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clip_image001PeterPaulRT @JDeveloper: EJB 3 Deployment guide for WebLogic Server Version:

clip_image003Andrejus BaranovskisOpen ADF PopUp on Page Load

clip_image004Sten VesterliRT @OracleBlogs: Using the Oracle E-Business Suite SDK for Java on ADF Applications <- Neat! No more WS calls

clip_image006Java BuddyJavaFX 2.0: Example of MediaPlay…

clip_image007Georges Saab Build improvements coming to #openJDK for #jdk8…

clip_image009NetBeans Team Share your #Java experience! JavaOne 2012 India call for papers:

clip_image010GlassFishGlassFish 3.1.2 Screencasts & Videos –

clip_image011chriscmuirG+: New blog post: ADF Runtimes vs WLS versions as of JDeveloper –

clip_image012Michael Heinrichs New article: Creating a Sprite Animation with JavaFX…

clip_image014Oracle WebLogic#WebLogic Devcast Webinar Series for March: Enterprise Java Scale Out, JPA, Distributed Grid Data Cache #Coherence

clip_image003[1]Andrejus BaranovskisExtending Application Module for ADF BC Proxy User DB Connection

clip_image015OTNArchBeatOracle Fusion Middleware on JDK 7 | Mark Nelson

clip_image015[1]OTNArchBeatJava Champion Jonas Bonér Explains the Akka Platform

clip_image016Adam Bien(Java) FX Experience Tools–Feels Like Native Mac App: FX Experience Tools application comes with a native Mac O…

clip_image010[1]GlassFishGlassFish new recruit and Eclipse integration progress –

clip_image018JDeveloper & ADF Prototyping ADF Libraries

clip_image020Eric ElzingaOracle Fusion Middleware on JDK 7,

clip_image021ADF EMGWorking with ADF in Arabic, Hebrew or other right-to-left-written language? Oracle UX asks for your help.…

clip_image023JavaA simple #JavaFX Login Form with a TRON like effect

clip_image018[1]JDeveloper & ADFLogging in Oracle ADF Applications

clip_image015[2]OTNArchBeatOracle Cloud Conference: dates and locations worldwide

clip_image024UK Oracle User GroupSimon Haslam, ACE Director present on #WebLogic for DBAs at #oug_ire2012 @oraclewebcenter @oracleace #dublin

clip_image025Steven DavelaarWorking with ADF and not a member of ADF EMG? You miss lots of valuable info, join now!…

clip_image027[1]Simon Haslam @MaciejGruszka: Oracle plans to provide Forms & Reports plug-in for OVAB next year to help deployment. #ukoug MW SIG

clip_image010[2]GlassFishIntroducing JSR 357: Social Media API –

clip_image028JAX LondonAre you coming to Java EE workshops by @AdamBien at JAX Days? Save £100 by registering today. #jaxdays #javaee

clip_image029WebLogic CommunityWelcome to our Munich WebLogic 12c Bootcamp in Munich! If you also want to attend a training register for the Community…

clip_image011[1]chriscmuirMy first webcast for Oracle! (be kind) Basing ADF Business Component View Objects on More that one Entity Object

clip_image015[3]OTNArchBeatOracle Weblogic Server 12c is available on Oracle Solaris 11 (SPARC and x86)

clip_image018[2]JDeveloper & ADFBasing ADF Business Component View Objects on More that one Entity Object – YouTube

clip_image015[4]OTNArchBeatApplication-Driven Virtualization with Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder | Ronen Kofman

clip_image014[1]Oracle WebLogicSteve Button’s blog: WebLogic Server Singleton Services

clip_image030Barbara Ann May@oracledevtools: New update: #NetBeans IDE 7.1.1, with support for #GlassFish 3.1.2 #java #developer

clip_image015[5]OTNArchBeatUsing Coherence with JDeveloper:

clip_image029[1]WebLogic CommunityWebLogic Partner Community Newsletter February 2012

clip_image010[3]GlassFishGlassFish 3.1.2 – new Podcast episode :

clip_image031Frank NimphiusCool! Open JDeveloper, go help–>check for updates. First thing shown is that is available. Never miss a new release ;-)

clip_image016[1]Adam Bien5 Minutes (Video) With Java EE …Or With NetBeans + GlassFish: This screencast covers a 5-minute development of a…

clip_image029[2]WebLogic CommunityFree Oracle WebLogic Certification Application Grid Implementation Specialist

clip_image015[6]OTNArchBeatOracle Coherence: First Steps Using Clusters and Basic API Usage | Ricardo Ferreira

clip_image010[4]GlassFishJMS 2.0 Early Draft is here –

clip_image015[7]OTNArchBeatExalogic Networking Part 2 | The Old Toxophilist

clip_image015[8]OTNArchBeatNew Release: GlassFish Server 3.1.2. Read All About It! | Paul Davies

clip_image014[2]Oracle WebLogicOTN Virtual Developer Day: #WebLogic 12c & #Coherence :P ost-conference on-demand page live with bonus #Virtualbox lab –

clip_image014[3]Oracle WebLogicSteve Button’s blog: WebLogic Server 11g (10.3.6) Documentation

clip_image032Lucas JellemaJust published an article on the AMIS blog:… ADF 11g – programmatically sorting rich table columns.

PrintJava CertificationNew Course! Learn how to create mobile applications using Java ME:

clip_image027Simon Haslam@MaciejGruszka WebLogic 12c can run against 11g domain config without changes …and can rollback to 11. #ukoug MW SIG

clip_image033Justin KestelynLearn Advanced ADF, free and online

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