WebLogic Optimized Solution

Oracle Optimized Solution for Oracle Weblogic Suite implements the Oracle WebLogic Suite application server on Oracle servers, storage and networking technology to deliver simplicity, performance, scalability, security and savings. Integration of all layers of the solution has been defined, optimized, tested and captured, so that customers can deploy an in-memory cache to help their applications and services respond faster. Which results in increased performance, reliability, and scalability of data-intensive transaction processing.

For more information please contact Jörg Meiners at joerg.meiners@oracle.com or call at+49 2102 4511549

IBM WebSphere is 44%-51% more costly than Oracle WebLogic
Crimson Consulting Group just published a whitepaper, titled “Oracle WebLogic vs. IBM WebSphere TCO Comparison.” In this whitepaper Crimson estimated that IBM WebSphere and related products are between 44% to 51% more costly than Oracle WebLogic over a five year horizon.This cost differential is primarily due to three factors:

  • Oracle’s performance advantage of 10-30%, which means less hardware, software, and support costs for the same workloads.
  • Oracle’s cohesive approach to application platform design, which reduces operational costs (OpEx). The ongoing operational costs for IBM WebSphere were between 41% and 43% higher than Oracle WebLogic.
  • IBM’s higher personnel costs and dependence on professional services, which raises “people costs” and reduces agility. IBM personnel costs are 50% more expensive.

The conclusions were based on in-depth interviews of IT professionals with extensive experience of application server and data grid deployments. Please use this Crimson whitepaper when you’re in a WebLogic deal against IBM. It can be shared externally with your prospect.



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