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  • February 9, 2015

Persisting to MDS Store using Programmatic API’s in ADF

Juergen Kress
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In last some of the posts regarding MDS, we saw how to achieve Personalizations and Seeded Customizations in Enterprise applications using Oracle ADF. There was explanation how to leverage Oracle ADF MDS framework for this purpose. Most of the personalization and customization is provided OOTB by the framework and just requires correct configurations and steps to achieve. These are declarative user customizations which allow to implicit save component changes done by the user.
But there are scenarios where some custom persistence is required to be saved to MDS Store. This means, that state of the components needs to be changes based on certain conditions. This explicit saving of state of components can be done using Java API provided by the framework.
Lets take an example for this post:
This example uses a ShowDetailFrame which is webcenter component. There is a button show/hide SDF which hides and shows the below SDF. Now this hide and show of SDF is being persisted in MDS Store. For now we will take File system based MDS Store. So for a particular user, when user performs show or hide of SDF, its state is stored in MDS and is presented to the user when it Logins next time into the application.
So when user clicks Hide/UnHide SDF button , action listener has to perform the logic of hide/unhide of SDF. More than this, the action listener needs to save the state of SDF (hide or show) to MDS Store. Now this is where it comes to the topic of this post. At this stage, it need some mechanism in action listener to perform this save of state of SDF to MDS Store.
This is done through API provided by MDS framework in ADF. It uses ChangeManager API from FacesContext to perform this. Below is the page layout that I have described above. Read the complete article here.

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