side deployments. See this article: …

clip_image002[7]Bruno Borges #WebLogicFacts #Part7: developers can (and have support to) deploy versionized #JavaEE shared libraries …

clip_image002[8]Bruno Borges #WebLogicFacts #Part8: developers can automate tasks on #WLST. See WebLogic Scripting Tool for 12.1.3 at …

clip_image002[9]Bruno Borges #WebLogicFacts #Part9: developers can create #WLST scripts by recording macros! Piece of cake. See how: …

clip_image002[10]Bruno Borges #WebLogicFacts #Part10: developers have advanced #JMS support & features on #JavaEE apps. See …


clip_image002[11]Bruno Borges #WebLogicFacts #Part11: developers have support for #Maven plugins (and repo), and advanced features as well :-)

clip_image027Oracle Cloud Zone Curious about all things #cloud? Have a look at our trials: #PaaS #SaaS

clip_image016[2]Simon Haslam Working on #cluboracle @OracleODA X5 slides - looking forward to chatting ODA flash, ACFS, InfiniBand with DB folks

clip_image024[1]OTNArchBeat #OTNVTS proposals by @lonnekedikmans @rluttikhuizen @t_winterberg @RodrigoRadtke. Vote or submit your own.

clip_image028Java Embedded #Java and #IoT: The Intelligent Platform for The Connected Vehicle #integration #telematics

clip_image008[1]Ayalla Goldschmidt .#Integration, #Mobile, #IoT An approach to integration that can make sense of data, information, and events @azavery

clip_image029Oracle Magazine Video- #Cloud Application Foundation: Driving Business Innovation.


clip_image024[2]OTNArchBeat Free #OTNVTS Feb 25. Middleware sessions by @markxnelson @pinocchiocode @MikaelFries #jcache #maven

clip_image032OracleSupport_WLS How to store http sessoins in database #weblogic #cluster

clip_image032[1]OracleSupport_WLS Steps to resolve admin server start up failure : the realm "myrealm" failed to be loaded #weblogic #security

clip_image033luc bors I just finished 150 questions in 150 minutes : Certified Oracle Mobile Development Beta Exam #OracleMAF #OracleMobile

clip_image034Markus Lohn Useful hint from Oracle A-Team avoiding memory leak with JDK 1.7 SDP Support. …

clip_image013[1]Waslley Souza Creating Business Logic Group in ADF - @wlscommunity @JDeveloper @OracleADF

clip_image008[2]Ayalla Goldschmidt Is your IT private PaaS ready? Read this blog to find out

clip_image035Lars Lemos Get started with #JavaEE7 and #GlassFish by running a hands-on project via @glassfish

clip_image002[12]Bruno Borges #WebLogic 11g config for #Docker arrives on #GitHub. Also instructions for multi-host clustering! 10.3.6 and 12.1.3 …

clip_image036Reinhold Becker Nice! Weblogic on Docker: … @wlscommunity

clip_image033[1]luc bors I just registered to take the "Certified Oracle Mobile Specialist Beta Exam" tomorrow 2:30pm #OracleMAF #OracleMobile

clip_image037Oracle Exalogic @Oracle Fusion Middleware running on #Exalogic. Learn about the benefits here:


clip_image040Robert van Mölken As of today I'm officially a #OracleACE #Associate - - Thank you very much @oracleace for awarding me this title.

clip_image041Oracle WebLogic Are you ready to implement your private #PaaS? Take this 10-minute assessment to confirm.

clip_image042Debra Lilley @OracleWebLogic too many OMG what a web address :) #PaaScheck

clip_image043JBoss Forge Hello @NetBeans ! I'm so glad that we are now fully integrated thanks to my amazing team! …

clip_image044Kevin O'Brien How to become a Publisher in Oracle Cloud Marketplace - https://cloud.?_adf.ctrl-state=2c2hs8yfv_4&_afrLoop=2201616242355511 … #OPN

clip_image024[3]OTNArchBeat OTN Middleware online session: Getting Started with Oracle #Maven Repository - 11:30PT today

clip_image045Jon petter hjulstad My recommendation for Oracle Conference Cruise in march: OUGN

