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clip_image001 glassfish GlassFish

Marek’s JAX-RS 2.0 content from Devoxx 2011 –

clip_image002 chriscmuir chriscmuir

New blog post: ADF bug: missing af:column borders in af:table for IE7 –

clip_image002[1] chriscmuir chriscmuir

Reading: Oracle’s ADF Rich Client User Interface (RCUI) Guidelines –…

clip_image004 netbeans NetBeans Team

Bottlenecks be gone! # Java Performance Tuning workshop in Munich w Kirk Pepperdine, Nov 29-Dec 2:

clip_image005 OracleBlogs OracleBlogs

Creating ADF Faces Comamnd Button at Runtime

clip_image007 alexismp Alexis MP

blogged "GlassFish Back from Devoxx 2011, Mature Java EE 6 and EE 7 well on its way" –

clip_image008 JDeveloper JDeveloper & ADF

Usage of jQuery in ADF

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clip_image009 OTNArchBeat OTNArchBeat

Webcast: Introducing Oracle WebLogic Server 12c: Developer Deep Dive – Dec 1 – 11am PT / 2pm ET

clip_image011 oraclepartners ORCL PartnerNetwork

Brand new Oracle WebLogic 12c will launch on December 1, 10AM PT with a global Webcast highlighting salient…

clip_image005[1] OracleBlogs OracleBlogs

JDeveloper and ADF at UKOUG

clip_image012 fnimphiu Frank Nimphius

Attending UKOUG? All ADF sessions at a glance:

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clip_image008[1] JDeveloper JDeveloper & ADF

Free Webinar ‘ADF Task Flows for Beginners’, information and registration via

clip_image014 javafx4you javafx4you

Java Developer Workshop #2 – Dec 1, 2011 @ Oracle Aoyama center in Tokyo

clip_image016 AMIS_Services AMIS Services

# vacature # Oracle # ADF ontwikkelaars. Gun jezelf een nieuwe uitdaging? Meer op:

clip_image005[2] OracleBlogs OracleBlogs

Launch Invitation: Introducing Oracle WebLogic Server 12c

clip_image012[1] fnimphiu Frank Nimphius

The brand new WebLogic 12c will be released on December 1st 2011 !!! Register for online launch event

clip_image001[1] glassfish GlassFish

Announcing Oracle WebLogic 12c –

clip_image017 AdamBien Adam Bien

Sun Coding Conventions–The Only Standard (Stop Inventing): Code written according to the Sun Coding Conventions…

clip_image018 wlscommunity WebLogic Community

Launch Invitation: Introducing Oracle WebLogic Server 12c

clip_image020 andrejusb Andrejus Baranovskis

Andrejus Baranovskis’s Blog: Custom Exception Registration for ADF BC EO Attribute

clip_image021 MNEMONIC01 Michel Schildmeijer

Blog by Michel Schildmeijer: "Oracle WebLogic 12c has been announced"

clip_image001[2] glassfish GlassFish

Tab Sweep – Coherence, SBT for GlassFish, OSGi in question, Java EE plugins, …

clip_image005[3] OracleBlogs OracleBlogs

JavaFX 2.0 at Devoxx 2011

clip_image008[2] JDeveloper JDeveloper & ADF

Experimenting with ADF BC Application Module Pool Tuning

clip_image023 OracleWebLogic Oracle WebLogic

Brand New # WebLogic 12c Launch Event, Dec 1 10am PT. Hasan Rizvi, SVP Fusion Middleware. Developer session.…

clip_image008[3] JDeveloper JDeveloper & ADF

PopUp and Esc/Cancel operations. ADF 11g

clip_image008[4] JDeveloper JDeveloper & ADF

BPM Workspace: issue loading ADF task flows

clip_image025 OpenJDK OpenJDK

Kelly O’Hair — OpenJDK B24 Available :

