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  • November 23, 2014

Integrating Cordova Plugin with Oracle MAF - iOS Calendar Plugin by Chris Muir

Juergen Kress
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clip_image002[5]Due to popular demand, this blog post will document how to integrate the Cordova "Calendar" Plugin into Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF) for iOS. If you’re interested in the same for Android, please see this relating blog post.

The Cordova Calendar Plugin allows your MAF application to create, update and delete entries in the mobile device’s calendar. To be clear it does not render a calendar, it simply allows you to call the plugin with the data to make entries in the device’s calendar. This blog post will cover 6 broad tasks. We’ll purely focus on the steps to be undertaken for this specific plugin, we wont focus on the "why" for this article in explaining why you need to undertake all the steps, or a more generic description of how to install all plugins beyond the Calendar plugin. Rather we are just focusing on giving you all the steps you need to get the job done:

1) Download & install the required

2) Prepare Cordova via XCode

3) Prepare the plugin via XCode

4) Configure your MAF application for the iOS plugin

5) Copy the plugin files to your MAF application

6) Build your app

This article covers advanced topics within MAF and Cordova and is not suitable for MAF beginners to undertake. Before attempting to implement the steps covered in this article you need to be reasonable familiar with the JDeveloper IDE, the overall MAF framework and how to build a MAF application, including features, managed beans, AMX pages and similar.

We do recognize that the combination of MAF 2.0.0 and Cordova 2.2.0 plugins is a configuration heavy implementation and will be looking to simplify this in future versions of MAF to take the burden off developers.

Download & install the required software

As this post is regarding integrating the Cordova "Calendar" plugin on iOS, it assumes you will have installed JDeveloper on Mac OSX, have downloaded and configured Apple’s XCode, as well as configured JDeveloper’s preferences to correctly deploy to iOS. In other words, this post has nothing to do with Android or Windows, it's Mac all the way. Besides JDeveloper and XCode, for MAF 2.0.0 you must also download: Read the complete article here.

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