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clip_image001Simon Haslam#ukoug_tech13 WebLogic Hackathon - the networking behind the scenes: …

clip_image002Ronald Luttikhuizen My latest upload: Introduction to Puppet & Chef … via @SlideShare @simon_haslam @wlscommunity #ukoug_tech13

clip_image001[1]Simon Haslam"WebLogic in Practice: SSL Configuration" with @oraclemva - #ukoug_tech13 slides …

clip_image003Oracle.IMCToday's partner webcast presentation: Moving from Oracle IAS to Weblogic 12c... Find out the way, the benefits,...

clip_image004Adam BienMaterials for the "JavaEE Architectures" #airhacks … Thanks for attending. Lets talk about User Interfaces today!

clip_image002[1]Ronald Luttikhuizen My latest upload: WebLogic Hackathon: Automated Provisioning usi… on @slideshare … via #ukoug_tech13 @wlscommunity

clip_image005Oracle WebLogicCool scenes from Oracle WebLogic Hackathon - Check it out.

clip_image006Thomas Presslie#OUG_Scot Call for papers us open! … #ukoug_tech13

clip_image007OTNArchBeatSetting up a Maven Repository Manager with Artifactory | @markxnelson

clip_image008Oracle EclipseWhat can #OEPE do for the Web developer? Check out this #JavaOne talk about #HTML5 development with #Eclipse

clip_image007[1]OTNArchBeatThe Next Big Wave: Explore mobile frontiers with Oracle #ADF #Mobile | @fnimphiu #JDeveloper

clip_image004[1]Adam Bien Just uploaded samples and slides from "Effective JavaEE": … Lets talks about architecture today. #airhacks

clip_image009Andrejus BaranovskisADF Anti-Patterns: Dangerous Tutorials - Real Experience in ADF

clip_image001[2]Simon HaslamOracle Java as a Service = WebLogic servers under your control on Oracle's cloud - Frances Zhao at #ukoug_tech13


clip_image012Wilfred vander Deijl Just uploaded slides on JDeveloper Auditing with custom rules, ADF code guidelines and SonarQube plugin @slideshare …

clip_image013DevoxxFRThe Call for Paper is now open 16th-18th April, 2014, Paris

clip_image014Bruno Borges Red Hat partner admits #JBoss EAP has better quality and more security fixes than #WildFly // production ready? #not

clip_image015JDeveloper & ADF Oracle ADF: tweaking layout with custom skin

clip_image016Java Java Mission Control - Production Time Profiling Out of the Box

clip_image007[2]OTNArchBeatExperimenting with Java 8 | @MiddlewareMagic >> Playing with #java8 #weblogic #coherence

clip_image001[3]Simon HaslamVery promising new ODA release (OAK 2.8) yesterday, including shared OVS respository :) /cc @oboxproducts

clip_image017UK Oracle User Group Meet the #ukoug_tech13 Oracle #WebLogic Hackathon Winners!

clip_image018WebLogic Community#ofmForum2014 registration open for #WebLogicCommunity members … 10 o the seats booked out - hurry for registration!

clip_image019Mia UrmanLook at all the #oracleforms developers came to learn #adf from Sten Vesterli at @UKOUG #ukoug_tech13 Impressive


clip_image022Arun GuptaStarting to test WildFly in NetBeans … thanks to @ehsavoie for contributing the plugin


clip_image025AMIS, Oracle & JavaWebinar: Best Practices for developing Applications with Oracle ADF Mobile @lucb_ #ADFMobile #OracleADF

clip_image007[3]OTNArchBeatVideo: #ukoug_tech13 Oracle #WebLogic Hackathon Organizers @rluuitkhuizen @simon_haslam @theheatDK

clip_image014[1]Bruno Borges @rluttikhuizen @wlscommunity @theheatDK @simon_haslam @gschmutz who can send me email with ideas to run same thing in Latin America :-)

