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  • November 29, 2014

Seeded Customizations using MDS in Oracle ADF by Rohan Walia

Juergen Kress
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clip_image002In the last post Personalization using MDS in Oracle ADF we saw the power of MDS Framework in Oracle ADF using which Users can personalize pages, components etc according to their own need. MDS saves these changes in MDS Store based on every user and applies on the runtime to the base document.

In Personalization, user is at the driver seat , changing things according to the needs. But there are cases where the application is developed and after there is a requirement of two different flavours of the same application. For example, there is a ADF application and there are two clients. One client wants some fields to be visible and some specific color settings while other client wants other fields to be hidden and different color settings. We can also put in this way, that one client want some regions (task flows) to be displayed and other client says other regions to be displayed.
Now in these cases the , making changes to the existing application will be difficult. Most common solution will be we create two versions of application , each version having specific changes required by the client. Hmm that works good for two clients but what will happen if there are hundreds, thousands of clients. One has to create / maintain same number of versions of applications. More to it, what will happen if there will be a common functionality change which needs to go to all versions. Maintenance will become a nightmare.
So by using Seeded Customizations provided by MDS, changes for specific needs / clients can be done on base document. There will be a single Base Application and changes corresponding to all the clients/layers will be done and these changes will be applied on runtime depending upon which client is using it..

Use Case

There is a requirement that there is a ADF application which has one ADF Form on the page. There are two clients "ABCCorp" and "XYZCorp" which will be going to use this application. ABCCorp does not want to show Salary attribute to its users and want Employee ID to be in color "AQUA":
XYZCorp wants to show salary component to users and wants Employee ID background to be in color "LIME" Read the complete article here.

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