clip_image046David Delabassee #WebLogic 12c on #RaspberryPi2 #JustForFun


clip_image012[1]Ilan Salviano WebLogic Week is out! … Stories via @OracleWebLogic @wlscommunity

clip_image008[3]Ayalla Goldschmidt 5 Best Practices for #PaaS success: 2 - Choose a comprehensive & integrated PaaS. See more:


clip_image007[1]Rohan #FusionMiddleware Updates is out! … Stories via @rohanwalia17 @wlscommunity

clip_image027[1]Oracle Cloud Zone OTN Virtual Tech Summit, Feb 25: Special Track teaches Java for #IoT and #Wearables. Check it out:

clip_image002[13]Bruno Borges #WebLogic 11g (10.3.6) #Docker configuration will arrive today. Stay tuned for more later the day.

clip_image051oraclemidsize Interested in #Raspi #IoT #Wearables on #Java? Check out 25Feb the next #OTNVTS:

clip_image002[14]Bruno Borges "Fronting #Oracle #Maven Repository with Artifactory" … via @wlsteve

clip_image052Ashish Awasthi Populate af:iterator and af:forEach programmatically http://www.awasthiashish.comhtml … @rohanwalia17 @wlscommunity @JDeveloper @OracleADF

clip_image053OPITZ CONSULTING RT @wlscommunity: Using log4j 2 in an Oracle ADF 12c Application by Cattle Crew

clip_image007[2]Rohan JpsAnonymousRoleImpl Issue for Custom Login Using Managed Bean in ADF http://rohanwalia..html … @JDeveloper @wlscommunity @ashish__awasthi

clip_image054Gerkmann-Bartels DOAG Development BarCamp | Let's play together!

clip_image027[2]Oracle Cloud Zone Missed the #Cloud Platform Online Forum? Check it out now and find out why cloud platform matters from @wrecks47

clip_image055Dain Hansen Catch #Oracle SVP @AZavery take on Top #Tech Trends in 2015, #DigitalBusiness #cloud #mobile


clip_image058WebLogic Server Docs #oracleweblogic 12.1.3 documentation library has been revised in January. Check out … @weblogicsupport @wlscommunity

clip_image007[3]Rohan #FusionMiddleware Updates is out! … Stories via @rohanwalia17 @wlscommunity

clip_image013[2]Waslley Souza Uploading Resources from JDeveloper to WebCenter Portal - @wlscommunity @JDeveloper

clip_image058[1]WebLogic Server Docs Have feedback on #weblogic #documentation? Please fill out this survey Thank You! @wlscommunity @OracleWebLogic

clip_image033[2]luc bors Final prep for #OracleMAF PoC dvlpmnt in #UX Workshop with @usableapps & @eProseed #CustomerCase #AMPA


clip_image061Andrejus Baranovskis Oracle Mobile Suite - Web Service Performance Optimisation with Result Caching

clip_image007[4]Rohan #FusionMiddleware Updates is out! … Stories via @AMIS_Services @wlscommunity @rohanwalia17

clip_image062Frank Nimphius Shock your co-workes with unprecedented ADF expertise. Just bookmark the Oracle ADF indexed how-to's repository

clip_image062[1]Frank Nimphius Calling Web Services in Background Using MAF 2.1 …

clip_image063Oracle.IMC Partner Webcast – Extending Oracle Applications with Oracle Fusion Middleware Platform: via @YouTube


clip_image052[1]Ashish Awasthi Using LOV Switcher #ADF … @rohanwalia17 @wlscommunity @JDeveloper @OracleADF

clip_image002[15]Bruno Borges Awesome news! @OracleCoherence #Docker configuration arrived on Oracle's #GitHub … // sure it will help developers :-)

clip_image002[16]Bruno Borges Explaining the 3 Cache Types of @OracleCoherence #DistributedCaching #InMemory


clip_image002[17]Bruno Borges Using the #WebLogic Embedded #EJB Container. Good for unit testing! http://butts-weblogic-embedded-ejb-container.html … via @wlsteve

clip_image024[4]OTNArchBeat Updated #WebLogic Server 12.1.3 Developer Zip Distribution. Info from @Buttso

clip_image024[5]OTNArchBeat Using the #WebLogic Embedded #EJB Container, by @buttso

