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Adam Bien ‏See you tomorrow in the #jax #javaee workshop "Simpler Than Java EE? Impossible!". *NEW* -> I will start with some slides!!!

Java Certification ‏Learn how to set up JPA for Java SE 7 Desktop applications in Netbeans 7:

OTNArchBeat ‏Spring and GlassFish JMS | Rene van Wijk

OTNArchBeat WebLogic Stuck Threads: Creating, Understanding and Dealing with them | @frankmunz

JDeveloper & ADFSolution for installing the ADF Runtimes onto a standalone WLS 10.3.6 WS call

Oracle ExalogicMissed yesterday's Ops Center 12c launch? There's a new Exalogic demo at the bottom of the page -

GlassFishTab Sweep: Arquillian, Power Mac, PowerPC, JSP Performance, JMX Connection, Recent Tips and News on Java,

Barbara Ann May ‏@Java #JavaZone, Sept 12-13, Call for Paper ends on Monday! April 16, midnight CET, #Java #BigData
#Cloud #Mobile #in

Barbara Ann May@Java @JavaOneConf
#Java Strategy Keynote with Mike Lehmann and Georges Saab @gsaab at JavaOne Russia #JavaOneRu #in

Andrejus Baranovskis New ADF Blogger from Lithuania:
Set Initial Focus component for Oracle ADF Faces

clip_image007OTNArchBeat‏ WebLogic JMS Clustering and Spring | Rene van Wijk

GlassFish Java EE 6 and Maven 3 using CLI: NetBeans and Eclipse provide tools, templates, wizards and code generators fo.

Duncan MillsMore Animations! Fading popups in ADF Faces

Andrejus Baranovskis ‏ Red Samurai MDS Cleaner V2.0

Xavier Verhaeghe #Gartner figures are out: #Oracle top in App Server market share (43.1%) and Relational #Database, too (48.8%) in 2011

Michel Schildmeijer@wlscommunity
@OTNArchBeat @Oracle_Fusion Oracle WebLogic / SOA Suite 11g HACMP Cluster take-over

Frank Munz @OracleWebLogic New blog posting #WebLogic12c: Stuck Threads Answers and HOWTO.

Markus Eisele [GER] #Weblogic 12c -#DOAGeV SIG (Fusion) Middleware am 15.5.2012 in #Frankfurt Anmeldung:

GlassFish Unlock the Java EE 6 Platform using NetBeans 7.1: NetBeans IDE provide tools, templates, and code generators t

WebLogic Community Happy Easter, send us your bunny picture ! #WebLogicCommunity

JDeveloper & ADF Oracle ADF: tweaking layout with custom skin

OracleBlogs Securing an ADF Application using OES11g: Part 2

OracleBlogs Securing an ADF Application using OES11g: Part 1

GlassFishContribute to GlassFish in Five Different Ways: GlassFish has a lot to offer from Java EE 6 compliance, HA & C.

OracleBlogs Sharing A Stage: JDeveloper/ADF & NetBeans/PrimeFaces?

WebLogic Community Welcome to our WebLogic 12c Bootcamp in Düsseldorf. If you want to attend a bootcamp or register for the community

Biemond Deploy your ADF UIX applications to WebLogic: Just a quick blogpost how you can deploy your old ADF UIX ( 10.1.2...

Barbara Ann May RT @OracleWebLogic: Steve Button's blog: #WebLogic and EJB 3.1 @Singleton @Startup with @PostConstruct

OTNArchBeat WebLogic Server Performance and Tuning: Part I - Tuning JVM | Gokhan Gungor

Andrejus Baranovskis Bad Practice Use Case for LOV Performance Implementation in ADF BC

Markus Eisele Submitted my first #JavaOne proposal :) At least one more to come! Get yours in! CfP closes soon!

Oracle WebLogic Steve Button's blog: WebLogic and EJB 3.1 @Singleton @Startup with @PostConstruct

GlassFish Reminder: JavaOne Call For Papers Closing April 9th, 11:59pm:

JDeveloper & ADF Red Samurai Tool Announcement - MDS Cleaner V2.0

Martijn van der Kamp Narrowing the gap between UI design and ADF development -Capgemini Oracle Blog via @capgemini #yam

Sebastian Meyen Gutes Ergebnis: 73% der Befragten in DACH nutzen Java 6, 13% das junge Java 7:

OTNArchBeat The Java EE 6 Example - Galleria - Part 1 | @MyFear

OTNArchBeat OTN Member discounts for April: Save up to 40% on titles from Oracle Press, Pearson, O'Reilly, Apress, and more

OTNArchBeat Spring to Java EE Migration, Part 3 | @ensode

OTNArchBeat Solution for installing the ADF Runtimes onto a standalone WLS 10.3.6 | @chriscmuir

OTNArchBeat ISVs: Explore the Oracle Exastack Program

OTNArchBeat Oracle Learning Library: New eCourse on Advanced Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF)

JDeveloper & ADF Search Form Results to Another Page. ADF BC 11g

Oracle WebLogic ‏ Migrating from Spring to Java EE 6 (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3 - new!)

Frank Nimphius Check them all out here: (Search for "ADF Security" to get to the starting point)

WebLogic Community WebLogic 12c training in Dutch–May 10th & 11th 2012 Utrecht Netherlands

OTNArchBeat Red Samurai Tool Announcement - MDS Cleaner V2.0 | @AndrejusB

Whitehorses Whiteblog: ADF 11g: BC4J or EJB3 (

GlassFish - SMTP 521 :

WebLogic CommunityWebLogic Partner Community Newsletter March 2012

Oracle WebLogicNew Blog Post: WebLogic Server Weekly for March 26th, 2012: WLS 1211 Update, Java 7 Certification, Galleria, WebLogi...

Andrejus Baranovskis Red Samurai Tool Announcement - MDS Cleaner V2.0

Andrejus BaranovskisADF BC AM Class Variables - Why To Avoid Them

GlassFish Tab Sweep - Upgrade to Java EE 6, Groovy NetBeans, JSR310, JCache interview, OEPE, and more :

Packt Publishing #Java EE6 Cookbook for securing, tuning, and extending enterprise applications has been announced. Pre-order now:

Whitehorses Whiteblog: Setting the Java memory arguments in OFM (

GlassFish A tour of the GlassFish 3.1.2 DCOM support -

Java Reminder: #JavaOne CFP happening now. Share best practices/war stories/Java innovation with developer peers. Submit!

JDeveloper & ADF The case of the phantom ADF developer - JBO-25014

Justin Kestelyn Oracle WebLogic Server 12c is now certified for running production systems with Java 7. Demo:

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