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clip_image001 OracleBlogs Automating Remote Deployment to Oracle WebLogic from Hudson

clip_image003 adfcodecorner

Shaping the Future für Ihre Oracle Forms-Anwendung: Forms 11g, ADF, APEX (DE) – German Webinar DEC 13, 2pm – 3pm CET:

clip_image005 DuncanMills New Blog Article on deploying to WebLogic from Hudson. @ hudsonci # ADF

clip_image007 javafx4you NetBeans PDF to JavaFX plugin released | Java PDF Blog # JavaFX # NetBeans # PDF

clip_image008 glassfish Lesser-advertised Java JSRs :

clip_image001[1] OracleBlogs Deeper Integration of JavaFX in NetBeans RCP

clip_image010 OpenJDK

Roger Lewis announced that JDK 7 Mac OS X Port Preview b221 is available:

clip_image011 OTNArchBeat Oracle WebLogic Server 12c Preview at Oracle Open World/JavaOne Latin America 2011 + Launch Playback | Arun Gupta

clip_image013 OracleWebLogic Oracle WebLogic

# WebLogic weekly blog is back!

clip_image014 wlscommunity WebLogic Webcast: Scale Your Customer Apps with Coherence DEcember 19th # WebLogicCommunity # WebLogic # coherence

clip_image001[2] OracleBlogs OracleBlogs

Accelerate Your WebLogic Skills!

clip_image014[1] wlscommunity WebLogic Webcast: Selling Extreme Performance with Exalogics – December 16th # WebLogicCommunity # WebLogic # exalogic

clip_image014[2] wlscommunity WebLogic Webcast: Optimizing WebLogic on RAC – December 15th # WebLogicCommunity # WebLogic # RAC # oracle

clip_image015 Melvinvdk Thank you! RT @ wlscommunity: Want to become a certified WebLogic Specialist–free of charge (195$ value)?

clip_image016 debralilley Wednesday wizardry – interactive see all the FMW components in action – 3 hrs but dip in/out if you have other sessions to see # UKOUG2011

clip_image014[3] wlscommunity WebLogic Webcast: Upgrading WebLogic and iAS Customers to WebLogic 11g # WebLogicCommunity # WebLogic # ias # oracle

clip_image014[4] wlscommunity Accelerate Your WebLogic Skills!

clip_image017 myfear RT @ OracleDevTools: If you missed the recent # WebLogic 12c online launch event, playback is available here:

clip_image019 oraclepartners A brand new OPN Solutions Catalog launched today. It’s designed to help you easily navigate the OPN community of…

clip_image013[1] OracleWebLogic Want to see the code for the Conference Planner app used in the WebLogic 12c launch? Same EE6 app used on GlassFish @ J1

clip_image011[1] OTNArchBeat Oracle Coherence High Availability Monitoring using Standalone Agents

clip_image013[2] OracleWebLogic # WebLogic Server 12c – 5 Mins with the Zip File Distribution.

clip_image011[2] OTNArchBeat WebLogic Weekly for December 5th, 2011 | Steve Button

clip_image011[3] OTNArchBeat Oracle WebLogic 12c Launch Coverage | The Aquarium

clip_image021 netbeans Second release candidate of # NetBeans 7.1: Have we made the grade for FCS?

clip_image008[1] glassfish How to set-up a high available tuned Java EE/GlassFish environment by Rene van Wijk

clip_image001[3] OracleBlogs OracleBlogs

Want to become a certified WebLogic Specialistfree of charge (195$ value)?

clip_image022 chriscmuir Watching: WLS 12c install in under 5 mins via @ wlsteve

clip_image023 stenvesterli Enterprise ADF in six easy steps. Come to my session at 5.45p in Media Suite # ukoug2011

clip_image014[5] wlscommunity Upgrade Your Application Server to Deliver the Performance and ROI You Need # weblogic # WebLogicCommunity

clip_image014[6] wlscommunity Want to become a certified WebLogic Specialist–free of charge (195$ value)?

clip_image023[1] stenvesterli WebLogic 12c: For Admins and Java-heads, Not for Me (Yet). Blog post:

clip_image008[2] glassfish Tab Sweep – Adam Bien live, Java EE to Spring, GlassFish in the Philippines, stateless JSF, sample Java apps, …

clip_image001[4] OracleBlogs Welcome to A-Team Exalogic and Cloud Application Foundation Blog

clip_image024 simon_haslam I’ve updated my # weblogic 12c blog post again: more about converged JVM following conf call with Mike Lehmann

clip_image026 andrejusb Andrejus Baranovskis’s Blog: Fix Rowset is Forward Only Error for ADF BC LOV Range Paging (

clip_image001[5] OracleBlogs Easy Automation of common Weblogic and FMW Administration commands via WLST Recording

clip_image027 AdamBien Getting The Source Code For JavaFX UI: Execute: hg clone an…