clip_image002[2]Ronald Luttikhuizen Really enjoyed the WebLogic hackathon event today with @theheatDK @simon_haslam @gschmutz !! Next year again ? #ukoug_tech13

clip_image007[4]OTNArchBeatVideo: #ukoug_tech13 Oracle #WebLogic Hackathon Winners

clip_image007[5]OTNArchBeatVideo: Scenes from Oracle #WebLogic Hackathon at #ukoug_tech13 w/ @simon_haslam @theheatDK

clip_image002[3]Ronald Luttikhuizen And we have a winner at the WebLogic Hackathon !!! #ukoug_tech13


clip_image028Sten VesterliSubmitting abstracts for #OUGN2014 before deadline 23:59 tonight. Lot of retyping, why doesn’t any conf have multi-submit feature

clip_image029Edwin @gschmutz @rluttikhuizen great , Puppet rulez , especially with the puppet 3 features like hiera and lambda expressions

clip_image030Markus Eisele Configuring & Optimizing #WebSocket Compression" #chrome

clip_image014[2]Bruno Borges It's coming! #JavaFX multitouch and gestures support on #Android …

clip_image031Andreas Koop@GerkmannBartels and @sporti1703 on Stage. #ADFMobile Rocks ! #doag2013


clip_image018[1]WebLogic CommunityDistribute November edition of #WebLogicCommunity newsletter - read it! Want to subscribe … @OracleWebLogic

clip_image034enpit consultingJetzt live im Raum Krakau auf der #doag2013 Andreas Koop von @enpit mit seinem Vortrag Weblogic für DevOps


clip_image007[6]OTNArchBeatA Hidden Gem of #ADF Faces 12c: The <af:target> Tag | @stevendavelaar

clip_image037GlassFishThe team from Oracle Learning Library strikes again with #JavaEE7: "Creating a JMS 2.0 Producer and Receiver",P24_PREV_PAGE:8295,2 …

clip_image007[7]OTNArchBeat Internet of Things - The Oracle platform | @T_Winterberg #IoT

clip_image007[12]OTNArchBeatCreating your own #Virtualbox Development Images | @Biemond >> using #Packer #Vagrant

clip_image016[2]Java@Oraclejavamag: @JavaAdvent Glad to promote this project. Contribute to the Java Advent Calendar.

clip_image007[11]OTNArchBeat On the integrity of data in #Java applications – presentation from #JFall 2013 | @LucasJellema 

clip_image038Lucas JellemaI've just published a blog article:Exploring Data Visualization with an HTML 5 Canvas based Tag Cloud powered by JSON …

clip_image018[2]WebLogic Community Additional new material WebLogic Community

clip_image009[1]Andrejus Baranovskis UKOUG Tech13 - Red Samurai Real ADF Experience Sessions

clip_image031[1]Andreas Koop Developing Web Application with Oracle ADF Essentials

clip_image018[3]WebLogic Community @brunoborges Hi Bruno please register for the #WebLogicCommunity … - all Oracle partners can register for free!

clip_image018[4]WebLogic CommunityOnly for WebLogic & ADF Community members #ofmForum2014 preview … #WebLogicCommunity

clip_image039adfArchSquareThis week's ADF Architecture TV episode: Task Flow Data Control Scopes

clip_image016[1]JavaInternet of Things Thanksgiving Special: Turkey Tweeter (Part 3) #IoT

clip_image015[1]JDeveloper & ADF About to start the live #Oracle #ADF #OTNVDD EMEA - join now to learn about the latest in app & #mobile …

clip_image040NetBeans TeamTutorial: Native Packaging in NetBeans IDE.

clip_image018[5]WebLogic CommunityWebLogic Partner Community Newsletter November 2013

clip_image009[2]Andrejus BaranovskisControlling ADF BC Mandatory Attribute Validation Conditionally

clip_image029[1]Edwin Biemondnew Puppet 3 Weblogic provisioning module: The last few weeks I was busy re-writing of my puppet WLS module so...

