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clip_image001[4]Gerkmann-Bartels ‏@GerkmannBartels WebLogic on Microsoft Windows Azure

clip_image003[12]Arun Gupta ‏@arungupta #GeekBikeRide at #JavaOne Shanghai: … Will you be there ?

clip_image004[32]WebLogic Community ‏@wlscommunity Java Magazine is now available (major focus on Java EE 7).

clip_image005[16]OracleBlogs ‏@OracleBlogs Duke Choice Award 2013

clip_image006[8]Oracle Technet ‏@oracletechnet Free Event: OTN Virtual Developer Day: Mobile Development for iOS and Android - August 7, 2013

clip_image007[16]OTNArchBeat ‏@OTNArchBeat Performing server maintenance in the #Exalogic Virtual Datacenter - part I | @jostiman

clip_image008[8]GlassFish ‏@glassfish An Overview of JAX-RS 2: JAX-RS 2 is one of the most significant parts of the Java EE 7 release. In a brief In...

clip_image009[14]Simon Haslam ‏@simon_haslam As ever we're taking #ukoug_tech13 agenda planning very seriously! …

clip_image011[16]JDeveloper & ADF ‏@JDeveloper Oracle Forms PJC Extension for JDeveloper is Back

clip_image009[15]Simon Haslam ‏@simon_haslam Result for @JulianDyke's CPU test on Virtualised ODA X3-2 (E5-2690, RAC, OL 5.7 UEK): 9.09s

clip_image013[16]Oracle WebLogic ‏@OracleWebLogic Introducing Weblogic Server Proactive Support LinkedIn group to share ideas, tips or ask advices @weblogicsupport

clip_image014[4]Frank Nimphius ‏@fnimphiu ADF Insider recording "Avoiding JSF and ADF Lifecycle Frustrations" (thanks to @stevendavelaar for his contribution) …

