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clip_image002JDeveloper & ADF Custom Upload options in ADF Desktop Integration

clip_image003Bob Rhubart Arch2Arch Podcast: Java EE Development Debate – Part 1 of 3

clip_image004Justin Kestelyn A Fine, Informative Online Mini-Conference: OTN Virtual Developer Day > thx for attending, we’re constantly learning

clip_image005OracleBlogs WebLogic 12c online training on-demand

clip_image005[1]OracleBlogs ADF / WebCenter / BPM Workshops in Germany and India

clip_image006GlassFish GlassFish Hosting with eApps –

clip_image007WebLogic Community WebLogic 12c online training on-demand

clip_image008Simon Haslam My write up of last week’s Oracle @ wlscommunity Forum in Malaga:

clip_image009Steven Davelaar Will present in 2 weeks at interesting UKOUG SIG meeting:

clip_image010Michel Schildmeijer See my blog: WebLogic 12c: Use JPA in your Web Application

clip_image011JAX London latest issue of Java Tech Journal out today – focus is # hadoop. Get it in PDF, # iOS & # Android formats

clip_image006[1]GlassFish New OTN Article – Agile GlassFish :

clip_image010[1]Michel Schildmeijer tweet @ wlscommunity See my blog: WebLogic 12c: Use JPA in your Web Application

clip_image012Danilo Schmiedel New blogpost: Oracle Partner Community Forum 2012 in short => => Thanks to Jürgen and Hans @ soacommunity @ wlscommunity

clip_image013Oracle ACE Program Still room for FREE Java Virtual Event tomorrow 2/14, 9am PST. Tech sessions on Java SE 7, FX 2.0 & future roadmap…

clip_image015Nicolas Lorain Interesting Oracle Virtual Developer Day: Java SE 7, JavaFX 2.0 and roadmap of Java SE 8. February 14/28.

clip_image017Oracle WebLogic Free tech session: Set up highly available, tuned # WebLogic environment; Netherlands, Utrecht.

clip_image018Estafet Limited We attended a great OPN conference in Malaga last week. Great learning, well organised. Thanks Jurgen & Hans @ soacommunity @ wlscommunity

clip_image005[2]OracleBlogs Java Virtual Developer DayFebruary 14th & 28th 2012

clip_image006[2]GlassFish Tab Sweep – Jersey troubleshooting, Java’s Road Ahead, EE Beans, type-safe JSF, websocket and more :

clip_image007[1]WebLogic Community Java Virtual Developer Day–February 14th & 28th 2012

clip_image019OTNArchBeat Cloud Conference Goes Global; Hands-on Java; Cloud Considerations

clip_image020Adam Bien Java–The Second Highest Growth Language on GitHub, Still #1 On Tiobe And…: "…Apart from being the second highes…

clip_image021Maciej Gruszka ExaLogic supports standalone Java apps with JDBC driver that uses SDP protocol connecting to ExaData – cool!

clip_image023Yannick ongena Oracle Fusion Middleware Partner Community Forum Malaga Summary # ofmforum # webcenter # weblogic

clip_image019[1]OTNArchBeat Oracle Technology Network Virtual Developer Day: Java – Feb 14, 9am – 1pm PT / Noon – 4 PM ET

clip_image025Andrejus Baranovskis ·Andrejus Baranovskis’s Blog: Many-to-Many Relationship Insert in ADF BC and ADF Faces UI

clip_image004[1]Justin Kestelyn Approaching 5000 registrations for Virtual Java Developer Day (Feb. 14) – the beauty of it is, we never run out of room

clip_image001Marc Here is my review on the Oracte Partner Event in Malaga 2012 @ wlscommunity @ soacommunity # ofmforum

clip_image002GlassFish GlassFish 3.1.2 RC3 is here –

clip_image003OTNArchBeat Exalogic and Multicast | Sabha Parameswaran

clip_image004Maciej Gruszka Weblogic bootcamp at # ofmforum – session in progress

clip_image005[8]Simon Haslam Just heard at # ofmforum that # WebLogic 12c now certified on Java7 JVM for single user (dev)

clip_image006[8]WebLogic Community Full house # WebLogic 12c bootcamp at # ofmforum by @ MaciejGruszka

clip_image006[9]WebLogic Community Weblogic 12c first administration experience by Simon Haslam # ofmforum # WebLogicCommunity

clip_image001[1]Marc # ofmforum hotrockit is really hot. Merging hotspot and jrockit.

clip_image001[2]Marc # ofmforum key featurers # weblogic12c

clip_image006[10]WebLogic Community Maciej presenting 200 new Wenlogic 12c features at # ofmforum

clip_image007[6]Mark Simpson Oracle Cloud Application Foundation 12c looks impressive, very complete and coming together nicely with EM12c. # ofmforum

clip_image006[11]WebLogic Community Seamless upgrade into WebLogic 12c call to action looking for SIs want to consolidate application servers # ofmforum

clip_image009[4]Benjamin Lenglart @ wlscommunity Exciting day, nice people, nice weather, and a nice weblogic 12C

clip_image010[6]Oracle BlogsNew ADF Book – Oracle JDeveloper 11gR2 Cookbook – Quick Review

clip_image011Justin Kestelyn Jan/Feb 2012 issue of Java Magazine is out! Check your in box # IJustGotMYJavaMagazine

clip_image012[4]chriscmuir Reading old article by Adam Bien: To JSF or not – adv/dis comments by Jason are interesting.. things have moved on

clip_image013[4]A. Chatziantoniou # ofmforum working today in malaga – sun shines into my hotel room (+16 C) – better than the rest of europe

clip_image015Oracle WebLogic Hands on Lab VirtualBox image updated for OTN Virtual Developer Day: # WebLogic 12c + # Coherence

clip_image016Lucas Jellema OOW 2012 : The Call for Papers (CFP) will run from March 14-19. Save these dates!

clip_image017Frank Munz @ OracleWebLogic New Blog posting # WebLogic12c: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Deployment.

clip_image018ADF Code Corner OTN Harvest Summary 12-2011/01-2012 has a Spotlight on Timo Hahn. Summary releases at the end of this month

clip_image003[1]OTNArchBeat Oracle Technology Network Virtual Developer Day: Java – Feb 14, 9am – 1pm PT / Noon – 4 PM ET

clip_image006[12]WebLogic Community Sending out the January WebLogic Community newsletter edition – READ IT! If you are not yet a member # WebLogicCommunity

clip_image019[2]OTNArchBeat Cloud Conference Goes Global; Hands-on Java; Cloud Considerations

clip_image019[3]OTNArchBeat Multicast Vs. Unicast with WebLogic Clustering | Sabha Parameswaran

clip_image026UK Oracle User Group Forms in the 21st Century – hear more at # UKOUG Development SIG, 28th Feb # SOA # MobileComputing # APEX # middleware

clip_image004[2]Justin Kestelyn Wanted: Java Code Brainteasers > c’mon, show us how good you are

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