clip_image008[5] JDeveloper JDeveloper & ADF

Oracle ADF setting Task flow to use same page definition file of caller page

clip_image008[6] JDeveloper JDeveloper & ADF

Master Detail Data presentation and CRUD Operations. Detail records in an Editable Popup. ADF 11g

clip_image008[7] JDeveloper JDeveloper & ADF

Entity Attribute Validation Rule (Business Rule) based on Master View Object Attribute Example ADF 11g

clip_image027 oracletechnet Justin Kestelyn

Webcast: Oracle WebLogic Server 12c Launch/Developer Deep-Dive (Dec. 1)

clip_image008[8] JDeveloper JDeveloper & ADF

How to render different node icons for different tree levels

clip_image008[9] JDeveloper JDeveloper & ADF

Query Component with ‘dynamic’ view criteria

clip_image008[10] JDeveloper JDeveloper & ADF

How to play Flash .swf file in Oracle ADF application

clip_image029 Devoxx Devoxx

Duke at the # Devoxx 2011 Noxx Party!

clip_image030 brhubart Bob Rhubart

Adam Leftik: JavaEE adoption continues to increase, reaching 40+ million downloads this year. # qconsf11

clip_image008[11] JDeveloper JDeveloper & ADF

Free # ODTUG Seminar – # ADF Task Flows for Beginners – sign up today.…

clip_image032 java Java

New Project: OpenJFX # javafx # openjdk # devoxx << JavaFX is open source! /via

clip_image033 frankmunz Frank Munz

WebLogic 12c launch event Dec 1st.

clip_image030[1] brhubart Bob Rhubart

Spring to Java EE Migration | David Heffelfinger

clip_image034 odtug ODTUG

Mark your calendars and register for our upcoming webinars: ADF Task Flows & Measuring Scalability & Performance w/TCP

clip_image035 myfear Markus Eisele

Anybody willing to take this question? Using # JavaMail with # Weblogic Server

clip_image016[1] AMIS_Services AMIS Services

20-22 december # training # Oracle JHeadstart # 11g, productief ontwikkelen met ADF. Schrijf je in op:…

clip_image017[1] AdamBien Adam Bien

Stress Testing Java EE 6 Applications – Free Article In Free Java Magazine: In the November / December 2011 issu…

clip_image032[6] java Java

New Tech Article: Spring to # JavaEE Migration

clip_image005[12] OracleBlogs OracleBlogs

WebLogic Java record SPARC T4-4 Servers Set World Record on SPECjEnterprise2010

clip_image005[13] OracleBlogs OracleBlogs

What Is JavaFX?

clip_image009[10] OTNArchBeat OTNArchBeat

The openJDK Windows Binary Download | Adam Bien

clip_image018[4] wlscommunity WebLogic Community

WebLogic – Java record – SPARC T4-4 Servers Set World Record on SPECjEnterprise2010

clip_image001[14] glassfish GlassFish


clip_image009[11] OTNArchBeat OTNArchBeat

Beta Testing Concludes: 1Z1-102 – "Oracle WebLogic Server 11g: System Administration I" (Oracle Certification)

clip_image018[3] wlscommunity WebLogic Community

A deep dive in Oracle WebLogic! @ Contribute – November 29th, 2011 Kontich Belgium

clip_image001[13] glassfish GlassFish

Gartner’s Latest Enterprise Application Server Magic Quadrant – Oracle’s leadership

clip_image025[1] OpenJDK OpenJDK

Terrence Barr – Open sourcing of JavaFX: OpenJFX Project proposed –

clip_image025[2] OpenJDK OpenJDK

Maurizio Cimadamore – Testing overload resolution:

clip_image032[5] java Java

Java User Groups Roundup, November 2011 : /via @ robilad << in German

clip_image049 JavaSpotlight The Java Spotlight

Java Spotlight Episode 54: Stuart Marks on the Coinification of JDK7

clip_image009[9] OTNArchBeat OTNArchBeat

Article Series: Migrating Spring to Java EE 6 | Arun Gupta

clip_image001[3] glassfish GlassFish

New Java EE 6 Hands-On lab, Devoxx-approved!