clip_image024[6]OTNArchBeat #WLST Script Profiles. Video by Peter Bowers #weblogic


clip_image070shay shmeltzer New blog/video - Developing on-device #iOS applications with #Eclipse and #Java - the demo - …

clip_image013[3]Waslley Souza MAF 2.0: Using Local Database - @wlscommunity @OracleADF @JDeveloper @OracleMobile

clip_image007[5]Rohan #FusionMiddleware Updates is out! … Stories via @wlscommunity @rohanwalia17

clip_image007[6]Rohan Preselected CheckBox - SelectBooleanCheckBox in ADF Table http://rohanwalia.heckbox.html … @JDeveloper @wlscommunity @ashish__awasthi @OracleADF

clip_image061[1]Andrejus Baranovskis MAF 2.1 - Debugger Improvements and Mobile REST Client

clip_image002[18]Bruno Borges #Oracle docker-images project on #GitHub is about to get an @OracleCoherence config, and an @OracleWebLogic 10.3.6 config too... Stay tuned!

clip_image052[2]Ashish Awasthi 'filterFeatures' in #ADF table column … @wlscommunity @JDeveloper @OracleADF @rohanwalia17

clip_image041[1]Oracle WebLogic Prime content from #OOW14: #WebLogic and #Java #Cloud Service Strategy and Roadmap session.

clip_image008[4]Ayalla Goldschmidt The Virtual Technology Summit is a great place to get hands on with the new @OracleWebLogic Maven repository.

clip_image041[2]Oracle WebLogic ICYMI: #Oracle's #GitHub now has #WebLogic and #Docker images. You're welcome.

clip_image007[7]Rohan #FusionMiddleware Updates is out! … Stories via @wlscommunity @OTNArchBeat @AMIS_Services

clip_image002[19]Bruno Borges #WebLogic 12.1.3 ZIP for Developers … got its first FREE Patch Set Update. Check the #changelog: http://download.oraclP1.txt …

clip_image024[7]OTNArchBeat Calling Web Services in Background Using MAF 2.1, by @StevenDavelaar

clip_image041[3]Oracle WebLogic "Java Cloud Service makes it easy to provision, scale & manage your @WebLogic clusters." - @shaunmsmith His session:

clip_image042[1]Debra Lilley @soacommunity look what we have done - having fun with #PaaS4SaaS and @usableapps


clip_image045[1]Jon petter hjulstad To all not living in Norway- attend OUGN spring seminar, it has a very strong MW-track, also check Strategy track-

clip_image073Alex Chermenin Установка #Oracle #WebLogic в #silent режиме - просто и быстро! #weblogiccommunity

clip_image015[1]Peter van Nes Just published;Automated testing for supported Linux Versions, Packages and Patches. … @wlscommunity #WebLogicCommunity

clip_image074leonsmiers Clear explanation>“@OracleLL:Oracle Coherence: Explaining the 3 different cache types: Video explaining the 3 cache.

clip_image022[1]JavaOne Conference The call for papers for #JavaOne in Brazil is now open until Feb. 27, 2015 #Java #JavaoneBR

clip_image024[8]OTNArchBeat Free OTN Virtual Tech Summit Feb 11. Middleware track sessions on Open Source and Integration

clip_image075Sabine Leitner Grosser Andrang für die #IoT Demofabrik auf dem #OOP2015 Oracle & Opitz Stand


clip_image041[4]Oracle WebLogic Index file support released for the FMW #Maven repository - IDE display and drag/drop into projects. #Oracle #Java


clip_image080enpit consulting "ADF Fitness Center 2015, JavaLand 2015 und DOAG DevCamp 2015"

clip_image081Oracle Learning Libr Oracle Coherence: Explaining the 3 different cache types: Released On: 28-Jan-15 Video explaining the 3 cache...