clip_image001[6] OracleBlogs Mavenized NetBeans Platform Runtime Container

clip_image028 JDeveloper

Using a Headless Taskflow to Perform Work in an Autononmous Transaction

clip_image028[1] JDeveloper Set Binding to Attr Value from Selected SelectBooleanRadio Button in Data-Driven Button Group

clip_image029 oracletechnet Hear about Active GridLink for RAC in yesterday’s WebLogic Server 12c launch for 1st time? Learn more here:

clip_image011[4] OTNArchBeat Oracle Announces Availability of Oracle WebLogic Server 12c – first experiences! | @ MyFear

clip_image011[5] OTNArchBeat Resource kit: Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle Applications | Kellesy Ruppel

clip_image030 GeertjanW Is NetBeans IDE 7.1 ready to be released? have your say:

clip_image014[8] wlscommunity Michel Schildmeijer WebLogic 12c feedback:

clip_image031 MNEMONIC01 @ wlscommunity See my blogpost WebLogic 12c released!

clip_image024[1] simon_haslam

@ wlscommunity has been busy hoovering up community comments on # weblogic 12c!

clip_image014[9] wlscommunity eVitas Oracle team WebLogic 12c feedback:… Send us your feedback! # WebLogicCommunity # weblogic12c # Oracle # eVita

clip_image014[10] wlscommunity WebLogic Server 12c Launch Summary # WebLogicCommunity # weblogic12c # Oracle

clip_image014[11] wlscommunity Simon Haslam’s WebLogic 12c feedback:

clip_image032 Jphjulstad Weblogic 12c launched december 1st – evita SOA team blog

clip_image033 lucasjellema WLS 12c: JSF 2.1, Maven 2 and 3, on converged JVM (JRockit + Sun Hotspot); integrated Traffic Management (software load balancing)

clip_image033[1] lucasjellema WebLogic Server 12c is a fully compliant full profile Java EE 6 & Java SE 7 server. Download from OTN as of 5th December. 170Mb download.

clip_image014[12] wlscommunity WebLogic Community

WebLogic 12c Community Feedback

clip_image011[6] OTNArchBeat WebLogic 12c over 200 new features | Juergen Kress

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clip_image001[7] OracleBlogs WebLogic 12c over 200 new features

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MNEMONIC01 WebLogic 12c will be available fro download on December the 5th on OTN # weblogic12c

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clip_image014[13] wlscommunity WebLogic 12c Virtual Conference scheduled for Jan 24th & Feb 7th 2012

clip_image014[14] wlscommunity Summary of the WebLogic Server 12c launch

clip_image024[2] simon_haslam

Monthly # weblogic developer webcast announced – next one in Jan. See also Ora Virtual Dev Day on WLS 12c in Jan too.

clip_image014[15] wlscommunity Weblogic 12c technical launch presentation slides: # WebLogicCommunity # weblogic12c

clip_image034 frankmunz Interesting: # wls12g supports Glassfish deployment descriptors.

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clip_image032[1] Jphjulstad Jon petter hjulstad

WL 12c zip distro 168 MB

clip_image023[2] stenvesterli # WebLogic 12c FastSwap: Replace one class in running app without invalidating state. Didn’t know I needed that, but I do!

clip_image035 mkelderman # weblogiccommunity # weblogic12c virtual developers day: Jan 24, 2012

clip_image037 biemond Nice, WebLogic 12c -> EJB 3.1, JPA2.0 , JSF2.0 , Maven, Softw Load balancer, Transactions logs in database (JTA?) # weblogic

clip_image024[3] simon_haslam In UK? To find out more about GridLink in # weblogic 12c see Frances Zhao and my session next Tues at # ukoug2011

clip_image023[3] stenvesterli Automated tooling to go from iAS 10g to # weblogic

clip_image035[1] mkelderman # WebLogicCommunity # weblogic12c is coming, but a new patch set nr 5, ps5, is also coming shortly for # weblogic11g

clip_image014[16] wlscommunity Weblogic 12c launch presentation slides: # WebLogicCommunity # weblogic12c


wlscommunity Only for iAS customers – you can upgrade for free (no license cost) to WebLogic Basic – contact your WebLogic Specialized Partner # WebLogic

clip_image014[18] wlscommunity Seamless Upgrade to WLS 12c: upgrade your iAs, JBoss, Glassfish, Weblogic to the latest release! # WebLogicCommunity # weblogic12c

clip_image014[19] wlscommunity WebLogic 12c over 200 new features

clip_image014[20] wlscommunity WebLogic 12c: Enhanced High Availability and Disaster Recovery & Much Higher Performance & Seamless Upgrade # WebLogicCommunity # weblogic12c

clip_image014[21] wlscommunity WebLogic 12c Developer training – sneek preview # weblogiccommunity

clip_image033[2] lucasjellema New blog-article on handling ADF Taskflows inside Popups – : Close popup and complete taskflow or complete TF &close PU

clip_image008[3] glassfish Devoxx 2011 – OTN Interviews now available :

clip_image014[7] wlscommunity WebLogic 12c Launch Community Feedback – Send us your feedback!

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