clip_image032[1] java Java

Brian Goetz’s enthusiasm for Java is palpable! # devoxx interview

clip_image036 adf_emg ADF EMG

"ADF testing with a mock framework" – what is a mock framework? Visit the forum and see:!topic/…

clip_image032[2] java Java

Taping a bunch of interviews today with Java experts at # devoxx. View on tomorrow.

clip_image001[4] glassfish GlassFish

New screencast to configure and run a cross-machine cluster using GlassFish 3.1.1 in < 7 mins… (via @ bfaissal)

clip_image001[5] glassfish GlassFish

Oracle Contributor Agreements – New Home!

clip_image009[1] OTNArchBeat OTNArchBeat

Java Magazine – by and for the Java Community- inaugural issue

clip_image009[2] OTNArchBeat OTNArchBeat

The Heroes of Java: Michael Hüttermann | @ MyFear

clip_image014[1] javafx4you javafx4you

Development with # JavaFX on # Linux # not_for_the_faint_of_heart

clip_image032[3] java Java

Contribute Technical Questions for Java Experts at # devoxx

clip_image004[1] netbeans NetBeans Team

A simple REST service using # NetBeans 7, # Java Servlet, and # JAXB:

clip_image017[2] AdamBien Adam Bien

The most beautiful, and portable slide of the whole # jaxcon for "Die Hard Java EE 6"session checked-in:…

clip_image037 jaxlondon JAX London

Mark Little’s ( @ nmcl) excellent keynote from # jaxlondon ‘Middleware Everywhere…’ is available in full –

clip_image017[3] AdamBien Adam Bien

Calculator sample from "Die Hard Java EE 6" # jaxcon session checked-in:

clip_image009[3] OTNArchBeat OTNArchBeat

ADF Faces – a logic bomb in the order of bean instantiations | @ ChrisCMuir

clip_image005[4] OracleBlogs OracleBlogs

ODI 11g y JMS Queue de Weblogic

clip_image033[1] frankmunz Frank Munz

Which WebLogic book do you recommend? Review of S. Alapati’s WebLogic 11g Administration Handbook.

clip_image008[12] JDeveloper JDeveloper & ADF

PageFlowScope with Unbounded Task Flows: the magic sauce for multi-browser-tab support in JDeveloper ADF applications

clip_image005[5] OracleBlogs OracleBlogs

3 New ADF Insider Essential training videos published.

clip_image005[6] OracleBlogs OracleBlogs

Weblogic Server 11gR1 PS2: Administration Essentials book and eBook

clip_image005[7] OracleBlogs OracleBlogs

Specialized Partners Only! New Service to Promote Your Events

clip_image018[1] wlscommunity WebLogic Community

Oracle Weblogic Server 11gR1 PS2: Administration Essentials book and eBook

clip_image020[1] andrejusb Andrejus Baranovskis

Andrejus Baranovskis’s Blog: Stress Testing Oracle ADF BC Applications – Intern……

clip_image005[8] OracleBlogs OracleBlogs

Frank Nimphius presenting a full day of Oracle ADF in Switzerland

clip_image032[4] java Java

# JavaEE and # GlassFish: # JavaOne11 Slides, Demos, Replays, Hands-on Labs

clip_image005[9] OracleBlogs OracleBlogs Authentication for user weblogic denied

clip_image001[6] glassfish GlassFish

The Last Migration – GlassFish Wiki :

clip_image009[4] OTNArchBeat OTNArchBeat

A Successful Year of @ MiddlewareMagic

clip_image023[1] OracleWebLogic Oracle WebLogic

Unbeatable Performance for your Cloud Applications with Exalogic, # OracleCoherence and # WebLogic.