clip_image041[5]Oracle WebLogic .#Developer #Cloud Service: continuous integration & delivery in the cloud. See the "speed of cloud" session - today

clip_image024[9]OTNArchBeat Virus-Proofing Oracle #WebCenter Content 11g with Oracle API Gateway 11g, by @feitnomore

clip_image024[10]OTNArchBeat OTN Virtual Tech Summit middleware track. 6 experts. 6 sessions. All FREE. Feb 11

clip_image082JDeveloper & ADF Updating MAF Connection Targets At Run Time

clip_image083Matthew Baldwin Using the Oracle Cloud Developer Service … @brianleonard

clip_image084Hendrik Gossens Glad to see there is an #AMPA version for #OracleMAF 2.1 Surely this will boost our recent mobile development process

clip_image084[1]Hendrik Gossens @shebangbeacon ·  Jan 27

Playing around with #OracleMAF 2.1. Upgrade includes #Java 8 and #Cordova 3.6/3.7 support! #Awesome #OhHappyDay


clip_image087Oracle Mobile Updating MAF Connection Targets At Run Time

clip_image088Torsten Winterberg Erfahrung rund um Oracle FMW, SOA Suite, BPM Suite, ADF, MAF, Webcenter. Auf dem DOAG DevCamp! … ### Save the date!

clip_image087[1]Oracle Mobile iOS Setup and Requirements Guidlines for Oracle MAF 2.1.0

clip_image082[1]JDeveloper & ADF New A-Team Mobile Persistence Accelerator Release for MAF 2.1

clip_image070[1]shay shmeltzer Hear what's next in mobile app development and how cloud plays a role in it - join the online cloud event tomorrow - https://event.on24.comF174506CAEBDD21 …

clip_image087[2]Oracle Mobile New A-Team Mobile Persistence Accelerator Release for MAF 2.1

clip_image087[3]Oracle Mobile How To Add New Operation in Oracle Mobile Suite Service Bus REST Service

clip_image024[11]OTNArchBeat Spinning-up a #Coherence Cluster with #WLST | David Felcey

clip_image007[8]Rohan #FusionMiddleware Updates is out! … Stories via @soacommunity @wlscommunity @rohanwalia17

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Tuesday Jan 13, 2015

top tweets WebLogic Partner Community January 2015

Send us your tweets @wlscommunity #WebLogicCommunity and follow us on twitter Please feel free to send us your news!

clip_image001WebLogic Community Updated the training calendar … only for #WebLogicCommunity members … @OracleWebLogic

clip_image002Andreas Koop Reading: Practical Tips for Web and Mobile Usability Tests

clip_image003Oracle.IMC Partner Webcast – Extending Oracle Applications with Oracle Fusion Middleware Platform Oracle Fusion Middleware...

clip_image004Ashish Awasthi #ADF Basics:Delete child records on delete of parent @rohanwalia17 @wlscommunity @JDeveloper @OracleADF @oadfb

clip_image005Andrejus Baranovskis Oracle Mobile Suite Service Bus REST and ADF BC SOAP

clip_image006Rohan #FusionMiddleware Updates is out! … Stories via @rohanwalia17 @JDeveloper @wlscommunity

clip_image006[1]Rohan Personalization Using MDS in ADF Applications … @wlscommunity @ashish__awasthi @JDeveloper #MDS #OracleADF

clip_image004[1]Ashish Awasthi Using Star Rating component (dvt:ratingGauge) in #ADF 12c … @wlscommunity @rohanwalia17 @JDeveloper @OracleADF @oadfb

clip_image004[2]Ashish Awasthi Model level validation for transient attributes in #ADF) … @wlscommunity @rohanwalia17 @JDeveloper @OracleADF

clip_image007leonsmiers Getting Started with the A-Team Mobile Persistence Accelerator by @stevendavelaar … #MAF #Mobile

clip_image004[3]Ashish Awasthi Using captcha with #ADF Faces … @rohanwalia17 @wlscommunity @JDeveloper @JDeveloper @oadfb @OTNArchBeat @Shanto315

clip_image008Adam Bien Happy New 2015. May The Duke Be With You. :-)

clip_image009Oracle Wishing you a happy and healthy 2015! #HappyNewYear


clip_image012Oracle University Get the latest skills on the latest revolutionary Java release


clip_image003[1]Oracle.IMC Oracle Fusion Middleware EMEA Partner Community Forum 2015 … on @bloglovin

clip_image001[1]WebLogic Community Happy New Year ;-) thanks for your #WebLogicCommunity contribution - 2015 will be great & exciting!