clip_image015[12]Markus Eisele ‏@myfear #JavaEE7: Using #WebSockets for Real-Time Communication #webinar July 10, 2013, at 8:00 AM PT Eisele ‏@myfear #GlassFish4: Features for High Availability Haslam ‏@simon_haslam I'm in the #ukoug_pya Independent category: would be nice if my customers could vote for me :) & ADF ‏@JDeveloper New ADF Insider - Avoiding JSF and ADF Lifecycle Frustrations MW Support ‏@OracleMWSupport Information Center : Troubleshooting Oracle Weblogic Server JEE [ID 1375697.2] #weblogic Munz ‏@frankmunz R u subscribed? During the last 7days I made 7 additional #weblogic screencasts publically available on Community ‏@wlscommunity Plaques WebLogic & ADF Specialization become recognized by customers! Stomenhoff ‏@peter230769 top tweets WebLogic Partner Community – June 2013 Send us your tweets @wlscommunity #WebLogicCommunity and follow ... Soares ‏@rafaeltuelho @jricardoferreir Vide ORL EMEA @wlscommunity, . Blogs, workshops, bootcamps para parceiros locais (pt_BR). Soares ‏@rafaeltuelho @jricardoferreir sobre teus twittes recentes (produtos #FMW): a ORL BR deveria fomentar algo como bem faz a ORL EMEA. vide @wlscommunity Kilmurray ‏@gerakilmurray @wlscommunity I'm having issues with OpenSSL in Solaris 10 and WebLogic 10.3.6 servers with ‏@weblogicsupport Network socket with Python/WLST #weblogic #WLST #Python ‏@OTNArchBeat Twitter Bootstrap Self-Measuring App To Quantify the Effect of Precompilation on WebLogic – Part 2 | @FrankMunz & ADF ‏@JDeveloper Protecting ADF resources with Oracle Entitlements Server 11gR2 WebLogic ‏@OracleWebLogic Need to ask a question or submit an issue on WLS? Visit the communities for speedy answers and solutions ‏@glassfish Free Webinar on WebSocket, JSON-P, HTML 5 and Java EE 7: As developers, there's nothing better than a decent s... Community ‏@wlscommunity Java EE 7 Live and Kicking! Munz ‏@frankmunz You don't want to be remembered for lame excuses - precompile your @OracleWebLogic apps the right way: & ADF ‏@JDeveloper Make the move to #iOS and #Android development with #Oracle #ADF #Mobile - sign up for a free virtual developer day WebLogic ‏@OracleWebLogic #Oracle #WebLogic 12c: The only app server optimized for the multitenant #DB12c. Learn more: weigend ‏@wolflook Java Forum Stuttgart starts tomorrow with #JDK8, #JavaFX, #RaspberryPi, #JPA, #Java EE 7 and lots of other technology sessions #jfs2013 ‏@glassfish 85% improvement in FindBugs errors for GlassFish 4.0, constantly improving the quality of source: … #JavaEE7 ‏@OracleBlogs Can't Miss Event: Oracle Coherence 12c Launch Webcast WebLogic ‏@OracleWebLogic #Oracle #WebLogic 12c & #DB12c provide Application Continuity with JDBC Replay. Learn more: , ‏@OTNArchBeat Oracle Database 12c and WebLogic - Part 1: Overview | @OracleWebLogic WebLogic ‏@OracleWebLogic Oracle #WebLogic 12c, the best middleware for #Oracle #DB12c Register for two launch webcasts: Gupta ‏@arungupta All #JavaEE7 technical breakouts from the launch webinar are available on youtube: … Baranovskis ‏@andrejusb Advanced View Criteria Implementation in ADF BC Haslam ‏@simon_haslam My latest blog post about my ODA POC: #3 physical networking … Gupta ‏@arungupta Blogged: Java EE 7 Launch Replay: Java EE 7 was released final on Jun 12, 2013. A complete replay of Strate... ‏@weblogicsupport How to debug #SSL issues with #Weblogic server ACE Program ‏@oracleace Free Virtual Event, Mobile Development for iOS and Android w/Java, Aug 7th. #java #mobile #iOS #android #Oracle #adf ‏@weblogicsupport How long do you want #Weblogic #Java threads to be continually working before being diagnosed as being stuck? Community ‏@wlscommunity WebLogic Partner Community Newsletter June 2013 & ADF ‏@JDeveloper Monitoring ADF application deployed on Weblogic using Newrelic Java agent Community ‏@wlscommunity top tweets WebLogic Partner Community – June 2013 Baranovskis ‏@andrejusb Announcement - Red Samurai Code Quality Tool Version 2.0 ‏@OTNArchBeat Changing #WebLogic Server Deployment Order using #MBeans | @ArtofBI ‏@OracleBlogs Additional new material WebLogic Community 2013 ‏@OracleBlogs Oracle Coherence with WebLogic 12c by Frank Munz ‏@javanetbuzz #JavaNet