clip_image009[5] OTNArchBeat OTNArchBeat

Stress Testing Oracle ADF BC Applications – Passivation and Activation | @ AndrejusB

clip_image009[6] OTNArchBeat OTNArchBeat

Review: "Oracle Weblogic Server 11gR1 PS2: Administration Essentials" by Michel Schildmeijer | @ MyFear

clip_image009[7] OTNArchBeat OTNArchBeat

GlassFish 3.1.2 themes and features | The Aquarium

clip_image039 Andre_van_Dalen Andre van Dalen

Masterclass: Advanced Oracle ADF 11g

clip_image017[4] AdamBien Adam Bien

The "lunch" edition of RentACar is pushed into:… # wjax

clip_image017[5] AdamBien Adam Bien

In munich, room munich at # wjax. Welcome to # javaee workshop. Gather your questions. 15 minutes to go :-)

clip_image040 lucasjellema Lucas Jellema

Review by Markus of Michel’s book: In short: valuable for novice WLS users, maybe not so much for die-hard WLS admin.

clip_image042 biemond Edwin Biemond

@ myfear: [blog] # Review: " # Weblogic Server 11gR1 PS2: Administration Essentials"” got the same conclusion on amazon

clip_image001[7] glassfish GlassFish

Practical advice for deploying Lift apps to GlassFish:

clip_image001[8] glassfish GlassFish

The unbearable lightness of GlassFish

clip_image014[2] javafx4you javafx4you

Building Java EE applications in JavaFX: JavaFX 2.0, FXML and Spring

clip_image020[2] andrejusb Andrejus Baranovskis

Andrejus Baranovskis’s Blog: Stress Testing Oracle ADF BC Applications – Passiv……

clip_image018[2] wlscommunity WebLogic Community

@ AMIS_Services: Follow @ amis_services To Win a copy of SOA Suite 11g Handbook by @ lucasjellema pls RT” excellent book!

clip_image001[9] glassfish GlassFish

GlassFish 3.1.2 themes and features

clip_image042[1] biemond Edwin Biemond

Weblogic pre-sales exam was hard, you really need to know the versions , upgrade path and have a score above 80%

clip_image043 monkchips James Governor

The Rise and Fall and Rise of Java. JAX 2011 london keynote. how big data and the web are floating the boat.

clip_image001[10] glassfish GlassFish

Tab Sweep – Jersey, Hudson, GlassFish Hosting, GC’s compared, Spring to JavaEE, Modularity, …

clip_image027[1] oracletechnet Justin Kestelyn

Oracle Tuxedo: A renewed acquaintance

clip_image009[8] OTNArchBeat OTNArchBeat

Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse, OEPE

clip_image005[10] OracleBlogs OracleBlogs

NetBeans HTML Editor and Groovy Editor in a Multiview Component (Part 2)

clip_image035[1] myfear Markus Eisele

[blog] # Oracle 2008 – 2011 in Gartners Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Application Servers

clip_image035[2] myfear Markus Eisele

[blog] # EclipseCon Europe – Java 7 in the Enterprise # ece2011 # java7

clip_image014[3] javafx4you javafx4you

JavaFX 2.0 for Mac build b07 (developer preview) is available for download Enjoy! # JavaFX # Mac

clip_image005[11] OracleBlogs OracleBlogs

A deep dive in Oracle WebLogic! @ Contribute November 29th, 2011 Kontich Belgium

clip_image045 arungupta Arun Gupta

# JavaEE7 slides from # jaxlondon and # jfall11 now available:

clip_image017[6] AdamBien Adam Bien

Just checked-in the results of the # jaxlondon community night (somehow beer related):…

clip_image001[11] glassfish GlassFish

GlassFish Podcast Episode #080 – User Stories, Part 3: Adam Bien and Sean Comerford (ESPN)…

clip_image001[12] glassfish GlassFish

Story: using GlassFish… "3000+ requests/sec" and more

clip_image047 enterprisejava Java EE Mentions

New blog post WebLogic deployment status checks for CI # weblogic # continuousintegration /vi…

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