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  • February 4, 2014

New Puppet 3 Weblogic provisioning module by Edwin Biemond

Juergen Kress
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The last few weeks I was busy re-writing of my puppet WLS module so it fully supports the power of Puppet 3 (thanks for more than 4000 downloads on puppet forge and all the github downloads).
With Puppet 3 we now can use Hiera, Iterations and Lambdas expression. This does not sound like a big change but with Hiera and the new Puppet Language features, I can define big WebLogic Domains without losing maintainability ( Got one customer with 5 Clusters, 25 Managed + JMS servers, more than 100 queues & topics).
With Puppet version 2 and my WLS module you need to have a lot of files (site specific classes) with at least more than 2000 a 5000 lines, here is an example of this. In this ORAWLS module I use the default/minimal approach ( declare once in Hiera) so you won't need to declare the same parameters over and over again. Off course you can still define everything like you did in the WLS module.
When you want to know more about Hiera you can take a look at this documentation page. For the new Puppet 3 language features look at this slideshare presentation.
In this post I will show you the new features and how it works with Hiera. Here you can download or take a look at the new orawls github code, or download it from puppetlabs forge. I Also made a vagrant reference implementation ( which you can use to test it yourself ), this reference will create a 3 node WebLogic Domain with 2 Clusters together with some JMS modules and Queues.
The first big change is that the puppet install classes does not contain any site specific code, I have now only 2 classes which I can use everywhere

  • One for the WebLogic Admin server which contain all the possible WebLogic options
  • One for WebLogic nodes which only installs the software, copy domain and configure the nodemanager )

Let's begin with installing the WebLogic software. For this I only need to add this to a class. Read the complete article here.

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  • Santosh Thursday, June 9, 2016


    I can find the weblogic module for install/ configure or start/stop but what I am looking for to use puppet for auto deployment of war applications, can you please some reference to the module for app deployment.


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