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  • September 19, 2016

Mobile Cloud Service Go Native with Apple iOS By Chris Muir

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Use the Oracle Mobile Cloud Service Apple iOS SDK to develop mobile apps.

Oracle Mobile Cloud Service is designed to be mobile-client-agnostic, in that it will work with any mobile platform, including Android; Apple iOS; Windows; JavaScript for hybrid mobile solutions; and, of course, Oracle’s own Oracle Mobile Application Framework. The REST APIs published via Oracle Mobile Cloud Service can accept calls from any external mobile client technology that supports HTTP and REST.

But being client-agnostic doesn’t mean that there is no help for mobile developers on the various mobile platforms. Oracle Mobile Cloud Service provides native SDKs for several different mobile platforms. The SDKs are designed to significantly simplify and cut down on the amount of code needed to write raw REST and HTTP native calls to Oracle Mobile Cloud Service, often reducing 50 lines of raw HTTP and REST code for each call down to just 4 or 5 lines with the native SDK.

This article explores Oracle Mobile Cloud Service’s support for the Apple iOS platform to demonstrate how the Oracle Mobile Cloud Service client SDKs make coding native mobile apps easier. The coding approach for the iOS SDK provides a useful introduction to how all the SDKs work. The iOS SDK is written in Apple’s Objective-C, but I’ll show how the iOS SDK supports using Apple’s new Swift programming language.

Getting Ready

This article commences where the previous Oracle Magazine article on Oracle Mobile Cloud Service—“Offloading Mobile Storage”—left off. In the previous article, you created a mobile back end, OraMagTestBackend; two mobile users, joedoe and janeroe, with the same password, Welcome1*; and two storage collections, OraMagSharedCollection and OraMagIsolatedCollection, which you populated with the JSON files joesSharedJsonFile.json and janeSecretJsonFile.json, respectively.

This article shows you how to complete an iOS mobile application written in Swift to enable a mobile user to log in remotely to Oracle Mobile Cloud Service, view the list of objects stored in OraMagSharedCollection, and finally view the contents of each selected object, as shown in Figure 1. The code to do this demonstrates various Oracle Mobile Cloud Service iOS SDK API calls to help you understand how the SDK works.
For the iOS mobile client, you will need an Apple Mac with OS X 10.10+ and Apple Xcode 7.2+ installed. You should also download the Apple Xcode source code for the“ starter application that accompanies this article, unzip the source code archive to your desktop, and open the .xcodeproj file in Xcode. Read the complete article here.

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