Saturday May 17, 2014

Implementing Data Caching and Data Syncing by A-Team

Oracle's A-Team has developed a free JDeveloper extension called the "ADF Mobile Persistence Sample". This extension contains powerful design-time wizards and a comprehensive runtime library, allowing you to very quickly create a mobile application with data caching and data syncing capabilities. Check out this impressive video that shows the development process with this extension from start to finish.

More information can be found in two articles on the A-Team Chronicles website:

Oracle A-Team and Mobile Platform Product Management are currently investigating how the functionality of this extension can best be integrated in future releases of the product.

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Tuesday Nov 29, 2011

Coherence 3.7.1 Released

Oracle Coherence 3.7.1 introduces REST API, exalogic infiniband integration, improved data access performance due to more efficient in-memory and disk-based storage, and query explain plan support and much more, download now! View the webcast: Unbeatable Performance for your Cloud Application Foundation.

To download Coherence 3.7.1 please visit OTN.

Coherence Screencasts:

For more information please visit the Oracle Coherence Knowledge Base


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