clip_image041Gerkmann-BartelsNew Puppet 3 Weblogic provisioning module by Edwin Biemond

clip_image042chriscmuirNew ADF Arch Square paper: ADF Faces Layout Basics - …

clip_image028[1]Sten VesterliRT @adfmastery: ADF Virtual Developer Day tomorrow 10am CET. My session on top 10 tips for successful ADF at 10.30. …

clip_image018[6]WebLogic Communitytop tweets WebLogic Partner Community – November 2013

clip_image014[3]Bruno Borges @arungupta JBoss EAP and WebLogic have the same 'terms and conditions' (yes, EAP is open), but both are free _just_ for developers

clip_image043WhitehorsesWhiteblog: Devoxx 2013 - What's new in the Java EE Platform ( )

clip_image044Simon RitterMore great #JavaOne sessions online to view,

clip_image045OracleSupport_WLSFor MOS users: freshly updated note on Oracle WebLogic Server PSUs (Patch Set Updates)

clip_image041[1]Gerkmann-BartelsDemo: Extending #ADF Mobile With Cordova Plugins: - Listen to 03:05 min !

clip_image040[1]NetBeans TeamIs NetBeans the best Java IDE? Help us nab the top spot in the JaxEnter poll!

clip_image014[4]Bruno Borges You can now develop, and pack, apps in #JavaFX on Linux/Win for #iOS platform. Read about iPack - iOS App Packager …

clip_image014[5]Bruno Borges #JavaFX continues to go mobile: "Building JavaFX for #Android with skia library …

clip_image018[7]WebLogic Community How To Call A Fusion Applications WebService from your Oracle Java Cloud application – New on-demand training

clip_image046luc borsIndeed very cool (but unsupported): "@jernejkase: how to extend #ADF Mobile with #Cordova / #PhoneGap Plugins …"

clip_image007[8]OTNArchBeat#DOAG 2013 #WebLogic 12.1.2 Talk | @FrankMunz

clip_image018[8]WebLogic CommunityMajor Release for Red Samurai Performance Audit Tool v 2.0 by Red Samurai

clip_image018[9]WebLogic CommunityDesign – ADF Architectural Patterns – Sum of the Parts on-demand training … #WebLogicCommunity

clip_image047Frank MunzAnother #doag2013 shot. BTW I uploaded my presentation slides.


clip_image047[1]Frank Munz#doag2013 keynote by @cpurdy: Entertaining collection of #ofm features to come.


clip_image004[2]Adam Bien@glassfish when we can expect you on GitHub and an Apache license? :-)

clip_image031[2]Andreas Koop#ADFMobile Patterns explained by @lucb_ at #doag2013 . Nice to have you here!


clip_image018[10]WebLogic Community Design - ADF Architectural Patterns - Sum of the Parts on-demand training

clip_image005[1]Oracle WebLogicFree webcast Thursday: #WebSockets and #WebLogic for developers. Register:

clip_image045[1]OracleSupport_WLSAutomate WebLogic Installation and Configuration using WLST and PowerShell

clip_image047[2]Frank MunzSteve Millidge’s interesting #doag2013 presentation about Websockets with Coherence.


clip_image056Sten VesterliMy OTN Virtual Dev Day session Top 10 Secrets of Successful ADF Projects over, replay available shortly. …

clip_image007[9]OTNArchBeatThe OTNArchBeat Daily is out! … Stories via @OracleDevTools @brunoborges

clip_image015[2]JDeveloper & ADFSign up for a free #ODTUG seminar - #Oracle #ADF on the Cheap: a Look at ADF Essentials

clip_image007[10]OTNArchBeat#Python for the #WebLogic Scripting Tool (WLST) | @FrankMunz

clip_image037[1]GlassFishNew book: RESTful Java with JAX-RS 2.0, part of #JavaEE7...

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