Spotlight: Nashorn: Nashorn and Lambda, What the Hey! Community ‏@wlscommunity Additional new material WebLogic Community 2013 Community ‏@wlscommunity Not 'how' but 'why' should you upgrade to JDeveloper & ADF By Chris Muir Jellema ‏@lucasjellema I just published an article on getting going with Java EE 7: … hands-on in 10 minutes using NetBeans and GlassFish #yam & ADF ‏@JDeveloper Modernizing #Oracle #Forms and integrating with a modern #Oracle# ADF user interface - Learn how #DTE_Energy did it WebLogic ‏@OracleWebLogic New Blog Post: JDBC in Java Mission Control Baranovskis ‏@andrejusb ADF BC 11g PS6 DB Pooling Threshold (New) Property Problem ‏@OTNArchBeat #WebLogic Server Cluster Messaging Protocols | Robert Patrick and Sabha Parameswaran ‏@weblogicsupport Very handy Unix tips part 3- commands regularly used with #weblogic Haslam ‏@simon_haslam Congrats to Justin Tomlinson for winning @MNEMONIC01's @PacktEnterprise WebLogic 12c book at @ukoug App Server MW SIG! Thnx @wlscommunity Bien ‏@AdamBien Useful Catalog of JavaEE 5-7 Schemas: This useful site: …... ‏@OracleBlogs WLS Cluster Messaging Protocols on A-Team Chronicles ‏@weblogicsupport Tuning Resource Adapters #Weblogic 12c Alfasi ‏@nisafla In case you missed: My impressions from JAX Conference 2013 - … #JAXconf #Java #Java8 #lambda Community ‏@wlscommunity Oracle Coherence with WebLogic 12c by Frank Munz Eisele ‏@myfear [blog] Java SE 7 Update 25 - Release-Notes explained. #7u25 #java #security Community ‏@wlscommunity Sharing Data between VO Instances in ADF BC By Andrejus Baranovski ‏@Sharat_Chander The always FREE digital issue of #Java Magazine is now available. Major focus on the latest #JavaEE 7 release. … ‏@OracleBlogs Weblogic Admin and Managed servers as a Windows service by Amis Eisele ‏@myfear [blog] Java EE 7 launch - Feedback and Press Coverage #javaee7 #article ‏@java Java in Siberia! Omsk Java User Group is community of students and teachers at the Omsk State University #JUG Afshar ‏@mohamadafshar Exciting news. RT @ATGhostingSpark: Spark::red Offers Hosting Solution for Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud … #exalogic Team ‏@netbeans Plant UML plugin for NetBeans: Community ‏@wlscommunity Weblogic Admin and Managed servers as a Windows service by Amis Community ‏@wlscommunity Tame the Mobile Beast with Skills You Already Have Available On-Demand Jellema ‏@lucasjellema Getting started with Java EE 7: The Tutorial … Haslam ‏@simon_haslam I'm looking forward to starting a "WLS on ODA" proof of concept - some ideas for testing: … Gupta ‏@arungupta Tyrus 1.0 User Guide: … #WebSocket #JavaEE7 #GlassFish Gupta ‏@arungupta #JavaEE7 Launch Webinar Technical Breakout replays on Youtube: JSON 1.0 , EJB .2, Batch 1.0 more coming! Eisele ‏@myfear Wondering if anybody in the #munich area would be interested in a #GlassFish training. ‏@weblogicsupport Simple Custom #JMX MBeans with #WebLogic 12c and #Spring Technet ‏@oracletechnet Building Java HTML5/WebSocket Applications with JSR 356 - 4pm - Grand Ballroom Salon A/B #qconnewyork Community ‏@wlscommunity Oracle Fusion Middleware (OFM) 11g ( Starter Kit available & Customizable Demos Technet ‏@oracletechnet #Java EE 7: Moving Java Forward for the Enterprise | @java ‏@OTNArchBeat Oracle Forms to ADF Modernization Reference - Convero (AMEC) Project | @AndrejusB Community ‏@wlscommunity ExaLogic In Memory Applications & Whitepapers Building Large Scale E-Commerce Platforms & Rethink the Entire Application Lifecycle… Community ‏@wlscommunity Coherence YouTube videos & ADF ‏@JDeveloper Using Contextual Event in Oracle ADF WebLogic ‏@OracleWebLogic Check out new blog on #hybrid_cloud & why choice is important Baranovskis ‏@andrejusb Oracle Forms to ADF Modernization Reference - Convero (AMEC) Project Community ‏@wlscommunity WebLogic on Oracle Database Appliance by Frances Zhao ‏@OTNArchBeat New: A-Team Chronicles >> A great resource for technical content covering Oracle Fusion Middleware / Fusion Apps ‏@OracleBlogs Coherence on YouTube ‏@weblogicsupport For MOS users: need to download upgrade Installers for #Oracle #WebLogic Server?

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