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WebLogic 12c experience Michel Schildmeijer

Michel Schildmeijer Technical Author at Packt Publishing and Oracle Fusion Middleware Solutions Architect at AMIS Services published several WebLogic 12c articles:

WebLogic 12c questions and answers

I collected some Q&A for you during the WebLogic 12c launch so here they are:


To read the full article please visit Michael Schildmeijers’s blog

WebLogic 12c released!

New or enhanced WebLogic 12c features

  • JAVA EE 6 support all kinds of JEE6 specifications are implemented like :
    • JSF 2.0,Java Servlets 3.0 JPA 2.0 and EJB 3.1.
    • Managed Beans 1.0
  • WebLogic 12c also supports supports Java SE 7 (and Java SE 6).
    • Java language optimizations and Internationalization
    • Client and server support
    • SSL/TLS 1.2 in JSSE to support JAVA Socket Transport security
    • Converged Java VM:JRockit and HotSpot are  incorporated with the best features from both.The JVM convergence will be a multi-year process, which was confirmed during my presence at Oracle’s Publisher Seminar 2011 during OOW

I won’t discuss the full list in this blog because there’s more about WebLogic than only (although very important of course!) the JAVA EE 6 specifications.

  • Support for IDE’s. WebLogic already supported JDeveloper, but will come out with the later on. Also suported are Eclipse and NetBeans 7.1 IDE. As said, the JDeveloper and IntelliJIdea IDE will be supported in a later timeframe.
  • New enhanced WebLogic Maven Plug-in See the various new options below in this scheme

As you can see, you can even build a simple domain or control it out of Maven!

  • WebLogic 12c provide upgrades from
    • iAS with automated tooling
    • WebLogic 11g
    • GlassFish redeployment – With a built in GlassFish descriptor recognition for Re-Deployment to WebLogic Server
    • JBoss and webSphere with migration services

To read the full article please visit Michael Schildmeijers’s blog


For all WebLogic Administrators and Developers we highly recommend Michel Schildmeijer’s book:

Overview of Oracle Weblogic Server 11gR1 PS2: Administration Essentials

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